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Jan 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I've Nassau -- an effort -- have you done is visiting his daughter in east Texas and he'll be back next week but I -- -- having a good time I've seen some family Don gotten a feel quite a bit this week and he sent me emails say and he. And one of the best woodcock cause he said many many years and we talked about it this Morton on the on the earlier show audience a chance -- -- -- but the targeted deet -- from dots Noonan and I'll talk more about it next week publisher and asking but. Todd Nassau filling in for him and my -- Angel is here in the studio hanging out with this and just -- cannot fish and had a great first hour with -- -- and -- with -- Campo about the great action in the a shell beach area if you missed its boy I tell you what that by -- tree area. Back about four years ago really turned Oliver officially -- thick -- flies in there. And and it's happening again -- -- whether the fish import out of the the marches and stacked up and by elude trend. You know if you wanna go down and check it out go down to -- to campus Emery in Shelby to give you all the deet -- And you know put some some dead date and tell you which need to do fishing catch fish -- that are also talked to -- to joke cause or. Who's an avid -- actually had now into the woods right now to -- -- -- It's a whole lot of public land Jewish airline -- information also talked to Jeff rule about the fantastic bite that has been going on in oak river. Wrote about it. -- yesterday policy yesterday -- dot com slash outdoors will be in tomorrow's newspaper. In the check that out. And everything else Leonel dot com slash outdoors a lot to get stuff including trip I made this week does that tank battery canal captain Travis Miller and -- Kevin Ford. A couple other people include -- include muscle until masks on and to -- me ask you what do you think how do you think the fish has been lately you know south Louisiana. I think it's going very. We've had a bunch of good trips to the locked in the ICW. That's really been the primary we've been fishing. Dollar pro. We went there as you mentioned a couple weeks ago and just destroy them and and do you largest last week it was an incredible day. Easily car a 102 point five travelers has been great. So what do you think I was a better location if you are. Heading out today and you had to pick one spot the fish would you pick that do large tank battery canal would you pick -- crows and -- ever. At Digg Doctorow. I had a bad trip and we went the couple weeks ago and is configure the bites on someone looking for revenge and redemption on this race as. Yeah I don't blame you would told you know a lot of people. Would like for -- kids to lead to get into into fish and you are. And I'm really happy about it you're an avid angler it's nothing up push you to do but but you really really love it. Would you suggest of people out there listeners say you know let my kid just doesn't like the fish but I really wish she did what -- some lazy -- in -- and -- I think the most important things action. I'd much rather go in cats and one after another and then grind the bridges and Lake Pontchartrain pretend trial that might be three pounds. And under the birds. As we all know usually catch and one after another so if you can find birds for your kids that via a great. And -- species you can target will be egg whites own Kroger is or they generally get schooled bringing cats and one after another. And on the freshwater side of things brand miserably that I know I go to. My grandmother's pond every every summer at least 1015 times this summer and Keds brand their one after another. Really really fun. And also cook when they catch anything that. Blanket can log back on. On that Daryn see. See that is that the phase he caught her on the dinner table and feel I keep provide its own thing I think it's really important. Yes they would I think that's that mean it's really good advice all around no doubt about it and you know kids left the with the cats like it -- -- treated to dinner and you know I think that's probably a mistake some some parents make is is going to target. The officially -- to catch the ones that are atop the cats like bats and you know at times rest issue maybe site -- races in the summertime south and and kids is one action you know that's that's like you generally like -- -- -- in the airline. On the leasing agency in Macon Hawkins called atom and whatever -- but as far as fishing goes at the U devices that on eat eat you wanna have fast action. You wanna have something take on the need in -- You know units and the birds and oh. And -- receivers and when you're in the -- we got to stop and fish but at that. Even at their tenants not instrument there and -- like stale but but it's stuff by adding -- -- and I think it truly great advice are you listening to let them more outdoors. Three WL case she did not see it you know via the slide Al Fisher. Was destroyed about like maybe three months after it was opened by yeah by hurricane guys seek enforcement people -- all time to let officials appear before -- destroyed. It's been being repaired ever since then but it looks like. The light is at the end of the tunnel looks like the other -- appears an open January 11. From the reports I've gotten from saint Tammany parish you know soft opening that day. It won't be the official grand opening the people will be able access appear beginning began in January 11 and you know coming up we've got -- some reactionary you know the that that particular. Easterly pot street area as a good good run of a -- -- -- in April and may salon. That's that's that's good news certainly on that front that -- that they would bid appears naturally beautiful willfully abuse is Purdue is it was before the damage. Also one -- let people though about the about snares using snares for hogs -- coyotes in. And -- will we have Bayer's in the last few weeks. For bears have been caught in snares. You know most -- -- an audience is note note not too many -- in the -- don't know there was one that was on the -- trees just a couple of years ago bullet. You know if if if you are trapper and I -- years. Keep in mind. Finally Jesus snares to to -- the laws and duties because of the risk of catching bears Don talked earlier about a another bear that was shot and you know that's Ali's always human and there rationally and grow as we -- As a bear population TDs three now which is truly do well and I tell you what it's and knows sector robber bar. Atom part while the fisheries. Has said that he would like. Before his term is over -- CAA actual bear hunting season and in Louisiana it would not that far from it. On bear population rebounded very very well so hopefully that continues hopefully. These idiots out there who -- identified targets targets that -- issued -- and accidentally -- bear award the ones ages one vote as you'd bidders there. Hopefully that that season as a and his people in Boston put them. Anyway we've been talking all more about the Arctic frigid Arctic blast has come in this week cold is what we've had many years. And it looks like the added that the brunt of the cold beer on Monday and Tuesday those days. Coincidentally have actually horrible time arranges so I don't be fish and and bullets it looks like this week and it's actually going to be some decent fish and whether. Get southeast Wednesday five to ten in the beautiful fish and he today water levels of rebounded throughout the Mars. A tech most of -- -- more water temperatures and anywhere from committed to its upper forties very very cold. -- until those flats warmup in the Japanese product -- be -- -- only by eight but I've really really think we had this Verizon time. This afternoon those flat to warm up but in the specs will be bite on the flats I will not be efficient today got some honey do you take care of and definitely -- be. Set in place to watch the the saints game tonight hopefully -- take care of business against Eagles let them will be fishing today but I tell you I really wish I -- I think the afternoon by today's going to be fantastic. Tomorrow should be a decent bite as well and he nearly as cold tonight as it's been. That's some west winds tomorrow which general I hate but they're not -- strong. Hopefully get out there and catch some fish before the followed it. -- stomp on March I think target date tomorrow but doing off the -- water early -- come through sometimes more afternoon and it's gonna get really really nasty at that. Wins on Mondale being shortly 25 to thirty -- not switches. But thirtieth 35 miles per hour Tuesday a crazy day. Hi into as those -- those 38 degrees on Monday so -- on the water that's gonna feel like it's I don't know 25 assessment -- feel awful. Don't want official Monday they'll official on Tuesday but it says in -- -- good news is. -- to issue quickly to the east wins on Tuesday northeast 125 knots. Wednesday south east. Fifteen it's -- return flow beginning on Wednesday. Night temperatures close to one month pretty good by the end of the week and hopefully we'll have a much better. Weekend next week and you know weekends lately have been really really crummy day is actually a decent -- first point and while Sola. Hopefully get to fix and today and it is hunkered down in that order from a all these hurricane hawk down this week. They'll go on the waters stay home by a fire that work would have yet to do in. And save Europe keep your powder dry on that for a for now keep your powder dry and keep your -- as for next. I'm next weekend and conditions of the old Todd mass on Don -- is on vacation. In east Texas the land of the Portland FL teams and the Houston Texans and the Dallas cowgirls. Hopefully will be -- -- Cuba to victory tonight in frigid Chile. Philadelphia I don't know that they -- yesterday telling -- that awful awful weather. Yesterday be even better the plate Smart fuel and a whole lot warmer and a it would on the -- split when it's cold but of the we'll see saint to the better team they should take this -- And does booby prize -- to go play in Seattle but tumbles anyway were talking about it -- and to help Tuesday that yet John McQueen John how are you this morning. Third quarter. -- a -- great John you know we've been talking all morning about this. As a relief frigid Arctic blast its common. This week and it's gonna shut things now for awhile but. In that area you like a fish is that you -- do that march in you know -- typically used on the year -- and beautiful fish and office