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1-3 7:10pm Tommy, Saints take on Philly

Jan 3, 2014|

Playoff weekend for the warriors in Black and Gold. Where's the best place to watch a Saints road game and what's the BEST thing to eat?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David -- answer to talk to Davis but Darrow who is a reporter with -- Philadelphia eagles' web site Philadelphia Eagles. Dad Thomas reiter will see what. The Philadelphia take is on the game tomorrow. Also what the mood is in Philadelphia now just seems to me here that I don't know -- taken playoffs for granted or they don't think that. Is that it's gonna amount to anything they're afraid the saints again lose and I get a text here that says -- -- hiding their head well the reason -- who dat nation isn't jacked up is because they think it's for not stand. The reason is that just part of a campaign well I don't care about winning in Philadelphia they're worried about running into a wall in Seattle. On -- non -- -- so man talk about a defeatist attitude would you tell me so scared of the city ha nice yeah out yet even care about being needles -- Incredible will talk to got to get this thing out of the way well I mean we got a win -- and and then let's talk about being afraid of Seattle you don't win you know on all. So you said it was a game and don't worry about CS. -- -- -- You know Kuwait my Beatles. The place you wanna live because not enough these divorces are gonna be granted or not. But a couple of interesting things you know you tend to think that. And it's true that women don't have a lot of rights when it comes to the Middle Eastern countries -- through. But a woman's filed for divorce a week into a marriage. After discovering her husband. Money is saying are now what do you think he has run around now he -- need is he's with a fork. All she is disgusted at the shocking sight -- husbands using bread rather than cutlery. Does this is a major problem is there anything wrong would take an increase of bread and squeeze in the piece together mangled piece sailing John yeah other areas apparently -- -- Mating compromise on a spoon. Yeah amazing diesel for me it looks wants him to he's used in bread some riveting compromise with a spoon. So there's also another case in -- in the same story about a woman and attempted to divorce so hard and her husband after he insisted on squeezing toothpaste tubes. In a middle and not the end -- ha. Now -- that's that's always been a problem and I felt you know -- long time ago I remember talking a young teacher and they got married and and ultimately got divorced and she said that. The big problem was and they're usually do -- here's procedural problems and edgy non saying iron. And need on a guy that solves problems and brings people to get there yet incumbents are reputation of the unity -- you can ask anybody in my family about that but -- absolutely but here's if you find him here's the point. The point is and I said at that time BM -- -- a freshman in high school when I heard this I said ball. In a few squeezes at the middle he squeezes it at the end -- at two tubes of toothpaste. Would it make a lot more and -- Unbelievable. I just three blocks unbelievable. At three bucks expensive trying to wars always plotting. Actually don't -- don't notice for whatever reason. -- You go from one. That's -- people paying the bills of. 121 paying the bills have to thank you which can be at turner and I will take a break and come back we'll go behind enemy lines and talked -- our writer from Philadelphia Eagles dot com and ask -- think that that nation as. Afraid do you think this game is pointless because no matter what happens they're -- loses Seattle at. That to me is a defeatist attitude -- I'm I'm not human thickens and I can't even think about Betty you know anything can happen in a playoffs it's a different season. So like you're not you feel that way Tommy Tucker with the on this Friday morning the day before his saints playoff game and I'd like to hear from you why do you think that there's not that feeling of excitement Indians and text saying Malik says we -- locked up the and number one seed -- we've beaten Seattle announced a disappointment that we -- locked up the number two seed we losses C at Carolina announced another disappointment. But come home may win the playoffs are you kidding me the playoffs are different season all you have to do is win and you go on to the next week. And ask don't -- and what happens after that. -- the giants last year. Well when the giants last year giants were two years ago Baltimore likewise made a run late in the season. So they do do you think there's the saints season as is basically over and as a meaningless game against Philadelphia -- it sounds. Crazy does say that was -- being a playoff game and and if you lose season's over. You go home. So you tell me at 2601872038668890870. Are you excited about this game. Are you wound up are you wearing your black and gold today. Are you just think and you know what this is pointless because even if we