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Jan 4, 2014|

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Well more outdoors with Don Dubuque is -- name today today it is more outdoors with Todd mass song because Don Dubuque. Is over in east Texas visiting families who. Hats off to you Don -- vacation on a year into NC in the new daughter and and and son in law but to have a great Donald there and you I had a great time this week doing a lot of -- running in and quite successfully from birds to. Enjoy the week off daughter willow we'll see you back here next week no doubt about it but a man what a cold stretch of whether this is. We haven't seen weather like this in a lot of years. Mammy eagle back its followers. 1989. With the with the big freeze which of course was a lot colder than what is forecast to come this week but it. Look at the forecast on Monday in New Orleans was be a high of 38 with a low of 25 that's really really chilly. Looking just a little bit farther north. A lot of areas will get out of the -- won't get above freezing for a third of the 48 hours so. It's going to be a cold stretch -- what impact is that gonna have a fish remains to be seen. I think we probably will have some some cold kills around the area hopefully nothing. Approaching will we had enough in 1989 but that will be that severe but terrible will probably have some some -- that perished. With his cell with the -- whether they just can't take it you know water temperatures I think probably give. Into the upper thirties and that's that's where you start seeing is Cole -- particular fish they get trapped. In areas and they can't get out can't get to balances deep waters who. We'll see you may be a lot of a lot of white belies a -- not. In the middle of this week but it. You know not all the news is bad the fishing lately has binges aptly fantastic despite this really really cold weather. The Fisher and classic wintertime patterns no doubt about it it's you water temperatures for the most part of averaged the most varied between C 47 of 53 degrees and and that's caused different fish to bite depending on where on that scale the polar temperatures fall because when you get into those. Need maybe even. Upper forties it's going to be mostly red fish game. When you get into use the maybe fifty year low fifties that's going to be that's going to be speckled trying to fish this week. The captain Travis Miller out of -- -- do large area we went to a community hold down there. The fish southern Terrmel Paris at all you know where it is it's the other tank battery canal. It's full of -- it's actually full of fish right now really really crazy action very very fast. We caught up with five people on borrowed car and 25 speckled Trout and you know not really big fish. Mostly I'd say probably a thirteen thirteen half -- average. We. But it was it was really good act in the fit fish bit mostly. On greens awarded major sheds this quarter around street heads. Along the trip was was Kevin Ford he was sterling mostly -- heavy dean which is -- made by a -- -- Similar to a mere gained just heavier sings more quickly. To smaller bait than the mayor dean excel. He caught a good number of fish on the -- a bigger fish on average than than the -- was caught on the on the soft plastics. Now the water temperatures that day in the tank battery canal were 53 degrees. Travis said that. As a water temperatures fall again maybe down to route fifty. The fish don't bite the the matrix Jack quite as well as it's too big debates so hills which. It in those situations down to me -- made the type that he license and on the -- beta it's it's a blue bag that's his got to give it to be. He said you'll know you need to finish AS Wembley when you throw that that major -- or whatever saw plasticky like and he a lot of short strike -- lot of hits. Of these can't -- to hook him he says it's because the fish just can't get that -- beat them out interest too lethargic. That kind of chase it just a little bit and grab that he'll blitz if you feel like short strikes getting to keep in mind -- at the united downsized out to a small -- You know it seems like that's southern terrible parish area is is swim they happened those guys an official a whole lot the rest of the coast. Generally does not but about -- tell -- they are really really great Bates. And I'll highlight swimmers another brand that says that that's popular down here's a check them out in embrace them with you where you fish. This time a year I wrote a story yesterday on. Published on all -- dot com slash outdoors about the oak river area that areas also benches to just stupid -- it's really really crazy. -- it a few days ago captain Jack pain. You know Jack that he knew the fish -- in oak river but he won deceiving -- catch them elsewhere we finished the shoreline of both point fiend. Water temperatures at they would -- forties Adam but we actually fish course with about twelve fish but it doesn't. Under courts but the back strategist as -- hit or miss here there and -- too. Tested we we had a few other spots fished a mostly shallow also a little bit the bullet and war and of course and -- thing basically fishing. Flats on the edges of deep water and we didn't have any success and also Jack finally said the heck with -- down to a though -- we went down there in the and the fish and they were really stacked up we caught look at a hundred fish really really quickly. And and -- -- some really really beautiful fish we caught a couple of 21 inch fish. Several over eighteen inches and I can tell you there are a ton of votes in oak river and everybody was catch and it is a good friend of mine Jeff rule. One of the couple days later after our trip enough fish the same general area and in and they caught smaller fish on average allowed throwback with pretty easily caught there. Cut their limits so -- been talking a lot of people and events still doing well I don't know Grover. How this come in front this week is gonna change things I don't really know. You know -- this is gonna bite throughout -- whether I suspect probably not certainly not the not Trout. On the red fish probably will and you know if you listen to Don earlier. You'd you'd know that by Lou true in the in the hope they'll Shelby each area has stacked up with a red fish. Will have Robby Campo comment on that at 715 to -- to talk about that as well as mothers -- have been hot. And that's -- each area but you know if there in there as him by -- -- a lot of areas of the the great thing with a by -- -- area though isn't it. Anybody can -- you know even your bowed is side pull up you truck make -- you know trespass and that's -- sales of property nugget -- smiles is doc or anything like that. Just cast from the bank in and -- we'll get you know many of the deed goes from Robbie a little bit later put them. You know it just a sign that this is that this is one of those severe winners the last time the -- Stacked up in in and -- -- I think it was 2010 I'm almost positive that's when it was. Four years ago now really similar situation we it's actually stretched. In late December -- January you know in this fish port out of Jason ponds. And and stacked up by Leach or the images that -- you know Don mentioned it earlier I'll remind everybody. If you do go do that it's kind of like that Wilkinson canal area now -- growth you can have a lot of small fish. -- a lot of thirteen fourteen different fish. Is going to be a whole lot of fish in general so. You gotta be sensible be Smart let those fish you know and you know don't be stupid don't be greedy. I don't trip fish don't you know catch a limit and then come back later in the day -- and limit its of course against the law. You know in the -- it's stacked up like that they are sitting ducks absolutely go catch a limit have a great time bring you key is but. But don't break the law while fisheries will be out there that will be. Look at the people who do exactly that Solis to be Smart about it. Other areas that have been hot of course the the more GO ICW area. Out of -- between -- pass and -- -- avenue. Got a lot of deep water in their fantastic fantastic action and a lot of people saw a lot oppose this week on FaceBook Lotta people did really well there. Fishing you know that areas in the state gently bit warmer because a TCU power canal close by evils of -- Deeper water that says that's not India's -- -- in those areas tend to odds stacked and stacked with fish. Certainly of if -- efficient. This weekend or anytime after this Arctic blast Angela I -- in that area. During the Arctic blast I would I would target more red fish and anything but. Should be -- should be decent fish on the backside of this the you know this far it's not gonna last long that's to get thing and it's kind of been the situation throughout this -- than the fronts have been followed really really quickly by. Northeast and an easterly winds we haven't had a whole lot of water blown out. Water got a little below this latest front but check in the believes this morning and it's it's mostly common back in most areas and it we've got again good conditions today. Light winds southeast five to ten. So efficient should be pretty decent today hopefully a lot of people -- now it's hopefully didn't had out there early you know there's obviously been an. Get at least arguably better off lettering warm up a little bit -- -- it's sunny day today so -- used this move up into the flats this afternoon. Probably probably be good productive day tomorrow. Where is -- gonna switch out of the west ten to fifteen and that's. Never a good win but if it's not too strong doesn't little water at the martian you you'll still be probably pretty well money of course north wind when he thought the thirty knots. Forget about it don't even think about fish in a day's night and safe. To -- emphasize that there's actually no time arrange with the good news is on Tuesday went to Switzerland northeast. Point 2.5 knots -- still be strong but that by Wednesday southeast fifteenth so -- a return flow hopefully things warm up quickly. Does this show will get to get up -- peoples and its company eat and we will be hurt too badly about is whether it will got a great show lined up for you today. We've got as I mentioned earlier Robbie Campo coming up at 715 from camp those marine Maria talked. I've talked -- -- area action and don't forget that by leaked report then at 730 got a joke cause -- coming up -- was an avid. Public -- -- underneath it's an -- dear artery generals -- very very successful seasons we talk deer running with and get some. Public -- tips 745 it temporal coming up Jeff and I talk about. That hot poker ever actually get -- tips and you know Jeff could Jeff peek at his apartment got to tell you what. But he he went to I don't know reverend had great success there in fairly easy act Robbie -- joining us Robbie how