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Jan 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On this Saturday morning the first Saturday when he fourteen Welch when he thirteen has come and gone all hunting and fishing trips on now memories but we got a whole brand new -- of them ahead welcome aboard. I'm done to view goes to the outdoor show and no this is our first show -- when he fourteen glad you decided to join us. Other smaller broadcasting live from my neighboring state of taxes -- little bit -- holiday vacation in over here and glad to see the folks in to talk a little money fishing here in Texas but. We -- a -- talk about back home got some good news with regard to one fishing spot that the cold weather has turned on dvd details of that -- a a couple of good hunting trips I had this week. One of the most outstanding if not the most outstanding woodcock current. I have ever had was earlier this week details of that. Plus a very unique duck on with the captain Ryan Lambert had to wait out some weather. But well worth the wait bag limits of red heads and tails. -- -- balls that -- some good duck coming down in viewers is also is pretty deficient is going on them to. But I guess the highlight of that trip was that all shield the bonus -- shortcut. But his retrieval Logan will talking about that also let you know where you might be -- -- you -- on TV if you have missed that so -- also get -- still going strong. The good reports -- -- -- hitting the ground this past couple of days ruts in full swing whether certainly conducive for you running a little tough on the guys that sit in the stands. Make sure you dress warm if you had an -- real good -- going all the way down to the Colson and this morning. Also if you like kayaking and bass fishing you wanna combine those two into an activity. A special event coming up where -- will tell you about that. Also if you know an outstanding conservationist. In your neighborhood. The Louisiana wildlife federation would like out of them with the governance conservation. Achievement award you can nominate them I'll have details on how you can do that is they -- -- to present for the fiftieth year the governor's. State conservation wars. Also asking for your help Louisiana department wallet -- we told -- about this last week. And asking your help in solving another yet another one of those Louisiana black bear illegal killings. There is a reward being offered you can remain completely anonymous. In doing so. Bad cause of the outdoors yellow last week if you were to be if we elected -- Baddest of the bad it's a tradition that we do you on the outdoor show last Saturday of each year we'd -- you to the audience vote. And last year that you chose of these New Iberia. Illegal -- he was honored as are bad for the outdoors also this week well while I'm here at Texas -- found one -- about Texas. What happened here at two men charged with shooting a sexist game warn that story -- -- a -- And a whole lot more focus will be giving you fishing reports and updates on the weather from a few reporters we've got to set up all across the state. Also going to be giving you some talent to run downs it's time to. Get your bass tournaments a mutation rodeos now all -- -- A banquets for -- conservation. Organizations get them on the calendar will tell you how you can do that you can simply send it to me in my way of the website at current. The outdoors guy dot com it will list it therefore you also Jeff general on Mel -- best dot com he'll be joining us will be later on he's got it. -- -- clearing house for best -- if you get any freshwater fishing events advanced armaments. He will get them on -- calendar -- -- just a -- scheduling one. Take a look at -- calendar of events that he's got planned already you might be able to avoid a conflict between your organization. And enough. So all that coming up for you wanna first outdoor show a 2014. I have from east Texas welcome into our first program of 2014. And we start it off like we started each one often 2013. Down -- hope dale the Breton sound Marino and science and Scott Glenn -- more. Good motive. And do you block that dot com as the handed out. If this little wise they'll let things warm up a little bit -- an up or -- I would not separate she got them. Probably. Or Sharpton ultimately it merely checked. But it's it's that it's their release. As -- and yet they saw it might be is -- we're -- -- called the year they were aware of what it was so. Great. Yeah that's one of those windshield base -- I got some good report. That the canal one I think we talked about this the the last week the week before that with those cold water temperatures. Those red fish villain to buy you -- -- and has some excellent bank fishing going on. And I'm getting some reports that there are some -- shown up in those canals which really opens up opportunity for a lot of folks. Well I think it was record without votes shaking under strict are sure that. Alaska -- data should go well in Bartlett Cilic actually registration and you know of course that's. Everyday that horrible people he can Cheney tried and it changed very slightly stricter spirit to