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01-04 12:10 PM Saints Saturday

Jan 4, 2014|

WWL's Deke Belavia, Bobby Hebert and T-Bob Hebert discuss the Saints vs. Eagles Wildcard playoff game with WWL callers and Sal Paolantonio of ESPN.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon and welcome auto all saints' coverage continues here on Saints radio WW LA NF NN dot com as we are counting it down a all day long debate tonight in prime time on the Philadelphia Eagles -- to the NFC east in attaining our New Orleans Saints we were a 3536 holiday drive in Algiers at bat and our State Farm Insurance agency will be 3 in this evening. And that's land -- the Thomas since the court will be Manning's. Both fans. First they coming up in this -- one of the best in the business Philadelphia based report -- ESPN you see him all over the -- the last 48 hours south palette to O'Neal. What -- it was a take all the Philadelphia Eagles. Think that -- for a Chris Gamble we would with the it was his take as he continues to get ready. For tonight's matchup we'll talk to Zach Berman who covered the Eagles for the Philadelphia enquirer and also take a look at Monday's national championship game as the SEC. Almost. Twice in the big both but last night. Missouri it comeback and defeat Oklahoma State in the Cotton Bowl Bryant Matthews senior right info Auburn on the covered doc probably what is. And -- man felt who cope with the Florida State Seminoles the OC all of 24 sevenths sports. Dot com will be with us as well this is our gain vacate the candidate and a Pete in creepy because you -- break game now for so long but we wanna hear from the fans give us your prediction 504260. 1878038668890. Rates and the the Saints six playoff game on the road bit or -- the last -- become very close. 4136. At Seattle and -- all 3632. At San Francisco most recently. Two playoffs ago eleven season twelve playoffs but we won't give you fans give -- -- take. You can Texas at 87 -- any emails up. Big chief at WWL. Dot com along with -- eight bans happy that of the it was thought but now I'm younger a bad. T about. You've been it's a big game for four. What -- what are some of the players they -- about and what is some of that element fact that you think he's going to demand they try to block now. It yet and also I wrote the coldest game I mean that that's that's the fickle this game I've played was the Little League one all it's a -- little while vs about it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And all of the studies to eight years old and he gets his hand smashed it as it looked like maybe you broke his hand. And I like you know we need you Bob Mike Cameron Heyward all of that is hands all swollen like it seems shivered and -- And and if it was like 37 degrees and raining not cold enough to know. But when it. And here's the -- hand all swarm Arco. And I'm squeezing -- and he's kind of a one hour and all that kind of stuff fanatical well. It might be broken I don't look that looked like a major fracture and -- instead outlets it it and I'm saying. You wanna play football this is the way it is inept at it and if you hurt I don't you know you don't wanna go back yet understand. But I think this is football and to his credit he bobbled back in. We actually -- -- so which ball plays that and a fullback now continues to every so that's ever I don't know about the. Wildcat history valid but honestly what does it take out of that you you I'm not saying you're not hurt. But you know it ought to be there right now you can be hurt after the game that I don't hear it it. If you can't play it it's just the pain tolerance thing. I think it's it's important for players -- on the yep members teammates now as far as weather goes. I don't have much experience in that cold weather games I can't speak to that. But I can't got to speak to your whole season being on the line in the intensity. Of the game like this I think it's important. Not to get too excited pregame about it Q in your own and try to stay calm keep you know. Keep focused on the game plan what you got do you visualize. Success visualize. The game. Positive outcomes in the and when you finally go to kick it off man it's time to let go it's time to fly around and have some fun. Just going to be a ball in NC game hostile environment one guy I'm keeping an eye on. It's of course left tackle Ron -- it now later in his third start. Why didn't necessarily agree with them -- when they've made it they obviously. Thought that it was gonna get the best chance to win and with that in mind starting him that Carolina game. Looks like a pretty good -- now just for the fact that he got and that experience in a hostile environment. With everything on the line against definitely rusher and Greg Hardy and if you look from the first -- second half decade but is much better. Sick and that he's gonna have hands full -- cold today. And it -- callers name against them bases when you