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1-2 6:45 Qb to QB: Drew Brees

Jan 2, 2014|

Bobby Hebert talks to Saints Quarterback Drew Brees about the upcoming playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles in this edition of QB to QB.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- an -- QB to QB are we the conversation with eight quarterback Drew Brees and brought you back the great employees at Crosby took it can't handle and Joseph set -- got a -- Call Joseph drew thank you so much for the time a week ago we talked about the most important thing with getting their victory over Tampa. To assure yourself a spot in the playoffs team came out took care of business and now on to the postseason in drew and look at I realize that you can't look forward. In a perfect world. But all I could be at home with the number one goal was accomplished. That -- it -- the tournament that's -- -- Saints off one week out teams vying for the ultimate prize at the end of the year. Yeah we we knew we controlled that's -- in the game it's a source is getting into the playoffs obviously. -- -- so chance to retreat when division every -- -- -- that did not happen but so you know our road a road through playoffs is going to be on the road and there were ready for that and it was a great week preparation and it'll be for -- Now drew look in that we are able to accomplish. You know you look at the first drive of the gain I mean good nine plays eighty yards yeah Atlanta -- that big touchdown and and I'll looking at this that I'm sure you could -- you know -- this. When -- leading after the first quarter you know 41 in nine. And that's over 80% and you end up winning fourteen to seven so against the all the story after the first quarter against the Eagles view winning. Got it done in time to start fast not a -- -- Separate this field you know what you go to appoint a special the first drive. You're you're about carrier your opening set plays and it kind of what you -- and -- career start at the ninth game and it really character -- first happened Edgar Edgar per quarter so I really agree route or were. -- -- Yeah drew speaking of what you is CN what you're doing what was the offense doing to have that unbelievable. First half was it made it would Camby was doing a defensively. I mean. As far as for a precise. And and and to being on time and I thought that touchdown to Lance he had more strikeouts problem when he events that touchdown pass of the season when you look at it. Seventeen it's what they want 321 yards. Four touchdowns. Was it just everything kind of game plan and you know it would to exploit against Tampa. You know we we get some big plays obviously that one but Lance and then the one Meachem. And then the one to achieving still you know the one that Meachem and Chaney were both on third down -- certain law. Situations so. You know we were able just to. It the first or more. -- actually Meachem were great job you don't get street it's. Got to give him a different look -- -- behind him and should make your great play on the ball the one Cheney. Uninteresting because you know we challenged the play or that the so. We ended up having all eleven seconds from a political. And their social looked at -- and Saturday at sort of blow the whistle like a rock star I'm not resent that. Well I sure can't talk to me you know with my catcher. Welker each sector street ideal formation -- -- -- -- play together well. We rushed the ball on the play I think your actual work to our benefit terms. Tampa you know try to get a lie and actually I think it is that a miscommunication like change ago you know truth be -- Which Arctic -- and a victory church or first player but a great way to you know up that first -- are a lot of their plays and what a lot of you know play making -- you know. Struck out like champion in in Meachem Blatche. Now drew look and again it was all said and and you're spread the ball to eleven different receivers it seems like it's somewhere like eight to eleven receivers in the game any game out. And all the good all the individual records plus -- -- team records that you all of accomplished. And to me desires to be special to you because a bundle on the -- took coordinators it had to be frustrating from preparing against the Saints offense. When you look at Jimmy Graham Marcus Colston. Pierre Thomas what 77 receptions Darren Sproles with 71. All finished with seven -- catches the first time in NFL history. Fourteen -- teammates have finished at least seven grabs. Well look at that -- like. Well okay EK double team everyone in to about spreading the welded and that I think you have to be product that had to have that many people -- that many receptions. Albert Prada or that that's the first time today expert and was pretty proud of that you know it. Almost all the receptions at a obviously as the year goes on or think about. Operate -- you're actually -- You're trying to -- Paul spoke to go and put it most playmakers. But credit to those guys out sugar -- our players and they have an -- church -- -- -- make big plays on our hands and certainly Dutch Germany -- on -- and you don't think about well. Regarded double somebody or it takes away it would take wake up guys that -- QB gets. Now -- look at it like you I think you kind of touched on it but now wanna bring it up again when you talk about a shot place. 44 yard touchdown parties did to more of 41 yards to Meachem. 