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1-2 6:10pm Saints Player Show: Nick Toon

Jan 2, 2014|

Deke Bellavia talks to Saints Wide Receiver Nick Toon in this edition of the Saints Player Show.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good now the Saints into the post season saves -- a bit -- and don't just think how are evolving -- go well I think your play are you doing good how is Chris. It was excellent have easy you know I am -- and did this at practice today -- part that really -- So I think we -- believe it was November before a team that was going to a tough stretch from November -- decent -- but all those games we -- Dallas Atlanta Seattle. San Fran. Where are you now as we enter the post world alone you know we're in the post season and. You know that's that's the goal you know at the beginning. I've ever seen season obviously he's to make it to dance you know it at this at the end of the year and you know. In order to get there you got to you know make your way through post season so no first of getting there you know we just got to take care of business. I -- coaches there and players say that the goal is obviously every day to. If you both feet go side by side they pointed. They say thoughts on -- away I think is -- you don't move back. He did the very least that day to day Tuesday to win that you keep when they are we take a step forward. Always take a step forward since the last time -- tell Q do you feel like you move forward. Oh yeah you know at home you know like you see -- he didn't get the keys. You know get better every day. You know can continuing to you know prove yourself for us as a player person however you want to look at it home on everything. You know I always say you know move forward you move back when so you know on terms of football sort of pick something out every day. So we're going to practice and just to you know continue to. Perfect month mark press. If you have a question for -- cartoons I go for. He's 60 points seventeen point hole -- have been using the number two QB welcome back they would talk more with Saints wide receiver big -- Reservations -- was like Crown Royal -- colors show on WW it. They're welcome back there visiting with strangers. Maybe have a question for me. 86688. 08 -- and big campus. Saints and Philadelphia. Saturday night can be expected to be cold put you now big east opponent for you realize man that is kind of home and being may have read yet. Madison Wisconsin camp Randall. That's -- I think it's it's both of their -- totally agrees 25 minutes maybe thirty degrees at game time so. The most -- you know more -- and you know we're used to playing -- -- out here obviously in the dome in. You know. Haven't played too many cold games this season but they know me personally I'm used to be you know whether a lot of -- collegiate career was played in. In -- colder weather so doesn't bother me. What is. The coldest game you played in and so point I'm. Temperature wise I don't know that I think if you temperature. Do remember. We play then we play cal poly -- -- -- was my redshirt freshman year I -- myself here because we play cal -- that in the year last game of the year. We were at home and think Cameron -- there was there was Colby Lewis. Definitely single business might have been in the negative temperatures though the though the cold days gunshot conscious thought of current three point birdie always anxious even think soon on that you -- US -- I most of are you doing man. Who would you say -- we are I've I've been here and actually born about what's gone on the album or loans visuals. -- the man I don't have you gone there it is. Staying warm right. There's been a blue when you're out on the field well it's -- Do you believe when you're doing and run around and -- known each -- -- was. But yeah -- but what what do you dude was a warm and then I've got another room 0%. Why would you do you do you think you'll -- it. Or the biggest thing is is this thing activity keep moving around and you know quadrant if you really playing up so I -- -- call ahead to want to play -- -- hit it. Because the you know when you're out on the field if he is stable and around you know we are playing is not too bad but -- when -- you know sit on the bench his sitting on the sidelines. That's that's when you coach. -- I know how well what's the most difficult thing ankle was. We're trying to catch the football. We'll everything. You know everything is harder the ball is harder on the ground is harder. It's feel harder on so I think the biggest thing is just good to kind of you know ignore the ignore the temperature just stay focused and yeah. You know. Try to you know they concentrated in and not think about it you know me personally once once argue warmed up begin moving around. You know it gives. Get a couple plays and you know I'm good to go it. You know cold doesn't really bother them much. Look at now -- I think you hit a lot of people who say that there is -- -- The regular season and the postseason first post season. What would have -- -- been this -- you talked about some of the veterans and they told you what it quickly also like -- a regular season