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1-3 6:10pm Tommy, Saints head to Philly

Jan 3, 2014|

As the Saints fly to Philly to take on the Eagles…are you a WHO DAT or a WORRIED 'BOUT DAT? What has to happen for the boys in black and gold to win? Do you think they can?

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-- -- That's how I feel about the saints playoff game this weekend David if we -- yes because you know what because night. I was a little worried yesterday yacht but then I got to thinking about it and you know when I came up with this when I decided what. And get it done you can get it done. Yeah it's got to get a -- did -- we just can't get it done. We must get it done and we will get a dime -- you now. Let's let's get out there and get -- here -- turned -- your around and I really can't change yesterday Izzo worried but I am not today and I'm. Pretty well now I am committed to this I know you're committed I am I'm in all the way because if not what's the point. What's the point exactly we chose -- -- head down how about those damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead. It's not going to read it -- know lots of times and sent in the one damn the torpedoes. Full cabinet mature he'd lose. Addressed -- full speed ahead. It can be quote the people remember one day David that's amazing what you do is economic I'll find. Admiral somebody. But seriously you know what it this is our moment. This is why you lift all -- weights is Bill Parcells once said. The saints have a chip on their shoulder because they're they're not being respected they think that this is. A fatal complete that the saints automatically lose you know why. I say bull -- that and it sounds and even stronger we take calls all morning long about things you expect them to win. And these national experts -- I hear more and more of these guys tell me by the -- very thoroughly -- armament and you know I think I think that's one of the saints and go out there fired. All loaded up and they'll come home with a victory and let me tell you something in his mind thought once they get that monkey off their back about winning on -- on and a hostile environments on the road look out. Look out this portrayal -- what happened from there that solid -- while we take a break. And it'll take you calls at 260187. Needle free 866889087. You'll also talked to Mike detail create a friend of Myers joins us. Every Friday morning talk about the saints' chances against Philadelphia bottom line do you expect. Then to win. I do you tell me will come back Tommy Tucker glad you what is on this Friday morning. Day before game when it is that we weren't messed up enough with the holidays as far as what they. It is wells into play in -- -- on Sunday so it's gonna feel like Saturday but it's not it's Friday it is gonna be cold today highs only in the forties but as stiff wind is gonna blow throughout the day and make it feel like thirties right now. On the South -- we are in the mid thirties and with the wind it feels like the morning so be aware if you. -- and go to worker get in the kids' school with any -- back in schools 617 now Mike to tell EA a randomized been hero season -- Joins us now WW LN FL and college football analyst at. Talk about the game this weekend morning Mike got -- -- tell me let's get right into it Tommy -- the saints are gonna have to do to win and if you think again. Yeah I'm really do think think they will win this football game. To be honest with you opt out on would be most little science and first -- -- you've -- -- sold out there running attack that's lower product is their bread and bought. As much as people made a big thing about Chip Kelly. And his office and thrown the football. Really it's predicated on in the ball. And he has got the best running back improved football this year and shady McCoy. So important for morals but the saints. It's not stopping them because you're not going to be able to do that. But it school -- now. And basically trying to set to -- -- In which the -- one -- -- it. They wanna keep development Buell and where you're now in in April football play action so put -- beat sensibly. It's slowing down shouldn't be quite. That's a runner and receiver. Because he's he's the best in the business and then they have bright brown come on you know the back up so. I think that's the key was built in this game certainly turtle was always a big port. At playoff time. Being this mortar team not turning the ball well but I think in this contest. It's slowing down. That running attack and -- -- with -- is their offensive line. All five guys started all sixteen games so that they have done a good job for a why I think this saints have a really good change it. Is with the Eagles Applebee's cents. They have not been able to get a rush on any one. Without bullets and and Billy Davis deep offensive coordinator. It's so it's like Gregg Williams used to be with the saints he is sending extra people want every now to put pressure. I think when you do against a quarterback like to -- is all right and rod -- the Tom Brady. It's a recipe for disaster. Because eventually. He's gonna pick you apart. The -- that and productive. That's what he wants to do and in they can -- The idea what decade it would be terrible world now appeal but freshmen that idea last week against the cowboys' Jason Witten caught twelve passes. Did you think bigoted demanding with Jimmy Graham if you didn't it's 1214 passes in the -- so wrong. Because they can. Deep down feel so I think this Q does -- a real real good chance. To break the record shall speak. And win that first playoff game on the road. My god led to sit down a break down film with you one days I think it could learn a lot but when you talk about. -- Philadelphia sending everybody except the trainer. To pressure the quarterback and I -- we've had trouble -- offensive ones in trouble protecting drew throughout the