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Jan 3, 2014|

Bobby and Deke talk about the Saints wildcard game on Saturday night against the Philadelphia Eagles...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening a welder if -- I'm allowed to get to just a moment we're going to be job by -- guys former saint and Saints color analyst. To give us his prediction his take. On the Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles. They'll get check out all my information online at WWL. Dot com today's pretty jaguar -- -- thomas' ruled out for tomorrow's game against the Eagles. Do you have faith -- other -- can carry the load vote online at WWL. Got kind -- again in do you have faith that the State's Greg -- can carry the load is so wide. Well I have faith simply because it's not like Pierre Thomas. At six feet hundred yards rushing this season. You know and Allison and I compared to like shady McCoy. Who really is their go to -- it the ongoing efforts toward throw what -- there. Looking at their 012 punch. Also is innocent when you look at the the background on this individual Bryce Brown. Yeah he was kind of like -- Leonard for a net at his day. The top running back in nation out of Kansas went to Tennessee. In Dallas and it didn't work I think you wanna go to school -- some are in that quitting. Goes to Kansas State that it really work out and only play like thirteen games noticing college. Banana signing would have free agent contract with the Philadelphia Eagles always I think he's drafted in and seventh round. And India you look the good guy that you see play in high school another one maybe you -- -- -- troubled backgrounds and extra hand. But -- Johnson right. And as their top returner. And and we on the all the records he set at Tulsa and only three seasons. Indiana gave it to of the team he did sign a free agent contract. With the Philadelphia Eagles so would you look at Pierre now like he said you know he's just. You know toward I mean averaging three point eight. A yards for carry. Overall we have not been able to run the football considering. You know and pass off that is where we had the sixth best rushing attack. A right now and you look were 25 average and 92 yards a game but I think it's more. Important -- we do we do -- -- Pierre and and you need. Like it inning of the step but is it was in there on third down the pass protect. You know -- if he's in there on third down. You think he's he's for release in he's not blocking don't want because physics he can't get bull rushed and went over. I think they don't maybe trust Cairo and Corey -- -- Robinson -- -- that is fours mentally not having any bustle. I think England needs to step up and and if he's called a point that Pierre is not available and that to be an every down back at times. Especially. Not so gorgeous even running that protected drew in the passing -- we've her from the -- opponent and the voice of the New Orleans Saints radio network now color analyst and former saint. -- guys on gives us his take Hokies Saints and the Eagles. Maybe one or two things okayed that sticks out in you know mile when you look at Philadelphia and New Orleans at keys to this matchup. Will they got man probably like everybody else I think he'll Wear either number one. It could be triple feedback we've degree but they -- -- -- and not to be around 68 mile an hour so. Would you not know what kind of effect it has on the football you'd collect their -- but that cold weather. Could be -- -- the -- at the track -- one you'd collect all game long. You know -- Can you be happy about that. Well -- all accounts felt that was yet to be in the last night though looked like it will be cleared -- will be on the chilly on the weak side degrees is certainly not -- Like we'll be -- gains but. I need to be expected big things with the trade speaker -- -- Katie chemical he's he's the guy did. It might succeed. Run the football and read every bit as good retriever. -- out of the backfield Libyan -- appeared at the ballpark if you are shall. You know he's he's going to be a cup got to contain but wouldn't anchored down in games like he did Seattle. Is march on reentry. You they have been able to play beyond that. My number one running back they'd done a pretty good job -- I think -- deal with a whole different breed of cat we've. And Michael I mean this guy you'd get. What is it movement when he takes off the -- He hit he avoids contact yeah he breaks tackles -- the I had. A solid play that in this note he's looked like he was Arnold dropped -- The -- everybody else look at me -- that the big thing you know we'll look at them as much he can. And out of -- would you look at you know the turnover margin in. You know we talked about this that just as of recent you know playing the likes of like. Seattle and