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1-3 8:10pm Tommy. Who Dats still believe

Jan 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David Blake you -- your sums gonna get too fired up I'm ready via -- but not -- good way. Not an ego like now it's going to be in a bad way you'd says it's. Tommy the saints care really they're taking this game like a field trip talking about game planning by changing their underwear and color of the cool lady don't expect to win. Suppose. You know let you know -- -- landing on this is what they're planning on a no it's not. -- -- -- -- From one. This is what every -- that's not Shelton it's made this is what they're planning on. Get it done you can get it done. What's more you've got a good. And they will get it done got to get it done that's gonna benefit agreement -- the mayor of new loans in Philadelphia on in the second. To make their -- let's take a break here we come back we'll have. Node -- here. I -- them there. I would -- we will demand mayor Mitch Landrieu and mayor nutter from Philadelphia good morning gentlemen Kate you pretty well this is merely Andrew. I. I don't know about it. My -- this year I will before he gets here you guys have a relationship besides just the bad for the football game because. You have worked with the mayor Michael Nutter on some other things Evian right. Manuel personal home my daughter as a great potential adoptees and work really hard you know I started an organization culture -- the united. Which is really -- national umbrella organization and old alike we really expend a lot of talent. -- -- -- -- major -- strong you know Chicago to Baltimore all over the country don't fight harder reduction -- -- violence. And now we've been working on and a couple of years now fun you know work of art Wi wee hours without the problems in your wallet credentialed Altria Baltimore. But the mayor of Philadelphia has been a really national leader on this issue will -- expended a lot of talent. You know try to figure out how to reduce violence and animosities and he's been a -- park force. In -- and really you know good. When we talk about the does the violence rate you know that the murders get the headlines and unfortunately that was -- one right on New Year's statement. Did these programs in the work and saw Chicago again they get the headlines and actually homicides in Chicago were reduced by almost half this year. Well no equivalent to New Orleans dismissal last year we had. We had fewer murders last year and looked at in this city in the past thirty years. And not a couple of years ago -- a in 1990 for the murder triple under fifty last year course you're 155. So. The murder is on bail on the murder rate has gone on the number of shootings are going down all of those things -- positive trend. But you don't you can't be satisfied with that we still have a problem you know culture I want to discount and quite frankly. You see it in neighborhoods in every major city in America that's why. And -- or not Scott -- and have been working with major mayors across America you know to really work on prop you know persuasion we can solve these things. I mean each respective cities and trying to borrow from each other. Programs that are working in other places -- actually heard me talk about ultralight no polite Israeli. A number of different stress that you could have been deployed. In Baltimore Philadelphia Boston New York Chicago. And Los Angeles and added that attach meaningful success last year. We saw that a book on -- fairly dramatically with a 20% decrease that's really good. But we -- have a long ago and that's what we keep you know -- to that we -- I'd keep market. You have a couple more minutes -- are trying to connect the mayor nutter we won't -- does that together make sure that. Although we got to -- form because usually dealt to Philadelphia radio station and rational and really good -- can't. There's an idea what difference in the third call the smaller because we -- Philadelphia first adjust to grant single to me as an emotional right now at Philadelphia. Lot of national underground and it's really -- of course which they pay benefits Bamba told them. Then after the game last night I imported slow and that district of the bracket and and the soup -- -- And I think they believe. It has to be a mess to clean up but they -- I hang -- a second would come back we'll hopefully have mayor Michael Nutter in Philadelphia and finally you guys -- and Tommy Tucker mayor Mitch Landrieu and now we're joined by mail mayor Michael Nutter. From the city of brotherly love Good Morning America. They -- It might welcome. I don't Mehmet helped by an interactive failed to warm from tomorrow and always -- -- approve it today it's a little chilly up here. Little chilly down here -- -- The one that effect you know what what the what that what the what what happened but I -- and that's what we're giving that pieces. -- information. Analogy at all and I think it's just particularly on an end. Well you know it makes him look -- -- -- -- look beautiful clearly feel the united. It's call Luke Luke is who we this is now you know I mean that the Google. Now let me know mayor -- -- you can confirmed for the man and outfielder superdome what was the last like it was a good practice conditions they -- snowplows and a right now. -- you can't appreciate how hard -- carefully -- But -- not