season. It goes -- like quick reads hot reads where he's dumping the ball to Jimmy Graham very quickly. Yes. Two took about access into the idea but they really -- team. Joked about this Monday night that and -- speak and so many times this year. Greg Williams. And we've got to and but he couldn't have done that schools and it would believe it is just an extra people now it's Luke butkus award this award if you couldn't do that. And you might get away with it if you go up against. A guy that's not as experienced as Drew Brees would have been trying to pull that up against these guys today. Like some of the top players this budget play upon you could see trouble in the one thing you would do as -- and get away from that. -- extra people because. -- -- -- The Eagles can not get a fresh wood just a war and so I think covered the people to do in the saints' problems. Have been a team like I lost. -- -- Basically just rush or perhaps governing -- to sink in with Carolina. Now that equals win any of that. But -- dangerous team offensively. The real danger is would -- -- on defense has decade where the army and -- but the cowboys would have second string quarterback. And some troubles across the board profits of one undermines the very idea more in the real world while they just couldn't initial. Might let's take a break when we come my -- delegate joins us he does every Friday and Monday to talk about the saints game coming up tomorrow and on Sunday as they play the Eagles and Philadelphia Mike you talked about you know the key is slow and and their running backs. But had they do that was shady McCoy yeah it's pretty boy goes -- he did -- changed and is confusing. Yeah he's he's been treated -- a long time but they're really good charities don't speak yet of war. Really one of the best corporate sorting taxes in this week in a it in quite some time but the one tackle well I think that's so important. Is not to give him that second opportunity to break down field and so you you mean below the box a little bit at times. Nichols. And it -- -- played terrific this year to consider the fact he's only thrown two win at receptions and 27 touchdowns. You you -- -- -- he he protects the football. And that's something that you can see economy ingrained in him but it's. Really built around the fact that they can run the football so effectively sold article trading McElroy. Just make sure he's not getting -- -- for your -- at fourteen your game. And I think that you mean not to put extra people in the box where it is troubling about me on defense for the saints it's. Losing to any book are. Because I'll be honest with you can play like rookies you mean -- it was record these and that. And you concede that final game without him in the covered sport in the game they really. Really get -- them because he does that so well now feel. But I think it's a great opportunity when you lowlands. With that football team that has not -- he walked down that for a possible war in big -- pressure a playoff time. What you did take care of business what -- very -- It's playoff team which has played well. When it comes over whether Hamlet and a couple of different sources the iPhone intelligence could be in the teens every other weather thing and check -- tells -- Ambien twenties but the wind. Only between 710 miles an hour. So good. That's dictating the win. You can play in Kabul. But that windy. Is the is that big. Because it -- the tendency. To take them wait for army and that's been a problem. Always you know with somebody like troop re Google's not you're still playing. In that type -- -- Indian parliament. And that's why I give Tom Brady so much credit. For what he's done throughout the years and playing outside windy weather and and doing it at the highest level would draw hasn't done it. So to speak in those conditions. Where it's windy. -- -- You can live with that. Put the wind -- is what affects a concert more than anything so if it's not windy day. And -- in the equities optic cable that -- sites like pick a lot of people think it will and everybody's pick in Philadelphia. That's right in my opinion that is a perfect opportunity. No. It is giving you're shocked the -- -- in which handles weather conditions. And that's why I think the -- really take care of business this week. My -- appreciate each time I really do and we'll talk to you Monday morning after. Hopefully as saints win I think they've -- to. I think besides the -- not beyond fatigue I think the whole world scene who wins this week. Cincinnati. I think both teams take care of business this week in the first round of the -- And a great weekend my youth group and I got to saints to 630 will take -- calls and we come back to 601878. -- 38668890878. Do the saints and win this weekend do you expect them. To win a year who -- no worried about that and that's a question -- not confident you are if you look at this weather situation everybody's talking about Philadelphia's saints can't win an ankle injuries and playing nickel -- do you know this. All due respect to Drew Brees and I have to defend him because of his accomplishments but when Mike to tell me earlier was talking about Tom Brady excelling in in windy conditions. I think it's probably a function of arm strength I hate to say that but Tom -- a lot bigger than Drew Brees isn't. Generally speak in the bigger guy has more strength. Generally speaking out and then if you deliver all the time like Brady -- street and get used to -- adjust to a great point David. So you know -- be about 910 miles now -- as it stands now I don't think that's going to be concern. And everybody talks about the cold weather and it wasn't that -- to build a cold weather they would refer to is ideal football weather. Yeah I was told it's a great afternoon to play game a great night ideal. Football weather -- gold. Ellison's big disadvantage which I don't quite get no I'm not for the Philadelphia