had a talk about this or yeah I mean there's the obvious things you know us you know knows you know there's no going back and I got to win. Win to keep playing and in everybody wants the same thing -- two years and then you know it's it's always hoist that trophy you know what you know the season's -- but. You know it's it's this this the one game season now you got to win every weekend. You know. You know good things and bad things are magnified in the postseason you know you do -- got to be ready every week you know there's there's there's there's no prayer. Absolutely I think now. Since the last overthrow and do it in mid -- -- -- big games and put a foot off the roads Hawks Falcons are okay no -- Carolina. A golf club at the Saints have not had success all the -- and hit it seems like for you guys have -- these kind of I think the final total will eat differently you would do this would be dead. It is fun to pitch you really played the you've grown owner -- it was just this is a playoff game we have with the speed that at home. Ploy you know what is the thing is is we don't win when you line up one on Sunday or Saturday you know for this. Or you know for instance this week union -- got to go out there quite -- you know we've kind of you know because that's a stretch knows the the last few games and you know that they happen to be on a road you don't think that you know we need we have an issue no -- no -- we've -- successful -- You know this season but you know places just another game if they you know that just happens to be on the road you always got to guard execute. Do we do take care of business for technical or when you know what we just want. You've been lethal a bit down the quarters of things you feel like you don't -- and -- I think you do because -- approval. You don't I think that the biggest thing you know I've been I've improved -- personally is. You know just my knowledge of the game and you know obviously have a great group we'll both veterans and learn from me anything then number twelve and on number sixteen in. And you know seventy -- any kid and then Reyes and all those guys are. Have been. -- you know instrumental in my development. And you know as a player know learn a lot from those guys it's specifically from LaMarcus this team. You know resembles an emotional feeling you know being in body type and you know. So you know he's he's helped me -- laden you know continues you know you -- very fortunate to have somebody. You know as knowledgeable and successful I think in front of me to to learn from. Maybe we will take and take us through it can't speak. Eight hits what you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where you don't you give me give you still think that those who go through sewers for some people think you know I think they'll hear easiest format that's something what is the hardest this -- going out and Oakland has you thinking about other things right. You're not thinking of Marquez and booked as you know if he knows that catches it may take your eyes off the ball. On his home you know lose your focus thinking about what you do have to -- -- got a kiss -- first before doing thing is you know. Lot of times as the tougher catches you know when you know you can get hit or you know kind of assert his fifth other than the ones that. -- you're not supposed to make you you can make because you have the focus on the ball and you know it does make you answered. -- need to -- -- hospice -- as -- take a town mount comeback -- took more with victories -- to six point -- that's what visit with the quarterback freeze -- on TV QBs take that I beat this conversation. This course softened -- because you have. It was nice to see -- -- and making the Saints getting set to take on the -- -- Hussein at night. And Lincoln Financial Field and maybe even AFC wild card matchup of one of -- on the second round if Saints will be George -- to Seattle if it was Philadelphia they would go. To Carolina Q question for Big Five 042601878866. 8890 -- if they get a chance to study looked it would UC -- of challenges. We faced a receiver standpoint this second there. Were you not think the biggest the biggest thing for us this week as a team you know it's just is going to be going in there and you know trying to take the ball away you know defensively just protecting that. Hum on the offensive side of things and I think if we can do those two things in and do what we normally do I think woo -- will be don't have successes we've. What what are some things successfully last cost home how difficult will -- -- 56 and back. You know -- they have you know they have they have some talent. You know it and then in their secondary and you know front it in. You know it's you know it's tough it's tough to get to the post season so you know it -- it clearly they have com you know talented team in you know I know you know we're excited to two to go there and you don't get the opportunity to want to match up with them. Post season and if you get your first taste now but do you -- on trying to trying to simulate is how you prepared post season lots of bowl games so like now it is your first kid I don't know. This