are you this morning. All go to our man I bet you are tell you what. I'll bet it is out there exposed in Shelby split you know the good news Robby is. The Fisher would not mind this cold too much Arlen. Are now -- you're a lot of directors phenomenon news happens around you. You know one of what it drops like it's you know attempt to get real cold. By the lack not to draw bridge. You know on either side of the draw bridge you only -- old -- -- -- which help each. Open -- area. You you probably got about a half mile stretch. -- -- -- Dick Stanley right down to breaking catch you get accurate yesterday. They call them yesterday. -- noted at the small and my so much -- that there is simple. Will be -- -- -- the smaller -- Gary got his dock like or third smaller before opened up so. So that there so. If -- workable. You know appointed a dispute and they'd be -- get some fish. I mean it'd be really heating up the vote out -- so. But here's this week -- Actually the last Monday. Well there's -- -- -- -- you know traditional. -- Pretty much -- -- -- cold water temperature below fifty secretary agrees to -- it was real real slow. Are so Italy -- got so -- -- -- and child district it is argued that oil temp job between sort. Little -- that -- or and so. I don't know if you know what's gonna happen you know that you know or thought common for money into the I think -- are you -- -- block Georgia and interstate -- down you know I. I don't think I don't see a big man child by -- in. And -- in and then the next couple days. Yeah well I'll Robby you know talk by the fish -- locked on that that applies obviously only to boost to the Spectra the good news is. Yeah Monday Tuesday going to be -- to be frigid effort to decline in the -- but you know there's no tie those days and packets and other entities -- who cares at least has not come -- -- -- and right now that the good news is that today and tomorrow look like pretty decent day's night and a warmup -- bid at sun's going to be out. You've got to figure the next two days going to be pretty good for speckled Trout -- Yeah well you know. Outlook and on so. -- felt almost more of them think in. -- and made they made vacant at this hour and abstruse certainly he -- We know it's a little bit earlier than expected. But and that that you know. You know it you know talk about on social point eight degrees. You know -- yeah that war camps open that is in order to make the scope by. And I don't know you know the war and all right now war I think the -- temperatures like 46 degrees of what we checked -- we are obese more so you know. -- the war is still want them to come out. You know you might illegitimate. In the people like -- ship channel on a wall Bob I've given away albeit -- now they're -- it hope they'll. You know are trying to earn -- the bottom. You know towards your little bit or the bottom. Up. You know you you might get that sluggish -- you and -- -- you made it. If you -- that it director strokes but for red fish you know available quality in you know they they tend to bite in these colder conditions and expects to -- Go to the bookmakers -- and now Oreo mile oval place studio they hammered and hammered yesterday. Be careful while -- issues make sure it is sixteen inches pounded -- aggregate a troubled. Two gentlemen yesterday yet. Got -- did yesterday. I think orchestrated. -- written. -- got no -- and you know -- you'd he's not disposed. Because -- will be checked and today I'm sure. Yale you know -- good I'm glad has got caught if you go there knew that greedy you know to -- LP DD caught but yet it is no reason to -- -- -- we will limit. It's kind of a bounty right now it does this stack -- real close by -- that down -- enjoyed going to -- one of five no problem just release everything five. And you know as you mentioned. You know to -- out to be sixteen inches of those you know you can have a lot of experience -- gone down there and is it -- you can only -- with 27 but it sounds to me like. Really the issue is more more undersized there's an oversized and also an issue with the you know perhaps -- to keep more than you'd that you're a lot to keep -- what went so you know what what size on the -- average and you catch a well throwback. Don't that a lot of records next Arum you know you know and it shifting and a half inch stroke on the record and a bit inept and registered you gotta go back. But the -- those back so you know none at all -- technocrat odor at all mr. red fish and by. You know -- -- -- you -- -- may. Sure it's legal. You don't want in any you know any tickets but promote -- -- -- then. Pretty nice you know like -- -- to wearing a red you know -- to read what the court yesterday. There but they do have some throwback. You'll you'll be. Keep them small ones you know. So that they can you get away so there -- believe they'll could be they were yesterday I mean it just bought it yesterday. They -- stating that you know. Shall I can assure you of the dead on it up again today so no I don't want nobody -- the trouble brightly you know all you got -- -- like -- yet. In target -- you know what that what -- not think sixteen that think you gotta analyze existing legal in granola output now warmer induction notice. I had gas is actually sixteen -- you don't -- that ideology only one. Okay what is sixteen -- you got one to stop its Salt Lake that we need to call at 188 number and get it to licensed make sure you get everything you need