Carolina and and who's on that plus side so when I'm a delicate egos at the rank dead last. In in you know passing defense. But you know would be also available in red -- you know takeaways. And then you throw in there that of their plus twelve net turnover margin overall 31 takeaways. That. That first things first. I think we got to be at least even on the plus side of on the minus side you're playing riding the Eagles fans and and the way they won games. And Bobby. You know that cannot -- and the Detroit it not been good in the red zone. This year they have been path today it was normal when he got -- -- you know like okay belliard chalk it you're gonna get points on the board. And I -- me to be getting better. Not that I'm used to carry appeared La. In Philadelphia. And committee made it seem like they're going that this thing then doubled the advantage here it is always magnified on the road and I don't know that anybody can really put a direct trigger on it you could use that same. A lot because if you put anybody on loan bank crowd noise -- on what. Like that played better in. At least in the Carolina game you know but they played poorly. -- is where I am so. I think it's one of those things that kind of what I think build up if you did that could mean they have not played a good game on the road all these -- Well about how about -- Hogan Bob -- obviously. A good game on the road and a and I think they they got the car it was how we started the Bears game. You know it -- we scored against Tampa Bay the last time we got any points on the firs drive was -- Chicago. And I think I can recall who -- and zero -- anything like. The crowd never got into it and you know playing at Chicago on the on the UN dealing with the elements but realistically I mean has -- the only game -- I'll get laid then yeah I think yeah I don't know. Yeah I think it was a amount of Aiken came in probably a -- -- -- picked up the fumble that that they could it not been a team this year to do is create those early and outward and he really did they don't get that many. Turnovers over even in Nadal may date is probably not come up with that timely turnovers and I don't know if it's kind of talking to from the people appearance Philadelphia -- and media -- today and it you know it can -- when you. When you -- after the event that you lot of 49ers beat and it could mean that there -- and about those they jump out at Q. It really not anything on the Saints defense that does that is that numbers look great. And individually eject cam Jordan play and -- Illegal and a pretty level that you just don't have a guy on that team that you could. Safe stepped up and make the plate. Wouldn't have to be made like Darren Sharper didn't want you appeared and it obviously mother routinely as ago like well it -- is the -- beat -- number are. The only one that pitched a different look at that you know he'd probably get something done in crunch I am and I do all the where they have that now I'm not fit your plan and it all the gloom and -- -- but they're gonna have to put together one there. Better effort. On the road this year that created quite frankly in my opinion that I have not seen in eight road games this year I get a good. Overall. Effort. -- even you know Michael back he's good everywhere and these were not at the Williams. That's right and I'm part they look pretty -- it -- it yet. They have me back yet. Target he could probably say the New England game and they gave proper -- on any chances. Usually certainly. Have not been a real team that. At their track record you know that you came out with that third set earlier in the year about. What in 2009. Yeah yeah and winning it for a looking. Baker well they certainly didn't look that way this year. -- -- -- Give us should take her from Christian her from Condo. How you see this and -- -- who's gonna win. I think you go it what Bobby that it was great about being commit turnovers. I think -- saint overall -- of the didn't see. But they had been prone to turnovers. -- eagle and -- old ladies protect the ball. I think it's a vehicle gain but. Identical to play would get on the plate when he won what. Saints color analyst since almost saint Cokie Gaza hokey way you eat out there when you go to Philadelphia you would you have a spot -- day I'll I'll I'll -- I don't know what we've been able -- Now. No. I Cassel glance I bring you some union -- -- -- -- -- Got down there so eagle. And you know we're. Weird they would be good would we get it. Yeah I got to OK I know during camp we like to run those fans and Anthony's allowed -- Or what do you do now meet -- have -- room today. Not but that they what they are pretty well insulated because it's cold is Padilla out. They were owns it peculiar that I really hadn't had the around the either you're anything like