is bowl preparation is so much different calm and in the collegiate level because you have. You know -- the good guys playing in the January 1 and you know January 2 engine you have almost a month off. Sometimes you know because of playing in that in that in the national championship have even longer off Sosa. It's it's a little bit different and in the sense that you have known a big window of -- off time and so you know your your preparation and approach. On -- the game doesn't change what it is just kind of lapse in time. Stone thrown -- playing games you know makes makes the preparation and you know a little bit different you know whereas they know at this level assistant you know the next week. Which happens to be -- post season so. Know that we don't really get that break. If you know before you play a game but you know it's just just prepare like you know any other game you know this -- hit every game you know during the season is important you know you wanna get that W every week and so. You know your preparation. We've -- it in the regular season should be. They know first. That your you know ready to get that don't you everytime you step on the field and so let's go easy on my own Steve you only beat two not bad because you have. I yeah I think -- one basket but you know what it was like grown up with a -- can't tell him it's because you're really feeling here's reporters. Yeah alone -- -- -- that question a lot on it the way I always answer it. Is you know it was definitely was it was very cool you know very blessed the to have you know. The guys say in the advice of somebody you know US almost six since you know being in the same profession that that I'm involved in -- You know it's it's it's been who we do talk quite a bit of a football and you know he's been a great resource for me you know throughout my career. Saints receiver I think to his artificial -- -- Paul suffered -- and come back with more. We think receive -- -- to -- a request for Big Five 042601878. -- toll -- 8668890. -- everything coming up at 640 file workers who would Saints quarterback. Drew Brees for this week's edition of QB to QB in saint -- Anthony's thoughts on wild card weekend. At noon here -- Bobby -- myself antibody is looking to set up -- Saints. And that they Eagles WWO whose time is 630 sent a first who's who go to Donnie. Saints receivers -- filled as the Saints take on Philadelphia's. Practical look at their first road victory ever -- -- his previous five playoff games. On the -- the last with a lasting just things that I had good leads in that Seattle and -- San Francisco. Think now Philadelphia has covered up there with your father big I'm still one of the greatest New York did so. Was that your team -- who else did you put you might come out. -- my team grown up you know there were. There are a bunch of different players though like with you know it just you know were were my team growing up in lone. Other guys this kind of -- players and was was a fan of different players and fans who was pivotal players make you talk about the -- life. We'll he's shown for a month favors home. Growing up. You know love lost in you know Cris Carter Randy Moss in all of all the guys who. You know were we're we're doing their thing back back when I was young those guys were all fun to watch. Always some guys if you only became the knee have a lot of respect for. Well. Obviously have a lot of respect for four mark this moment and you know spent a lot of time with them ones on you know a daily basis and you know I have a lot of respect for me before before I got down here you -- he's talented players. Not think his. Is a little bit under appreciated. You know and then some of the things he's done have have gone. Not unrecognized -- under the radar who -- you know. Played eight years and you know. Coughlin with 8000 -- loses doesn't have very very often so run got a lot of respect for him. Reggie Wayne and things are great players one month month favor receivers. You are going on there's a lot of receivers and you know players and players and our respect for what you know it as a receiver you don't watch other receivers and you know kind of thing the other people being. You know try to. Try to you know incorporate. You know things that they do well -- fewer games you know try to become best player you can be how important is it needs to have good. The right people working only your butts doesn't work you only get cars I think the working don't you have good doctor Robert. -- around a little chiropractor who a lot of please take a moment. And -- -- and I think about what I was doing before with the doctor rob I think about now I'm going like. How I was making -- out there I didn't date for and I know because of the evening explain it to because of me they were going. Football player advanced while Smith passed through college it. You know some -- you know I've heard it's a full week of bodies you fitness and you really have to. Well I mean anybody to think Nevada in the lead you can make this the correlation. Nobody between vehicles we don't think about a Formula One Racing you know they have their pit crew and the people who work on their