to. Well it because it could be very costly national charter wrote to. And no doubt about it right nation you you well prepare for you know that that -- Robbie. For a situation like that as I mention it's it's on the give people a good dude don't get official -- maybe don't have a vote. Maybe of the -- a single mother saw -- with with a son wants to take taking -- taking fishing. And you know I know all you guys -- camp those marine of more than happy to -- to help people come down there maybe don't know what the deal and an -- -- good advice. Oh yea you mentioned you have -- -- dead debate down there on and that's that's all it really takes what what else do you need to rig with that two catches fish on the -- you -- hit it again. Is -- -- McAlary you know distraught about. If it was me a lot at stake -- that by sensed. Sparking a true then. In the -- and I can go that there is Julia I got a lot of joke about. And you know that bills you know that epic. It was me. If it by you in that area right there where is -- about eight REE I would slide call. -- it was our -- -- slide off and keep that they -- that are offered by -- About you know so. Let it keep certain about seven feet and in ED essar group that Carolina and annual July unless. Electorate distinction down in. Ratchet up own you know we're kind of debris. I -- Eric that can happen to. But most thought that I would rate that I would I would like -- and though not many people really would like all great but. You know for you guys out -- that all familiar with the and that's what I would. Yeah you know less like -- obviously very -- utilized here and in in southeast Louisiana in particular in a very very effective no doubt about it. But I'm guessing you know the average guy who maybe doesn't lottery -- and cork he decried as you -- with that with -- I doubt though is that you know record OJ it was a typical what can that be good so you know it means -- You know sort some guys -- and over there yes -- you know just chat mortem. And the -- -- -- -- calorie. You know. And -- back in the single and a guy yesterday. He had a never seen as the war but. Now though it is -- thing. A little of feel like all that you that you get out Avalon model correct and I -- -- you know. He cut it any slipped on the leader and keep -- they offered a BA Carolina we're probably at 24 lead with a with a caught in the middle of it. What -- broker and owner I don't know. That the oil producer debate offered by did not -- it on the bottom. -- into law the -- it might be or open. I think it's crazy -- I don't agree or did you new idea. Entangled in the day -- but. You know out on the rig in my life but I know that you know right. A lot of there's just -- -- with not simple. And I'd cook -- that ought to -- -- -- Right. But a lot of debris on the bottom it though it's snag have a law Gilani. That -- -- I don't -- right I mean it like yourself. -- -- Itself. Now Robby will those fish bite through this really really cold ought to get a bite on Thursday. And and a bank but what's gonna happen at tablet I'd go on the north -- -- goes out and start stop and those and other commodities bull backed hope -- it would it is advisable the -- that spot in -- -- you know. Right by the bridge right underneath the Brett Ratner brought this plot -- how about 1012 feet a war. So what made illegal he would parent. What they are -- -- -- you know read there's a lot oriented. That are that are -- renting out. And it never get -- -- In unity go to each -- -- all right click on in you know bill anyway. And it sort of and you know what you condition -- a couple of years ago and it happened. It was it was. You know here in the in banning it -- -- people I followed it jackets that are being in. And there. It was. -- -- -- -- -- -- And it was probably in the course you know a I'll know they had a little bit. About it they'll line up and -- people shall we shall get. I think yeah I believe it's going to be the same it's going to be the same as in an that they're. You know it's it's. If big article and I agree on the beat. Write what you know -- that's that's that's great and I'm so that is this is stacked up and edges for the guys who we don't get official lied but you know we talked talk about -- marina and you right there Shelby city if you come across a drawbridge you go to you left. I don't you know dead -- right there Shelby cutie left very very easy to -- and you know if anybody wants Stew I give you call maybe find out that might still going on whatever how can you reach. They call that circle browser or to treat learned. 6377. All right that everybody it and Campbell is always very very little now so that our great place Tyler -- on -- but the -- up Robbie thanks so much in. Make it did inside it put put a coat on and sit by the father arrested -- are often ironic daycare. Oh fly solo today Don is. As he is join -- season vacation and and sunny east Texas scenes of family over there but to be back next week of course went. You know is normally speaking -- specs and more we talk mostly fishing on the show but wanted to get in a little bit a deer hunting you know the -- action has been fantastic lately because it is. Balls cold weather -- kind of a -- owner's dream so violent talk to my good friend joke cause or Joseph how are you today. Thank you macho men do and doing very well I tell you what you've had quite a bang a deer season. Actually I know you. It got pretty close you