that you cannot get to a nice comfortable -- here in -- room and. Acton. I know you're likely be that they when we're in training camp we collected their condition and not get ski but Ku would become a drown them out that noise was. It is if so they'll repeat. Pretty well insulated because I haven't really hurt you think about the. Well all he might yeah. -- IN LV and these are surrounding you be going to a better stadium. The Lincoln of the Eagles Lincoln Financial Field compared to -- of -- -- veterans that you. Oh absolutely it you know for years Bobby you know it's they're -- was the laughingstock in the leak it. You know I had an opportunity to play him at the 1980 carrier 1980 or weekly be -- -- appeared in. It was I know -- game Erik Cole. I mean that was just it that was an injury waiting to happen for players industry. You're right I mean it's one of the better field around and you know I'd kind of been here and they -- -- a lot like a lot need it done the -- at via. Policeman in plainclothes walking around stadiums it candidate or some of the. The Eagles plan but I think they kind of got the whole thing started in. Pelton and no ball -- pretty nose so it'll be over -- -- the crowd. I think without question and it looked bewildered there. -- will make a -- -- it they're gonna have another element with that Philadelphia. Home field advantage that probably not as loud as we are Seattle but. My immediate -- is that true that you might want kind of year that tablets you're out there in. And with the regular parents. Besides color analyst -- guys out cold thank you so much it's and I have a great call tomorrow evening. I guess I'll enjoy the game pretty next week. Our rights -- and is okay guys now -- continues still look at the final matchup may have as became. San Francisco and green basis sports talk on WW the Green Bay Packers basically eight wanna go home scenario last week so they used to it they defeated the Chicago Bears to punch the ticket in windy. NFC north division in the fourth seed in -- at this seeded San Francisco 49ers. Sunday even -- close out while -- week in and help us talk about the big match up is Mike weakest host on Sports Radio twelve. Fifty WS is Pete. In Milwaukee in this little girl fashion match of the year and Mario the weather seems like -- can be in favor of the Packers might. But I -- -- nobody you know you'd you would think that played an old at Lambeau Field at all that you would think that this is a -- the paper Green Bay but. You know credit US every Sacramento man it rather play in the super well -- -- -- out up there at Lambeau Field with the temperature kick off could be colder than the ice bowl almost fifty years ago we were talking -- a high a high. A six degrees. Below zero so lever get a win this football game is gonna probably be it seemed to control of that by the original smash mouth -- element of exactly labor agreement. No I think you about a 161 yards a ball game are being rushed on it and you look at what is happening including the post season. San Francisco dominated. Green Bay scored at least thirty points in the last three meetings. And gang Green Bay I think most notably we know them for what they did -- road. A few years ago when they were the favorite they got rid had gone this season a man named wipe the Bears beat the Steelers that won the Super Bowl. But three and seven out three and four of their last seven games at Lambeau Field. Garrett and especially when you think about it he bring up last year's playoff game against San Francisco 49ers. And then the last year's opener of this year's opener mean three straight losses this could be one of those where you know back candidate Brett Favre could never beat it to Dallas Cowboys. Is Aaron Rodgers -- the -- going to be the San Francisco 49ers since Jim Harbaugh in Mike McCarthy's that is there a mental edge. That I think that is a big factor playing in this one comes -- on Sunday. Now -- Mike you look at the 49ers house style they are defensively. Given up only seventeen points a game. Would you look at -- injured Aaron Rodgers and maybe a blessing in disguise being able to find a running game. But -- -- that our running game and we all lost out sentences quiz do you think. -- under the gonna attempt to run the ball what you think Green -- you'll have success. Rushing the ball against Sampras. Now -- up against what the proper court defense does Indiana fell out of the ball on the -- under head into law would eventually probably gotten your strengths and and it's one of the strengths of the team this year is -- deadly week. -- -- -- -- from Alabama was at the age stellar rookie year and balance in the games start exactly able to. Be one of the better rushing attack in the National Football League top at -- -- into the thought that. What you're