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Jan 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kicked off his shoes -- monochrome. Stands in the kitchen do them all and. In front yards didn't know I don't know this. And you can't come up. In a moment. And a Saturday night. Her it is cold they welcome into the second half of the outdoors we've -- to -- radio program first of twenty. Fourteen this when we're broadcasting to realize from east Texas it's chilly here it's also called all across the Gulf Coast and more cold Arctic air to come where helping you prepare for yet ready effect on recap what you may have missed in the first hour. I've missed that the run on -- station by -- Luke Luke is -- kind of at the canal. That runs from lake Bourne shell beach all the way back through one class economy -- or shoot. Through hope dale -- comes back into the mystical. And eventually packed in too -- born kind of a circle bar you'd. Its people water than most everything around -- it's a surrounded by shallow marsh ponds. In what happens when water temperature it's real low stays low for several days -- -- particulate move into that the channel. It's not very wide you can most places you can almost -- across. They stack up in India hungry and it -- shrimp and people can drop their pickup trucks and bring their ice chests and chairs set up a long road. In catch limits -- red fish who remember -- of five fish limit on reds between sixteen and 27 you can only keep one over 27 inches. I assure you Wallace and fisheries. Game -- will be out you do be checked -- for licenses at that. They'll also be checked in the size you finish make sure you measure on the may actually illegal and also the the the number five finish total per person. If he gets some big ones those big bowl you can only keep one -- twenties and keep those. Those and not the best eating -- -- Anyway that's going on and by -- tree you can call and Sanchez. He'll set you up with some directions and also the proper tackled pretty simple stuff. -- hit the -- with hooks in -- whose engagement on the bottom you can call him Sam arena. Viable -- 6761252. I still feel says of this has been good in the three. Well it's cold and it's going to be a little tougher now the issue probably going to be in the billions. You know all the anti war -- about -- like -- falling -- All of -- suggesting any time you trickle that later in the day at a -- will be a few degrees. Not only you can be more comfortable to fishing mobile will be more successful too. A grand bow -- kind of taken a nosedive for awhile yeah that will be in the deep holes. People in kayaks and patient from the -- they probably do successful but. The flat -- is there water really common cold to be -- and catching fish haven't gotten any reports yet from offshore -- -- -- that should be coming soon. We're gonna get some more efficient reports from markets corn yanked the U kayak is also my -- gonna update disease -- -- running on out of these return to work. Also got to tell you about the a couple of trips and -- woodcock trip. In a -- on that I made earlier this week actually two would cut troops would and a current in March don't come with captain Brian Lambert. We'll tell you about that also get his vision information is those guys look at it's finished now and again. William -- get over the next few days and extremely cold weather moving down further down the calls than you normally find. Also was an update you on the situation on -- illegally killed black yeah this is another one. In wildlife and fisheries in the US Fish and Wildlife Service asking your help. And solving that problem I'm also I'm gonna get to our outdoor opinion poll if you haven't cast your vote yet. In -- use that word that no pun intended we're asking what kind of fishing realty -- -- four. Four choices they cast spinning. Spin cans or flock. Our results to me a little surprising check that Alamo web page on the outdoors guy dot com and you know it's always good to bring them up when your iPhone on your computer laptop -- you listen to the -- opens a lot of things we talked about here. That we expand on from radio to the unit. Recipes photographs stories -- As some drugs -- report captain Mike Gallo whose reports are brought to each week by Zito offering peace of mind few drops -- jumpstart -- Tripoli on the water and you can get all that the only 100. And 69 dollars a year including the new mobile app with the GPS. Location service in rescue. That is free for -- members to become a member. You can go online that seat dash -- dot com. A call captain Chris you can reach him at 800 the number four -- so. Mike were you successful did you accomplish your mission on deer stand. I did not accomplish my attention on the the Jewish state. My streak is broken. Well it's not you know you have to go for a long long time and all good things must end and. Yeah I mean at least you know is that a lot of time in his stance on it allowed time to think about I think Russia can be here in the last nine years. -- -- -- -- -- Strict on and that's only months to a three days a year and if we generally two or three days between Christmas and duties. So well that worked out well I get invited back there's season last all