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01-04 2:10 pm - Saints Saturday/BCS Preview

Jan 4, 2014|

WWL's Deke Belavia, Bobby Hebert and T-Bob Hebert discuss the Saints vs. Eagles Wildcard playoff game with WWL callers as well as discuss the upcoming BCS Championship between Florida State and Auburn with Bryan Mathews, Senior writer for AuburnUndercover.com.

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Let's go to make up for Steve on July -- Steve thank you calling did you do that you. How did you. So he did a great job -- -- about knowledge he's figured with the can happen due -- -- Spot of the Mayo had got -- built up under. Committed the most important thing. I'll lap back bowl. He died the year Drew Brees. What a that -- Warriors are out of -- right now. Yeah I was not a lot oh right -- watch I don't want you know in the towel. In the tie it and I would have yeah Drew Brees not not blow Brees is going to be on -- -- it all. Right well yeah kind of father -- worry little boy now I don't mean to -- them just look at it glance was ample evidence to. They've got -- pass block and -- him back is not blame and when you tell by the that would pass -- -- can't help but tackle Tom Byron scream please. And the guy who run the best screenplay follows is -- Tedy makes -- to run on -- doing. Even even more typical well and -- that you look at it is all about matchups all along the line of scrimmage our coverage. Everywhere you always look at that weak link. We'll look at Toronto Armstead. Now he's going to get straight goal and I'm not trying to. Like all of a sudden burst the -- -- nations bubble. Of and I'll look at Robert Quinn. Look at Greg Hardy. And and I look at Trent Cole. The better that they are they picked approach. They know Wayne held Toronto Armstead blocking me and then if you look at it -- -- -- to your pride knowing your veteran guy while extra again because you know to be called on the meetings that Trent Cole. If you look guess eight sacks on the season. Fifteen quarterback pressures -- tackles for a loss but you look at the great history of the Eagles and their defensive unit. He's he's second behind Reggie White in sacks when it was 79. So he's only behind Reggie White so we gonna have to chip them. Which the tight end but the running back and help out to run Armstead. On those in the media acts Trent Cole by going against -- -- said the accident if he expects to saint. To provide arms that with some help against him Saturday and volleys that was so they'd better a couple of is that I think he's like saying that -- they'd better be because he thinks he's -- have a field day so obvious and as the but you don't want to get so overly concerned. That it's better protected Drew Brees we took protected to run arms that now I beg out of the way around protect the quarterback at the left tackle all the time. That's about BA BA team but they've got the belt via win it bad and our State Farm Insurance agent. 3536. Holiday drive in our ideas about a 35 minutes here on Saints radio WW they welcome back a hub well all things Saints information on Saints radio network crew -- team picks Christian hokey and Jim Henderson body is -- and gain appeal as well what's the ball audio blocks go to WW will. Dot com -- it in game tweeting -- -- -- -- Christie Garrett want to also was the gala. At Steven -- it's Steve go to WWR. At the BAT and T Bob Hebert always active. All it would not just with sportsmen. And the entertainment world and everything else at T Bob if the three this give back video phone cuts go to Tyrone -- I want thank you for calling that you that you. But -- and you know doing okay set. Just to court and -- -- -- will we put him in politically you know. And I allowed just one about a quarter of base -- they'd you know -- but couldn't even though. We didn't think that we you would from the youth team game and if so how much. And not the question you just can't problems -- Beat him in the book crowd -- in -- tonight he really appeal wasn't we've been and the name of that it would. Well I hope so first -- Robinson. Really a fan favorite kind of like. Chris Ivory junior -- how hard he runs it -- you look at how it was close and how the game against Tampa Bay. That I think the combination that they get to go to England first. Not I don't know how many car carries a Robinson haven't been Sproles obviously if you are not being available. But the hell -- -- if -- that tackles getting looked -- it definitely. Affection that you pats game high you hang in the pocket because. Draw yet the thing about it he has to hang in the pocket climb in the pocket to make the throws. Where let's say -- Armstead whipped the mean how many people is Drew Brees to make miss though he's gonna get sacked or he might try to order where you don't want them. But to force it but. Coach -- -- aware of that and -- and that's why he can't do it every time but they'll have the running back before you free released. -- chip. And then Armstead on though is helps coming from the outside so -- never get beat. On the inside now. I could see the Eagles heavily. Wheatley -- ball went and I try to do stunts like the Rams would twist dogs when all of a sudden it's