talking about a Mike McCarthy offense however. That defense is just out of me like like you say you're just writing it into law they probably will try they'll try. But you can try too much because they think give if the packer defense. We -- not show that they can slow down Colin cap predicament they're rhetorical offense if they can't keep the niners off the board Green -- biggest captives are -- -- -- to try to keep up. I don't either get into the thirties but hey you know like crazy things happen when it's minus fourteen degrees. Now Mike when you look at obviously haven't to have -- quit injuries. And I Aaron Rodgers -- bag I know the Saints secondary we routed number two pass defense but you don't have the likes Jabari gearing can become RO. When you look at the Packers are going forward of their. Able to win their game where they as far as health status and health wise as far as the key players. And particularly Matthews. Well right now doesn't sound like when he got everybody at the green made it. Not Clay Matthews is gonna come back had a problem this is in -- get ought to be there. But 68 weeks ago came back has not to be in the same players we've seen. -- a couple of games ago out against the Bears out this weekend against a Stanford there's still it doesn't sound likely Matt Hughes is gonna be coming back. Are the big name big key players linebacker Brad Jones did you expect him back on Sunday. I'll put up at all terribly serious Johnny Jolly was a key role player but defensive line. I eat out for the year but you know for the most part most of their playmakers BJ raji juror no word be. These guys -- -- going to be -- come -- come against -- DiFrancesco and they're gonna need every single -- the slowdown Crabtree gave it. Of course college athletic -- a great running attack featuring Pringle. Now my -- what is the pack of ten days obviously -- remarkable wind two win and it seemed on thin and especially beat the Bears. Intolerant folded but as far as from a confidence standpoint and -- -- -- Aaron -- bagged it on the packer fans are there. Cabrera they area with a foreigners coming to town considering all the conditions that would agitate as far as the fan base the Packers right now. Well we thought that packer fans it's kind of like oh boy here we go I don't think there's anybody terribly certain that you shouldn't be operatives game you know -- Aaron Rodgers it's just like Drew Brees at times I'm sure covers a lot of deficiencies or football team and it is a bit. That one of the worst defensive secondary in the National Football League appear agreed today. I don't get a lot of pressure on the quarterback but we all -- tea Art Shell as -- -- got twelve you got a chance and I think packer fans and see. A magic ride possibly be gaining on Sunday or maybe the last week likely be brought up a run -- twenty -- -- badly in the final three games and it rolled into the that the playoff. I don't you. See that happening because of Rodgers is. With all due respect to Drew Brees another quarterback in the National Football League but. That being sick and its people and make two or three year force stopped in a football game or two big plays. You know that can be the packer fans are little leery of because frankly -- they show that they can make big plays on defense consistently this year. The end courses again in -- -- Peyton Manning is not too many rare coup in BAA not a not -- -- -- -- Mike. Always a pleasure thank you so much as well as -- was cut and I'd still eat. Frozen constant when it is cold. Albert you work that you do it nearly cut but it physical. Yeah we knew if we -- -- -- I had a professor at -- LA issue Mike -- -- -- -- he was side he will want some TV's face of their knees shoulders. This package TD will be year old -- I think it was all frozen clustered. Now how do you audit -- you just -- -- play -- certain flavor take they talked to nick -- like last -- about that course. He's from Madison his banishment bet now and he says now it's it's the real deal you know -- snowball -- we're -- -- tell us about this cause that we would a couple of it is we have a would you ought to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absolutely let it grow up RB I fourteen degrees below zero -- model. Well you know why would we we gotta we -- flannel come up there when LSU comes of the and a few years -- We -- we be suited we'd try to make it true yet -- -- -- I went fifteen to sixteen lead the x.s and Lambeau Field or not that's a lifetime trip to an official. Michael -- it might. Is of Sports Radio 1250 WS SP in Milwaukee Mike thank you so much to -- the game Sunday. Here I might all right -- -- I threw up on that will be frozen I am so glad that today. That's an. I think we're better than Green Bay and -- at Philadelphia. But I shall solar. Rather