sprinkle. Yeah how we had an excellent Ronald met a couple years ago when it went on for quite awhile. The thing that people need to be aware of things -- why don't you tell him. What they need his forest a how to -- Gupta officials recreation also about staying off people's private property has a lot of places you can finish -- of course. You can't just walk up on somebody's -- on the stock and -- fish -- it without permission. Yeah exactly where either respect people's property but. As far as the fishing that it -- origin error buyer interest Carol partly by the stage at all Lott Trent. Get out in prosecuting these are part. You know what. -- get stripped only had lost out to a chizik bottom feeders that normally in the past. You know it he has somebody who's there are real situation -- you know -- -- felt and what that felt artificial plastic. Appreciate that they bought on the Arctic. -- in the end what size -- those -- -- on us awesome full of thousands of pretty decent size and -- tonight. They all but so we don't actually you know. -- able. -- order for -- or -- and so you know you'll -- -- So. And don't get carried away with an -- five fish limit to win like that -- -- up. This tendency in you know just like we know -- a lot of people word gets out. The wildlife agents know -- -- and they are their peak Robin up and down that road check and -- the licenses and also limits the size limits and grill. Yeah yeah. Absolutely if this will it was sleeping pills available as. This is important. Is false -- it. If you didn't. -- So people. Won't -- for social system. You. Call. It simply won't leave you. It is in the Q is it we. Let it. Ed if you'd know that it's even -- I didn't. Yep you're exactly right. -- -- a visual. The paint eleven not familiar with hope tales Saint Bernard volume -- transition from the bank there. About a -- extend them to come down the marina and you can maybe shown some spots on the map that open -- Lincoln Park and you know not intrude on somebody's private property and also fix Muppets and -- maybe some Reagan that they need to. You won't be a rarity lately. And installation is always great. Yeah war you know I can't be able it's rare that -- out there and let's bring you back it's you know that. You can't say Cuba with that banking and you know experience will last -- insecure about. Exactly right. Well we gonna give you phone number up fully wrapped up in case people need directions on how to fund today on them but. The people with the bolts that are going to be venture -- a little bit later on I give you some spots where you might suggest global -- -- and speckled Trout. This isn't dead serious substance it's a lawsuit so that what city and open an area. The work of the latest advice. It is and that they can't. It is important that you know sort. This -- worn off. And it's their -- all day civic good of all. I think the certificate they do is let the that would that would have finished. Admiral who looked after -- and see its day in the war motives. Look at ourselves. Yeah and you wanna positioning itself to where you caption that water and -- -- and out of the small from nazism bonds. Into some little big waterways it's a perfect setup for. The success will Glenn I'm going to be beneficial Jonathan I believe this come Thursday maybe you can tear herself away you -- Joplin -- with -- -- will go up and a few wintertime -- in the meantime if you would get the number for the marina. The people want information and directions to come down it hit some of those fish off the bank. Garrett it's horrible for 67612. Classes. Looking forward to seeing your third day. And -- so that the real cool and people you certainly don't want to. I'd viable for 6761252. And also there's. Guide information and to a -- wanna hire professional -- simple and work out of the marine including captain Johnson. Glad always a pleasure talking to you let's start wanna fourteen off right a friend -- that will catch up with it Thursday CNET. And I and Sanchez then at the sound marina in hope -- official bike on the bank. It went crazy down a couple of years ago. And don't know Powell crazy it's gonna get the issue but I am getting good reports -- -- out there. In just -- the bank with it shrimp on the bottom is good chance to be able women out when -- five. And let's talk job Louisiana man as we -- in the 2014 and exciting year it -- so feel what you're up to. Who. Appear when you have last. You know it would go. In the no accurate their record is co hopeful. Well yeah like a little. Sensitive -- -- Israel go. Accurate it would you know chicken in his -- The -- -- the year. But. Yeah. It didn't. Two days this week. The they're being buried in the more and the people are very standard that. And the break and -- came through that morning we left about 7 o'clock at. -- -- -- kind of break the competitive in that brief. We get out there a little rat out suspect out -- great mobile on trial -- if you read it tax cut them back dumpster. So -- -- -- the outback -- go back there's this pocono outward violence at deficient at the bottom. Of the peak mountain. Will -- it. Looked at a -- -- he was. You mood out -- and it