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01-04 1:10pm - Saints Saturday

Jan 4, 2014|

WWL's Deke Belavia, Bobby Hebert and T-Bob Hebert discuss the Saints vs. Eagles Wildcard playoff game with WWL callers and Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to our number two way on the way -- -- is across the west making a thirty fat 36 comedy drive it bad and our State Farm Insurance agency come on out and join us we -- Bought another 2 out of 3 o'clock that's on and -- the Thomas and Steve Cohen who will be. On Fulton street -- Manning the place to eat streak in -- he -- to sit for fans first take with talking about the Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles give a show predictions. Open like -- battle four to 601870. 038668890. Rates having all the numbers that get involved coming -- this hour we will hear from Christie -- Saints now that reporter who joins us. Not from Philadelphia act -- break -- apartment who covered the Eagles for the Philadelphia Inquirer. What Jonas as will the Philadelphia Eagles today at six champions at the NFC east start of the season -- it forward at that make it finished up. Four in oh the black and go eight you know at home. But three and five on the road in Los -- the -- road games. Against Seattle against Saint Louis and Carolina in two of those three basically convincing fashion. With lopsided losses at Seattle and Saint Louis Taiwan against Carolina. About a new anti about what you look down a strict New Orleans was cold all the road in Philadelphia. What's hot at home. Yet now that you look at the hostile environment I think Jeff Duncan. He did a lot of reserves did a pretty good piece on and what it's like to play in Philadelphia. And they will have some Saints fans there. And but it's almost as if you are a Saints fan. This would be almost a game where -- where neutral colors I think he got to where -- Eagles colors because you might get jump. And somebody. Might beat you Auburn hate you would -- bottle -- our batters you never know but that thing is the Philly fans got to be careful. Yet but but because the Phillies fans got to be fair careful because the NFL security. There having some there of security people. Dress up -- Saints jerseys. And going to sit in the stands. To see is somebody tried to start a fight I don't know which will happen. And there's no place that I've ever seen and I think they still have this an old veteran stadium they actually had a jail under the stadium. And so I think at Lincoln Financial Field actually have holding cells. That they -- arrest people all the time. Because they are truly a crazy. Then Jeff Doug went on to say if the Saints fans thought they were treated in hospitable you know on on the road playoff losses that Chicago. Seattle at San Francisco. With even added that there and felt they anti feared for their life. It's and friends so it's at a different level look at it. Bush granted Samper and they've had to step in and whatnot for it out of Tampa Bay Area a little -- what the radar. Wild but. Just looking out Philadelphia fans treat their own keys and then match and other gonna treat it he did that they're going to get I'll -- there did their part they think eight. The guys that are winning games or does that mobile what's gonna be seen in these guys that are dressed. In the secure air in the Saints gear that the NFL security guards that are are they need to be cheering for the safe like of doctors clear they get try to wrote people live. Well well well I can tell you. That if the Saints get off to a great start. And Eagles aren't playing well even though there in the -- that their fans will boo them. At that that period as Eagles Jay yet again you hope will be Eagles and and they won it tore me to -- temple booklet that and Jeff for our road this. In GQ magazine. GQ magazine that is is back at 2011. They named Philadelphia sports fans that meet his fans in America. Sony that bought that get a survey that -- demean us and that American I kind of stands to reason. Now if you look at you hear stories of fans. Throwing snowball that's -- you wanna get -- to smokers you can make. A heart snowball its eyes ball. And then all of a sudden that -- in the head I was three years ago it might not be at the end and at that but of the big guys -- -- if they're winning though is it that way out of batteries that J. D. Drew -- -- that let that snowball in batteries at a liquor bottles at players. And coaches that's all I'll just do your helmet on it's going to be cold anyway so keep your -- anyway -- -- games in Texas. I want to thank him calling WWR radio. -- right subject it. We can talk about. It right all. All of that it. But when you get all he's not at. All -- OK okay. Well. Yeah at school or. Try. To get okay here 00. Went out and I know. You know they got the temple. -- -- -- if they take part. Go out there aren't -- they're always going to be this argument. In an. Argument I'm strong on -- objective about. It. Yeah well I -- know that that's a great