with you last year Ryder honest. Our -- fish do and it's something that really not a lot of people do that's efficient ditches in the march. Is that the same pattern you've been even -- and this year alike. Not normally the yeah. You know bill last year the way. All the though. Will be warmer. We pride about Matt and our people. The canal. And the Cold -- way some. Original bottom. Dictate into water. Basically threatened to go. That was not comparable. Or put dips to hear other and they can about you know -- the side that all will cheer not. They're but he doesn't ensure of course -- -- on. And they can about. It's a lot of pitches so and maybe he didn't know it's I don't. Know. Double -- and a prelude to -- status but you know the war. You know it's been. So called -- on. You know not a pretty even at 240 -- universal this year. In and we would just been. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you know what oh what a crazy -- winner it hasn't been this cold in many many years that's for sure at least not this consistently called. You know John you eat you mentioned units in the dead ends and in the deeper canals. Well what's been the pattern those areas you just kind of cast and on to the middle and let your baseball to the at the bottom and slow rolled back cola. -- blow things up here it is. Every every year's different last year the grid pattern. And even. Where it was earlier. Warmer water. Naturally Warren. Did he retrieve. Does -- and not make and -- open. Are down there this year even with the billion you know much colder. Brooklyn speaking even even colder -- -- a lot of people think you know currently written by the at all. -- -- -- -- No on -- while the Colbert do aids. In the justice what was going worry you don't try everything in just a property you know. -- Two weeks ago that coworker. Billion what are could be. If they go back to you retrieve. Probably -- next week. Of a -- -- The pattern of the -- oracle. You couple days ago. Are always looking to move well. -- how cold it is. Just. And some actually speak well looking to move him to show caller. The first or last this. -- on Tuesday in when I got there or work controls where trees. In in getting people who arguably you know -- back. On the backs. Orbiter -- just a little bit. Too pretty or so ago. It and you know. You know -- promoter wouldn't. The kearsarge in the -- -- I had you know what it's about. Where. In that's just -- in the other. That will trigger and you know. -- you know two degrees from the court you know that would cheer its weakest unit that this and to degrees. War last year. That we're looking to move. And -- -- to -- -- -- people in my movement and so close quote that creep on the bought. The million units and trying different things and yet that's that's that's so important particularly this time a year I know from an oak river trip that we may we talked about it. In the last hour made the trip by OC nine days ago announced on Thursday and we had a falling tied the fish bit on a slow slow slow steady retrieval we got up to around. I don't know 92 fish or something like that we had just a few left to go to catch on limits and the that I died the -- stop while -- was dead and that water started rise and after it started rise in the fish wanted the Delors -- just a little bit just not a time -- just a little bit AV AV steady retreat. A you catch one may be every eight cast but if you hot digital will be -- to a bite and almost every cast so. You know definitely it does make a difference I don't know why does but of a tried different tag and he settled deathly paid dividends this Tommy you have to win those fish are stacked up and -- the polls. A presentation to be very very important when John what how heavy it Jake get even throwing -- what will kind of Bates and we'll collars. Has been a quarter of it. In. You know up local structures. Pretty much indebted to them do it there. -- little to -- on chain stole the tour bill most vocal ability. -- Well and -- Paladin -- a different sort. More content thing you know -- Are shattering. Your clocks or throwing. What what things -- down to his. Yeah a -- start the year but he you know people people know what it's just all while people around and returning it and good. Yeah it doesn't do it doesn't do it did get so worked up over to close to you or over water or whether it works. I'm a big stickler about not. And at all you all slept. In always you know trying to run public order -- from a group. The burden and paying more in. Usually where a few minutes from there so you know those details. More clear line up and -- right so where does not absorb. -- -- in a go by -- all important. But he. A lot over the lot. A condition to June -- a lot of boat traffic. Or maybe -- deep -- or -- you know you know the whole vote begin in. You know -- the group wrote Michael -- Yeah yeah I think you're probably right I think it's I think it's a matter of -- deep enough in my opinion you know those those fish down at that level probably I don't pay as much attention in in and besides that. They can't really leave for the kind of locked in a kind of stuck and they have to stay there at eight. Honesty -- coming in front of a movement really really slowly -- private Eaton -- and weeks and and it -- they're just gonna