is fine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean it right ankle and -- regret that it went can't do it would probably go and I was totally he's been implicated in that -- in -- really strongly that we would get straight America that late in the I think it was they went back Alberta the long. Oh. It was just me but. The other Iraqis showed that these people not enough and he added it would do so -- But leader mark let -- get away -- was visit in the typical. But I mean. It spec or is it a local. Two men that can't -- him but I mean do so -- great commitment and eat it but -- it. Do that and that creates these. A -- a patient tube. It's just it has been really beat you gotta -- selector name. And I doubt yet but it it was going. No but they're pretty priorities again I haven't official today. And their coach -- that was like -- -- actually south oak Iowa. Public. Fish and they'll go and drop again and -- everything -- -- change. -- -- updated kind of they don't need him at six there that -- an update 830 you don't take -- official from nine to. You know Connecticut -- -- -- -- Gaza Iran can't get that same thing this area that. That commitment though that it to code and an eight you know and a look we may have to get. -- we get recruited when Buick on the board got a and -- G she shared the other night drop that we couldn't that. That a -- of agriculture. Commandeer. The Sierra. He would -- -- that. I accept everything in the -- have been seriously rate now at could be dig up that line and it the you know and in addition. And they let me today. Idiotic. That you're really on edge and big -- they should expect that out that just. I'm real warm up our vision but it comment yet today. Action text an idiot than it and so men -- ended. There on the global -- that is you know particular candidate. Leading to enjoy -- -- -- that problem. In the local we want the numbers about the completion. But the good thing in your -- all the talk that sensitive front and out all. But it just for a company -- -- -- -- is a big finish that is. Let it go out and -- whether it. It beat it that -- and delays in just -- -- auction -- And it it -- for a man out of that that looked pretty -- -- you come -- you -- we knew you nutrition at. Yeah yeah becoming a pretty soon some time tools in the month will check it out so you'll pick. Pick the trip based on what the conditions we give as we always -- -- to deal with say listen you still off Joe's venison that you finally get yourself. -- -- You want on your night. And kicking. You know the brigade in actually let him you. A -- there. She she didn't want that -- -- update call. Kelly Portland. And he's in that and a bit of movement here. So you -- a lead of nearly until the year. And a lot of them -- out so. That poetry yet acting in the budget those. Exploring. New are pretty -- and -- -- -- Let me you know over the thing and I'm just waiting waiting word via a -- You know so my mission and in India. -- it and I'll take that. Part of the board that. They did and didn't big Bull Connor and -- met him and put and a Lima later. Look okay in the game easier in my Beers in albeit not that aren't on the. Let me -- yet to -- no warmup campfires in -- -- house. And -- the good. And that letter added like that. -- -- special look at their political and wrote quite what to do bay. And it hit. -- Like they put. -- Stood over an anecdote that -- -- long term that would give -- apartment that aren't there. It would -- on the commitment is an error Internet. And we -- that she and if you -- -- -- twice. Yes jetBlue I got the lock him up I mean he's he's pure lie. But -- vote. Carol it was a couple great tips on. It will be it will make big topic in the aggregate eight -- beard. Now this is no escape beef from Sanderson phones this is why our white. Yet they may think you get that it should have been negative -- they can gather it up -- minority. He has been a difficult that a lot Turkey is a little bit blue but even -- and well. He's got the Cleveland on it'll help if you tell him yeah yeah. Wouldn't wanna know they cannot and -- and that go to Internet noting that should they beat him as it sounds like a marked man. Are you are yet definitely that -- -- -- great ministry apparently getting that -- -- -- don't think twice and there is 10 -- You know when march comes around that spring Turkey season come that we can. We get caught -- -- manager. Everybody every day same -- eight and Turkey everyday Adobe remote. Yeah I definitely don't talk Turkey season open and you'll see him. They read those little books that our season dates. -- out -- that and and that's right. Did I ask you not going to be in March halo you get on its anchors and Ilya anxious to get out and in ninety degree weather outside and also the -- hotline number. Yeah and that but. -- or people -- actually unfortunate actually that we should look at trips and it broke. You can always -- Obama. Politically you know we got to. Go and check out that -- them. But -- -- -- and video and we don't they make the original idea you know but -- that patient that. Check in the villain at the videos that gum maker. Because you're -- And