the way I think today in the January. And my body market marked with a group -- girl she shot a big beard it was over 220 pounds. That's it and you know -- Clinton well he's still got some time ago this year and it's not. Well you -- thought a new streak. Yeah. In some unique from the big news each so I can make some sausages. I'll try to get my streak going against the chances of that this year. Well you came back to some practical weather so what's this doing to your fishing grounds. I tell you well you know and so it is. Would finish this week in in this harsh cold. But I definitely think it'll confined to finish in the deeper hole. And then once they move into those people holes when it does warmup that venture very far away. We did -- and we did have a couple of votes still out there and that between Christmas and new year time frame. And it's aimed at Biloxi marsh was hotspots. Had a couple -- went down to the wall. And they struggled to put. You know -- have fifteen or twenty keepers alike you and I and Dudley did. Had some throwback but it won't qualify peacekeeper you just have to keep after them. Captain Jim made a trip to the Biloxi marsh and needed will kitchen -- forty. In some of the peoples in the terms in the Biloxi marsh. So that was the hotspots. In the last week. If you work on position today what would -- strategy be with you head. For those legends like we fish and try to it'll bounce some real slow and use a variety of presentations and just act out with him. Yeah that's probably what I would do because we were -- pretty close proximity to the hot water canal and -- -- help keep the temperature is cut ties. I looked at the movie it -- beach just a little while bill and the goalie is listing in the water temperature is 44. And that really Cold War. You can see a lethal. Together -- you probably can't get -- and have a cause -- in 44 degrees warmer temperatures. If you read official be sluggish real life by. You know -- wanna fight just kind of roll surface. No that's I guess that's a good thing about the British failed it's that in some of the people by use of the term kind of legislative on the bottom. Where you can you know you -- will be the same as if you transition but should probably change only -- -- And maybe botnets can now might be a good shot. I would try to -- -- appear in the release area and you're gonna make you weighed down towards the walls fish out water canal area. Certainly the five passes on your way. And you know you can. You can finish in three of four spots. Along the way. On either side. And it would probably only take an hour to 45 minutes something like that. If -- good sampling of what's happening there. It's efficient -- -- you know it on the way down and hit the Wall -- how that works out for you bounce around their country's science and finished. And then head back to maybe it's it's -- again. Well you know we talk about people water's always warm -- -- this time a year. Uploaded deep water at the bridges and I tend to incident Tressel is that accessible today it was a wind got that kind of dirty though. -- the wind was fifteen point we just in nineteen. So probably very few options as four hours fishing in lake park China relations close to vote or you know where you hide from that -- Yeah we get into that time of the year where you just opportunities and -- options become limit more and more areas get taken away for various reasons. Water temperature water clarity lack of a and you really are limited so it's it's tough for -- but the good news is we still mission while a lot of states they do and nothing but watching football and holed up -- warm spot. Right we -- -- -- because you know that believe you know at the crack of -- because that's in the armed -- -- And then you know water let the sun warm things up a little bit. Unfortunately with the shorter today that we have in this in the winter of the year does give you limited window of opportunity. But I would say you know between ten and 230. Would be your optimum time to get -- on the war probably the warmest time. And you know catch what you chance. They're out there which is a matter work for the good thing when you do and so you wanna certainly war -- because there will be more in the area. Absolutely when Mike before you leave and get back on the -- stand -- somebody wants to contact you and try to schedule a trip in this. Post holiday time what's the best way to -- We are booking trips. We got our calendar to point fourteen already built strong. Or you know the immediate future was the next couple weeks. You can reach me at 9857817811. Or you can contact me through the those guys got. On that might stay warm and we will catch up with you again next week. Mike Gallo angling adventures. A Louisiana one of regular if you report. For those of you who like to get up close and person the fish we have a panelist slash public report for you each week and talking about those usage from. Heroes canoes and kayaks and alternates between catch on and Brendan a yard a couple of members of the by Eackles. Kayak fishing club and also -- reported brought you by the back record at two locations. One in Baton Rouge won in Lafayette largest selection will be -- anywhere in the state. And