limit this year and you know hates to be expected right in his weather's been perfect for -- on her. Yes yes absolutely wonderful that and last year is a little different. We had quite warm so quote a warm -- -- time you know whatever we can't seem to be in the seven. And this year has just been playing out person. Right you know last year we didn't really have winner until spring town -- winner was actually warmer than a lot of spurring. Not exactly good good deer hunting weather but it it's been the complete 180 this year you know lots and lots of chilly weather update on the weekends when most people can get out on. I know you've had great success and I know some of that success has come on public land and you on a lot of public land. You know it's it's a tougher coach to crack on on public land you know you can't really pick a spot -- And protected native and say OK as is my spied on I'm gonna figure out this -- I'm gonna go and killing. You've got to share the woods and in a kind of played a game a little bit differently. What are some ways that that they need generally have success on public land. Well and try to do poster -- on all of privately is that is just hours that's you know a little earlier. You know and everybody else maybe an hour to earlier that way you did get prepared get out there -- secure spot. You know did you plan on content and wonderful. Weekend. And you know not as simple just somewhere or toward daylight and I haven't changed game plan because it out there you know so try to -- earlier. No ego and it gives you more time to take your time to do the would quietly. Take its you know homestand and be personally like to be. No mistake and so is at least -- -- and I'll let daylight there -- would cool down you know everything go back to normal and animals we -- today. Right right not you know obviously yeah scouting is is crucial in any type a deer on and I got to imagine it's even more important publicly and. Definitely definitely -- -- job putting. Do your homework you know a couple weeks before. Policies -- and opens and even better after the season ends and a lot people you know want to see Arabic. -- -- -- they're pretty dark about all the -- the best the skill to actually hit in the end of the year when most of that era movement. And and then right well. Coupons and good arms. After the years Steve and say oh outlines -- lines. These aren't a lot of activities compared that market GPS. And best bet that it actually you know those bought supported pattern -- where they hold that territory so. Did you find weary and good -- move around to more about it chart on debt this year. You know until light and gas and you know this time a year kind of late in the season this is probably great -- on public -- so you know everybody gets excited about it when the season it just rolls around back in November. You a lot more people in the woods I'm guessing about his point people of kind of got a little bit of burn out and this is probably good time to go and Ankiel a big box of. That's that we like -- it would though with a lot of we've had as cold -- calm down and stay long enough to actually despite that well you know. And so the idea was seeing a lot of the books come out actual connection and the black Landon. They'll -- it's definitely on. And the the amount people on the around. You know lot of holiday season there it goes but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Because you -- use -- -- to your advantage you know it's everything that's easy access you know most people gonna pull up and walk right and so. If you do your homework there and try to get behind. Walk a little deeper take you know like a regular girl Leo walk all the little deeper than most people would. You can use them common and a little later and coming and confront you sort of push you know. -- -- did come home run a mile away when people get out the -- that 9:10 o'clock and I am still there. -- and that's that's actually very good device used in those use those people on as the dogs -- and his accomplished was to DOT in Oakland. I've done which I did have capacity spot on an area and I know there's always straws on this trail and that those people going in right here. Closed out the area you know those people behind it. And and maybe get there earlier and that does people kind of you know running out -- -- -- storm forms. Right what -- what's what are some some productive public areas in in Louisiana look what would you save your favorite public plan. Popular in the public -- and I have to say dissolved. Is Richard -- is formally known as bird river. But it's now. Richard entity combined reverend Three Rivers. And precious beautiful area you know river basin areas higher quality approaching ground. Acorn division hand and -- its may very well managed very well they give those -- and animals a lot of -- release. Split the season you know it's it's reliable partner. They'd they split those currencies and so where those those animals -- -- and so there's planted there already holds the have a good chance to take a boat. You know we've done that. And also like to keep it local you know from battery so like to try to go for a bit more false wall which is a tall tall man Zardari on. And opt out ought to reward could take a book out somewhere like that. Yeah you know -- -- -- is definitely tough because because it is so wet particularly at certain times of the year but you know it is productive