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1-3 9:10am Tommy, Who Dat Slogans

Jan 3, 2014|

The Who Dat's give Tommy their best Saints road slogans to help the team get a win.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Would -- continued talk about the saints a sour ending is that who dat nation excited enough for the AS ged. Of the Eagles a scandal put now hard on aligned because of what happened against Seattle -- hand against Saint Louis and -- happening against Carolina. Do you think they are scary dat a -- I think this kid again I you know who daddy you're worried about that. They are -- I thought -- -- you know in terms of motivation if you're gonna put one. One theme was signs all over that locker room and I quoted saying. -- no words attack are good and have to ponder on not I would I would say. Prove it. Proof that that be my slogan I'm pretty strong yet. So we'll see you ideal thing to -- thing about that if you -- to put one sign up in the locker room more signs all over the -- and one thing. What would they say so David are you ready give your official prediction yes what is. Boy. I'm afraid we're gonna do a nail biter again but a good hard fought game. Saints are gonna pull it out though and they're gonna -- bite to. Points not touchdowns points two points and I feel cool or uneasy yeah yeah yeah. On the field goal to give us that two point edge on the foot of Shayne -- you bet well off of the foot actually owned the bulls stay on the -- to accomplish anything. Thank you David aren't dead again restore. You are you doing a story office -- -- you're in 2826. I 28 when he sixth now colleague had Blake after the game. I'd argue well 9601878038668890. -- at any. Com is The Who dat nation upgrade. Of going into the playoffs this year at 32 teams only too well over an internment. -- have a second chance it is single elimination you lose you're done. Tell it was gonna happen -- and tell me about The Who dat nation are they is excited as they should be and if not why not. At -- -- in about the slogan should be never scared. Never scared -- maybe never afraid. Mike in Metairie -- and other WL always uplifting when you call. Mike. Yes no chance against Philadelphia. You people are born -- illustrates reality. Hellish holiday season Mike yeah. Lot of friends and family over. How many friends. -- -- how many how much family. Again I'm like I'm sorry it'll only Christmas but I'm glad you called and I hope you're wrong about your prediction to Mike's had some issues -- excel. On many issues has got more of the pursuit of a subscription to 6018782038668890878. Another text comes in about a good slogan for this week. That the team should carry with them on the field and at Lincoln field at Philadelphia seized. The moment. -- like dad announces scared money don't make money scared organizations at home and watch the Super Bowl. From an armchair I think the saints are afraid of anything I think -- who dat nation know. Might be kind of guarded when it comes of this playoff game and I think they should. Swami hey you're on -- WL thanks for calling swami. Good. -- went. On yeah it is perhaps feeling today. I mean. Go out on him the heater on the magic carpet. Our chill factor when you're flying around and Bangkok and is getting you pretty chilly that would choke and I'll add a little problem and in bullets like George -- -- -- That statement improve that a -- William proved right to an end and technical conference from what -- while working in the wardrobe. On the movie everybody's all American. We get a winter mud rainbow. Memorial stadium Baton Rouge and cul-de-sac I had all the local races. And all college all American all American of that movie was what did a great that would then. Forgot what we did we got some light weight led troops. -- -- Jobs -- -- put the wetsuit saw them. It made all the difference in the world it's a great idea actually and dated. On -- -- -- subject you to get my idea additional patent -- somewhat true light -- what you. And we win. Simple ball because we got to -- we go to improve. And we got to win. Like that again -- had what are we -- production was a 2418. Yeah I'd say have a good -- have a good flight. I'd -- -- UT 601878. Toll free 866889087. -- what what the slogan. What what point Euro would do what sort of thing nova an idea would you. Have all over the signs in the locker room posted everywhere to put the saints and right mindset to play this game. What do you think T 601870. Toll free 8668890878. Says the slogan should be we're not the cowboys and I'll tell you what. ME -- calls and second hang on please wondered two lines open. If you wanna jump on amenities 601878. Toll free 866. 