play it could've been in Green Bay. The guy high of minus six and is in his kicking off base the united throwing a football or you need to get it I mean that's when the second half starts tonight. Since -- albeit. Well big. W Anderson that's to -- in Green Bay doesn't win that game though people most are rabid jocks on because now they've got something initiated the 8088 win. I'm a better running game. Right there are good right now right but like you said there they're -- and his company -- defense really hasn't been on you know but I mean -- if they only to soup bone to GoDaddy because -- -- fans. While. But it depends internal margin of San Francisco's is -- and in Green Bay I give it in and they've had their number as of late yeah but I don't know what's gonna happen. But that's why I've been so impressed with. When you look at events means ridiculous conditions. But look at the big games in in in really colon like Tom Brady is head and at the -- that that that's. We did that's mind boggling success and even Aaron Rodgers either Brett Favre being in the south to go there and do that to be interested to see -- -- -- In Rogers I'll love it sort of on the those conditions I know the coldest game -- -- we talked about this. In ironically. They play one -- the charges that Cincinnati. On the coldest game ever as great -- then -- ones I mean he could sort of -- that wasn't even a football that you -- that he was going to lose eighty degrees -- from when he played when they went on Miami Miami it was like eighty degree swing -- -- they get it out and and I and that's the -- bowl with the 49ers in the being the Bengals game Detroit yeah I mean yes and -- in the silverdome but. That year. It in the neutral site are -- Eagles and the Eagles a better team that's -- they -- it only takes. You know one game and that's it that I in the corners Kubel are. That problem would have been ascending Eagles the first rule those first two mobile before they went with Stan Humphries and lost the point nine. While many think it could be an all in NC wins in AFC championship game we have a -- close a year ago. But Atlanta came back at the Seattle I came back in -- and -- in San Fran instead of Seattle and San Fran when they get to that. These he would lay odds say it's made you more likely than not. As a San Francisco 49ers are road -- by two and a half over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday hitting a -- Talk about the San Cisco 49ers covering Tampa kgo TV in San Fran as Mike. Human Mike the weather how that affects the Florida. Yeah. It's aggregate count on your it's got so accurate on the ball harder it's like here body yeah quarterback in it and it fabric captain in the fielders but putting is going to be and that sort of advanced to the offense that. -- that it's it's hard to do anything on Cinemax -- whether you're not used to. A little surprised and not actively not wed there in practice -- -- for a couple days to get used to itself. I -- -- field event on network either because you can say -- no big deal but when it's that -- it's a big big deal. But my -- you know I I still like San Francisco in the result wise say that because you always say it would travels well a stout defense and a running game. Solo but I look at the Packers have the Packers can run the ball all of a sudden they had to lean upon that running game. When Aaron Rodgers went down and we all all the 49ers. Without all of it's a blind they wanna run the ball but but I see the big advantage and now and and all the way want to work -- -- of the 49ers turn over the ball but their defense is better than the Packers defense. Well I think the only susceptibility on the matter -- turnout cornerback Carlos Rogers and answering your shoes and an -- rise. Tweaked that hamstring yesterday in practice it would have been his reply. Get your corners. And and and it you know Packers -- three wide receivers like 75 cent of the time. That's their big receivers to you know Jordy Nelson looked and -- and kind of muscle up -- block it out about the ball partly catches so that -- concern but I agree that your running game of the stout defense. Is gonna win and -- house but you just can't discount Aaron Rogers I don't know and apply it one game since he came back and have it more recklessness to get into the playoffs so. I'd say it's going to be a great game I think it's it's not so that the two and a point and it's. For the 49ers. Like I say like it's it's hard I think all gators this -- -- it's it's not as on the panic I think it matters. He -- Angela card weekend. But that does a lot of that to these two injuries and that's what that could really play a factor. Now my -- you talk about the hottest teams in you look at San Fran and it's all about are you peaking at the right time in. A global what is your