engines in their cars and you know make sure that they. You know everything's working properly you know when they go to the race and no differences. The you know. You know our our body is is our our vehicle that we race was so you know you have. You know I guess you can say our our our pit crew and -- people who work on our bodies and you know this as far as conference that you mention. Doctor Robin you know -- -- trainers. All that stuff this is very important to you know maximize. Your chance -- Collins -- this this. A lot -- I've always been real big gone from body maintenance and I didn't have a masseuse in college but not this this car -- going. -- regular basis and you know did -- did some things that other. You know keep my body in -- in. Keep my body is as healthy and possibly could be you know throughout the duration of a post season have to lose and -- it. Any time what do you do if all things. When he gets kinda funny you mentioned your first -- -- -- -- yeah cool you know. Rest he knows is kind of first thing you know rest and relaxation and kind of nothing is settled at home away is home you have Madison -- -- -- you. You know us. Wasn't born out actually born in New York with no -- home a family's there you know a lot of my friends there and very close -- Phillies fans tonight. -- -- universities there if it's you know as a college town it's it's it's it's a fun city you don't love the city. Com news. It's different you know at home. I think I -- have been a fight all the water it and we have we have a -- except to -- their crown there you know that this food. I guess through the central. Bodies of water on around Madison. You know that one is roof closed because the college campus so proud property -- yeah -- yeah it. You Q -- been a lot from a -- it's one of only go voting and you know do all that stuff. That's a fun city. I think maybe maybe Austin Austin, Texas is probably. June closest comparison and just in terms of you know city. That I've been through personally I'm sure there are other cities that are causality Madison this is -- Brazil -- -- there. I had a professor that was so from pumpkin weigh in and now this -- about beat you look at gets down here is. Of -- we -- page -- back. I guess I'm through the team he's -- balls put out there. It's more like an ice cream is called cost of Franklin Troy -- big deal that was -- the -- frozen coasted this from a constant consistent. Amazing ice cream trees I don't know -- really know how to explain this is something got experience so if you don't think I didn't play was a young -- you're -- in the midwest. Ever a club around Madison he got it. Got to stopped by. Yeah emanated but I'm Laura how yeah how you guys got his right yeah I try to sell one of those moral things together for a I've got 200. -- -- What are some things you feel like you and your receivers think if you -- -- -- -- -- be successful have -- -- -- -- that you were you know first performances this you know books -- and I made plays. You know this you know that's really the most. Simplistic way to put it is you know -- makes the most plays he's gonna win again so you know got a -- -- make plays like this that you know we talked about earlier protect the football. Offensively take the football away defensively. And -- just go out there execute have fallen and can't take advantage of the opportunity. I've got to. And he could you beat you boarded -- Marty him like the headphones -- would you be -- effectiveness and with the when you do like to play -- to him I think they give -- food realized yeah this is actually a little snack and you know as. They usually have a lot of meal on the flight with this long enough flight. But don't steak chicken wherever. -- pretty good this is as good as I'm gonna -- airplane airplane food what is good and over the course of being an athlete you've been so we give up you -- have a could -- be a blown like you just sit right here thanks for being the -- right. And it's short but I'm I'm scared of flat and this that he did it. He tells you filed this week I think guys who thought threw one away here. -- was what was don't think he he gave him -- I don't we don't talk about the game in Somalia has done this being in South Carolina was oh did did you know is. Disappointing. -- but you know was I think I -- think we play well I think we'll start to play well and you know proud prouder of boys. You know. Product you know coach Anderson I think he's got a great job -- I mean this is tough to come in and and you know you can even make a couple game you know. First year and he's done done a tremendous job you know. Bringing bringing you know his his. You know his culture into two Madson I don't know world I'm happy to have personally I don't know if the universities have been out there and you know he's he's got a great job and you know excited to see you know I don't look at what the future holds absolutely for him as an April 14 we certainly appreciate champion and it was hard fans know we shoot. Doesn't -- the fans and who -- in news we see in a few weeks having gone to the chance against the best run I -- -- -- so now I think to England thank you so much.