they support panel fisherman for years and years so panel -- support him talking about backpackers. Two locations let's say good morning a good chilly morning to catch -- -- -- yet has -- gone for you this morning. And I -- taking advantage -- that is. It's -- bill for the real cold. Yeah right sure you're exactly right though the -- stuff is. Come an end well well what's what's Manhattan where the -- -- not their catch and finish. You know that's probably been the most support sir I've seen since early September. A lot posed a danger -- The problem is this past week. And that it Coke now -- reports were close to launch areas. Don't like I get out get up early early morning traveling now while away. They're trying to make it turned. Activities change but he didn't like midmorning this afternoon. And it kept down. -- multiple respects and people wars -- now. Apple. The velocity -- crisis he ought and flat and where does this look in afternoon. Start seeing. If you go back he can change some corrections. In Korea walked on back there by his response pretty good. We. -- -- trauma portrait. Loose change going to two pounds. Should -- and expect there. And then race this year you know. Some guys who taught me it is in the limits and about his Oreo. Well you know the good thing about this cold weather is apparently fisherman it certainly concentrates to finish in a lot of time to concentrate some -- whether they -- the big bulls. And so that really works to the advantage of punishment because he's limited on where he can go where they -- guy. It Google hit a lot of different spots on -- cat when they're concentrated. It truly in his statement I was surprised hoping Immelman east Texas and then the patients or patient out there. Off the beach in Galveston get back out on top war debate. I'll allow that happens why that doesn't happen in the Louisiana too often but tell me what's going on close to the Texas line though within -- this year. Yeah obviously. You know now that being a few weeks back then drop -- -- CAPTCHA as she wears it to take a look at last week. And go out. The trial like that he wore it sounded like pretty in the Lake Charles and there and does so they're -- now. -- initially initially -- -- week. What the plastic. -- lot -- even go ripple all the loose structure is -- All of a warning now she is not subject to any permits sort to get hit bottom. But I think it has the black churches. Culture it's a -- -- Christian Bale he wore it well there. Very good. Let's talk about -- fresh water because with the cold weather a lot of people might wanna switch over that don't wanna get up trying to salt wanna stuff. I know you've got to plan to go out there a little cycle it won a mafia links Chico. Yeah I would be doing that there. If this morning -- do it in the -- out of place between black and by this past week they'll dispute. In the areas in the bodies out of Baton Rouge market change by -- -- That a lot of little holes out there and -- so it didn't spots are. Let alone they should -- -- small launches launches a small book out there on the contacts you could find -- -- -- to if you Google. Analysts usually. You'll find a web site has absolutely. Well those small bowl -- to our parish. And some places like by actually great body as we're allowed to protect has been made. That's some valuable information again that's LSU marinas who'll put sat together. LSU. That maybe he should just service. You know here. And actually -- sort nonperishable. And they had an activist -- photos of the launch an entry. That's great news you know last week we talked about the stock in the rainbow Trout and some of the -- -- that -- That play on the pond in back revision and -- -- -- themselves. The lord knows -- the current in the as it -- get acclimated to it in there that more real food now. Shuttle. This past week and let those spinners and fly it most usage. Very good -- some good. Urban fishing opportunity gets unfolded the bicycles kayak fishing club I keep tabs on all the different events and tournaments rodeos. First one on the calendar is gonna become and am now just one week -- so two weeks away. January 15 -- local marina tell us about the minimalist challenge. The end of the challenges that the recent column get like listen. A halt same color all the things try. Everybody is actually the -- That that -- entries on the sanctions. I think you know that at should he should it shall. Well that you can register put in the public point of our country. But my child -- you know you're efficient. God and the other -- And it was bought two two terms being lucky from there being just fuel and that would do them. It's fun it's hard for me. Well you looking for a combination of specs. Reds and flounder in the media I guess kitchen that limit risk is most important that's going to be you bigger fish. In it is well wait so you know technically I guess you could come in with a full limit of all three which could be 35 -- which you know that ain't gonna happen so. Very interest in a lot of different angles and strategies to that it is so if people wanna find out more about information gets signed up for I guess local marine consigned him up at. About sun up on the website. Yeah goat to VC KSC dot -- The