know caller on the line in Spain and they get the job yeah. So you don't wanna be him on a roll calls there. Were all of a sudden you know he's struggling against Caroline in -- pretty good against Tampa Bay and that he struggles against Trent Cole. I guarantee yet. Trent Cole is going to be talking smack him -- to talk -- back from the whole game you know you nobody -- background. You know this like golden Arkansas winding up. I think it just trying to get in it is had been one they got it say. Is that this it. Cold is cold but there are different miserables as four is Cole. -- -- We just six seed not the fifth seed. It would have to go -- to Lambeau Field and a frozen tundra now my understanding and we go look at this when it comes about. But the way to 49ers are structured. Stout linemen all of it to be at the line they can run the ball and he beat the Packers three straight games. I think you have a great chant. To quote the green got it paper Riders -- play it. I think it gets land up up that the 49ers win. When you look at Coke gave it beginning to comprehend this in the deep south Louisiana. We keep talking about like. Might is degrees and then minus wind chill factor. And I talked about is the coldest game ever played enough late when it snowed in Buffalo and Indy and New England. I remember a play and the Patriots. And you know it's probably low 20s22 degrees wind kill. But probably like thirteen of fourteen in. But the Patriots thought they -- only -- what three people like 313 left -- all -- went through a screen pass that down here and a half and never get three touchdown passes but. The coldest game ever played was actually my senior year in high school when Monroe gets much at all. It was eighteen degrees in the wind chill was like nine out of semifinal high school playoff game. We look at it the -- who might eventually see I was telling the -- that I think. You look at the eyes full house and third grade I was such a Packers fan. My next door neighbor -- dealt each rules was a Cowboys fan I would like back before. Bart Starr it's the quarterback sneak and the Packers went. I was so stressed that game had a migraine headache and an like got the visit like he'll -- with the Packers won now my understanding. Actual temperature. That was the coldest game in NFL history history when you look at actually wind chill went to San Diego Chargers. With the Cincinnati. -- with dead files and out now if you've talked about this it was like -- let's say eighty. 85 degree swing. Good bad that -- K -- that they carry killing Kellen Winslow. All of the field when the big happy that dollar salary left I'll probably the Chargers beat the Dolphins nothing got to go to Cincinnati. That was actually I think the coldest -- jail while I think the San Francisco Green Bay. Might be the coldest actually temperature. And wind -- Frostbite. All of that. I mean that that that's when as a as a player. That's ridiculous it just goes to show you that it can't be. Gold is really too cold. And to be interested to see what's gonna go about this Super Bowl I just told there's a blizzard and -- Barrett is the NFL that it that political back to New York. We just thought I kind of let that back tied the game and that atmosphere. All right that's about -- antibody bad Deke Bellavia we look at it out to the Saints in the Eagles. -- at 36 to 353536. Holiday drive mentality is it -- and our State Farm Insurance agency. He ought Saints radio WW. Ought to be cold we've played in cold weather before you know get used to it you know we can't control the weather here we can go outside and practice on the grass but our guys bill would. Adapt that we've got a lot of players that you know played in cold climates and coach. Says coach sharp pain on the weather what am -- supposed to be in the mid to lower twenties out when not much of a factor of five miles per hour on a 10% chance participant. Precipitation welcome back -- can get out to the Saints and Eagles here on Saints radio WWL Bobbi bit -- Bobby -- And myself the ability to the -- to -- -- -- a matter affect him on Lyle -- Jim thank you for calling -- you -- -- well. They poppy -- you know. I gotta tell -- that it's it's no secret that you know. That and Drew Brees goes to team grows and and that's true probably an average NFL scene. You know when they're right -- for the past and seen the -- at Duke because I know her personally that's what we're. You know -- want to jump ahead everybody wants to get out in for a score -- it and you know team make them play catch up right. Think sometimes look through forces when -- we should take a field goal or maybe the ball or whatever in that cause. All of it out now turn over Lugo went out of doubt that's what he has to void. Early turnovers because then all of a sudden the crowd into the game in. You can't dig itself a hole on the road when you're down. Ten points you know a couple of touchdowns now it was unbelievable. That well