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1-2 7:10pm Sports Talk: Vegas Runner

Jan 2, 2014|

Deke Bellavia talks to Professional Sports Better of vegasrunner.com Vegas Runner about the odds this week.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to the final how those sports talk. At a replay QB DQ before you -- conversation with Drew Brees at 730 the first look at our view from Vegas with the all -- front of pregame dot com. And I view from Vegas is brought you back acme oyster house new equipment into the oval 100. Year as well as -- -- -- out. Pretty -- Three you know but his luck Stanford went down to the huddle he -- you and only went down the tubes so next up. The all -- old brought it tonight suitable fit he wanted to hand in Oklahoma in Alabama. It -- the under. In the national title game between Auburn and Florida State that he didn't really have a hot or cold. Theater on the all -- spoke with -- if he did that way he would play Ohio State the all you look like gangbusters yesterday came -- -- eight. Get your career -- three and oh -- you -- take Duke Duke almost won that ballgame. You like Iowa now grant it you take lucky to where you came LHU game or did he kick off return. An eight as evidence sevens and you come back if you went down and it in south and I am like a lock all the way along. It was too and they want a game out right back to hand. Now that I fit it on -- Super Bowl Alabama. And Oklahoma why you -- over it as well beyond. I think you're gonna get some confidence from both teams if I can remember in Alabama used to playing in a national championship. And when you play in national championships you've got a partner. You're playing a little worn. And the game planning is a lot different and it's going to be for the Sugar Bowl I think both teams are gonna come out and play a lot looser calmed down and a lot of people expect. Think it's actually going to be in this game I think that seventeen point to the tight seventeen and I -- At some places I think it's way too many people out there. The only completely respected here and anytime you get a top tier sport which would definitely it. -- -- -- keep getting good recruits on that side of the boards opposite team that won it differently and games. And let's not forget the attendance and football team and they're not here by. I'm so I think that too many points the seventeenth. I grant a little and I bet he came -- because I do expect. The top offensive to really put some points up -- -- month to prepare just the -- -- defense about Alabama and I think we feel we also. Exploited them. 34 point I don't see Oklahoma can't put -- a doubt that many as well. I Deion has taken logo a golf ball being too -- on an issue about that got a couple of coupled up all over the week -- and that's going to make make make everybody happy. The compass bowl Vanderbilt two and a half point favorite over Houston I love that ability that you Timmy was it take. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We don't -- accused him to force straight up. Ten and two against the spread and what that's simply means is that the betting market just couldn't get this team -- But it count against the spread. And why they went -- -- it kind of reminds me of that truly believe I'll be remembered for a few Tulane. Was extremely impressive against the spread. But the -- offered the underdog so there are expected to him and Houston the same way if you look at the game that comfort. On the don't make cock against Louisville. Became big -- cock against Central Florida. The game they covered and -- like you've lost that game. -- a bit -- but. That game. And in this -- it's not that year. Skimping -- the -- to do anything but not at all they don't go out here in the game and you'll -- should take it until probably. Think with the SEC team that's a lot more at the battle tested. And infineon and looked at that Houston's schedule and except. For -- Louisville I really don't see anyone on that schedule then. Vanderbilt couldn't be so I agree with you like India -- the defense is going to be a little bit too much. -- Houston -- to do much against. The Ball State Cardinals and Arkansas State ripples in the goat -- dot com bowl the Ball State Cardinals -- seven half point favorite Oval Office all state. That that also won already dead and I took the eight -- I'll -- -- Arkansas State. Pop over Ball State when when you look at -- that that team that's pretty well. Down in other ones are going to be -- aren't they desperately on 33 yard. And put -- top level opposition and when you look at Arkansas State. But argued that they played any one. Com top caliber either in their conference but I didn't think -- side of the football and I think why don't we. Took them some problems when you look at how article state defense did against the pats this year they held opposing quarterback the only 55%. Completion percentage. To me that's extremely. Impressive. So I didn't think they're gonna -- Ball State Taiwan more than they'd like to and keep Arkansas State in the game from start to finish and -- and -- point. We're a team that's extremely motivated to be seven in five separate. Would be playing in this game it's a deal. I'll stay there and into I think they've -- it -- planes somewhere better even -- They're New Year's Day this is really looking at anyone's too excited about I'll advocate article stated the more motivated team. And they also have the pieces to be able to stay within that number and possibly even pull off the upset late. Are right beyond that to move on down to the it and fail Saturday's games first at Kansas City. -- the two and a half point dog at Indianapolis the total is 46. Yeah I'd like Kansas -- in this one and actually the public recreational bettors are Kansas city's well. So the sports books in Indianapolis and that's not surprising because Indianapolis is one team. That just doesn't respect from the batter's no matter how well you know this team that can let him bring -- the content and six against the spread. And every once -- in the same thing they said last year about this team that. Statistically. They're not any -- and five football team I disagree that Indianapolis is better than they get credit for. But I do like the rematch angle fourteenth in the city. -- -- -- -- win game when he played Casey could tell right wait to see where we want -- into that game at all. And I think that was the tactic by. By coach -- he said. Thing leading up to that game that they were gonna