point I mean. I thought with the Seattle the first time we had to get off their great start and humanize the knowledge than you know drew gets hit the ball pops up when they scored that way it was overrated yet until saying that that that's accurate no way if week. Score on the first drive well what we'll have a minute momentum. And it'll be could apply where you kind of setting the tone and and I know is that although we did that last week against Tampa Bay. We scored the first -- we haven't done that this year and traditionally. On the coach Payton Drew Brees they've been unbelievable of first drive team. As far as getting points. Now before he scored their first touchdown against that debate. The last time we scored the first drive was that Chicago. Went that that early and Hartley kicked a forty yard field goal -- were updated zero so the fans really couldn't get it to the game. And that can be a hostile environment could this saint jumped on me I think it's all important. That from the get go. If we keep jump on the Eagles are really really any. Road team. Because you'll have got to communicate in a locals hand in hand and swagger and confidence in. Like I said early. When we lead after the first quarter you winning they went over eighty posted a time that -- that this home. Yeah it would seem to me that a fast start would almost be. The most critical part of deciding whether or not Saints are gonna win this game 10 at the talk about you know throw everything out the window come playoff time. One thing that I like about the Saints sixty. Is it eliminated all the uncertainty. -- how ever many weeks at the of the season last six weeks last five weeks every. Single Sunday or Monday we talk about okay well this happened to this happens -- gonna get this seed in the that there I have to gonna -- this happy -- on the now they know exactly. What they have to do they're gonna be on the road road trip to a ball is it to this Kubel is on the road you have to take up the mantle of road -- you -- You got to feel like you're at eighty enemy territory right and it starts the year your landing. In Philadelphia you're going into their Cassel. Think there will be tape here yeah yeah their money and outs -- in -- into the ground. Started aural tapestry Royals victory you have to be like getting this content and the models and that is going on the road. They just Livan on the road and they know the road like you have to I have to victory after victory in and that's it is kind of like almost I used this analogy and we have an explosive offense. Is -- -- World War II oh with determined that a literary. All of a side -- conquer up Poland. And upload and even know what the hell happened there it was like weeks it was a matter of days all of a sudden -- -- charged now with that to the Saints have to do. Get off to a great start. Said that called and then you have some confidence -- you go to that Seattle available worldwide not. It it's one game exactly sixty minutes -- very tangible. -- is that you control. What you're outcome and you know it's gonna break the only thing that that -- to convince myself because -- in the south and then obviously and I hate the cold weather. At that I'll think about think about this. Human nature -- your mind controls everything. I don't care how Cortes and it's -- -- Siskel players any McGreevey players are saying. Think about this you can do anything for three and a half I'll ask you all hey hey -- is that all of a sudden. That that that you have valley forge in a -- watch him have a go live and if it does whether we would freeze it up behind the all know it's three and a half hour yeah -- I environment that you're going to be miserable -- you get to get out there elements though it's mind over matter a lot of times and -- All right we're rookies -- you -- -- out to the Saints and Eagles here on Saints radio WW -- and welcome back where -- and our State Farm Insurance agency in our deal has gone out Jonas if about a ninety minutes 3536 holiday drive and -- do you back to the phone to go let's go to Greg on line one great thank you for calling WW well. I do your own. I won't say. -- now don't you comment about you know and on and he's been very in the the -- would've been his new page in. -- active on the what you got Marshall Field the same -- than it has been. Caught up -- would only be used to and I just optimistic about waiting and and hoping there. It's the way these ought to really cut people out. You brought it got to cut you beloved at the reason why depth perception is because they're 25 -- rushing team in into the everyone is suitable 2011 at the sixth best rushing attack. And so we truly keep keep keep it dissolve balance -- it has to be a great opportunity. For Mark Ingram to step up. -- no object outside playing. You know Mark Ingram he knows all of -- well enough now that. On third down he might it be asked not only be a part of the rob but the pass protect like Pierre -- so I think if you want to sit at home. And structurally. A