889087. He -- the Eagles won ten games this season the saints eleven. But the Eagles were competing in the NFC east. Which is probably. Is not the week is one of the weaker. Divisions in the NFL. And emulated his schedule -- got to those. Ten wins -- lost to Washington. Of all teams in the opener. Philadelphia. No they beat Washington on site Philadelphia. Loss then to San Diego. Kansas City beat him. Denver throttled them. Mom. They beat the giants. Then they beat Tampa Bay then Dallas beat them then the giants beat them. Then they beat up on an Oakland team it's not that good they did beat the Packers go without Aaron Rodgers. They beat Washington again in Washington had a tough season they beat Arizona. They beat Detroit. They lost to Minnesota. They beat the heck out of Chicago. And then and -- -- what people are calling a play -- game what one caller referred to they beat Dallas in the playoffs. Maybe a thing about it the saints had a playoff game to every -- categorize them that way because saints had to beat Tampa Bay. -- in the playoffs. At least at the time hairy man -- -- on WW LU all in for the game. And all but the thing definitely understand. -- think because of the troops and back 100%. No matter what the odds say it and that's not. -- matter. Just got to believe they can do it is not -- their regular season as partly owned by news. Who cares and -- we have dramatically. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It got so bad that we have -- -- opportunities out there we have a chance to go. And go to Philadelphia so like Italy got. -- -- -- -- -- -- so Moses loading you send. Against a lot and it means it's played out everything. And and -- -- -- the -- So called -- call it a shot I whatever. -- the fans. Am I here -- that's a sense I get this or talking about this attacks comes in. I like the black uniforms white -- is deadlocked Wear the black you got any up reference when it comes to uniforms. I'm -- the fans are all about where one of -- I feel like what we got a great chance. No need -- as far as the team did you think they got lucky uniforms -- not -- would you like to see him where. A -- all black I think laughter. They're agreeable to -- but they're all Blackhawk. I thank -- and lady called can be argued that. I L issue he got bruises on you and evidently well good morning. And you don't -- was a media journalist for about thirty years the god and I want of the stop being impartial. And back LSU and of course -- brain my real name is Alex UT Bob. And -- -- give you several balls below 52 degrees for a freeze in anyway from Louisiana from Covington regiment. 28 to 27 is must score. The slogan going to be built for the win Tom. Open the win and I like it. And I know what we need to think about this little version of those dead burn dirty birds -- just -- for the current bill from the group urged the road to okay. But I look at god blush you'd do and -- I wouldn't typically call the -- lecture you about the saints and patient mentally -- -- -- prayers there's going to be the last thing. Merry Christmas cabin -- goes -- Any you saying you'd -- in new Hollins and how you doing is it Terrelle. Article sir good is it derelict to round -- for a night throughout -- to thank. Or I think there are. Go out there and outlaw the are equal. Think we're we're 01. World -- I -- ministry it and you know like most of them from the mine a day before we -- so people never thought that we were oh. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so global and show the world turns one -- -- the Chinese restrict evil shall we do. Ever want a win win -- -- It sure at this this'll be an opportunity. To show the world that we want -- dominated. Unchanged. Does it matter to you what the saints where what combinations of jerseys pants. -- -- and he. All left the hours ago. And I sure like in the you know that a bit earlier and -- just walk around it and whether. -- -- I am lady -- prediction on the game Terrell. And you slogan is never give up. I'll like it -- we appreciate the call 2601878038668890870. A line that to rout was on just opened up -- -- it if you call right now we'll get to the calls as soon as we possibly can. -- guns in about a slogan road kill. That should be the slogan kill a dam road curse on and off its. Like Ted -- yet but I love I love is the slogan roadkill. And text comes in about uniforms I like to see the saints have black helmets with the black uniforms for the game. I'm pretty sure the Eagles gonna Wear the dark colored green Jersey so the saints are gonna have to Wear the white Jersey and I guess -- -- option is black and gold pants are saints' fans as excited as they should be and you could put a slogan around -- locker room had signs all over the place members this thing was bring the wood for the Arizona game Reggie Bush ran down with a baseball bat. -- it'd be in the and I appreciate the intelligentsia some some but he takes it in tab you'll Raza. Funny enough I'm pronouncing that right but in Latin it means blank slate. Blank slate and I love that you might wanna put the English version of it around and send the saints to. Suited to Google at like I had to do but it's a Latin