in the seventh -- we were down seventeen points in the -- water and up winning became. But I think we've always been aggressive. And you know he -- drew goes so goes the team and and I see who's gonna go and get it done at the -- -- line please well. I think of -- it's a -- It is struggling. That then I think obviously stands to reason Drew Brees gonna struggle. But the only thing that I know look at a track record. And coach pay that well well aware of this you know when you're playing on the road obviously get off to a great start and I used the example of -- against Chicago in the Bears that they are rabid fans that they love their team they get it to the game. But if you remember at Chicago. It wasn't really. Hostile environment of -- and -- I would say noise where. You remember we jumped out on them a ten to zero and all of the first drive we end up kicking a 48 yard field goal Bob Hartley. Now we get scored the first drive -- we did -- last Sunday against Tampa Bay. So I think it's so important because well look at the track record when the State's lead after the first water. They did they win a well over 80% of the time they're like 41 in nine. It gets a look at -- -- the first quarter we're winning. At that Lucas they've got a great chance to win my own moral way it did you look at halftime. But as is ridiculous if we winning at halftime. The -- level -- 64 games and have only lost six top Doug about that when -- get halftime. But I'll tell you if the office supply. But we can weather the storm. It just keep the momentum at the beginning of the game. And out the bottom line is it that you could that you could charity -- but we go about that in the superdome I can recall. Was -- the 49ers gave a one game. But -- the game we're trying to set the record. Crowd as Carolina there's a first alternate -- Carolina we get the ball maybe a little over a minute in the first quarter. The fans were allowed without you get a chair for -- that the yeah if there's an up and I was out there's nothing. The chair so lot of say even though Philadelphia fans are rabid. You that they have to really do some but definitely cheer that's why would present that we -- neutral bedevil. From the get go but then that helps our communication will be trying to do offensively. All right let's go to. JD in New Orleans on line to JD thank you for -- say 3-D OW WL. You know. I know that you are. A lot of what -- down a bit and how it up a it will likely without being at we. At quarterback I'll get out there and -- up. You know that you really well I'll watch you all. They help amount option right now I think that that frustration -- -- -- and match. You know. A lot of -- -- out everybody else but the water and Brian. And I college -- acting he got the puck out there. Well the idea to do us part and you can count on not even one hand about two or three fingers since 2006 and that's been the case he goes Phillies sacked quarterback in the NFL since 2006. Right. Drew -- right now my putting I'm probably marital Bartoli of all all I meant in the Pro -- enemy EU PSU was that latins was brought it adds a lot that I would love. To play for a guy like Drew Brees and if you from a fan perspective say -- until long ball -- -- well you like. Watching those deep routes develop outfield do you like the deep balls like big plays and -- you at. To hold it -- for a little longer but more the majority you know. Drew Brees -- get that ball out of his hands as fast as anybody in the league. He's gotten multiple alignment paid. Got them Robles he can make it good guy it was great okay got looked good I just 8000 lives in the last thing I would complain about would be degree. Snow and I was actually yeah I'll tell you that they they know that -- reach a month -- try to tell you Drew Brees makes them better. And now it's. It's gonna put you in the best place seeding and have the right play -- -- can get called up the blitzes or you I did it and now you get Abbott I'll gain and he has human needs that's Superman and I'm telling there's. Two or three occasions that he even admitted. That I held the ball too long and but but that's few and far between. When you look it doesn't make sense not only is he the least sacked quarterback since 2006. Who you think has. The most complete it's a plus 25 yards his 2006. Well breeze at he's no Bobby got all the ball the terrible -- -- -- -- that that isn't an extension -- that people aren't as magically know that you can't snap it. And they just though it thirty yards down. Field and expect somebody -- This is the third post season meeting between these two and then ninth to play out Cincinnati three the -- -- -- 36 supporting in the dome and 07 that's almost six well the Saints beat the heat with 27 point for the divisional round. To go to the NFC championship this is the third meeting have a the first. On off Philadelphia turf tonight at Lincoln Financial Field in the city of brotherly -- comeback -- the