simple law that is really rolling we got to run the ball better I mean. That is fine and dandy that -- group over 5000 yards but well but but that's been discourage it. Because you look at it and it -- could come back divide us and hopefully it's not the case. But if you -- during the season we averaged three point eight yards a carry as the team. And and then the opponent we given up four point six. Well you can just look at that has played the Eagles. And you look at shady McCoy. At what they've been able bottom point line yet there five point one yards a carry and -- only given up three point eight. So if we. Rushed for four and a half yards against the Eagles we accomplish -- something because -- be getting -- in the past and really teams that not run by high average against them. All right -- sat out what Christie -- a -- does now laughs from the city of brotherly -- Christian is closed he Bobby Vick gave you a first chance to sound off on sports each and every morning at. On thirteen 53 W out double covered the morning draft succeed him. Tune Manny and Chris are getting close to what have you guys head over to the stadium. All right we have Christian Christian. Is -- on base both -- the -- -- all right well. While to get christened setup will obviously know I've always get a lot of Tampa fans root on my team Tim thank you for calling WW well. Yeah I don't. Indeed -- we look at the other they keep coming out saying can't we can't think in win. Probably aren't in the added depth but -- when he making New England Patriots exactly -- -- Aren't -- they gain they gain weight and yeah the. No love or so ago you want on the road in Chicago or right kind of -- about yet but if you look cut New England count on it we Elmo holiday game. Unfolded down the stretch you make 11 down. You know they don't get the ball back and -- it in an -- -- the Patriots a better team in the Eagles. So I I mean what -- -- an artistic approach that and I just think it is common sense approach. That what all said and done. It is that we're better than the Eagles we're better now I'm not gonna be such a homer like will we win this game you gotta put Seattle. That would give up because I think Seattle's better. But then the Saints but you could beat a one game. But yeah that's part -- we play our game. And then and obviously don't lose the turnover battle. No will be -- we get a beat the Eagles actually believe that -- one thing we. Keep -- announcer out all over TV yell at radio whenever somebody talks those games same answer oh and five. In road playoff games you are right in their tires me Christian game trying to. Kick it around idea that's almost not a positive but it's bound to happen eventually. Yeah you can't lose him forever statistically yeah you gotta get one so why not start right here -- two Eagles team the same way. People wanna point out Saints bad losses -- -- -- -- -- rant about this eagle team have a lot of black marks in their record as well. Back to back losses at home. For the Cowboys and Giants. Two of the NFL's worst -- mean losing to the Vikings -- allowed 48 points. That Minnesota by as it that it isn't a team that got embarrassed double at times it it. If the Eagles aren't suddenly all world they won the NFC east that was that. That theory that division this year. It's like he should I think this saint all are a better team it's whether or not they can channel the team that we've seen -- -- -- that can beat anybody in the NFL. -- the team that's only put up a -- a -- where yeah lets welcome a Saints. For the clinching yank who does Christian get used to the Bob what's it like it is right now side it's pretty electric and you know certainly the Philadelphia Eagles -- have to be excited and anxious for. The ball for awhile but like he -- it would be. Not in the post well he always. Not productive on wild atmosphere and they're pretty confident -- -- with them WIP. Eagles election for the patient. And there are quite a bit bit but -- but again you know it goes back to. You know what they're counting on what they're banking on what you -- -- earlier this week what. The book -- the pickup for really that whether it's going to be that -- really not going to be twenty greed. What five mile an hour away in the rocket be and he bit negative 45 degrees it -- equator have. Arbitrator 49ers and into Green Bay Packers built these could be keel upbeat about there's you know a laborious not. Picked up the last eight Super Bowl champions have -- -- wild card weekend including the last Corey. So -- -- if you're not confident about are you pessimistic about a wild card team and push. A look at those numbers bear that out of that -- -- -- They're compatible argument to the 05 quite broad street -- the -- because that I have heard it -- out of -- up your audio. I christening gam for those have been hit Christians make a yesterday Cristian knocked came out said that he likes a -- to get Chris before we go to new you know you gotta get ready go to game. Give us your prediction and -- -- point 714 straight record breaker on paper and it looked at all -- well. I think they're better there the better team that they don't have any wind conditions -- -- ball over I think they are are quirky point. Are better than the Eagles like to think the breeze and how many opportunities because of the Eagles cant let the football a can a guy like that an opportunity and it goes -- which he's got. All the behind sports star passer rating in the history the quotes because I just like to think a lot. Sights out for a Christie Garrett -- Christie Garrett want to follow him on Twitter Christian that is so much of an era that's they wall. -- -- -- -- -- Come back with ticket on the calls from Robert man Steven baker and we will also. If from the Philadelphia Eagles side of things along with you about maybe about you got the ability that -- -- and whose time is 131 type of person who's not having a good time is play out Saturday in New Orleans Saints at the Philadelphia Eagles are negated a Kansas City. And Kansas City and Indianapolis at the it would Jones but it would go and Lucas all stadium in Indianapolis right now we're at that. And all State Farm Insurance in on the West Bank 3536 coveted drive it out if they have they campus they quit -- yet we had a nice meant. The coverage continues today in this moment at least 1 AMI gotta be included. If the Saints come out on top indicate it meant putting a little overtime. But we'll love be with is that the Knicks it is going to be Todd and Steve at Manning on fourth street. From three to five minutes the but like that ticked off -- been easy -- five in the -- Quarter. Well -- -- that big if you look at it by the fans. Not really the homers. But if he's trying to be objective and you know you try to break down the Eagles and Saints and I think why. Maybe people aren't as optimistic as I've because I think we're better than Eagles his when you look at the road record post season. You can't really say 015. Because you have to look at what are Sean Payton and Drew Brees in that -- there Hillary. Saw that that's that's why they wanna get that monkey off their back you know the but I think like teams I mean like people fans aren't as encouraged maybe our. If you're not a fan you go well. They look at this the Saints and talked about momentum. When you look they've lost five of their past six road games and they've averaged only eighteen point two game. Away for the super bill via wherein the superdome. Look yards as also only scored about that we average of 34 points and it don't what you look the Saints have only scored 36 point. Combined eight. Right it its past three games away from home. I think you look at now. A little bit of swagger with the office we all build explosive plays. That they had against Tampa -- we scored 42 point and then Dallas just last week so. Would you would you look at that -- eight home games averaging 34 point. Vs on the road I mean average -- eighteen I got my people it's not -- it and now -- -- twisted but now I may be flipping you know competing egos are who they are. But right now you talk about a team that's always three owner rude in their last three games I'm a -- and look what the Saints are like he's over a they lost to Sampson is going loss but that was no Jews -- yeah about the issue he had -- They all -- and ask the three road games to sink that -- to forgo their last four home games. And look at the -- hope. I hope they win they win mean you're sitting next week we do what he showed just how -- they don't make Seattle and -- the first game on Saturday. But I mean if you -- all right now it don't look good -- it just doesn't look good because of what they have done I don't care about the other five. Other five -- playoff game to talk about right now. He's here and that's definitely true you always want to look at the direction that teams are trained -- Going into the playoffs and I honestly think that would. The two steps that you just do out there Eagles went 46 lead for that seems to be pretty dire Saints -- in the wrong direction Eagles tree in the correct but. I think that almost takes on May be less of an impact. In this type playoff game where it's win or go home everything on the line sixty minutes it doesn't really matter what's been going on I I take yet. Positive. Feeling out of the fact that the Saints got that win last week in the fashion that they did right there you dominate got a lot of competent yet out of reminding themselves. This is how we got to this point it's the team this is our potential is that week and play and I look for them to try to build off that. Outgoing and I let -- but I think both these teams disseminate right there though each of those weeks. If you want if it was somewhat a lap I that's what we were that Saint Louis we knew what was on the last righthander. Went to Carolina we do -- -- -- in the Eagles -- the same situation and they play yet they lose -- those -- -- -- at -- they'll get database you did against the Vikings down the -- getting