take our the fan base are they confident. That'd they would have to go to Seattle that that they could win in Seattle. I don't music question there but. And that you know put the threat of that I think Seattle losing errors down at all -- that two weeks ago yeah. What -- wake up call for -- via its almost fly again I would've been better than this occurs through winning mile. And haven't it's competent now ago that we do and get these appear. Suddenly you wake up call for them the one syllable by we lost an excellent game in the year two and also. Same kind of thing I think it's more prepared for the playoffs. But I shortstop -- That -- who wins this weekend has an amateur for the team has the guy. Because they've won a playoff game. Yeah this year after the two week to watch the playoffs. You yet now. Anxious. -- I think that. At Keeneland in the first round a little bit of an advantage. Now I might go where do you think his progression. You know you always judging young quarterbacks and you of their Cam Newton obviously. He has the weapons around him out of style defense and and is going to probe all -- -- -- really a Pro Bowl season it will what is your take a work college cavern -- at right now and it just things like from an outside -- -- and they ages playing a lot more confidence in his Vega plays his Crabtree has been that. Well I think we're at cherry pick the belt came -- the bank on bald and Vernon Davis and a lot more the -- so what they can do. An -- in an attack Clinton pat and Uga has watched him in college yet if -- -- going to be a player when he made key catch that game winning field goal last week so. There's another there's available -- And and ought to look at it body's heat out but now he's in -- and ball for -- it started as many games as he has. But. That touch on the ball and then you getting it. A bit -- somebody that's playing the position. -- gentle on your ball in the weather that cold and it's harder to catch. Well -- 8 AM Mike and not really because you try and roll it through it the plot your follow through through the receiver. Because I -- try and it takes something off. And then you grabbed -- then you really you don't as we -- to tie it and you still have to throw it to me this they because and you throw more ducks in that makes it yeah. That recruit can't throw the ball so far ovals too. In an effort catch the ball and made music politics. But he can't ought to like -- just -- you're throwing motion you know at this point the -- -- -- that can make it look to opera but you know he's playing well he's. Florida they offered a lot more you know or amateur delay of game penalties. He start repeat that -- -- see him -- and the -- -- caught up to a two. So and a keep them in the pocket he can still might play on the run but you know he's regret saying. But he still that great athlete playing quarterback I would say -- -- -- back. Mike Schulman who Kabul as the San Francisco 49ers for kgo TV. In San Francisco might thank you so much enjoy the game Sunday. Well it's got a feel like sanctity Eagles. Look we going to say that in a close when. You know because I actually believe this Saints are better than the Eagles. And how you win and you gotta go at Seattle that would be enough said I think it's only one game -- I think about it is just one game is not the best out of seven. So anything can happen the bottom line is it of this nature even on the plus side I think they win. If they lose the turnover battle which the Eagles are very opportunistic. A you know they dead last in coverage so. I mean look Kyle Orton threw for three or four yards and and that what is to be -- when that they'll like -- -- above me green Bay's they protect Drew Bennett who exploit their defense and -- DB it has been but don't break and the reds all bull as it is Saints Rob Ryan did an outstanding scoring defense. I just think the Saints winner win because I'm being optimistic. But because they're better I think their better. That -- and the Eagles a lot of drama league but now Seattle. That that's who are -- to go next having now I'd be innocent of these do in the beaten the Eagles. Well I Drew Brees went about -- fault and I've been a struggle for the 49 before it gets serious scoring in the -- out. You know that you you -- scored touchdowns that are written reply she can't get you to battle field goals and that sort of organize -- -- to win that battle. Mike human might thank you so much into the game as we can. It might well I'll let you go you think Florida State national champs so what. I actually there especially after Oklahoma -- -- we I'll beat Alabama like they did last night there all of a sudden it's like -- You know I. They have an -- some back compare its goals this was sent a cross a main. It Oklahoma's game day skate because of how all this