beat Philadelphia we're not going to be able to beat Seattle. And I don't know why you feel like that some of the attacks coming in no worries man saints and went on the road when the biggest game in the world on the road a few years ago. Marvin neutral site that okay. Rob Ryan -- our first road playoff game. That's not -- optimistic and positive. The other one says the saints proved they don't deserve to be in the playoffs two chances to clinch. -- both one and done sorry that doesn't mean I'm not as saints fan just a realist. Now announces Tommy just thing about it would have the stars are lining up what if destiny is set for the saints and New York boy oh boy wouldn't that be something. And I appreciate your text but I think the way this is all worded 1 AM what EF one AF. And destiny -- thing is it's gonna take some kind of stroke of incredible fortune and and stars being aligned and I got a text earlier that talked about the saints would be Gatorade and -- beefy Mac in that. Com there's sweat suits that if that's their game plan. They're done they're not gonna Wembley obviously is epic game play and inches something that John Payton did try to motivate the team and I think he did it to take the pressure off of them. The incredible pressure about winning in the playoffs and on a road. Not at Texas I think the feeling is that were a little depleted. Again we have the number two seed locked up let it slip however I think a win in Philly will get -- excited again. How how can the fan base not be excited. Upload. The saints being in the playoffs. Call me and tell me and I can argue. I'm just not again net. Nolan says -- that you you're the only one saying that I'm just telling you that. That's the response were given. An answer response we're getting -- Texas it's a response we're getting with emails and it's is defeatist attitude yesterday maybe I edit. I had that they get a Bowden and I think that is a different season any team can win on any day especially in the playoffs. And I think the saints win. You tell me you're fired up about the game tomorrow are you very passive about it T 601878. Till 3866889087. Via -- -- years say in that. The saints will lose team should have been out there practicing in the cold all week. And I don't know another one on -- go Eagles saints can't beat the rams in a dome on the road do you think they'll do. Now what do you think they'll do and a stadium when it's twenty degrees. So. You tell me 2601878038668890878. If you think. The saints are gonna lose tomorrow or if you think that the -- the who dat nation so many Texas about see on TV thing but who dat nation. Is the pessimistic and they don't think -- go win this game and if you're optimistic please call and represented who dat nation it is. Somebody needs to keep these people and career ending get them ready to go take a break take your calls when we come back 722. Tommy Tucker puzzled. About the reaction there from the fans about a playoff game yesterday -- tomorrow rather get a text about yesterday's CNET. I was Debbie downer yes there wasn't Debbie downer I just. On Albion perceive it that way out is just expressed my concerns but as a -- close of a playoff time I'm jacked up and that they were gonna win talking about the saints Eagles games and may be the reason for a lack of excitement. And this may make sense but it says that. Midweek holidays. And a game on Saturday doesn't give the team. Mom. Or the fan base a chance to get excited it's like Green Bay and Indianapolis is having a hard times Allen out -- you tell -- -- -- -- good morning -- on -- WL. -- the more you know others are given to understand is this Israel negative attitude -- -- -- problem you know. That's -- Obama supporter and whether there you -- -- -- not. Well you know there's a lot base that a lot of things on the unit we -- so global outbreak we were we lost all street Angel went and watched -- football. A great piece -- -- being both strong and help fortify chip. It seems like get to meet -- -- and I look I understand and 09 we had locked up the number one seed no playoff games are in the dome but man you can't give up now Kenya. I'll tell you what you walk and essential grow your studio those -- of it you know about this is supported by the -- step. A different -- yeah it's going to be called augment it. Utley is -- the other so art that it's going to be a look at the ball handlers all but. Remember when boosting couldn't regain much resemble ones and you know all. I don't -- so it would be useful but you know I'm not gonna -- against you know shot today it drew regional and restoring them. And they would not work tool belt and those guys go work anywhere Super Bowl right. And they don't you know usually rock thought probably -- told that they did. You know I'm obviously not human not do you Wear. You -- say on on a on on and related note for anybody that's listening right now and I've got news for numerous contractors have gotten it from numerous homeowners. Up even if you -- do it yourself for the best money you can spend in life ever is to pays