Morey calls but one of the best in the business the tell us about his perspective Sal pal Antonio. Johnson studied abilities that -- -- -- -- -- it's not a person who voted on and south. -- the system. He's familiar with -- would he was very successful with the organ he's applied to his talent -- Philadelphia and I think the first sign of good coaching is taken the pieces you have and building a system around that I think he's done extremely well. Saints coach Sean Payton on first year head football coach in the National Football League locked -- successful coach at that pipeline of talent to run and are at first it was go to a lot -- have been became the our. And -- directed bargaining Chip Kelly took over it continue to respond to another level lose the national championship thirty years ago and now. He is the head coach today Eagles had a number two office to the National Football League. When you look at -- this post season what's interesting is seven. All the top team teams' offense -- the National Football League in the post season the top five these chances in the NFL -- in the post season not want Seattle to Carolina. The recent today -- along with a five San Francisco only two teams in the entirely. Have two units that have both a top team in nobody's closes saint Cincinnati has a -- best offense the third best defense the -- -- not before. In both of those numbers that we talk about Bobby's keys yesterday that all online at WW dot com Bobby invasive the last -- we talk about. Just be who you all be with the numbers say you ought to double fault that the number forty minutes if you get the night. You move on to the second run well if you look at the Saints. And only ballclub right now in the top five. To be -- offensively and defensively. You know before both categories in the NFL. So yes this would be what you done throughout the season. Now you look at Chip Kelly. And you know I was one of those I don't know what has to do in the NFL right went I think he's really a sport courts coaches fours. Playing at a talent and utilizing the talent. That he has on the team. If yet the best running back in the NFL at shady McCoy. He was always in the conversation I'm not saying. That all I would take him every day. You know when they were young over Adrian Peterson. But he was always considered deadly top five not the top three. What you look this year it was Benedict shady McCoy and how we utilize the talent in the fold just goes to show you. That is not so much like having a running quarterback who would -- -- with this Eagles team is like the almost spread you out not necessarily to pass. But to run. Now I -- about. We -- look at Chip Kelly. This is impressive became the first rookie head coach in Eagles history. To win the division and its first year on the job now look at this just the second head coach since the 1970. AFL NFL merger to win a division title. So you're talking about not only in Eagles history of the NFL history all the studied the rookie head coach Andy -- division. That doesn't happen in the NFL yet now I definitely -- and it. Not the strongest of divisions my question use those with. These Chip Kelly alternates. They they they're so little emphasis on ball control they don't really care about time possession -- wanna get it get after it quick and they can't get in the -- but possible. So does that not played to the Saints and continuously giving the ball back to Drew Brees against what's the worst or the NFL's worst pass defense. I did I well feel that you've got to be huge advantages to it could breeze. Is gonna have a chance for that idea after that the gains almost guarantee he'd. To get a shot to make -- At that third down defense is Roland yet if you don't make third downs and you got to plug. We got to know that. They saw -- and it works out when you converting on third down and then. And obviously haven't big shot -- All right let's bring that element that we hold as Harold gaudy one of the best in the business you solve all over the -- this morning he's already on site of tonight's playing. Matchup between the Saints and he goes south -- -- you know from ESPN joins -- now I've -- as a third meeting between the Saints and Eagles in the post season. And interesting I think you know sometimes we see trades -- trade to work out good in high as it has worked out good. Philadelphia basically -- about last year to a guy that -- an awful lot of success that a friend task he would often he's the post season and the gather they brought in. He's -- now he's in the post season. -- your thoughts on what Chip Kelly has -- especially at a lot of people were down his team at the start of their first four games at home. All would afford -- they could they could win at home than they won their last full. Well you know how we -- in Philadelphia. Double Reid loses in Chip Kelly win would count on street that's all they care about depth and quality of play today. Now us Allah when