phrase for blank slate in blank slate does not dance among the peoples and overcome another guy says are lady who dat baby -- we should go back to the slogan from Super Bowl year. Finish strong. And then they and I love that they're making light of the no win thing. Drinking green Gatorade and blue and orange. -- against drew once again in the Super Bowl. We're talking -- about the game. Tomorrow and slogans what what would you tell him -- given some of their -- -- -- hang on team. David Metairie good morning aren't evidently well thanks for Colin. -- -- -- -- Our -- it would the group released. And strong apparent disdain at. The morgue hateful and wrong about thanks. A big game -- the record and not think of -- hang around all about -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- gonna is gonna win -- 3121. It would -- You think -- who dat nation is as fired up as they should be our date. -- play called and -- it. Not open them all back up and others don't mean bigger remember. What is the last year. You know when the -- was taken -- you know under assistant coach and on the video instructors student. To really. -- -- to call back the way this year at the main thing nobody -- distinct change. In our about it on boosting -- going to be maybe and you know and eight and you know we -- -- and here. Yeah honesty it's there's certainly -- -- -- its main. For a play well you know it's what sort of Watergate as a -- -- -- the first I would that are capable we want. You know it's more than possible with a Palestinian. I think we were gonna win -- going to be -- standard going to be good game. I'll be I hope you're right thank you David T 6018780386. X. 8890878. Chucked in Algiers -- chuck you're on -- -- good morning. Oh you know trying to get the -- nation fired up all. Night shut. Tell me which is slogan would be. Hurt you agree that. It's time that you wait it's time to overcome adversity overcome adversity or just it's time you know it. It's time to overcome adversity you think they will. It. Good that they did chuck I appreciate the call and this one's pretty good about a slogan. Two I'm actually one -- says overcome. Just that simple another -- says. Bring the heat. Which had a couple of different meanings plain and cold etc. I can in New Orleans hi you're on -- WL -- caller. -- -- -- Well you know this whole issue about home vs totally changed -- anxious to become. A big issue. Seems at the latter part of this. This year's season and and that it sort of taken on an idea. Like I think that it Sonia. In and Patrick. A lot -- really come into play. You know after only mentions is -- -- acute. It's not a lot of things in and take it you know and in ticket -- two for our trivia. That took the the weight gains and and little locker room and put in your part this is our home -- -- you think about it in their careers -- so sure hundred yards long -- -- -- and and so. Okay you got via the the nordic priority -- display of the colors that the opposing team. But the when it comes to. Your own agreed iron in the green and in New Orleans gridiron -- just go return so that this is what is picture. And correct count and you are there. You should have and you and your art this is home -- And and you guys. If you -- Arctic eagle and it. Usually otherwise I get a -- legally and prediction running game. I think in the low scoring game. What with -- -- weather conditions. And I think that they sank to deliberately. -- I would -- probably -- many. 818 to eighteen to thirteen something like that. You all -- All -- all and thank you -- I'm glad you called -- -- right now Sean Payton a -- are motivated or will would you put on signs all over the locker room if you could. And in some pretty good ones we are who we think we far. Like that a lot another one says let's go retro urges to win baby win. And that's when I really liked our turf is where ever we play. You tell me what you think Paul North Shore high here on -- W -- the morning. They. Oh at the first -- and -- The Americans well. That is -- definitely. No question about it being put this thing. Don't go out and prove -- The naysayers but also. I think you all your records that you are. But beaten. Give -- yards on the ground and don't turn the Apollo we don't move I think twelve reports seventeen being I think if things weren't going to that level. You all in. -- there. Is to be hard to sleep that they lose right. Our root beer or read. It and not thank you pollen that you called and called accident on please do an investor handy at. Good morning hey I -- on. Anything. A great idea on that group called sugar. -- -- cell phone call saying and again children played and played so you know that. Sure respected and. -- for -- don't really know what this song is about. And there there -- you a song about -- You know -- like win for the fans would use it but I got you what is what's your prediction. What it -- -- McCain. You know they -- on