only two nations -- challenged our take a look at from the term career. Cougar -- to interpret how pollution which is coming up April 12. And -- I can get tricky chips and making it for the current year. A lot of good information. Absolutely tons of great information panel that human right BC. Antsy all the calls it can't -- hope you Bryant cycle while the saints are up in Philadelphia reasonable. Off tonight and two with two weeks. -- Thanks for Drupal which. At Columbia. One clinical catch when his real name that that you can only mentioned -- called. No law here in Texas -- this bad -- story according to investigators they Texas game warden Chris pride was sitting in the blind on the -- -- wildlife management area full running. When he saw -- heard what he thought to be an electronic game call. They can someone might be illegally hunting on the state property. He went into those law enforcement mode and left the stand to investigate when just moments later as he was approaching the -- he was struck by a bullet. He yelled you shot me that no one responded came to is a he then used his cell phone to call for help. Investigators determined that that shot came from private property right adjacent to the -- management. Then tips or information from a delta county residents live wardens to the two defendants. Who booked into the delta county jail Eli Stephens eighteen and Dalton Haddix when he won both of the state of Illinois. Stevens charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon which is a felony. Addicts was charged with failure to report that -- The two men who were here in Texas for the holidays. Taken into custody in the jail following an investigation by Texas parks and wildlife agents. The Texas Rangers and the delta county sheriff's office. Of the Wharton by the way is recovering knee was in intensive care -- -- hospital. In Dallas where he underwent surgery for the gun shot from the high powered rifle that bullet entered his right shoulder lodged in his chest. Now facing serious felony charges all our Eli Stephens eighteen Dalton addicts when he Warren. Both residents of the state of illegal questions still remaining in. This investigation provide the answer wrong why they shot ended mistaking what game. With a something they would doing that they were trying to evade the law. Bad boys of the outdoors Eli Stevens eighteen Dalton addicts when he won. -- All right so had a great duck hunting trip maybe you saw it on the Thursday WW -- television fishing game report if you miss. The website down the outdoors guide dot com we pay tribute to a special. Hunting Buddy Ryan Lambert's and I mean really special check around. Our name is Logan will be back to tell you more about it as we get efficient and running reports from captain Ryan landed -- cajun fishing advantages and you're here and here on the first. Show of 2014. Alive from east Texas it's the outdoors would -- the view radio network. But the best deal on satellite for your home Condo or hotel called satellite center at 466 dish satellite -- provides fast installation good local people and the best price serving our area since 1984 satellite center call today -- 466 dish. It attracts both in mud but he engines of my choice for dot -- tough Louisiana mud flats as well. I find gate attraction rounded -- and airboats now rate glides across the gum ball instead of -- What I need is plenty of gun and -- storage in a duck boat. And that's what you get when BSE marine in Springfield custom design -- vote just the way you needed with a without a dog platform. With a without two and a half to 354 Powell mud buddy engines go to get it -- boats that come. It's gated TR EX boats that -- -- call 225 to nine point 9991. You have been waiting for the right found the right vehicle -- the right finances you waited long enough until late -- and now. With all the fifteen banks available good credit bad credit no credit no problem. 2012 Nissan Altima 1499. Toyota Camry eleven that night. Chevy Equinox thirteen 69 now -- thirteen 69825246. -- You waited long enough when -- announced -- soup like -- dot date and slide out. The product those guys in the white lead goes prepared wasn't exactly what I wanted to let me tell you after several tries they eventually got -- is -- I gun oil right. And I'm completely satisfied the product with my name on it is the absolute best cleaning lubricate your long term rush protecting you can buy. Dead guy dons Donald isn't messing -- no silicon no Teflon so it never gets snotty and rain -- damp weather. I use it on handguns rifles shotguns even -- muzzle loader in. And it's also fabulous from a patient reels under retailer near you -- -- online along with many of don's outdoor mall products and -- outdoors guy that town. But the best deal on satellite for your home Condo or hotel called satellite center at 466 dish satellite center provides fast installation good local people and the best price serving our area since 1984 satellite center call today -- 466 dish. -- Yeah. Hi you can't see me because of radio and I can't see you because I'm totally blind. My blindness doesn't hold me back but I fight to stairway during the day because I'm not sleeping through the night often I struggled to concentrate