deal there Green Bay they plan. -- definitely that's changed you know if you watch the old films now -- an old enough to remember this but our -- guys double out of you know field was frozen and and it trying to dig their cleats and you've seen it on NFL films and trying to get footing and you know the NFL's on Bartlett and I think dale had sub surface heating now wires under the I don't know up the turf on the surface does. Lincoln field is turf it's not grass I -- second maybe get. A little bit -- Rosenblatt. House the other could happen not not in today's NFL so I think the saints will definitely be here from yell at T 601878038668890878. Tell me what you think and where do you think the best place to watch in a -- saints game I have no idea. I think. Home I would want and I'll -- it wouldn't wanna go anywhere else yeah Shelden Williams Manning master controller they've producing. Do I think he's selling programs to doing some news. You best Plaisted to watch the gaming at a sports -- -- like to go to -- is that now go to somebody's house he said. So do you prefer to go to a big crowd. Bill with a big crowd to watch gamer. Pay attention to what's going on because I know sometimes when you got a big crowd. Our sports bar it's kind of hard to keep your mind on the game you tell me 2601878. Toll free 866. 889087. Where's the best place in the city itself. Watch an away game to got a favorite hang out you like to go to what he'll do and watch the game. Tomorrow in I was worried about the saints game tomorrow against Philadelphia yesterday you listened you know that but I changed my mind. Animal play a sound bite for you in a minute that had a lot to do with that that I heard last night right here. I'm Debbie WL -- but to listen -- morning -- debit. WLR. Deployment. You do look. -- We don't look at nation have got to bleep out -- company. I mean I wonder bigger critic to publicly call and the most bitter defeat and make it difficult the year but it's. Oh and that the and we waited and we ought to the article went on duke or albeit a little bit. It's -- to and we don't rule but regardless the attempt going to be big we're going now. This could beat that -- Finally tell you something you know you obviously can't look ahead now and I talked yesterday about the banality of the play also way of his own way when it ends of you know when -- over -- -- clean your -- -- get ready for next year and I think that the difference between Sean Payton and Drew Brees and most of the team being in playoffs already I think that council lot. As opposed nick foals -- -- Chip Kelly it is a first time. Well look we got we got experience in -- twelve that's right -- -- -- -- your McCaw I don't pocketed a program that is visible -- we. It was lucky that we all want and don't we don't -- it's in the -- -- one -- -- who never should have got to believe. I would go and thanks to -- that would be -- We're the only time and -- Dell apple and Utley went up to it and that it's six. That is that it's excellent record any week we got a little of that. Problem. I've barriers -- good idea to do phone lines are open to have you got a pep talk for The Who dat nation a for the saints out of love to hear it now. As a little nervous you know yesterday about the game is and think and you know what happens GA with saints road record the whether it's veterans -- and you know you that you hate to say it is but sometimes when it comes to. Offense and defense and was -- have and the oddsmakers. Are pretty close in terms of prediction. This is what Vegas runner at pregame dot com had to say with di bella CO last night. The New Orleans Saints a dog on the road two and a half. Point underdog -- totaled fifty full. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're getting a lot of saves money and why shouldn't date. I'll most people agree with me on a neutral field but things took the better team so why -- they -- point when Philadelphia has absolutely no home field advantage current team that went only four and fourth and at home. And until the end of the year where they covered against Detroit and make covered against Chicago and they covered against Washington State having covered -- game. At home and well over here so there's really not confidence plane that home and I think to think got a chip on their shoulder. Knowing that the whole league the -- everyone thinks this team can't win on the road. I disagree in the last five years no teams won more road game banned in New Orleans Saints I know. You should really look at trends because what happened last year doesn't mean anything this year. But it just goes to show you that this team and win a road game. Again this is another situation I think the wrong team's favor I think the books are gonna get beat up in this game they need big Eagles because everyone was taken the faint. And I'll -- wanted to it was better as well I'd like to -- on Saturday. So they go that's the last I would Deke Bellavia Vegas Ryder pregame dot com. Course even -- but he text and the oddsmakers had Alabama favored by seventeen last night there are anomalies at Springfield the morning on -- WL. -- -- -- -- -- I just get out there -- form a running. On the I'll -- I bet that they'll be. -- archer critical strike I that. In windy conditions at quarterback. Like I got the order that elements of the ones that. And united pilot in the -- LA and and in the like. And -- what. But all the weather and labor pocket quarterback. What. Quite like -- And I higher rock -- -- condition. I'm I -- and what that he struggled at bat well. Hey tell me what what the outcomes going to be -- do you expect. The saints to win. Yeah I expect the side well I don't think it's going to be stopped them like. 487. Thing -- -- opera like that. Where's the best place to watch in a weight gain like being on -- like -- on a group of people sports. Our ally in an hour on the big hurry you have outweighing