76. Yard pass to Kenny stills. When you look at that shot plays and hole. Vs the road. It seems like obviously it's in like it happens in the dome not necessarily this season been on the road I know in the past. You can Devery our number of big plays Joseph Morgan. I can recall last season against Tampa Bay in Green Bay. -- and then I'll look at and at cal fans but you look right now drew has the most touchdown passes in the NFL -- fifteen yards a morsel. When I conservative we still push the ball down the field but. Is there any rhyme or reason is it me because of the conditions -- -- I would have more shot plays an adult that on the road. You know -- -- mechanics by now. And -- regular we still call certain plays we still. You know try to -- about the same shot and everything else took the matter. Know from what we took the next he did it worker. Very matchup that you want you gets right back -- thank. -- we will get right to reject that. It now drew did you give -- Pierre a hard time and I guess you might until mama not so fast. You know going into the last game -- the longest touchdown run on the season. In all the -- about the right play at the right time at giant hole of what Pierre Thomas got an eight yard touchdown that. Before the game was all said and done you surpass them within nine yard touchdown run so well. I don't know -- a good thing but that's pretty impressive you have to and of the three longest touchdowns this season running. Yeah to a it out about Richard our. -- Q are you yarder back nine -- and that's. -- ratio would rather talk to somebody you know our certainly recovered and I don't know about electorate -- You start out so I'm trying to trying to convert trying to get two point union element. Against. Got lucky here. Now drew would -- Eagles. You know -- next opponent obviously playoff time. And you look you know stories that it to -- in the Lorena I thought that was unique about I guess it shows -- impressive where you went to high school. Westlake high school in Austin, Texas. The nets also were Naples is from I know it's a what a decade later. A basically up following your footsteps and you're able to in his league championship and they got there but didn't quite get it done but. -- -- thought that was the pretty special considering doubled the -- -- a Wesley can now playing in a playoff game in the NFL. Yeah you know much audience back in 2006 so my senior year -- 96. Were -- championship that your. 2006. We are all invited back are tenth anniversary our state championships in a homecoming. And saw action for a -- Pittsburg back about six so what they were trying to. Find out Friday and go to -- -- can achieve -- my former teammate the kind of advocates watched David nick also was senior quarterback. -- dream of that we in this situation but you know all of his career you know what Michigan State for a year transfer their -- data recorders on. And obviously you know you see what he's been able to do so -- you know this year -- -- starter. You know best QB rating ever and yeah and so. But for me it's it's extremely impressive what he's been -- -- do especially at. At first time starter. -- extreme that you -- offense. Actually -- inaugural -- -- on on -- you know and keep it beeped quite a bunch of primetime games and really impressed by the way he's handled everything mature beyond his years and she played really well. You know the -- struck my high school kind of you know usual questions -- surprised. We don't have. We have a great you know just never got a great -- program great great coaches lot of great players that you know. We know going pretty foreign player -- -- not a lot of guys -- go to college and go. You know proclaiming itself certainly but. And you need pitching -- Two quarterbacks -- similar school player. Now drew oh what he's seen when you watch film on the Eagles 'cause we just look at the numbers. He says well we you know kind of be a shootout type atmosphere when you look at the tour will be Wednesday 29. There -- dead last against the pass. But the well look at it this is that and you look at that turnover margin I think that's key. Is that even well an -- second at quarterback as much as we are you know we had 49 sacks that being the Saints and had just 37 but. It's things like that pressure and reports that they put an opposing quarterback and maybe. Force and limit the mistakes where they have 31 takeaways in nineteen interceptions where. You might move on the ball but if you can avoid a critical mistake it's things like that to be key again this eagles' defense. It's it's sort of action and other things and understand they look at -- hurries and you know kind of disruption back character and actually that that a lot of those children. -- -- or taller and you other roster locks -- timing you know make -- quarterback. Perhaps there are important get out of pocket and fielding mistakes and obviously like you should they occur up there and in the turnovers. I certainly felt so that's supplement our big drive on -- -- got a lot of real. You know good football player would be to some ball real instinctive -- got around football a lot -- fly around super active a lot of movement so. Brought about great execution. You know go to blocking and I should make a play we get post matchup situations. Andrew looking at speaking of those special players I mean these if you follow football and you know everyone's deals are free agency but but that was a big get our two big gets like -- is -- who you play in investing any kind of Boren. And then -- school also -- Mikell Ryan economize how we broad built on board kind of like the Eagles bring Demeco Ryan 'cause and I thought. And he he was wanted to best when -- -- the Texans though you could see that they have the right leaders on the defense. That's why not use the probable players you know when he was a protection -- -- Kruger and then. I'm still in and then has continue to get better answered definitely Manuel. Leader that defense you see -- real Smart instinctive football player. He seemed get everything orchestrated you know throughout games so I think -- a lot of shoulders and rely on him a lot. Andruw finally a what's the biggest there's three regular season pulled -- Well Pletcher keeps saying you win -- go oh yeah you know so and that's what you work -- you know you you played a regular season. Which herself -- to listen to do that's right here. That is -- for a virtual world championship. I actually in the -- -- -- what's but the more important in this game right here right now the most -- see him. All the road -- reflection -- get away and it came actually -- -- played extremely well. But. You know my eyes are like thirteen. And I know we come together we play like we know and it got as good which does anybody. QB to QB he's broken by the great employees oak Crosby -- Kelly you know -- -- -- Gotta go call U crew thank you so much for the time -- look you the black ankle Saturday night as you take off Philadelphia. In for the like yeah I drew Major League deadbeat dramatic. Return a -- UW.