let me ask you that she's not on in Philadelphia now you on here in new Collins and and I would never asked nearly -- got the better po boys because he knows is a politician. Better than that answer that question. Now that you're on a new Holland who's got the better of Philly cheese steak. You know we got him greatly and leading the trouble and it was. -- I don't know -- and ultimately you get a good cheese steak anywhere in the couple of that problem but yeah not not like like. Greg -- have a great mayor he -- fantastic. Certainly on an economic development activities -- you know we've had a number of meetings of the US open demands -- -- north and then I was also down. When they had that the future oil spill and those those kind of events. Record that the mayor has put together actually. In the last year on public safety initiatives and better program and we work together on these issues through the conference and also an effort. The public and having called -- united. The man has been passionate on this issue and we have a lot of fun together but we do some great work as well. I had not to the niceties let's get to the cutthroat nature of this absolutely wow like game tomorrow could. Go out and don't. At that medical personal pleasing -- that's what the saints beat Philadelphia. In the unlikely event that it is even a probability. But we'll always be prepared. We've got a great that's here in Philadelphia is gonna give you total great case of what. What -- who delight and come on damage you what they. The Philadelphia teaching is about. Little and that's it is. Great export. Good so a company appear they're gonna sit -- imported 500 in the equipment and merchandise tent and and money. To the -- life. Midnight basketball program that the -- here. Has been spearheading. And then of course a little bit of silly. -- in -- -- -- -- publicly states is again this year -- oily greasy. And it's appellate pretzels as well. The seized -- examined. -- -- -- OK we're. On our -- Korea but it Tuesday I'm in Atlanta relieved when you put it and -- are really work too often -- not about to do it but we do have to do it chuck Greg. I don't know what it is gonna go out -- -- into a crawfish boil somebody Philadelphia teacher quality crawfish. And law and we also gonna donate twenty -- market now most of the mayor issued by a reduction collaborative. At one of the playground and their -- in Belgium pilot production work like Purdue and on a normal life. And you know it's gonna be a good game really excited about it really the people -- law that gratitude demand out of the country was approach and -- the conference of mayors. And it will be on it would that every time we needed him more autos and other stuff is usually the degree trying to -- Arkansas Mike wanna thank you so. Ball you work really shot which marshaled the Philadelphia Eagles but you know. -- It's that they've got the fears that. We have all the politicians -- you may. Agree that computer and dump it into -- about -- internally. I mean he's got a big amicable thing you know anticipating. Coming down and become a current thing but we're we're following an upgrade ago -- today in in the in the once -- -- for the call. That the matter is that great leader in our conference. And his efforts. The -- and any bring the ideas all have meaning for many in the mayor's. Across the United States of America and it looked at him. For a great leadership. Will be perhaps all of that outcome 8 o'clock tomorrow night when you're gonna see some real football. Alienate stadium that is the premier facilities we have here in a moment ago looked like it is right now and it's afternoon and went on to -- with the saints. Our -- failed players. Kevin having a good month. Mayor -- when you say is a great leader in the conference -- on somebody NFC east are. -- -- Accompaniment and I'd just take comfort. In. That Oklahoma with an underdog against Nolan and -- world changed seventeen points -- just -- it. Yeah any Yankee let you gentlemen club on Monday this week. Can't prevent a repeat that made him work they are not remember what the monarch. I ended did really doesn't but it was a nice story that you can come on Monday and said let's not. I may have and -- guide -- -- matters unit Dietz and grows so will lead Eagles and and you can eat the crow about that. No -- -- 02. And immediacy. And come down. But now the company but he sort of. I'm mr. mayor. Love new Holland's legend that was big brood had as we go out who. Do. The right take them back gently don't they aren't really do not yet they do it down Philadelphia -- snake what they spell Eagles out that they -- proud of that EAG bill. Well he hasn't he adult ads good -- -- leaders. Congratulations. On the thanks for coming on and mayor -- -- try to enjoy the game tomorrow and neighbors to be -- Peru and I think you are EMI published and I don't remember you better talk to -- Monday. Talking about The Who dat nation and they really behind the scenes and are they or what ever reason bombed out about the Seattle game about the Saint Louis game and about Carolina and feel as though. The saints should even take a flight and played a game I don't know why people aren't as fired up as they should be and and the idea here for a -- are you fired up are you not fired up and money if bank. There's not as much excitement over this playoff game -- only 118 is getting and