hit it and you know we fist the tank battery canal on I don't know what they may be Monday of this week and well I tell you what it was jam packed with -- there and looked and look a lot like Seabrook in the old days -- -- -- -- -- -- -- boats and that's kind of how it is going to be this this Tommy's got to he's got a tolerate you put up with that doesn't mean you should be disparity is as. An -- should definitely always stay more than a castaway. From other people you shouldn't impede a cast at all and actually the other day and he. Thank Barry canals a bit of -- -- in as a guy really candidates opened stupidest people look I don't want to do. You know it is to pass right between two boats and and set up shop where he should -- but anyway he got to remain courteous but. But yet you know it is going to be people face on top of each other and if you if you are caught -- -- -- like that and you can have -- this Chinese community -- -- to get out there denying it and go find your own affairs. It's an urban and it is not a -- true promote sport. Given a few minutes and distinctively people. Often -- Went like that happens in you know the they ruin their third day. So when the person with the current crew. You know just. -- -- -- -- You know. They -- you're still. And you know than to. It's simply go to those people who work. -- do two. About you know and don't live in. Right what John and you pay really really close attention to you gear. And that this time a year an under an underrated aspect of you gear in July and what -- -- you and you kind of like the fish Seattle light motto do you like the other parade -- -- Although more than a lot. From well. Done it from the year -- Our a world record or then followed her you know her record he all and then the whole problem. -- hobble around. He you do is keep our appeal physically quite like Bravo and all around. -- -- -- Incorporated. You're over you know light that light -- -- motto. Where are currently in he won't retire. -- to about you know over there -- anyway go to war jury -- You target. He should be up there. Yup good advice no doubt I'm -- in the other camp out I'm a brave guy but that is no question about it there at times. Debris will cost you -- with those with a -- miles speckled Trout. The compensate like the throw medium light rides is too -- to gamble more wiggle but. Well John good stuff man thanks for joining us is more appreciated than you -- -- trip and there's interest plan this week you get stay warm. But certainly. Or whoever. Where are some more about. Oh. We -- years where -- they truly do. For so we last year we never -- that. You know -- -- grew out. Vocal leader. Byrd and accretive to be so cold world we have there there he should of course the goal of an app users. Ever know what you know if you've been good but you're on. Our doors -- street. The LOC a will be concerned about this -- -- -- -- -- doesn't does cause and he kills but you know polls say is -- we can do about it anyway what -- gets up have a great weekend of for an hour -- Todd Nassau dot -- give you just on and this is vacation in beautiful sunny east Texas as a really beautiful I don't know not my opinion but anyway. We're here in the studio let three WL and talked in Huntington fission and -- and is now is Tom Mormon. Director of operations for at -- southern region Tom how are you this morning. Good morning plowed under and very happy. I -- yes same to you I imagine it's cold out where you largest site is down here -- Here at twenty degrees like more of. Berg that's typical for me -- Tom -- -- In additional work if we do you you're also an avid duck hunter how would you duck season on. Well. It's tense body I've -- actually ban applies its been around over Arkansas this year on the naked. 93 day trip or leopard trip will be very -- -- And unfortunately my second trip now to. -- -- on his -- very well very hurtful. But we ended and so on birds just. And found they were not program actually and. Right I guess a moral of that story is don't take Thomas again. Or a half and -- Tom what what are you here in the across a continent how is the season been. I know down here in south Louisiana and we had high hopes really really good habitat down here. You know no tropical weather this year to kill our sub aquatic vegetation. Obviously it's been a very cold winner but but the -- just. Haven't seen too -- it is filled a part of the deal with woody woody here across the continent. You don't I think it's been pretty geared for the most part population really are solid and in. And it that -- sometimes innocent and you don't but overall it's been pretty consistent at a pretty good sharper. Folks up and down while away from saying that the -- result -- on the coached. -- hanging out here that you -- down on the terrorists. And seek some of the serving promotions that one's got each -- -- it bit. -- Leader like this you really expect -- beat down on the Christian. If -- -- the and they must be a little bit further course. There is so well today it is now a lot of water in and Arkansas -- -- worker program that. -- -- -- This should be more peacefully you know that's. Jack it'll merge. -- the your -- during international well coached -- predictable and they're not players it's a little puzzled many. Right you know