and just keep up. Sounds familiar you're not alone but this is not a sleep disorder essentially non 24. Learn about the link between total blindness and your symptoms visit learn more and onto Ford dot com or call 8558562424. Crime started the voice the crime victims who no longer have a voice -- started as a voice for promoting justice and peace of mind in schools playgrounds -- -- -- crime -- be your voice but making it tax deductible donation today and crime stoppers do you know dot -- in -- You're listening to outdoors we've done their view. Now here once again your host Don -- and. Take you back a couple days back to Thursday when I was down in bureaus that cajun fishing benches waiting out a storm that was moving across the frontal system that was pushing through. At a -- about an hour hour and a half for the heavy rains to move through lowest. And then we headed out to the duck blind captain Ryan Lambert -- called rich cameraman Jerry Krause. And a whole host of all those customers and friends of Brian Lambert's got routed to the duck blind foggy morning cross in the Mississippi River. On finally saw the break in the -- -- -- line. Talking about quality birds lots of entails we got limits the rib hits it was great it was steel. In a variety of other birds but the thing that I'll remember about this trip Bryant. Was that one retrieve that you're a dog Logan made in I don't know if you've ever seen -- data retrieved -- now -- but. I certainly have an -- -- and get to see it hawkish it was gone and fog for three full Mitt. In any merged with that duck which was unbelievable. And promote -- That you have ahead of a better retreat that she made then that would you have one that stands out and you Monica's. I've never seen a dog with that much and not give up attitude stick on -- -- like she did it. In the glove side -- -- the peanut. 28 and a couple she shouldn't give up one on. I guess about two weeks ago the bird could still fly a little bit. There in you know -- about it. You know it. -- We'll let the job she doesn't she -- pleasure. And the real original oil hitting it blown on the call what's going on his -- down it was colder weather and it's -- -- -- Had ordered no word on the line right now American you. Should a little bit of diesel issue. And I are yet to -- the Eden and how terrible and motivated by it all they know well as of may get -- Somalia. And -- Adamantly shall couldn't slide. Voted to get him more movement. -- you know arrogant stiff fortunately it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But come -- a war -- and so what we've -- -- -- work to marketable. -- try to model books and outlook public. For people -- -- going to be wanting to on this coming week in early part of next week and we've gotten Arctic blasts them real calm down. Which use -- just on the front and battle that it didn't you get through an on line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well we can have some really good success on -- that's gonna continue throughout the season ends on the nineteenth. But surprising captain stolen colonial club that is that they did them in particular that. Date they are out of the gate yesterday in the -- -- -- registries he would protect and block it out so quickly and they don't -- good Saudi political. We'll let it could -- about it. Go Democrats control the chance article that goes -- -- they won't be pretty. And -- -- -- -- Adults older it'll be graphs pulled -- -- people not from me go well yeah. They can certainly people -- away from. Yet they -- but. Apparently not it comes out it will. In the period so I had a great idea and Obama called raptor. Those being mobile and you build out sideways like equitable blue eyed -- -- look. -- the well -- -- the bat -- gotten. -- little. -- Well let and we'll. Get a. Ryan I've noticed when when you call rim did you mix that Condo lol I call it that some EU that famous war with a little bit -- mallet calling on networks to. Well that when they do it and need to address it could pocket change that -- that Google. You know that they -- and you know you could change the ability come and support -- in. Order sabbatical uncle -- And Rick is generally don't travel small he thought. -- And -- -- About this game. -- love it more from where you lauded for. The Clinton wouldn't let the world know about are there. Yeah you might have to in those guys get some elaborate versions. Yeah riveting and we'll follow you on numbers this year you'd reach a little -- -- and country. -- -- -- You have got an account that we will blows so you know with the local 45. But it is our order -- -- probably do well this year and this is not good well -- in the book income down the building. But I know there's another variable in this thing in this issue skill -- custom you know I mean I don't know you're gonna have some some opportunities that are going to be lost in this because people just. Not -- shoes. Yeah they were related to Britain -- Shelby. Hall and you talk to him as well bring in nice order -- the New York oh you know. In this -- well you know every days are key to -- box control. -- what will be an old ritual. Let him. So hard -- -- And we'll get in and you're done today so that'd be good in the game. Well