and arrest them made 32 minus eight when he'd. Four -- 24 album didn't David Lacey you would think. -- yet yet made the playoffs that you get everybody excited. And if they win the air when they win here on Tony it's gonna take that monkey off their back in and then don't rule anything out. So you tell me at 26018720386688908. Sony. Do you think there is the adequate excitement over this playoff game and if it's lacking why gagging and six teams go from meets. Conference means twelve teams totals so you take. It's actually the better -- -- if -- take twelve out of 32. That means one when he did not go out to money teams did not Gaza are soft united one of these NFL cities. Where is the season is already over and maybe you're looking at rebuilding with a new code that's over and done their -- shop and for coaches and players and things and we know that's like from last year so you're not not not about shopping for coaches -- about it being done so. I just don't know why people aren't in more pumped up about the the saints wild card game to -- another one says. Tommy the reason is the defense is so injured. That the united feel more optimistic yet is there were not so many players injured but. At this point I don't think there's anyway the saints can win but who dat baby in -- united everybody's -- injuries. Time a year yeah and it sounds like get. I don't off fear factor or something that's going on here yeah it's like you know all don't hurt me and I'm afraid to go there and. -- -- Like going to be like all the upgrade again heard -- it's like a relationship he had to be only in -- I getting get much out so let me know if you're all in for the saints game to mar Mike narco good morning -- on -- WLU all -- All -- our. -- he. Beat this week has been a problem. Right now got him. -- -- -- The yeah yeah but we -- and I don't I don't put upon. As not only that the public people and you knew that perfection. Thanks -- if we don't. Put -- In the it was but -- the dilemma to the game it was. Quite please with them. I don't read it but two senate he. And innocent. And so that it would. It would have a. So why do you think there's not as much excitement. I don't think there is is there should be I mean it it does saints are playing in a playoff game tomorrow. Prime time I would think about -- Wear my purple and -- a date yet purple and gold purple and black you. A lot of that went public and it's happening until that. Marco Island in. The definitely. Big. -- -- -- -- Lieutenant is one you -- And saw me again that's about it that the meant by it and -- haven't. You think people are afraid to get their heart to the sciences time. -- and it's what we can you don't know who had been you know you don't you don't like it didn't. This. Not so. -- -- spotted with the newspaper that kind of thing. And I. Applied to do that wanted to -- especially. At the Katrina and so that will -- monopoly they wouldn't. You know it was attacked. Keynote -- and paprika or publicity. You don't have to give it -- Attack -- -- team that differ from these folks thought. That to me that it. We're told them. The more than you'd -- Martin's basketball opinion I was. It's as good as -- it's like them. In New York is. Family here is what it is Mike. -- thank you man alleged cult are happy new unity and that David and onto -- He unseated their way David you're on -- W on the morning. -- and Tommy are. You know rock is Russia and why you didn't understand what people are delighted -- but you know -- shall never won a playoff game a little worried and and -- So it's easy to understand -- marvels such buy it for all I can. You know understand that there are out I can be a real much early days and bill churning out by such a delicate -- -- -- -- -- -- Are used saints fan -- -- Dallas -- Man a year ago. I -- glad you called David you may be. You get that taken objective look at it being a Dallas Cowboys fans have you had a bet big game tomorrow would you do. Well no bad but it outlaws Tibetan prayer and I looked up fully -- equals and Lleyton three. -- -- Today. And an eight out -- betting guy but how how much would you be in for. All while I have not Erica again I'm not a bad way and I'm just trying to figure out how certain you are in his objectively and you can you look at this chaps are burial. All the trying to have -- wanna play outgoing and I don't like it's gonna cherry. CB will you'd be all -- David the -- are you are all areas I don't push any -- -- the -- the land. David do you favor promise you gonna call back on Monday and eat those words are we just Amish are all back on. Well we don't LP we got a call it. I got dollar and I thank you it is so 1878 till 386 exit 890878. Yet think there's the appropriate amount of optimism and excitement on an of this playoff game lord god forbid. As the U who has The Who dat nation just give up already on a scant you know Ricky Jackson says he -- -- just say -- -- And I'm not. As a little pessimistic yesterday and yet the thinking about it took the emotion on ultimately did not match ups under the weather and -- -- his -- ago winning game I really do and and I think. After that bad monkeys off their back. Confidence means a lot and I wouldn't rule anything out from there you tell me what you think. Lisa Slidell higher under the W well thanks for all. I found -- comments from the last caller -- they've never won a playoff game on the