somebody experience to do your sheet rock. And -- while -- know it true because you know you can take you can do it -- -- floated and you wind up standing off more than you put on any got a message and you know what to do you on the other hand. Yeah thank you shouldn't do law yeah good teachers you you log out and do in Waco or -- will do that. We know. We don't and at some point it's an art it's not a science and you guys have their yards so believe me and -- advertising to do -- business. But any money any money if you do you can paint yourself well though I like to -- -- on that -- -- or whatever I guess you can try but sheet -- definitely. Pays somebody to do it do we give a prediction on the score. I think it's going to be cool W at a period you know are going to be like you know police are involved. Twenties or something like this -- be close. I use -- now. Our CO. Bet that that battle as Nieminen on CNN but he used in Seattle -- -- not operating theater. And so we we. We've lost we don't respect sweet. Torture -- industry which are great that these coaches amnesty these guys. And it and if anything -- -- I think that'll motivate the saints ago winning kick some are and but let's take care of the eagles' first thank you man. -- court. Like you might. Not to let her -- and those names are ranked. People don't even realize it she brought -- -- -- -- to go off on it here. They have edges that you got a bunch up together and all LaMont how many times it -- do it yourself is not catch on of that. -- Almost -- of people. Do you have a great day and happy new media here I shot in diamond head -- mornings are you are on WWL. They morning. Could only say what they -- issue are all that we aren't. Are due in large group but they -- Eagles and our strong Eagles ran. But I do. All the teams out there on the arm on more. More pretty strange -- terrible. Well tell -- line. And I could use immunity or am preparing to join -- been follow and Eagles all year right. Well yeah Dutch young Casey go ahead tell me -- you are so go to our options and are watching you are large people's armed the good part about it. Didn't -- here I can't. I care really lose. Eagles. And Eagles win but Eagles lose. Are still -- so. -- legal had to give -- predictions when we go to news. I think it's got it close but I think aren't remotely disable pull off. Laughs that's from an Eagles fan thank you John happy new year I'm glad you called. Our part I Moore calls we come back if you are on hold Robert Anthony smoky Everett Brent will get to -- right after the news so hang on and in a text comes in here. Says anyone thought to maybe the colts and Packers games haven't sold out because it's freezing cold will. The colts are playing -- sides on -- about that Packers playing outside big Green Bay. David Blake I can't believe that a Green Bay fans would not go to the game because it's coal god that's hard to believe it seems like. Up and those areas of people -- the colder it is a more fired up they get yeah less ominous this storied frozen tundra at the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field when alone again David I can't say this job and by the way we start years three of this. I think -- next week on the six yes we are having fun third anniversary we have time flies by -- -- here's the thing you know it's like being in elected officials sometimes when you are candidate. Because I was kid around with -- -- she'd -- Canas -- the best money you can spend -- by paying somebody to do you sheet rock and maybe -- your own -- maybe this minute but don't -- dot. Well because Indians next here from electricians from plumbers from just about every building Kraft saying now like to tell a budget -- sheet rock guy that why would anybody not wanna. Get a professional to do their work so here's the thing. If -- electrical work if you need a plumber. Com you got to be very careful when you do it yourself because you don't wanna burn our house down and and -- naturally not usually a risk of fire although the hot water -- in -- in the home improvement -- Molinaro -- try and that I don't just make sure -- I don't under anybody's feelings are actually I I would never try to do electric all -- -- -- -- and house you know I I could know and running a lot of times do your own -- and then you go to sell -- house and -- signed -- bullets on -- is not up -- -- Nice job of of Jerry are -- it but that's not how it's got to be easily got to pay a -- to fix in anyway Anthony no good morning I don't know if you -- building -- not but I. I heartily encourage anybody to call you -- -- service. -- Well yes yeah what do you do for eleven. McCain I look don't do a year on auto word take it to make panic. Yeah I I don't like to do -- -- so I wanted to talk about particularly about these that was an attempt on base at the Philadelphia yet. I've been I've been trampled voted years I grew up and they -- would debate and other World Bank. I was in what we will lose and I'm still a fan them. Do you think saints fans are spoiled there. Are given it up because of the as I'm