things have gotten better down here in the in the second split the first play it was really really bad for the most part lot of blowing -- were killed in the first split. You know they obviously were here for the September season -- field at all until maybe mid October so. Of its second split a lot of -- lawsuit you know obviously you play that are going to be you know that's that's our -- ducked down you know. But. You know. As far as conditions go you know we've got this this big aren't blast coming. It's going to be years. -- maariv thing again as part -- -- part of the world. Do you think that's gonna you know you mentioned water up and Arkansas northeast Louisiana even into you know Mississippi that are you think. You think that'll that'll freeze up and kind of force on these dust down here is that is that overblown. Well it'll push. You know what -- water out of its banks and brokerage. That's being what they are thick coal plants -- plants today. Seven days. -- -- able to sit pretty tight. They'll have a water because floodwaters -- movement and all that timber country you know confidently -- -- blue water should. Most of the Mallard will sit tight. Some gambles. He seal things like that might need -- bit. Also and he could pick up chamber and it's just you know apart saying when we get conditions. In the sick ego in the way -- It would take Andy. Major free and we might get it you know there's a mile oval -- but there were outraged. Try to on the -- in England submerged but that's a pretty tough. They can attack Europe about seven days even without the net during good shape the production. Now our concern for about seven days before government committed somewhere. Right and obviously yeah this this weather is not gonna last anywhere near that long everything I look at says. -- particularly down here in south Louisiana we -- the in the sixties by the end of the week so I think -- -- really quickly in net and you know things probably if they do frees up by north of -- -- -- and stay frozen to law. -- other properties. And -- -- now but the question. Won't be alone and I think you're right based on four -- look at chuck organs and worrying ten trojans -- attention she's been our control. It -- -- next -- Serbia that we all Mexico when that happens -- and now that people mention. They're back at -- But there what she he may not you know sometimes it still holds the world city it's just mainly need to go to ground. Right no -- neo Tom down here those theories kind of develop you know we we hunters and and fisherman like to come opened -- theories to explain what we're seeing. -- anecdotally and and down here it's gotten pretty widespread that that people feel like. Our ducks of trying to change their patterns you know we fed. Several years of of bad tropical weather that is that is his hidden you know September we've had really really lush. Some aquatic vegetation that has been wiped out man it seems like every September almost since Katrina. This is kind of the first year we've had exceptional conditions heading into the season. A lot of people are saying that. Ducks the -- to change their patterns that you maybe maybe the young ducks over the years haven't learned to like to comment to southeast Louisiana. Haven't talked about it parents and and now the -- kind of shifted their patterns a bit desire is there any plausibility to that alike. Well. And start with. The migration. Young. Most people are a little noticed but not don't migrate. -- Oh on the little things Cirque bar on the urgent ball there or her typically long ago. Greg should certainly go on and the team usually -- global Irwin another. And so low that things are on there and that they. And so they're migration has driven by instincts and -- and that's kind of -- so we can hopefully. So -- and bird the bird like. In -- stopped short is not going to be leaders and other car. Now -- it is but like -- India and careers for a long line generally -- the term and it's a fly away. It and all pollster mark those content to habitat so it's still loses. And so word emerged. -- I attend any. Of the series not completely off place. But it may now -- -- result of that short term and packs so much as long term impact. And that -- really hard thing even if you live down there. It's hard to see this happen in some ways you know it it's not. Our modeling efforts are also Louisiana suggests it. Compared to 1970s. -- cultural Mark Warner have the capacity when it. About three -- or go to. And so right there. Well something done and of course you know that's in control of America and what's up it is those -- are deteriorating. -- any you know in his single years in my things at stake the long term trend Israel that concerns me that your which should concern. The law political march. Others point at which it bakery. And that each start to see. Earmark or murky and your dad urging people. And so that would be achieved parliament that far down there be. Dialing -- -- really worry about uses this long term print extra beer. -- restoration estimate for investment for pretty significantly a pretty big scale. And put conditions back to the point where. We sustained at war with. You know that it was there that he -- in -- and in a single year you might -- -- If you have and since two or three year. For