their Serbia and oh average. Anyone a lot of people unity won't be able to concentrate on the game. I'll let -- -- that the beat out everything that award watch out there what what about it out. He married. -- but and are. Years. She know the gamers she going to be sand. Head. Ed why they'd look at the way they're awareness fans why they -- that. And -- the guy with the orange John smitten on the sideline -- -- on my the other guy wearing green while you're trying to -- -- -- -- -- she understand what's going on. -- -- have a site and that the plane yet explained why the cowboys are cheap labor say that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't lady called -- a good day in that news. To. I would add phone lines are open it's music so 187803866889087. And if not we'll take you calls to I just like to know what the feeling is that The Who dat nation of course it's win or go home tomorrow's -- state and on needles. In Philadelphia wild card round of the playoffs and our coverage starts here at noon. On got a W -- with saint Saturday Bobby Hebert -- Bob Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Live from Beth and know our. Some state farm agency 93536. Holiday drive in Algiers and then at three its first take former saints offensive lineman Steve court. And Todd Manassas life from Manning's. 519 Fulton street then at five. Count down they kick off with a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert big chief Deke Bellavia live from detainees seafood in the French Quarter. Tick off 710 best broadcast team in football Jim Sanderson. -- guys John and Christine Garrick roaming the sidelines and after the game the point after with a cajun -- until 1 AM and hopefully. Everybody will be talking about Seattle coming up on a road nobody covers the black and gold like the flagship station of the New Orleans Saints and now to be honest. WWL. Later on this morning we're to talk to. David -- Darrow he's a Philadelphia. Reporter who's gonna fill us in on the feeling in Philly there. Metadata clock will have an excellent drew on in and Michael Nutter both our mayors the mayor of Philadelphia and an era of new loans obviously says it -- or Boston would make a lot of sense to have him on when it. I don't think so at a notes going on evidently. Michael Nutter mayor Philadelphia they're gonna make a bad. On the saints game then 9 o'clock we talk about is skier. Race car driver nationally known great reputation news avid skier in it would weigh in Helmand hitters and on Iraq. And we're gonna ask you one. What activities do you love that you think they're dangerous give -- thrill when that you really ought not do or something you've always wanted to do alert. Or maybe you refuse to do not always wanted to skydive bungee jumped one time and it was relate you wouldn't believe and before I die on a bucket list does -- Jump out of a plane and and I know you and -- tandem jump initially where he would. Up close and personal with the instructor. But then I would love to do it on my own I can't imagine the feeling of of just fly in through the air or if you don't like it hurtling toward the ground at a high rate of speed. -- -- about the saints who didn't who dat nation doesn't seem very jacked up. Today and begin and I think that there are afraid. Isn't detonation afraid. If you scared say you skid is Ricky Jackson used to say so -- aria. Confident that the saints are gonna win tomorrow are -- very worried and in not really all in on this. Do you remember the tough. A time that the saints fans had when they went to. Chicago for the NFC championship game in 2006. The Philadelphia is aware of that and they're gonna have the police wearing saints' -- believe it or not. So they say if any Philadelphia fans are on rule lead. Rude or threatening. Is not to be tolerated -- to be had there will be ejected from the stadium more -- that according to Philadelphia police chief. Game sold out although some NFL teams -- -- trouble. Com selling their playoff tickets Green Bay is not sold out perhaps because of the weather. And I think Indianapolis as well as having some trouble selling all their playoff tickets on -- off its. If it's got something to do with. The price of the ticket of the weather I don't now. Anyway the policing and I have a lot of guys in Philadelphia Lotta years in the stadium disguises saints fans. Wearing jerseys and had so if there's some Philadelphia fan that. Designs that take it to a level it's not acceptable please again and clamp down on -- and and kick him out. So what do you think T 60187803866889087. He attacks says game plans simple run the ball a little. Part of money blitzer now continue to blitz a whole game long protect the ball. On -- from the plane to the great northeast. I'm out the Abydos sewer rat who -- Another one said I'd tried watching the game and not to mention a restaurant never again one of the the sports places around time. Another tech says remember it is prime time our time. Not a tax army yesterday saw a car width six saints flags flying I looked at my wife and said the saints are gonna win. It's just a feeling that came over me. And then no chance in -- -- says can't win on the road their record on the road proves it. Gains will be cleaning their lockers out Monday won't stop McCoy. -- I don't know why some people don't saints like that but they do. And then we're talking about this place watching game somebody text in answers my -- and then. There's this 11 by one Payton Shawn Payton has removed all the monkeys on the backs of the saints. Winning this game is next a playoff game on the road it's gonna happen this week. Seats dummy when we come back. We think you expected are you psyched up about the game -- Are you just kind of passive about it bank and nine year ago another road loss in the playoffs. We'll continue the conversation when we come back on WW.

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