the exchange group and -- All right give him and we will catch up what you and continue to saga next to. And we go with I'll be careful up there and while some Mississippi. And -- here's a story to all warm the -- look at your heart you know -- glancing -- says about those. -- the issue of school and up -- -- the polls in uniform until feels up there in nineteen degree weather. How about this this is a school of carnivorous fish attack seventy people including twenty kids. In Argentina's. Get this name Iran -- -- A story from the Latin times newspapers and nobody was killed. But numerous injuries including a seven year old girl losing a finger. The rivers saw a real popular swimming area and is home to a fish called Apollo -- which is -- type of Iran with large shark teeth. Minor parliament though attacks have been reported in the past that the officials say. They've never seen one like this before. There was some people let the -- literally poor bits of flesh from according to a medical official -- doubles and -- and at the scene. They estimated that the term about a thousand swimmers were in the -- trying to escape Argentina's. Hundred degree summer heat. And the combination of that warm water and of course playing the fisherman they left some -- that's what attracted the speech to the surface. And the swimmers. This woman in the hundred degree temperatures. Feel some of that ordeal Louisiana wildlife federation which is our largest conservation association's state Louisiana -- now accepting nominations for the fiftieth annual governor's state conservation achievement awards this is a program. Where people organizations. Clubs. That make outstanding contributions to natural resource welfare and environmental quality of our parishes and state. Or are honored at a banquet there are eight different categories that you can nominate people for and they include a professional. All of volunteer. Business -- certain businesses on something conservation. And educated that would be a teacher professor. Use this would be maybe a child or even -- organization I've seen -- Groups awarded for their efforts elected official or politician has done something at the consummation. Here's a chance to on of them. Also in the field of communications. Someone in the media. And of course and an organization. Which could the nonprofit or for profit organization both -- eight categories. It's taken these nominations until February the fourteenth. And then on March 29. There will be a banquet at the lake house reception Centre in Baton Rouge these awards -- held in conjunction with the annual convention and conference. Of the Louisiana wildlife federation is a special awards banquet. Where there's some really nice statue -- of wild animals or presented to the recipients and then of course the one. Of those eight that is judged by the judges is the most outstanding. That earns the governor's award which is supposed to be presented by the governor and and all the years I've been in seen in in seeing -- I think we've only had the governor shall may be twice they Jim les and the represented but. Member Kathleen Blanco was there -- -- Romo was there and Edward Edwards was so dark and remember three of them. Up there on the podium actually presenting the awards themselves let's hope our present governor. Makes it guinier nomination until February the fourteenth -- send it. Righteous go ahead and ask for an application. And they'll tell you how to feel about what needs to be done at NOAA. Wildlife. -- dot -- That's LA while -- it -- or or simply feel like go to like being elected Google these things up just put in Louisiana wildlife federation. That will come up as well as his phone number in Baton Rouge which is 22534467. Rules and really do need to on of people. Who take time and effort to conserve our natural resources in the -- as a wonderful way to. Us. And on this cold chilly January morning we get our best vision report from Jeff -- reports are brought to you my best candy -- it's as candy. With a K. In the third year and if you'd like to order those online visit their web site. And ask candy as eighth in the guy with a -- and I. Dot com you can upon a wide selection of -- on sale now for only two dollars -- -- lots of color styles and sizes to choose from. Jeff -- on his chilly January Saturday morning. Stand the day -- to work a little bit subtle I got a coat and has been really tough for for the best fishermen. Targets and if you keep it that quite like the body in the -- come up to three point 63. On -- these days in its statement that he could you know Covert war this time you come through and that that really set and the -- and -- various. The you can move -- -- either deeper now that has so -- protection with a -- temperature is little different little warmer. Just keep moving in this slow and so -- beauty that a pro and nothing just this ultimately officials suspend this coming year. And pointed out abilities deeper bodies. Qatar and another tip for that go away others but what vegetation and look -- underneath the human forcefully -- more. And Hazmat warmup when needed sunshine days and sometimes that's -- the official -- And