conditions because -- forms. In that's exacerbated -- long term trend of declining amateur here at saint. Possible that you're seeing your burst out there because there. And so then it becomes question what we do about it he and that comes in feasible local church and play any effort. You know we think we take for instance that you tell bill what they're stripped down there missed about. That your your year in year round results. If you probable multiple partners. Interestingly enough that there weren't even uttered a word that money -- it's. Remarkable core of the matter. So account and -- and -- peacefully in for instance which is again out again. Condition back. -- one of the ways it's likely to be there are those large scale for more diversions and others are on the controversial. Will work on the -- And and Egypt and some of the country's concerns. Pianist and content to be a couple of -- vehicle -- action will not only deal. The war benefits but it will also deal with things like course -- prediction patriots -- church. Service. We see -- actually large scale diversions. And for being pulled from store conditions for all the credentials are not just not just -- and he. That's -- -- think that's -- -- long term. In the compromise and turned away. Earlier today the end of the day will mean -- attempt at a law stepped on -- launched. -- and that ultimately will be losses in the markets continued to deteriorate. Think -- -- But the longer the year. In and you know difficult difficult discussions and challenge corporation will get -- get better coached. Too important to -- Did you no doubt about it on the actually speak my language party game and we actually have to do something and it's we're already lead in the game no question about it and you know I approach a more from the from the fishing angles than the other in the dark funny angle it simply because as four month nationalized but it. You know it's it's it's heartbreaking every time I -- to -- -- -- our breaking everybody down here in south Louisiana's about it no we talk mentally too long it's time to let on Tuesday -- -- in time you know. Do you have noticed a definite change in the organization they. Kind of an emphasis on what we talked about going to break and that's -- that's coastal Louisiana and and the importance of it and the habitat throughout this throughout this Gulf Coast region. But it's not the the only area in need of some help -- obviously. A lot of good things are going on on the on the prairies of breeding grounds but there's a whole lot of bad things aren't as well particularly with. With crops. On kind of degrading these these wetlands have. He. You know -- found the perfect storm on the bird count. It's anybody's paying attention cities and energy policy in the United States there's -- little thing called at all and produced Barkley from -- So -- -- ancient. Corners culture into the party support up in particular. Nor can. Problem in the law so a lot of native -- native actually -- people like what it mean well. The native grasslands. And it really cut him these small well one and so their perfect war for oil production and tea. And we're seeing in law who's. Great to see restriction per year which is pretty substantial. Doesn't sound like a lot when he -- man -- and -- marriage. Certainly saw it 2000 acres are easier and -- That means so that means something -- harsh. And I'm not beaten a finger in -- culture of the farmers out there published June. What they sit down astronomy political money and a -- market in commodities are. So what its operations solution plant -- -- couple. We want to be secured in pants and strong arm real strong conservation provisions. Conservation reserve program been important. But it featuring -- for -- many years now. Excess Ruble and at a production -- branch. On quite well. And this program needs to be able to compete with these commodity prices mean that. Dickey technical here farmers get real for him to change to compete with what -- confirm if there's -- in production. So we're looking stroke outrage and battles in the farm bill were hopeful that our -- -- This month actually that's in our approach in Washington DC you know. Most of the difficult. Conference in part is not about the contradiction. -- about. Tickled. Hatred should assistance programs. So they reject those were hopeful. Across the border into Canada. Corners cultures and less of -- if she got there we what incurring. The issue either natural mall in what protection candidate. So or restriction so there and focus more along what arbitration. Ian and then -- vote. The border we have unique effort under way in -- are reduced winter wheat. One early Easter anyway so quick about it from what you expected that we explain it didn't fall. It terminates. And the following spraying there greed it's sixteen page match or read. The extra. The election. If you compare that interest was sparingly. Now -- -- -- inspiring and harvested. And -- That it has worked in about the time that start next. In total honesty destroyed in spurring production won't be destroyed when we production. -- -- -- an effort underway. And work pretty big scales we purchase grow nationally in the east that. Actually -- we help which wallets -- sparked some of their money. Money basically. Does in