the road record. But he -- market report all but ordered a boat you know. I appreciate the call will be right banks and not have a great weekend in one new Holland side you're on -- W -- the morning. A more academy -- thank. Well. I think the -- -- pick it sank could beat any team at any given time and at play. So you don't care about this road staying you don't hear about Eagles you think they're gonna bring it. I went and -- but what does it. And really see it and believe and I'll like it and finally things source city port seven -- saints. -- Yeah he's domino Bob Levy's Thomas saint OB as. Sean Metairie hi you're on -- WL thanks for calling the morning. -- -- -- -- I'll look at -- -- -- motivation I think it will be admiration these surprise. Give that motivation that our net bellies like the 2000 concrete and -- passage on. You know they're very capable they're on and on mean right now the do you think they -- -- I don't I don't you -- -- I could leave a light upright I think the motivation we could trick then they can do. They just need one more -- my slogan what you want trafficking. -- tell you what day especially. In the playoffs that's exactly what it comes down to is who wants it more. And that's like -- thing about a guy they want to know hoddle. How to win in any Ole Massa takes him out to the beach and holds him under the water and guys fight like heck and finally Letzing -- and -- and -- is all about. And he says when you wanna win as bad as you wanted to breed -- now then you can be a champion. Well. Thank -- I'm glad you called -- 2601878. Till 3866. 8890871. Line open if you wanna grab -- chip Slidell good morning you're on -- WL. It would be under the W always good to have you. Good to be here and I are having -- -- to YouTube. Yet -- the uniforms. Are watching it's it's been a little while not a year but mole on war why -- why. Really -- -- -- and we need concert and that was it switched things up and do the right thing it would black stripe on the side that would look good on an anathema to Wear the black took a larger area. Yeah I'd go at the white and gold is Super Bowl uniform. Article -- a throwback jerseys anymore Warner home. I had an orderly -- knows the NFL -- do that in the playoffs I don't know. But I don't know what happens. What -- Know what happens in the game. What happened predict an overtime game between 828 time. 10 retirement. Still on break trait for touchdown. On the court score -- -- 3428. Saint. Do you think. When it comes -- playoff games would you rather see a nail biter like better would you rather comfortable win. Classic game could go back on remembered. -- sort of you know. I'd like -- 38 to nothing in the first quarter. Yeah and -- Noelle I'll get my thrills somewhere else warming. Thought they had 38 not then and then I -- find a movie illogical on a night. Thank you chip. And a good week inning goes 66018720386688908782. Feet. Well I don't. You know. -- -- -- -- -- -- Six it was. Six. They're going to be an amendment common side. On this day one place ago seven as completion opera element there when it goes some book is new big thing. -- -- -- COW bring in some. Some powers from above. -- -- -- -- Thank you and let your cult our copyright via the Dow slides to biggie in a French glory biggie. They wanted to tell you biggie. I need what -- call you big. Mark gadget. Well it is you know it is the size of the -- him when he comes a playoff game size of the house ago that delayed -- -- dog in the fight is not the size of the loudly I guess anti did the dog and I -- size in the fight in the dog you know timing. You do yeah and it. Kamal from. Below you right away as soon -- -- you won't. Win you don't win this -- you don't play anymore. As. The game and vote now -- -- got. -- or they're going all the way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is there's one of those games are you put your feet up relax and enjoy it. Outside because. They got to this statement right now we're wrong way. I thank you David Marrero this is. Injures -- about something ethereal hey David you're on that W good morning. -- good morning -- you do Vietnam all right you I had not yet I do. Well it's going to be -- low scoring game because of the weather and I think face on your way is involved and don't turn over the ball. But it is -- thing I'm talking about. Shell they want to change everything around you know very anxious everything you and the way -- we want to do but. I think a changed man well. Just like they want in the uniform that you will certainly come out I'll give -- you know ball. And it screwed your -- -- they won't know -- political political. Yeah I don't think the NFL would allow that but I -- its thing and it. But I mean it would be nice to they would you know in the -- It would happen. So what he's saying their final score is giving. Well it can be 117. 