out of America right at that that's like that the Cowboys related negative did a one -- game that it wouldn't have mattered the last three against Dallas but there -- July I -- I I don't get people at the Eagles got fortunate to win that division and get the playoffs -- -- -- hot late in the they've won. Seven of -- whatever it is. But it's not to eat like that suddenly some all world the I don't know I don't have battled in Adelaide and I've got -- -- that I've heard. A lot of that sit -- Mayweather Pittsburgh fans or media because that's not. At least Eagles yet just automatically better not -- -- Orlando cornerback Bobby if you are Youkilis is from the position to think that look at this up from a standpoint of what I am. Make it a play or just watch the game if not my home. Planned home with the number one thing I wanna be a do it run the football and the Eagles -- to being at home and it run the football better -- anybody. Well that that that's why a lot of people are picking them to win but when I look at it and it's a shame on the defense. When you look at Seattle. That his initial opinion to -- Seattle and at San Francisco. That that's like say if our offense -- also we scored thirty some points. Shame on -- the -- you know we don't win now on the flip side. But look out if I'll be -- played like he played in a -- on against New England yeah at Carolina. That the -- I think he's able to often -- that way I agree the ultimate got to get it to your point Bobbitt -- things here is that. He offensively. We have not. Had it beast mode we've not had anybody go off on it like the end of the week in and week -- team as the defense he shut people down. But what it is that would talk about when an owner -- often get not a good thought but what it is -- -- -- -- on the field at the in the game Ian. Do we close it out this. I'm not confident Slava got to get the first out and an eagle and a -- and why you dot com because if I manipulate in Carolina because of what -- -- -- -- it and do it -- here and it's antsy and on the back in we don't have to about bet the that the players to partnering -- for Cairo. That that that bothers me to say it's where I can tell you. You look at for the mismatch. Aoki you've got to focus on -- shady McCoy. And all of -- such that you putting defenders on an island. So upon Naples young quarterback it was corner white guarding the who was Roman Harper line right on and take advantage. Of that situation. I would like our chances. A whole lot better I'll tell you from a deep into perspective. As far as maybe even pull it off an upset if you win here at Seattle. I cannot think they're that good into radio play and Jabari Mary -- the Carroll. That that mutually have to have luck would entries whatever you win a championship hopefully maybe this game. The ball well does all week yeah we'd all know it -- again -- only NFL team. That doesn't have that the Bears have touchdowns no picks eight. -- school or Stanford and they'll play yes I -- Uruguay could get it up with what this -- at seven. Yeah I haven't so maybe like -- Jarvis said -- -- those two because their budgets. Bought -- be nice the next might fit to come in bunches. Deep Bobby yeah Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia look at it down to the Eagles and the Saints come on out Jonas where is -- ideas on the west bank and bet. And our state farm maturity to garlic the most he would keep it in the thirties mixed up. Third at 536 holiday drive in -- on Saints radio WW I that day advance it and follow Robin Asante Bob and we are at -- and non State Farm Insurance agency there -- about 36 holiday drive in Al do you break it down the saint. And the Eagles at -- get. Follow team Bob onto it and very active and -- about 53 Christie Garrett -- -- -- for a huge accident -- a 32 NFL sat out more just -- -- twelve in the post season. They're keeping his take it Christie Garrett want to be tweeting out throughout the game tonight as a last night this is deep out. How bout goes off go to sleep out -- set them up that it be room at Bobby Jones here. Beat you wake up and does -- I'll take it to cut. Got. It out yet we got -- ahead -- half bad dream about I've had -- -- -- -- a -- IP eight weeded out the bottom we don't see price or he he you know he came meanwhile it does he became -- we're on the Twitter -- -- go wild I don't either way I'll let alone a team to tell about -- it's not you're out. I think you were at least aware you -- -- I didn't expect -- funeral Internet said no man I -- I. I don't know I think my averages may be six to eight weeks a month. I don't mind that it had direct line right -- you just do you know aren't there yet and I have a I have a goes I got -- -- got -- and a half but you know there letter -- those -- three. All I do is like. Does Todd have a bad dream was of the of them out like I hope he's not let them get up by Charlie Strong. I don't know how is it to I mean he might look at it acted like I know you are -- I gotta tell you this morning I