I look at you know it you know you got at least if he wants and a while yes. Then announced that blow when I look at rob Bryant what he's you know done with the Saints it is truly amazing. And then and I said it's sold out and all their emphasis that coach of the year award. Are the old coordinator award but Rob Ryan. A slam dunk here we got the defense. Going from worst ever in NFL history to double fault or you can scoring defense only given up nineteen points. And that to me that he's gonna be. What did they do as far as with the Eagles make them earn their points that but I mean Bob -- I could I didn't realize this but. You look at the Eagles in the NFL first in rushing yards. Well over five yards and it can't first of plays of twenty plus yards in -- twenty plus yards. Touchdown that when he lets start so I might make the Eagles aren't there a point. Don't give up those three of four play drive for all of a sudden a you've given up those big leagues is I think that's kind of like -- the Eagles roll. And if Rob Ryan. Can -- be forced them to kick field goals instead of given up big touchdown I think that'll bode well for the think and and obviously the turnover ratio. I mean if that's we got to protect the football I just think -- thinks about it in the Eagles before even on the plus side but if we lose the turnover battle. No it doesn't. Doesn't obviously working at saint favor. Cause there's no question about an agreement it totally I think the key being. Into the -- points. Sean Payton and Drew Brees stressed and their team in the final couple of days. Or not a big game got to strike quickly. I got to turn the ball over on defense and they can't give away our offense is -- do those three things. They'll be virtually come in the fourth quarter. If they dole. They're gonna have a problem. I think you know that match up situation of this rob Rhein defense in the same age. Specifically. It is what Curtis walk and talk about two walks and that was and it's. We'll shall quarry is special back in a special system. That suits him well this is an -- supply and it's extremely athletic. -- -- get to the second level very quickly in her effectively. -- eliminate the first level almost instantly. And then it's up to the linebackers. And the the beast or rally to the football -- -- -- Q actually. You know he's a very good lateral corner is very good downhill runner he has great vision he has great running ability -- -- -- In terms of this quickness. Out of the costs. Soul. That is the -- BO was in fourth in points allowed currencies in yes. Haven't really -- to -- our offense like this that runs the ball like it's. And it's going to be very fast track animal he saw Mario. My recent not stand up here at Lincoln Financial Field I'll mark in his -- Your Chip Kelly Chip Kelly realized that this stadium at eleven day writing an hour's. Before the game he was out there checked in and make sure. At that track was nice and quick. Underneath that -- could we get nine -- is still two days. He attack on the Leonard the groundskeeper here at Lincoln Financial Field on speed dial. And he's is that correct. And they were out there he was personally inspecting the field with only Leonard. At 11:30 this morning eastern and make sure that that's the fast track but it is of course. Was on the court and that's what this game comes down to for the Saints defense. Religion and not going to be chip like you know -- just not. He's not a very its third actually takes to any -- we all vote that. They do get some big plays but it's all set up by they're running. -- you know it's gotta go through McElroy. In this defense to rob rob Bryant has not faced the back like this or scheme like this and at the the issue. With ESPN's Sal pal Antonio hear -- sound off finally your thoughts on this on the night all these games this weekend all -- want a two and a half point spreads. The charges already -- biggest dog this weekend at 77 have given should take on the Saints and Eagles. I think people who currently in this game are -- -- -- actually pretty comfortably well lol. It's such a team that went on accent and it's one -- The Saints will score but he viewpoints on the road average. Eagles -- a couple times this year and given up more than 42 points. In the last ten games at all about it once. I think it's going to be very difficult for the Saints. To match the eagles' ability profits to go up and down on the field the Eagles all year long as I don't care Rob Ryan. Rex Ryan or body. All along the the Eagles if you gamble and in that you can eleven possessions. There again and again in the end zone on five or six so. So I just don't see the Saints being able to keep up in this game really don't like the Eagles -- -- point seven -- I got the Colts won't help the sheets blown now. I think San Diego is going to be Cincinnati. And I think Sampras Cisco will be the Packers. I think I might get down on that south south that I don't know if