11 certain thing. I hope you're right thanks collar and I get a good weekend David C news. Teeth in -- -- here under the W on the morning. Hey good morning I mean you know I hate to vote old wet blanket on it by compliment calling Indian terms. It. You can via but I am going to be a real. Let's move realistically. Let this situation. Is -- its history. Something the path of the tape -- teacher accused the that they apparently -- partner. Playing in the cold and think that it Napoli at the beginning. Of the factors. -- if they gets colder wind. Well -- wind and cold and the fact that people are gonna drop after possibly unit that can come and out. But I think it's going to be a rough game would be lying around on the carpet we're back copy -- it. You know so let's begin -- realistic about it you know I mean you could be but let's be realistic about. Well Tommy what would your prediction is -- It's -- the day I think it is going to be a low scoring game I mean I I. I don't even know public debt they scored on this thing and it's going to be a rough game and people flat around on the carpets are gonna get. -- I don't to in terms of being a realistic how would you rate. The differential between Sean Payton Drew Brees etc. -- and a tremendous amount of playoff experience having won the Super Bowl. In Philadelphia Chip Kelly Nickels at their first time. In the playoffs. Well what that would predict is that going like what happened in Chicago what happened in other places with a -- have played in the coal duke visas apparently been. You know he's been off the bat and you will be but at the possibility. That when he plays. Nicole. Is not you know he's not planes you know full charge you know he's playing and not receive the usually dropped the ball -- You know as the receivers drop the ball you can only let out retirees today. You know demonstrating real let's. Well Jimmy Graham who normally consistent. You know when they play in the -- noted that when they play in the cold it seemed to be allowed. You know dropped in the air you know a lot of passes that you would normally take -- that don't. When playing in an environment like you know -- they tend to be -- dropped. I'd keys late game yet -- sales they would have money things and a suing everybody things are definitely will be wrong. Here first news. News weather and sports every half hour on WW LAM and after. I Tommy Tucker take you calls about the saints game tomorrow -- off weekend wild card saints playing the Eagles there. We'll leave that up relevant Sheldon we can. I get -- who dat nation fired up a little bit. Detects incidences drew played some of his best football at -- any ice cold weather no doubt he can do it. -- going come on Drew Brees went to Purdue it gets pretty cold -- and in this one talking about keeping it real. Saints opponents and a 132. Wins Philadelphia's at a hundred and fine. They struggled to -- of the word win of one of the worst divisions. Also Philadelphia's four and four at home saints win 31. To 24. -- -- taxes -- just curious of the saints' practice on their field. Meaning Philadelphia before the game and heard them but I don't know if it's true they get to you'll walk through. On a day before the game justice Agassi in the stadium seemed to feel but it's not really. A practice. -- North -- high on -- W good morning thanks for calling. Not be it but I wanted to you know I did a lot of strike -- An inspiration from Ronald law -- you know. Our Kelli watched it get it right mark come on it's that a -- -- One resiliency. And yeah. That finished great ability of the -- And it's cracked ballot where are you appreciate. -- -- I think that yeah I work at -- Eric. Our earliest -- or go our way but I think the ball hit by not a war debt it. He got to stop it and what they are eaten. Are aware. You know I've noticed about you but it seems like some games. You can tell pretty early on. What kind of -- drew is gonna have some days it's. Pinpoint where he's leading the receivers get -- yards after the catch -- -- -- back shoulder just like he's supposed to. Other times and what he's just human being not as much do you think it's getting getting hinge on whether -- heaven one of those pinpoint days. -- -- felt early on yeah. It check it -- yeah it is. Where. Now now -- Airline. -- -- -- -- Other. -- at amber at work. I believe. That's gonna help but wonder are a little bit but we're not going to get -- the -- I'm -- I'm glad you said that because I thought it was just me but I think pretty early you can tell. Drew is pretty consistent he's gonna finish a game like he starts at Nairobi's got one of those dead on games. Haven't in New Orleans -- -- -- -- well good morning thanks for calling. They are happy happy new unity of this issue. And I had heard me and allowed Kevin to -- zones is like bill caused the. -- -- -- Predicted that game and then what dumpster and it's. Probably a pretty. It. They. Looked. At it. Pictures or what. -- a child. Which. We all chipped that there. Are we