is Texas the and I don't know go to cub fans go all grown up fans well. Now I got boat sport at all on -- side -- -- Alia. I think the difference -- Mike is at Florida State. They have those and I mean -- in a comment. They've got those nasty defensive players and his speed on defense like they used to have -- and all those years when they were. They were national champs if you want both feel broken against Miami I mean it could up. At 45 more national teams -- got I think they've got that type speed and that type of defense again to me it's. Is much of their office gets credit and they should. Their defense can play. Well off it's gonna have to run the ball keep it away from the yeah you -- that -- -- -- that -- away I think they can compete so should be a good game on a force -- Al flight back from Green Day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right this is sports talk on WWE. Is the case -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia don't forget -- wall to wall Harvard's. Tomorrow. Of the black and gold are -- starts at 10 AM -- guys on and Kristian -- They will be with -- behind in -- special edition of fans in the pro life for Philadelphia at noon. Bobby T Bob and myself will be a bit and knowledge state from AT. 3536. Holiday drive in Algiers and then at three its first take Thomas since the court and Manning's on Fulton street. And an account down a tick off eight -- -- Jonas after the game for the porn actor with a cajun cannon Bobby evening by via. What are going through players' minds right now on the eve of the playoffs mean we've been. Right now let me see 849. And eight finished the they've probably in meetings. -- -- while watching film. You know going over of a certain situations red zone. When you went to UConn and all still went out you'd be too right. But you saint Pete in creepy. Well without overloading it is -- is -- will -- I don't know I don't I don't feel sometime they give you -- well because you might. Now that it got an afternoon -- and -- a couple of hours. Watching movies or rent a movie new rule. The thing you know they have a -- late night snack for you that they've removed. Yet it's when you're in charge now so he pretend you're taking a pleasing to put -- on a -- Tiago -- the Chargers team in the team. Think you know Jacobson. -- if it does to content oh yeah we yet you're getting them free movement. And you know you have curfew at eleven they -- shaken in. You might. Have you might be like two lead and at that time island league in the morning. In the locker early and you might be so with a night game like that though it's nice it's kind of like a beaten mama -- your room. Yeah blog that the united going and -- -- gone out you know like you might. I -- that is a long day tomorrow. He gig you might -- with things like some comedy. Hour or something and he can honestly piano may have taken that. You know bar that times easily answered those seeking to lead the -- in and he -- -- looking at this and you know we're always look at. -- -- the NFL the different -- connections. And boy you know who's had a great career. In and he's gonna play a big part is that the Eagles punter Donnie Jones yes you know he was red the St. Louis Rams with the Houston Texans now. With the Philadelphia Eagles he's averaged about 45 yards -- and his third best in the eagles' franchise history. He's getting a franchise best four -- half yards a punt. Now you know -- bring that -- you know with his competition in training camp who Brad wing. Never Brad wing you know we all thought all American like unbelievable I don't know Brad wing has hooked up anyway you know the Australian partner. But Donny Jones a ten year veteran he beat out Brad wing left foot eagle and tomorrow night you know that they both left footed partners and you know -- -- -- both of them but. Could be key of field position and another individual -- he played high school with the -- as Johnson -- -- and -- -- Logan and -- Logan. -- nose tackle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wherever he's -- lined -- Jahri Evans a -- Grubbs. -- and have their hands full would be longer throws they like it almost every team. That the Saints are Volvo and play the Rams my -- partners. Well the end of Ellis used to would be Logan and he's really playing a big part of their defense and they're Davis according to Bill Davis speak very similar I would say how they're structured. Tomorrow Gregg Williams like wearing those we see -- feast or famine. A Nevada sort dive on the sword the Eagles really they're not a team that's gonna can -- get a four man rush they get it take chances with a blitz. And you would be with civilians Fletcher Cox. Cedric Thornton but the guided paid big bucks to into the one reason and the Texans still have a stout defense the -- to