getting some other tanks because of the losses to Carolina offers Seattle I guess they are getting blown out -- Big east Carolina when he could rapidly and is one right Seattle. Carolina league that are wrapped up the numbered -- arrogance and a rams that's right the rams that's when I guess it's yeah. And I added created is a good -- nation spoiled anything. You know you should win 1516 games a year. Maybe they should have been around back when I was playing with the Internet and there. And the brown paper bag would get what we would still ran back in and we still has that little -- -- But yet and we got to live in Seattle. I'd I agree and it looked it may be beat Carolina he's going to be pretty good if if will -- again that's I would beat Seattle and then maybe would go to Carolina for the rubber game of the match up game and make it right thank you Anthony. Aren't I -- at -- -- my daddy always taught me about mechanic work -- he was one Amadeus it is still true you always do the hard side first. That's they always. Ever get a damn glad you Kolb -- -- quick food -- the break that would get to the rest of and so hang on smoky. River hegemony or -- WL. The -- I mean great show me a break you back in they begin looking -- trauma that. One of the bitch. In a new -- there Italy and I don't automotive my good friend male and -- want to they'd do actual work there honest. -- only secure our annual WG treatment saints. Well without even if what you not noticed army but it would be LP is only stadium as their own -- on the deepest. -- -- -- Knowing you know Lisa said that they booed Santa Claus. What the Philadelphia fans booed Santa Claus one year. -- believe it and got -- -- -- -- -- and economic debate that could be the progression that I have -- really put the pressure or Philadelphia. -- -- -- Are are a bit that you could -- exchange do debated beat -- -- animal and it's going to be 316. I mean 31 when EA is a school. OK but on the table. We don't give up a local -- social arrangement and they dictate what chicken troop we can if you scroll ball which guess what. And build what he -- are all out -- going to be about yet another Super Bowl ring got breast. Harlem is is he sensing that The Who dat nation is. Is not as fired up as they should be about play and then in the playoffs. -- you know -- economic. Well what happened. But every little game. You know they they lost because the world gained and finishing twelfth but it warns don't we have. I mean this thing at all on -- and warm don't want him choke you know -- -- You know. You don't like you -- -- play baseball along. You could be -- just fired -- about him will win and if he loses. Every waking. I'm you know your daughter she -- a twenty minute account Michael Gordon at our school they lose they win at home not going to be as excited about it you know actually it. Yet to got to be all in our house united get much out of -- what. I'm glad -- -- have a good day right and also writes I get -- it is on meetings in a radio yesterday didn't think the saints in in a win tomorrow. And I did and I thought about it overnight that read some of the stuff that's out there about -- on channel -- got a website talking about what the other. A media people say and I -- Deke last night at that they show on the show rather talking about. -- the -- -- had to say and I had -- thinking about it and analyzing -- you know -- I was reacting from a motion. Yesterday and I thought about it logically and it's like yeah we got a chance matter of fact I think we're gonna win the game and I think once that monkey gets off their back I think you see a different saints team throughout the rest of the playoffs. You tell made 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. Is there. Lack of excitement. With The Who dat nation are they. Think and as though you know an -- Saints losses Seattle on the road they losses. The rams and they had a chance to take care of the business against Carolina Indians though isn't detonation -- ended in already and I can't believe that it have you noticed. On a lack of excitement about this playoff game and you know -- a look at. Matchups you get a look at position by position. Drew Brees second ranked passer in the NF Al. 22 is nick polls. And -- vote Nichols is joined thrown 21 touchdowns to interceptions. Because probably of Philadelphia's -- game he's thrown a ball about half as many times Drew Brees hands and you gotta wonder. Under what conditions of those were safe passes that he was thrown or not is the yards are -- per game weighed down from drew breezes average. And I think the other big factor here is playoff pressure. And Drew Brees and been there done that Nicole's not so much. So I I I wouldn't be surprised -- Rob Ryan do some things that are gonna confuse and a couple of -- Under the pressure of the playoffs I wouldn't be surprised if he throws a couple of interceptions. Tomorrow Everett diamond head thanks for holding a morning -- on debit WL. They -- -- -- they're good. I'll look at it like this sort of gone vehicles there. I'm paint the