Jeff plus some other areas I know people like to -- North Shore this Tommy you get north wind. You know sometimes they can get out those marshes and the -- don't wanna fallen out of there is anything -- Yeah get a few reports of public that are this is something that -- -- on the -- -- that. Aren't going to be deeper and now they are -- to keep. And I had a trip but we go over to negotiate in bad canal we -- people that you know there's a prospective trial -- That's a good thing it's as targets in the mortuary is this type -- grass there are deeper cuts and stuff which you can get into it. Just as slow you've looked pretty there visit W with -- might get one or two degree war war in advance into the politics of Columbia but. Whatever you -- You know you can -- can be slow on the bottom heavy duty is to Israel slogans and not be very active did today. And how bottom a regular efficient tip of the week all the solution deep in the win. They'll look for these people outside the and counties. Outside the end. During the winter weather picture hold and no one you have the border roof closed as banks. And then officials -- standard build from the deep border up to the list of the -- might not sound that the way to do it and you electronic move around bodied people -- the -- official electronic. We keep on there that killed and this like death of Slobodan Michael wacky -- -- Hit a unique suspended -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it just we talk a lot about what the temperature effect in the speckled Trout -- speech by what botnet what some of the coldest water you've ever caught -- This tournament where you're for example you robbers -- thirty degrees or colder out on the court supervision in the forties. And now he gets his. You'd think he gets to live in an economic conditions you're going to be pretty -- determined. You'd have to do the went on Dawkins. The of -- talk about like you know in the middle of about you or maybe a pocket it's got some -- border and when you pretty much the Fischer is suspended and not relate to he who could not relate to. The drop off Britain it is kind of bobbled a ground out in the middle and you gotta get down. To the depth in -- what typical in particular the bottom of the ground always the constant temperature. -- -- -- -- talked about that this thing would bat this and so if you can kind of -- couldn't get a little people wore that ground warms it up the degree to. That has been that this is -- grad technique when a lot of -- And end and yes. As far as we get now winding down the holidays. A calendar should be shown up and give people information on how to get something on -- -- and also was first bass tournament you got coming up. But you get -- mark that. When there's a way to contact me on the web site. And you can distorted in -- would debate are in the all the make retirement and -- Put up on the web site actually the -- -- coming up in the past and books since January 26. And by -- netted 280 dollars thirteen it's going to be a pretty -- -- out of the debate about 6000 dollars for the winning team. The -- that have pretty good turnout that it the first ones into the market. Pretty dependent on the road and you know accounted for people that would put more -- so there but -- -- look at you know if you -- -- companies in check and see if you -- and not -- -- something fairly big. Maybe you'd hear -- you would put something in areas might not have an event. Then throw them nor shall develop apparently there. But he and you he ever tablet to a you don't retirement just get more that common drop in the information. Jeff federal if you got this but the volume pirates kayak fishing club is put -- -- kayak bass tournament. To benefit murals on the water this is coming up on February 8. Red river refuge at eagle -- point is going to be where the boat launches. And one dollars par angle of the registration fees and kayak tournament the vast as cities -- to see more more of those. And distort more. You can get down here assault wore this in and in some of these areas that are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Altogether the that it -- to -- just like they go to Tony but. And so. -- didn't have become a thing indigenous mortars and you know -- people who can't get into. And it felt just fun hobby. I hope that you -- of that sentiment and as it. There's talk of a club who spoke on the phone now just. I but it's good to have bad premise Ortiz and you know and obviously up in north Louisiana that's a good place -- This is part of Landon in place to get into war in the back quarters of but he didn't just wanted to an epic about -- -- with them -- don't like the motorcycles of the border way going to be what people want to just be careful with them that it can be I think that big deterrent if this. One thing about -- -- fishing tournaments a -- -- ones -- at the Perl you'd have to worry about the consideration put in don't rule limits. -- Jeff thanks that a report as always we appreciated and delicate chip but -- -- -- order. But I just -- reports brought about Berkeley you division of pure fishing in the makers of the Berkeley Stanley power base -- happening. Plus any kind of line and lead to material you might use. -- hard to find products like the -- grip and the ever popular. Crappy nibbles great to should be to do exist on the you check it all out at Berkeley region puke it should. Coming back Darryl carpenter talks about grand -- even at cold weather's -- slipped and on down that on Amoco's. I very rarely does he freeze line extend all the way down to the coast that -- -- gonna probably get pretty near that -- -- captain Darryl -- and find out what's happening down in grand power it's kind of cheer the eight now on iTunes. -- -- Yes indeed bullets that this is kind of an Arctic shot on the down here -- fitness weakened. Well they're predicting that the parties Monday night slow they're predicting you know 3032. On the night so it's going to be a little bit tougher on this -- You know and always say well nice to. Few minutes sat there and here which -- got much more so that's you know that's in the vehicle trees. Well but it's been that you know the symptoms -- big jump and follow it plays for the last week and we were doing really well to speak whatever all this crazy world economy actually. Then we got the lowest bootable we've got a little tired of the year or so our horse Carol I mean we're using -- winter pattern so. Low water hot and cold temperatures been given a little problem but I think it's filing Lugar Specter and -- -- winner. And I assure you shall win not scheduled finish right now and although skin that's usually the conditions we get when. It leaked -- on the the conditions come together that it's. You know your weakest this week where exceptionally low war only place to normal in a -- and you're -- chicken good and that type stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- trying to -- the does not get deeper canal has so much we and that they were muddy up. We found some really clean Morant apology to count oyster shells were quote no -- but it's the conceptually shall. And -- residual and heritage but it was so shallow that you had to almost that kayak a push poll. Well all at -- spoke eating eating where close to so that little bit of the challenged. Our topic -- -- of those enrollment in the polls epic you can sort hearing a lot of the good reports from an outlook shattered road in the deeper holes. The topic because it -- and and again -- the paddle boats are really good start chaired an up and outweigh. An -- we're gonna regenerate properly trained our pitching -- in the morning and tomorrow what are -- -- regrets that people deep canal so. And I would imagine in the middle of the day on the sunshine these days if you can find some oyster beds in that water temperature warms up just a little bit. They'll probably -- -- -- shelved -- doing and get a -- both holes and and is the sun goes down their crop back then and again and I'm gonna stay in the -- they'll move back up on ledges and over the shelves but only if that water. It's a little warm. It kind of the probable the past week and you know there has been -- by and the credit over trucks sport it's all Utley beat told last week they eat our lunch. It would you know -- cold front. Cloud to cloud cloudy windy and an approach back in a pinkie beyond the clouds. So there has been no I -- so in central mail order to try to turn spiritual. -- So you know this next front spoke to be an article that probably push all the prove it stay ultimately prove where. That's a good thing about that it is it you know bad thing is we're not used to treat an obsolete Woodstock. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the good thing he has. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That we're gonna get some warm water community and you're right it'll turn it's just -- so. You know once they I'll think about what grand -- with a freeze is all of six -- types all those race camps and -- you know people need to get down and -- gray animal rapper real well one India. Yeah and I don't know hello we're going to be below zero but it's always cities put it like just -- -- you come back to. Did it if you didn't do it is not war not making madrassa. When you -- he said below zero but I know you met below freezing. Yeah I'm that the local. Yes you -- now we're gonna get there but like if that is the -- -- the -- you come back to an apple insurance claim and everybody else. You know. It'd just take care of -- just right now. Padilla now give me the information to contacts who we get a little bit warmer weather and all that -- seasons coming up all shook fishermen out of that fine. Yeah how -- you like on the outdoors dot com who were all over FaceBook where or so that rules streamers dot com or to keep. -- and 376288. And what Tokyo's don't -- by India until an adult or anything away crank it and I'll. Handle the. I know we will talk to you normal place next week thanks there are. Real -- is that I'm coming back next our we have more efficient what's Mike Gallo catch Cormier. Talk about the black -- shooting that you maybe help someone out on also the passing. Of another Louisiana sportsmen and conservation is all right you on the outdoors with Don Dubuque radio network.