went -- that's. You don't. -- the -- Option. At all. EEL I like the -- -- -- miners stumbled upon some the one about do debt. DOD AT. Don't do that hate to again. Thank you have a great day. Bobby John and independents say nobody John -- and do it. -- -- -- think you are prediction production in order. But the third quarter we and -- You very optimistic guy aren't you. So -- to remember -- from. Well Brett -- because Egypt is quoted equivocal -- would. Never go. You were maybe -- good slogan right there it's never cold win you win. Right what do they get alleged call buddy John. -- had a good day I'll be right of course. Winner go home tomorrow saints taken on needles in Philly wild card round of the playoffs and we have Bali action for you here on WWL as always we kick things off at noon. With saints Saturday. IBA -- T Bob Hebert. -- Bolivia they're all gonna be live from Beth and know our State Farm Insurance agency in 3536. Holiday drive and Algiers pretty close to MacArthur holiday in MacArthur pretty much it think -- 1 and at 3 o'clock. First -- former saints offensive lineman Steve court. And Todd Manassas and you can join them live from Manning's. 519 Fulton street I guess hang around watch -- game if you want Bennett five countdown to kick off. Again cajun cannon Bobby gave their big chief Deke Bellavia they -- and -- -- game there -- detainees seafood and a French Quarter kick off. 710. So again values stuff done early and if you know somebody is getting married. I guess bring a radio with -- and they put the TV on and I've actually known people. -- and -- saints were in the playoffs and had a wedding and rather than fight it they called the gas instead luck. That we we know it's important. And we're gonna have the TV on the receptions he can watch it anyway kick off 710 best broadcast team in football. Jim Anderson -- guys John Christine Garrick on the sidelines and after the game the point after. Cajun cannon till 1 AM digesting what happened. With the Eagles games and hopefully will be good and will be looking ahead to the next nobody. Covers the black and gold like we do the flagship station of your new wall and saints. WWL. The Eagles game tomorrow wild card playoff game for the saints and you know you lose it's it you'd done and we're asking you do you think the saints are to be able to continue their season Ryan in Metairie hi you're on -- W good morning. -- sorry hey Brian all that and be. Went on Britain -- -- road cool I like access to report. Has to be macho. Preachy and -- -- -- can -- give me food and I alternate medicine you know your -- W well. -- waltrip -- happy -- -- without any user. Taylor you know -- start lobbying goes Spain third as far as our -- and -- -- There are horrible and they -- look good like Washington. Big giant. And then the other division and have to play. Each game with the vikings. -- bears. The vikings scored 48 points from Philadelphia. Into vikings could score of 48 week in scored sixty. So. And let me say this I'm not trying to get ahead of any thing I'm not -- Agassi in challenging thing I'll tell you next week. That's superstitious. I'm just a little bit stations thank you Walter I'm glad you called coming up. It's the best of Garland Robinette today and he's been talking about congressman bill Cassidy who authored a bill in congress to revamp how we handle mental health and country. Garland says man shooting -- at schools parental concerns over children. And our inability to stop violence are few reasons for reform -- how do we do it without a lot of money. -- former prosecutor got himself arrested so that he could see the world's greatest legal citizens from the inside. And garlands here to tell you would love he's got to tell you what he found was not the greatest this guy went to extreme means. To get arrested but failed he was white and wearing a nice business -- Other two levels of justices for whites and non whites and and garlands gonna. Talk about new Holland's forward new loans that it again trying to ensure government transparency. And job completion. For a new owns a coalition at 2.5 organizations that. Has formulated eleven issues for the 2014 elections each candidates going to be as soon accept all eleven articles and results will be made public. And -- asking you do you think. -- government transparency. Will be the result that's -- today coming up on the best of the think tank with Garland Robinette until one. Thank you. For all of your phone calls and all of you great text and all year great ideas and emails. Sorry I didn't get to acknowledge all of them. And I think his saints win on ninety get in the school predicting business I think is being very tight game. And I think they hang on to win rather than pull in and out Shelden Williams magnificent. Job. Doing the work of about what 34 people and there. Thank you so much will talk tee -- Monday who --

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