everybody. In the Texas could natives of Eagles played him now. Veteran Demeco Ryan and Alabama the linebacker he's an all pro linebacker. They got him in a trade become a born. The bat the pass rushing weak side linebacker. Andy he can wreck Havoc in the back field. And Phil you try to Cincinnati so that they got some playmakers. But it's almost like scheme a lot of times -- gonna try too few to protection to get after Drew Brees has. This break Obama not male football would just a moment you do your movie gap. Here is a list of what people feel could be the top ten films announced as contenders for the Academy Award by the Oscars that come out on March. And I betcha I'm albeit right now it is Genovese. I'm -- I would be surprised if you see how to handle -- you've seen eight of these teams. Try as area go to movies American hopeful yes that was OK and it was -- is that is that all right to have uses me. A very good and eyes to blue jasmine. And -- and it's. I thought doing Joan VT I ya big guy and I'm out of -- or -- I don't know yeah our thought Alan Jones I don't -- and I am is that -- was a -- support you know date night. Objectives Phillips. Yeah that as I was not tanks on the the they might not leaving even though he you knew it was good in the ending ride it was is that that was as producers Dallas -- club. Excellent. Matthew McConaughey and dances like I don't know oh that's a real knack actors to go to he did that part to lose all week. Yeah and I held event is it no not you know island that was pretty high. -- Yes then the first thing I saw that I go to the Canaveral ago -- -- can't get beat the fly -- that wouldn't goddess PCBs scare them. I would go to space but our goal on a plane flying bubble would you fly around and -- you could be you could feel like from from -- -- telephone in the -- In seven minutes if you down space it out to talk to myself with the men don't they -- you wouldn't go to spacewalkers it's like wall yesterday's -- when you have that -- to hold you to the space -- and I ticket I would deck and one about to change. The biggest guy around slide this is what you don't catch on to write down -- The tickets on team -- I saw it on and Nebraska well on -- with how I thought we are the act is just going to go to a movie that is the Bears bruised earned big bruise there and that is the most realistic. Is like old Bulls. Common -- from the midwest from Montana and Nebraska area Wright does -- treat people the Eagles. Hockey league of movie that he directed that director is unduly with the black and white film. Okay -- it is it is like it is normalcy is just so real it is that good all right saving -- banks. On its past while all of these the embassy I don't know what I heard I heard that it's all of -- if there and -- this could be another huge year for dominate because he's going to be up for. That's like so I'm gonna be like Nadal witness the Disney and then that millions are being up -- captain Phillips and the same as the bank and -- of this when the -- long for all wild. So you've seen Matta TC out pick -- -- I think you'd seen all community that will -- Wall Street the knobs they're two of three things in my life in a while but but you OC is not at that level. Is that true story yeah. I think that of crazy things oh. Grownup and needed an atmosphere -- an NFL quarterback you know like stuff in college you know big man on campus Brian but this cat this will put Wall Street me out of camp a lot of the -- is scary is like well. So I figured if I -- it now I was on I was going to weekend of the state champion to -- -- well and now -- about it yesterday and -- is matter now flat out crazy. Companies even reminiscent of -- Basketball -- On his first -- that any what's eating you've a great he was in that one too that's kind of like one is inclined to fame. He was enough I think the one of the Wahlberg yet wanna Wahlberg -- in net it was Mark Wahlberg -- is out of basketball diaries it was kind of like he played the sixties. I like huge Angola and -- a mystic and yeah the plantation owner you know he's. Like in the arm. Well we had to break up off of Bob and I just a few minutes because that's -- Boggs is the players do since we've got to do. Fifteen hours tomorrow but be sure and Jonas covers started -- when poking Christian. Like leading all the way up to kick off tomorrow at seventy and we'll go to 1 AM tomorrow with wall to wall saint -- and release. 1 AM as the playoffs now case again you don't know maybe we might -- up for the. He had begin and as a little odd tidbit of Oakland Wall Street just remember women seven of fourteen. So important. Right thank you so much. And be sure and check out all the coverage of the saints' starting tomorrow and today year. I'm Deke Bellavia he is the agent -- -- a bit on the -- -- zone tonight people.