as a lot of deer out there definitely I. It is it is the departure actually in difference in this way -- -- because there's really hard to spot or ground. It's not like he just walked through that wall you know it's really it's obviously built created so. Peter what about ways to go you know -- surgical armor in the garden and the people just slip through our outrages back. Want a war starts. Stored on some high and -- good spot to sit out. Yeah no doubt about it you know that's why applying is is just it's just different and it's it's a lot different guys who used up -- running it's it's is just a different world back there -- no question about it yeah on how those ridges. Those areas at those big bucks hide and and on and nobody even goes back there which you mentioned. -- W may which of course as you mention is you'll red river Three Rivers -- of that area is not only does have a lot of -- It's also got some us some really really nice sponsor come off and every year. Definitely definitely as you elect becomes something close to it you know they're they also may see a lot of -- that's pushing to -- -- -- Just because the law that the pressures and other -- -- and and that's great. Right in different orders just it's unreal mean almost every tree that's in and out and goes -- you know from there you know. Right right you know and that that's swamp on you know update -- -- -- as well and that's you know natural dependent on the that the river level and you know I know when net net river gets up it kind of forces a DA does the year kind of concentrate a little bit of. That that's right that's where we always do what is -- on the depth of the water level is key. They controls everything and that's what it might be -- concentrate and to the higher ground -- little -- easier on the I don't think it's popular this year and virtual war we do all the time in which a couple of days. When I heard that Obama they're responsive to market those big boxing especially late fees and -- shots are normal and it. You know certainly familiar words they like to go and at war because they -- here and it's incumbent. It on the flip side you could also hear -- -- Well you know -- we got this this Arctic blast common this week really Monday tees are going to be for -- cold and won't. What are you find in the south Louisiana idea when you get that extremely cold weather does do you find they counted -- bed down in -- hunkered down you found that they'd force -- -- get up and move. Thought that -- -- forcibly get up to move a little bit mayors on sunlight they wanna get that first that first less sunlight -- -- that the line up all night. You know. Analyze specialties he usually comes to little rock and it is usually it's an -- coasters and -- Thursday and Friday and has little rain with it I mean I love that it. It kind of hold down all night where they absolutely have to move on -- -- Warner you know. Right would -- -- actually great stuff found appreciate you join us today and Utah but the -- -- the -- right now so -- thank you we're gonna let you get let thanks so much vigilant as we appreciate you sharing information appreciate. I don't want you got it we're here guide you through the -- -- action for this weekend and -- -- to do that edged -- rule Jeff -- -- -- don't as. Dog could not be better what could build a better could be. And oak river right now which I know you you fish this week fantastic action down in in the -- Crowe marshals -- really stacked up and oak river of got forced. On the shallow bays at that normally in this -- years to it is and it just kind of hunkered down and and stay warm and oak river and the bite down there's really fantastic as it. It is it is -- Cousins in the navy -- in recruitment and Michael liners like iron where it would make and we -- -- potential canal and you know we're. Part of the debate it will be put the -- both down in. Like did that turn it around again they get -- that. The rhetoric that pretty steady and in contention before and she was excited. If you get fit and that it. -- About two victory or back beekeepers. But it was constant action. Yea you know that it's not a rock reminds -- -- dole it doesn't matter how big fish are there bite every cast he wants to stay in and and the question by laws that fast action. But you know Jeff that's kind of been. But I played really of the of the whole marsh this Tommy and vote this year and Lotta Lotta small fish I don't know why that is. I talked to a biologist Gerald or -- -- yesterday says just kind of a cyclical thing. Those official respond this year and manages to not quite to that. Recruited into that that twelve inch size minimum but lots and lots of small fish and of the date and -- went down oak river. Is kind of opposite officially Jack pain and he said again you know it's it's been a whole lot of small fish this year but the day we where we actually. I'm fortunate enough to it together in the school of of much nicer finish. But you know it's it's in all kind of depends on where you set up right now and -- river I know that tell you say you're. Outside the right right there at the -- has a canal no -- -- but it certainly throughout up and down the the river I imagine a day you were down their budget votes is not there. These days is. The active theater per couple -- Accuses of the -- and around the you know. And then look at electronic ego and as the people a lot of the mark you know it's gonna anchored