play it's seriously and not. But it's you go back and you watch that game last that you worked -- it did not take -- -- -- indeed choking and I think this was the reason they're gonna play. Again and that's just the better move by veteran coach. And we know Indy Reid's done all -- week. And it may not be weak but it is close you're gonna get in Kansas City played there. Second -- last week so I'd like to be in this one because I think the wrong team is getting points off take the point with Casey. It's all right. In New Orleans Saints a dog on the road to an enhanced point underdog at totaled fifty fold. Album definitely sell and -- friends of mine on -- Philadelphia -- book that I spoke to say they're gonna in the Philadelphia. They're getting a lot of Saints money and why shouldn't date I'll most people agree with me on a neutral field the Saints at the better team so why are they catching point when Philadelphia has absolutely no I don't feel the same -- Thirteen that went only four and four at home. And it's -- and it will be covered against Detroit and make -- against Chicago and they -- against Washington State adding culprit again. At home in well over a year well. There's really not confident plain and how and I think the Saints have a chip on our shoulder. Knowing the doctor league -- it and everyone thinks this team can't win on the road. I disagree in the last five years no team won more -- game and then Orleans Saints I know. You should really look at trends because what happened last. You're not -- anything this year but he -- efficient and that this team can't win a road game. Again this is another situation I think the wrong -- paper I think approximately get beat up in this game they need -- Eagles because it was -- in the paint. An -- -- -- was better -- well I'd like this thing on Saturday. All right now let's move on a Sunday the biggest favorite this week in Cincinnati -- seven spot favored over San Diego in sentiment. -- -- -- Trying to fit and I am telling you now that there aren't -- Now aren't we do and and that is the highest point spread and let them. Cincinnati one of the best teams in the NFL and I mean my top sport. And most respected sports bettors do as well fifteen is for real -- not by accident. But this is the speed and all that. It's already factored into the points spread it's not as -- know what -- outcome of this team is. And that's why you've been in the lay this many points. It's already factored in the West Coast team -- mean it's already. There and have a warm weather team playing in cold weather that is currently in your way and that the points so knowing that. And probation means absolutely nothing as sport. In this game out but may I think maybe it was getting too many points. This team definitely they're a team of destiny is a true -- what felt that my argument. But again the way. We would -- missed it by Kansas City. And went on to win the game the way they do I think that momentum to carry over in Cincinnati fifteen. He probably expected to be -- that we don't put them. This is like there's no pressure let's go out there a bond since so many on the flip side that finally there. Actually expected to possibly get to the championship game all the pressure's on Cincinnati whenever that's the case out -- they -- -- so give me same vehicle and at that point. Now I'm in the final game awhile call -- San Francisco two and point favorite. The final round. Out. We were in the playoffs that's kind of the oddsmakers telling you. Same -- as the -- side here but I can't do it this way either. Again I don't want. That that thinks whether influences that totaled that much except when you get full swing and because -- -- two Brothers and a lot of times. That result in the short field -- result in turnovers punt return at some crazy things. And don't usually more. Scoring. Column but I do think the cold weather. Player. Actor in this one. Com and the chance to go to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are not a team that is more or less in a free -- When I went and they all pretty much every. Single came. They did not even know. Playing in these playoffs same plane was signed they went but he NFC championship game it here and represented the and it's in the Super Bowl. All the pressure's on them and -- other trampling on the way to green. Again I know that that the short money is on same plan but I disagree with it out of the tell -- listeners as one account that the play all. Don't just pay attention to what the -- Guys in the shorts and doing for years I've seen them tackle better be up there. Time and time again and I think they're gonna do that this week and I like to maintain this match up -- like every single up the gut and if you get -- He would be money come Monday morning. The all. Right now cause -- -- to the beginning of the year we -- a favorite this is the favorite Seattle. And damn book but it if you are looking to get some miles don't want these sport teams that some good odds are good numbers that go to Super Bowl. Who would you puts -- -- to give you good out of a good chance the case you know. How can he -- and things getting. Better I think it can take. The Saints at. And maybe. Japan between the twenties and he can -- rather win this game I think gonna create a lot of problems in the NFC I don't think it's a short being forced Seattle. To advance to the Super Bowl I really think. Don't win the and it seems represented its gonna come out of this game between New Orleans and Philadelphia and since I'm like no Marlins. I think they want it -- -- won't get what kind of value. On the other side I think it's going to be tough to beat Denver I really do on the team that I do think it's been too hot. Is Kansas City because they have absolutely no time. And more importantly they have a good head coach. And they have a quarterback it doesn't make mistakes a running game and it defense. That's what you need. In the playoffs so they have been making double longshot for me again if you're gonna -- -- you wanna bet longshot. And the team traveling on the in the wild card round doesn't give you the best chance to win the Super Bowl. Com but I do think those two teams offer -- some good bound. So beyond the company in the -- blow a little bit. And be. Active via the job -- for a back. And regain the council points out of the spot with the final bullpen it's like all all in the -- it is -- is on the always a pleasant without next week. It. I'm at the you'd look at you right here at WW.