the background there to save par commercial. Illegally earn that degree. -- -- -- -- So -- of things that are there are -- -- on the Perry's. Porsche and these patch or the error. Since 1930. Charted. -- continues to beat the stated because key urban. Where all of this sort of. You know obviously down here were much. A closer to the coastal concerns but it you know it doesn't matter as you mentioned it at the don't have baby ducks. I -- that they're not gonna fly down here so you know I I had a good fortune and a few years ago. Applauding the breeding grounds and you know it's it's wanting to to speak about the erratically and as -- Derrek Lee with. To actually get up there get on the ground and NC with you guys what what is out there how incredibly incredibly beautiful it is productive it is. I'd just give you a different appreciation for -- you know. Tripped up to the breeding grounds are actually not all that expensive thing dock owners out there listening and he duffel deal would make it make it a pilgrimage -- in in in -- lately we will be greatly aided. Save optimal health well worth it put them. In a top holiday -- you know this year. And I mention it to and in the first segment we had a really really late blue winged -- flight down here it didn't didn't happen until mid October. I don't remember a September season that was quite that bad I know that the link -- numbers were down a little bit from last year but still. They were relatively high compared to long term average what happened -- those what has blue wings fly and -- so late. Yet the couple things sort of war against the migration. Charter your current -- population has reached record levels. The number. Second only to Mallard actually normal -- rates exceed our church. He think about it doesn't seem making sense what do we have such -- and guilty and. A couple things work against -- Last year. The courage and there are really really late sparring. And so nesting got started really lately that would link next to -- at. So that impact was bro what a little less important than that but also of the really really mild fall. And city combine the two little bit of a late starter with an early late fall on those bird lingered on your person wrong -- I had friends and have a lot of friends propaganda. And folks there that she -- -- You know -- and -- which is literally in the usual. Thought they -- is at a unique late. Fall. Warm fall out there. You know rulings lingered and then when they finally did get pushed out in October quote essential for our people home and think -- Just you know one of those oddities about her -- -- -- sometimes the traditions don't come together the ball well. And August and September when we -- continued. At least for content and so I think that's really the issue. Well you know we we -- all person at September when you're here but we're all quite grateful enough and in -- liberal in the the first little Panetta who arguably -- to have a whole lot of lot of big -- especially SL is a lot of a lot of days wrestlers on you'll Tom. Really really good stuff in I know you guys that the EU manages to and tremendous work in a lot of that is reported. On your website which is docs dot org lots of great information on the site about migrations. Just -- biology etc. People who go there too good to get more information of course we get the -- -- do you banquets down here at south Louisiana always popular a lot of on. To a -- and we appreciate join us this morning and I think now Tom if I'm not mistaken you have to go to -- dance and Christmas decorations and. They're here unfortunately I got -- honey do list that that the top. Looks purple -- down -- -- I hope -- -- you know until about me but I definitely our go to work. Yeah you do oh -- you can say on the phone you like -- never know I would hate to gut their symbol to -- all 120 tease out a little chilly. They -- -- -- will be our means don't do would be to work. -- all right Tom thanks so much. -- -- That was Tom Gorman director of operations for -- southern region joined this on more doors and -- a BL. Todd -- on sitting -- for -- -- quiz time ago two hours went so quickly. I tell you what if you are sitting at home right now debating whether or not go fish and today. Goldfish and I really think this is going to be good afternoon. Bundle up it's going to be cold that water even though the high temperatures in south Louisiana is supposed to be -- not ups aren't low sixty today. Opera sixties would be nice but that low sixties today. Hook of the -- fission and pay if you don't have a boat goldfish dilute for a between shell beach in -- dale stacked up of the red fish if you miss the first hour. Run -- -- -- talking about that incredible by eight go to camp those arena asked for Robby. Tell on you hurting this morning you wanna know what to do where to go we'll -- exactly did you only -- -- it's antique beds. It's and that strip annual catch all the -- the issue one remember though you can only legally keep five per person. Taking kids go -- out there it's. Almost like fish and -- respond for free and it's greed and Sula. Thanks so much for joining us today time mass Austin if -- Don Dubuque gotta be back next week he listened to more outdoors on three WL.

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