you sound a lot better than you did you know like you pretty much have -- sent. Nuremberg. -- -- -- Caldwell and 80% Ryan is better than most and -- that a Ryan is somebody wants to get -- you have some fun down in paradise they do. What -- could go so tribal or. 95111. Ability to order a web site pediatrician is going to we'll that element we're. All right very good idea slogan it just -- and we'll talk to you next week. Period. I'd -- captain Ryan -- cajun fishing adventures would they do a lot of them a lot of the feature around also become an upon. Next week's edition of paradise Louisiana -- -- show on tomorrow but next Thursday and Sunday. On Cox sports television at some good shots cameraman out of some details and -- its. The short TV feature was really about -- Logan -- of the watch it welcome to the wrapup first outdoor show scored 2014 county line from east Texas and want answered Jake's question called outlook and for good at feet eight replacing Louis. Jake Rick -- pretty much bottom feeders anything that hopes the bottom and 11 in particular detritus blown. And a lot of luck with spoons ethnic groups comical to cram imitation which is what they -- on animals. Sandy areas off the coast of basing Lewis also a -- of blade if you count those slow Roland -- open them off the bottom that can be effective what -- Google. Plastic on -- -- -- keep in contact but the bottom fish we'll get -- borders and come to me. Levels that basically their bottom -- that's what you wanna concentrate grade it's more of the technique it is. The lore also remind those that view was small game on as we talk about the glamorous stuff in years seasons. But there's a lot of the small game seasons still open in Louisiana and other states squirrel rabbit. I had a couple of really good woodcock announced this week. You may the only woodcock paradise when you own police never know it. In -- she get out there and explore it's got to put some dogs then you don't know. In fact that's where I was on -- you -- best woodcock on Batman -- life -- that spans a long long time I would economy. If you need a public area. -- program the management and now the good on their last week. That's when you would cut there also Indian bye you -- -- wildlife management of those areas also holes and it would. Outdoor opinion poll among web page asking you what's your favorite type of fishing real surprisingly over half 52% said they like that. 41%. Actually 42% like spinning. 2.3 like this being cast in 3.5. Light line real fast at vote among web page. On the outdoors guy that -- a couple of weeks ago but a surprising the most highly. Technical real use in masters seems to be the top one again this is not signed certificates Leo little. Question that we ask you on the way -- coming up after we say good bye to our affiliate stations those of you who have had not yet enough outdoors we got -- common. Todd missiles in the studio back home he's going to be talking -- can upload them geo beach talking about running here on public -- would -- cause -- Professor Gerald -- gonna talk about as so many small specks -- action. And also Tom Mormon gonna talk about the state of the -- across the continent. He's at Ducks Unlimited by colleges and I think he's probably got some good news and of course somewhere in between there. Is some witty dialogue from Todd miss on cells that you -- that's all about. I'm sure it's going to be a lot of -- check it out it's called more outdoors from seven to nine. On one of our affiliate stations three W helmets thirteen 50 AM. In you can listen to a live on streaming on my web page on the outdoors guy that. We say good bye. Today to get another Saint -- league sportsmen and conservation is good -- -- pieces of VoIP. I'll probably best known for years and years of issuing warnings about the dangers of the mister Goldman's sponsors that. Went unheeded but the eventually prove to be right on target when Katrina came in flooded sink and on in the city wall and a lot of other work -- did with Saint Bernard Schwartz and -- great guy to be around love to have fun. A true conservationists. And sportsmen we signified -- piece of boy a memorial services will be held at saint Benoit funeral home and -- Matt visitation from nine to twelve. With the funeral to follow at noon today so. From all of us a good but -- -- unit at a place gets in those big ones up there in the economists got. That's got to wrap it up for this Saturday morning our first show of 2014. We got 51 more to go. Will you be there for each and every one of them tunis and every Saturday morning when you favorite station. Our flagship station WWL 87 the imminent and five point three also -- MLP. We have it's K okay out of Lake Charles K don't laugh yet. Now we're going to be adding a new Baton Rouge affiliate in the coming weeks and announced that as soon as that happens. Also all over and mobile world six point one of them have folks over Alabama listening to us to. I don't have a great weekend try to stay warm and they headed back Coleman will be back with you again next week. Right back here for another version of the outdoors with on the view you. WWL New Orleans and WWL FM -- and New Orleans.

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