road it's to our recollection they wanted to blow on the road. Yeah I think that the -- will tell you that that was technically a neutral location and then of people are games while people who went to games that is more like a saints home game with the well I understand your point I'm just saying what people and gonna call and say Tommy would you think about The Who dat nation are are they as excited as you think. They should be -- and it is this same feeling that playoff games and seasons in the past have had. It true that are all on board -- always. The true fans via. Suing the naysayers out there -- you know okay. So you're not concerned that they lost to Seattle big disappointment they losses Saint Louis when they had a chance at. Take care business against sinking Carolina they couldn't tell you you say this is what irrelevant and that's a brand new season. I think I think big island and new attitude in. I think they can do. I don't appreciate you colleagues and a nice new year. -- height 2601878. Till 3866. And 89087. You'll try to get to you pretty quickly. John -- good morning or -- WL. Morning Tommy we're gonna win because we're the better train. Chile is -- -- Atlanta compared the stamps. On the list smeared notre puts wind machines. The line. And inspections you know on the field we are simply the best entertainment will not be able and our receivers. Do you think any prepared at all hours they'll they have a good running game. Well down. And I'm not yelled and screamed yeah that'll -- -- for mark simply to better train the more experience stinging. I'd much rather have Drew -- and -- all globally denigrate the rookie. We have more experienced coach we're gonna win mark and in its source you know -- Seattle is not unbeatable children lost twice recently and want to go home and I think they peaked too soon. And I think we're a to -- Dreary season like beginning tomorrow we took our lumps were about to I think armistice -- there -- some brought -- or we may be. Running the little better tomorrow with him and so I just let drinker court he's about to peak in. And gain some momentum and I think people or. Being may be cautiously hopeful -- something I don't know about. You know hundreds of other people. This site are simply the better team when more usual and you all Lynn. Panama Somalia and I think is seen as -- great -- to go into -- -- Coke at a won't get that much so well -- more would better change. What is unless there's -- score you win it makes it incredibly difficult to trouble while we are the better we will. Thank you haven't had a good -- -- weekend -- -- it is. Interesting that the saints gonna have to beat to bird teams -- order to get to the NFC championship and that being the Eagles -- on having a pep rally for The Who dat nation today get ready for the Philadelphia game tomorrow. And -- text here that says saints fans are taking a realistic point of view. Which would dictate that the saints are on the road which they are bad team they're playing in bad weather. As well as they lost four of the five games defense also lost two key -- defense of banks that they were a good team. They would have won one of the four lost and in playing. And home wow and another one says. The saints never won a playoff game until until. -- team dropped the ball saints never made it to the Super Bowl until. A tough game against Minnesota. One of the greatest ever and -- -- -- putters there the saints had never won a Super Bowl until quarter pick Peyton. Keep the faith Joseph and Ali keeping the faith. Hey you keeping the faith. Then -- call in council tirelessly people. That's about football I think this strange calls and in -- so. Just look at where we were yesterday -- world -- today. I mean look at New York Giants look at Baltimore. Request by at Oklahoma Oregon Alabama out. It's all about matchups it's all about you know the old. Cliche about it on any given day. Any given day is where you artist and I hope the -- -- goes out. Bill. Not really outgoing -- able to get from paper. I appreciated thank you Joseph had a great day YouTube to Corey -- Hollins high -- -- W good morning. Hey -- -- these bandwagon jumpers -- you know space and a hard this enacted on -- there was no wind not great -- football man you know. You talk about the bandwagon jumpers do you think. Even people are jumping off dubbed the band wagon do you think the -- -- nation as. Is a little skit about tomorrow. Exactly. I definitely took that call. You know you help you out its banks and then when they went in the women's movement in outstanding -- you know. You know you gotta be with -- pursue it. Tell me what happens tomorrow in Philadelphia. How we win we win. Any peaceful scene are we win. We win. And then we take it one week at a time thank you lady tell glory. Our night raid in rain -- oops wrong button hang on air raid in rain on -- under the WL. Good. -- -- they -- -- -- well I'm glad you called tell me what you think he had about a minute. Well update. We're -- but crippled boy would do it. And -- from the bow. Breaks up in the rough Bryant is significantly. That I think we you know have pretty good. We -- right well. -- given away isn't losing game. Well you know at the game one against New England -- -- -- there at the game morning. We. And a all right and -- Bill game under the belt. And again --

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