circle when implement its perch in Europe during world summer there's. Are -- as a mutual party's political and slow the full quarter -- -- So what are permitted in the polls -- -- on the ball. In the -- and -- camera John mentioned the ball in the same as can be in position within the local. Who want what is it's wonderful don't get their skills are a bit. I open the -- afraid it'll Austria -- misstatement did -- -- to the year -- police Seattle. There's little seven and our. Our districts distorts -- -- and so but don't get it went on that simply arrested for Japan. The same yet that there this process that the search for the one. Two birdies six. The strangest ordinance that would only -- Well what they don't remember either averages that. There was almost nobody left to play running back because of the injuries. -- print story all to a lot of serious lost again. And I'm not about excuses but -- and it kind of chicken -- immediate. We want the ball problem at all if you look at the circular to play. Will losses they'll do it and it wasn't really that -- -- there should be performed in harm's. We have -- one. And they have diplomatic played by now Obama addicts and it. -- it was to win beginning we will went -- game incidents of them are students against Carolina. Perhaps that we had -- gain more Capital One on our car seat law. On the -- Gordon won the yanks the saints played hard against terror along. I'm not in the same -- and our. Look at their team that just did not -- could be better -- -- -- ever and I'm glad you called and a happy new year are -- bigger debt or baguette bread Covington -- here on -- W good morning. -- -- way yet. -- make up the penalties. -- meant night. I've got a quick -- well you know you're on is known -- for our parents were known are very. And yeah at that point did you know that -- up almost instantly -- respect science. Not a panel and you know I was born 1988. -- like that -- before I was -- paper bag ranks. That he did not go to Seattle club and. Getting islanders against Philadelphia -- -- resign says there's a lot of people thought that when you do is set it. But in the playoffs you don't you don't play Austin NFL you don't overlook anybody that there's a pre season as a regular season nears that. End of the season in November and December and in the playoffs and in its -- just win one time is I gotta do it it's it's not like a best of seven like in. Baseball are -- here or anything like that so I think they win Brent -- you store. But -- going to be twice. What 31%. I appreciate your call and happy new year. -- text on men. That consistency is the key Philly has -- saints just don't period. Nolan says we're not excited because the team plays like they don't expect to win. Sean Payton is predictable and Drew Brees will give up the ball at least twice they don't care. I guarantee you tomorrow you're going to see a team that cares. On both sides of the football matter -- legacy -- all weekend -- and throughout the Super Bowl because. And here's the other thing I think it gives the saints the advantage. And got to go back to the the finality. The saints know what it's like if you lose you're done you go home and I don't know that Philadelphia has the experience to quite realize. How quickly your season can end and how hard it took you to get to the playoffs how much work it took. And and how much how soon you can be out of it. If you don't take care -- -- after the news are gonna hand the mayor New Orleans Mitch Landrieu and the mayor of Philadelphia. -- wanted to make their bet they're they're gonna do a bad about the game and we'll see woods. At stake for both the mayor of Philadelphia mayor Michael not terror. Robert battery -- Evan W on good morning thanks a column. The water. Idiocy and use. There it is very one vote vote vote vote -- they're for the ma. Aren't able -- might see it in order that it wanted to but then there is there a double it was saying. And a lot of that is involved there are about the orbit by number -- but it is buying -- -- -- opera that is not -- an -- Roll record this year it's one Amin. Has that flatbed. You know -- -- -- it. Well there. That the boys are in the war since you are on the date of war. Although. -- but it also. All the walls but you can. -- -- that. -- -- but in the physical session played football there. Form I mean did it in all of all of it yeah. Currently. In a place not to do that you played wave and the district of ball war that wanna brag war. Run the ball. And all of other actual link in there and eat there. Let it happen any. Arnold than -- it as -- eight and I don't want it -- like what what lately what really had it. Is that the it's a war over it that we don't want but especially in -- engine problem is that the that the but it should it -- on the. I hate you Robert we're about out of time tell me your prediction. One. I like it I'm glad he called have a great new year and a great weekend. I will take a break come back more calls bustle of the mayor's Megan -- bent on WW.

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