in the either Miller or the other. Because you don't pattern in its citizens their. They're basically get the spider oh for the central bigger area we have tried in other areas that are probably say they now out of where does oh. Right now just the day you -- -- how -- you say I would say the fish were set up. I would probably sit at about global or don't know about. And it works well eight team. Oh sorry. The biggest part of her body is that it is simply aren't down there -- didn't need him lie like that and bra and and create debate and have -- it that they. Found that the -- You didn't get to the -- and get a strong there. And he's about under the -- -- Its feet and in this great blocker to -- it that they. Terror. Right Najaf the day we went the fish were actually -- on the bottom level we were doing is thrown 38 now she kids. Let him fall manages slow slow slow real men not not given the debate any action at all what was like the day you're there. More. Kind of -- little small which you -- about pop -- But we did we. He did start a little better is we daughter back growth. I sit there like certain really there's a lot before. And then it was a really pattern this year the technique -- They -- like slack but it's like to store real and it back and say they. -- more better the important picking it came from the real. Right Najaf you know this time a year spent ultra efficient in general really depends on -- water temperature. You've got to figure over the next few days with assorted blasts common does the spectators to shut off -- You can if you particularly in their -- soccer and you get turned on today. -- -- light penetration might -- a little bit. You know. In pat. Or computer or -- 46. Is better character questions that its sluggish and so slew. And I cannot in the product info -- Clear there are great for the next warmup as well it's well it is -- -- Right you know I think your rights and you know the good news is -- this from -- again we're gonna woman pretty quickly after it's so obviously the water temperature gonna fall a good bit probably even possibly into the upper thirties. But they'll they'll rebound pretty quickly and hopefully soon get back into the into the fifties. Jeff I know you've also been -- that MR GO ICW area the last few weeks what's action. And that area -- like how you've been efficient -- general Airese Tryon. Well actually ago now another day that's not the spot to track the war that -- still it's the water either. -- port believe it or you're sitting there at our input or somewhere on the technical so you don't about 4040 but it. But just -- just got Brittany that with the way and her discount. Aloha. As you move down for the current. And yes -- pillow. Colonial or is it yeah it got much in. It. Yeah that's -- -- -- -- there but then again it should disclose. By doing that like you don't we can -- Right you know. Air temperatures Monday Tuesday -- -- -- -- the thirties and anywhere in southeast Louisiana so you know get out water canal in that area. Certain times that thing does actually stacks up with -- with try to -- that is so water stays constant temperature and there's so that's open to keep in mind. And Leah anybody out there who just asking it to fix and obviously -- be extremely careful. Fish in this weekend these these extreme conditions you don't want to -- you certainly get stuck out there and good news about that are Asia pretty close to civilization so. Definitely an area Q let's consider fissionable Jeff good stuff you -- fishing trips planned this week. Not this week -- -- A book or combat -- and -- -- well in the couple weeks that permits governor Britain. If people for that. Get is that economic. It is so important some of the port separate them. Or darn accurate. That's occurring in this year and a little marching -- The week or it would you're certainly degree days in -- war -- it's supposed to fix -- -- are going into the ball on the and that their -- that they start moving and. -- you know doubt no doubt you know sooner or later we're gonna warmup if it's bound to happen in. A they would -- -- a guy love winner of that done actually kind of looking forward to spring myself this year. And coat it gear but the vegetation. -- Bill Clinton since -- things like. So that the unity is so competitive that mattered to go by black and played like -- -- openness. Cocoa output until. The part that they that would open -- al-Qaeda. -- -- you know the diocese in this Albanian taken over letters have yet in an eyewitness had a two year follow that went away that's for sure but thanks so much -- -- definitely gotta -- work today but. Well we'll see out on the water soon. All right. You'll isn't listening to our -- of more outdoors. Get great show lined up Ashley -- to -- John McQueen coming out to talk about two acted electorate very very hot Nolan he hasn't caught. A lot of big fish but he's -- cats and a whole lot of fish and -- also got Tom Mormon comment on Tom is. Director of operations for the -- southern region and really really good guy. He's gonna talk about the the duck season on the rest of the time that we know how it's been years economist slow season. But. Will find out where where the ducks are in and why they didn't really come down in massive numbers to let the south Louisiana so as a stick with this for the 8 o'clock hour. Todd -- fly solo on more outdoors three WOL.

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