he has been at -- always a pleasure thank you so much of a man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Come -- out and dawn as we are here can't get down to the Saints and the Eagles 3536. Holiday drive and now ideas at -- and our State Farm Insurance agency here on. Saints radio WW. We play. In all different environment our road record. Since 06 is pretty good I think our road record since so nine's pretty good but I think it would have been better -- -- we've been awareness what's -- -- And you know we'll be ready. Coach Sean Payton and the team is kind of deflected the talk about not having success in the post season -- -- -- absolute Saints have one of the best road record since jumping around. In 06 even better note nine. But historically when you have not won a championship policy when you won a championship. It yet kind of subsides. But the Saints. They've haven't won a big. Playoff game on the road they get his sixth opportunity. Tonight -- take on the Philadelphia Eagles Hammond took follow on line to -- -- thank you for calling WW well. I -- there are guys are right there waivers. And would perhaps not that filled out your football that they're OK they're they're doing it no huddle. Like it did against Watson and first game. I hope I hope we weren't useful it's out of -- -- per game defeat. Which although it would move that ball bam bam bam. But -- bit at the Redskins beat -- sucked that they're about like the Cowboys are terrible and -- had -- meeting Roger Goodell Campanella 35 points in the first hand. Ago we were report -- we didn't ever watch film there that they've got to let us they're going to be fully prepared. A pitcher Sean Payton in the crew has gone to eat navigate through three times -- they have an idea. Of what they're expecting from Phil well I hate to say if shady McCoy gets off the saint and I gonna win actually. Yeah they're not look get a number one rushing attack a hundred six yards a game. Even they got a 12 punch him Bryce Brown. Where he's average of four point two yards a carry. No I think he'd be a big win if you could all of them are brought a hundred yards but it all of -- shady McCoy are receiving and running has 200 all purpose yards. Not that that doesn't bode well for the saint does that help nick polls. Beefy be successful throwing the ball the only thing I'll say about that is normally when a team can rush the ball that well. They wanna play ball control they wanna keep Drew Brees off the field right by holding all ball buildup is not gonna hold on ball -- yards to put up pointer. They're gonna score bats -- gonna even if they don't score they're gonna go three and out that. They're gonna be continually giving the ball back. To the states even even with. The great Eagles rushing that I don't think it necessarily had the same impact that other Russian I don't know. All of -- will take a complete game with this team hasn't played complete game. Any road trips this year so we'll see what happens at road trip number and I will continue allow a body AT&T but they've -- beat Bolivia where at bat and not State Farm Insurance agency. Going out on his way to 3 PM this evening. 3536 holiday drive -- Algiers on Saints -- WW and welcome back counted down to the Saints and the egos here audit WWR radio we are in Algiers. Right across the Crescent City connection at 3536 how to drive it -- is a bit and our State Farm Insurance -- ought to what they are taking good care of us it's almost like we're a part of that. Famine laid out a lot of food phones taken good care was he Bob a product -- hobbies are clinging to a think the sports zone right up the street at 3400 holiday drive announced he is a very we will come in the town -- And they brought us over some that loses points and that's yeah man or zone there or how they drive. In Algiers thinks that in the one big key obviously is the big guys in the big games. Is Saints coach Sean Payton deep by talking about what Jimmy Graham Saints that in me to the Saints often. Well he's big target and you know he's someone that. Understands leverage. You know obviously for basketball player but. The because -- -- make plays -- said so -- you know Brendan Steele who's a red red zone and -- except an outstanding season or no there's a lot of confidence. In his route tree it's a little bit maybe more expansive -- what would be conventional -- route tree but. You know he's he's playing well. -- and he's got some big numbers Bobby -- -- kind of almost been like I don't know this is fed up kinda Kevin Garnett analogy would Jimmy. He he he gets off -- like you know it's someone might have been like San but -- -- be tough -- court defense is. Tonight tonight because the money giving him yeah shows up big tonight. That's big taffeta sank both gators and it's a dollop officials are gonna called -- game you know they're there was talk about that coming back all right.

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