was amazed though that taxes -- already have it that. A media at the end that all season they needed even a little -- how are committed to meet them yet that as a sign of disarray. Right it and it is sitting in if failed you'd you'd China how a football coach you've got the best among owners signing class. I think I think they signed him to so to speak keep up with the joneses and in him. With the success that coach some land and what he's -- -- them is that though we we got to get African American coach. To keep these top Texans stuck to go to Texas because the Aggies part of top dog over Texas right now so I think it's all about the recruiting. Now and I'll look at coach strong. I mean out of -- is that expertise supposed to be the -- on the the Louisville Cardinals look -- -- the offensively. I -- you look Florida and Louisville in the big question Goebel win. He had you know last year was when they beat Florida. But. I mean I if you detect if the level are argued that excited yeah cute maybe take away. And see approach it's also it's a little anti climatic for all the build up for all the big names they're obsolete there aren't out there mean it was basically especially -- have their resources us Texans -- -- -- we kept hearing is that nobody goes to go to Texas takes his search. -- names are going out there it was basically any successful coach. NFL or college people are saying oh he might get a text you -- -- figured out. We -- drug might end up being a good hire me. I don't look is at this early at Louisville's just they're deep it's been more distances. Success writing had a program and that's a tough spot. To try to get -- -- can make it a good job there but I think out with -- the most that's neat part of the weirdest part. Is that they would force Mack Brown out and not -- he had their guy Atlanta up -- side on the not a liberal. -- then -- -- even got close and yet the alliance training camp weeks they'd hit a hoot telling recruits. A lot -- now -- you don't you go beat up your lame duck if you keep things that Mack Brown let the speculation DT -- in did make the call that you hired coach for three weeks now. I did I was surprised that it you know everything is bigger in Texas located at Nassau -- bit techsters show me right now. How weak they all when it comes to hiring because if they really wanted -- won't it. They -- have all applauding world they have got a lot of media hype yet a lot of build it up text is all we can't hear it. Well -- was late to say they can pay whatever they give ate rat race -- everybody when I coached they're well. Guess not very well have a McEvoy who we don't know behind Dixon as a team but they couldn't play. Like it like the first have a guy -- it -- made somebody offered it could refuse. Yeah just I am thrown out there if you want to -- I just like -- -- coach Saban is it at all about twelve yeah and he McCain. Are are you haven't got W and -- in this team now going forward and I think. The direction they win is because the success that coach stumbling I think you see them and it's all. And in hand I think the recruiting but the you don't -- local who's the guy. That Texas -- live in north Jersey Joseph amended bill into Amanda I always enjoy going to go up Caldwell and I'll let her know he thinks. A good team FBI are all along -- dog it is and it you know table with the wants and -- the guy he believes out of burnt oranges with that happened in the past but not back to back. You get that because OK we tried he local call. There's no way you could have gotten as want think but and that he joked that because you had what you needed to do to keep that you did in game. That's bad bad -- politics it's on my opponent look not looked on as strong I think he's great he's a doubt paso before -- Louisville around I think you'll do Hussein the Texas. Or you had to -- -- Joseph Manning unique game because you -- pull the trigger. The -- fault you know this is sports talk on special edition the sports talk. Governor Saints and Eagles on WW LI coming out -- -- big ally out here with the bye Bobby and myself -- bit in our event and cause you mis state opportunity to see 3536 holiday drive. In Algiers look at some more calls and also take a peek at the big would. Monday night the NCAA college football had design. Much like Super Bowl Sunday they've made it super Monday the national championship game of the final game of the BCS air Florida State who what's in the first three title games. Looks to close out this second BCS title as they are in their fourth national championship game against Auburn. Who could win their second title in four seasons or three seasons actually as they come up with -- Big underdog at eight point underdog it's Florida State would take a look at that -- Monday night. Coming up and more of Bobby. Although Saints and the Eagles coverage starting at 10 AM this morning gone till 1 AM Sunday morning -- all saints' coverage right here all the Saints radio WW.

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