crashing down hearted attack has contain. I try to keep due to protection. And then also before. You know you don't want this to Jimmy Graham do you like Jimmy -- of free releasing it down the feeling get open. But we've been Watson that you could see him before he released in the route to maybe get a hand. All of these lined up right next to Armstrong in Armstead. And just to help a lot of poise on the -- at the news slowed down. His Ralf as far as we'll let him have a -- And that's the thing that you kind of brought up last -- that you don't want a you can only look out for your tackles so much eventually. He's got to do what he's paid to -- which is play left tackle you don't want it. To be looking out for Armstead deport -- becomes a detriment to your team now whether -- slow down routes that make you more for. Digital out of its obvious you got to mix -- about the one thing you can do and I think Armstead did excel in and having coach Peyton. -- remaining knowledge this. It is that -- that I think he can put Trent Cole on his back and run block it yes -- -- you know what you wanna do is helpful mile is have running plays and almost no look we're -- right behind you there's a chance you can kind of dictate the temple. And said that hole. And and really will -- guy if you noticed that Pierre Thomas eight yard touchdown run -- -- right plays the right time Dallas the right call. Third and goal from the seven heavy thought -- throw in Dallas the giant hole. That Pierre Thomas you know scored on. And they are running right behind Armstead -- so that helped his confidence -- but I think right now. I think is that medicine is -- get done that run blocker he just has to get it done at the left tackle that's easier said than done. It to be up a pass protect and that's what they pay the last tackles. So much money. Could it is hard to do could you going to get the great pass rusher game any game on every week even the worst team in the NFL at the cap comedy that's right yeah yeah. Well with seeing the pool advance over to the -- hole in one -- and assume all of college football is on Monday night Bryant Matthews senior writer Auburn on the public not comment the Auburn Tigers -- an underdog Monday night against Florida State. In the national championship game and a Bryant a first thought as far from a recruiting ankle we were sitting around here on Thursday paying close intensity on and off all American game where LSU. Say that they really they were not doing well but he got the nation's best recruit. It -- -- -- at the other guys what to AN am in Florida and Alabama but. About ponies with these magical run Auburn has had how have they done recruiting -- with those balls and plans for fourteen. I would think they couldn't and -- equipment on the last month -- so. Other put to -- and Alabama to speak to back Steven Roberts account was sent. You guys it's -- -- committed to Tennessee about it -- And it's an aggressive was committed to Georgia. One time they -- and so. Tackle. But it looked so I know -- going out there that would you green belt in the ring with bout in some. -- some of the top problems Yasushi that potential problem. -- when you look at this Florida State team. It took and it's not talked about maybe as much as the talent that they have on defense and along. That the pits of live at the result you have a ton of all its success the other night grand kids in it -- horrendous. But that same Duke Team didn't do anything. Against Florida State how do you feel about Auburn's chances against that at this UD. Well parks while they didn't have -- did the incident Greg there with the help and then during. In Georgia people and maybe better than those that can stop inspect and stretch of the -- -- -- this kid did you gain nothing Timmy Jernigan. And as part of the best players -- country and you'll be a partial drop that and that felt -- -- the from the spring. But you know. Still an ugly game would we -- article for -- -- the capitals entered the -- I was sequences. Didn't stop I was working at it and Purdue game. Better competitor against that opponent and they have to be hard for -- that this stop that then they'll read that nick and try to run so well and that the -- that then you get the speed would support -- you're gonna play action pass cigarettes is that a fault that the -- right balance. The next time helpful but it not sure really. -- -- -- -- cornerback you know pretty good compared with the. Bryant Matthews senior -- Auburn undercover dot com the national championship game the super bowl of college football is Monday night as Florida State. Takes on Auburn Pratt finally full week that you go getting back to Saints and Eagles talk wanna give those snippet of this. How do you see -- -- shake it out of Auburn has been a tremendous team all a loss was to a LA -- back in the beginning of the season. Often oddsmakers say that they won't come out on top but give us -- take Auburn and Florida State. Well I predicted offered it was important part of what most good with that just really like -- -- is playing now I think this month to get ready. Is gonna help opposite actually improved. A -- first year under new coordinator. They had some key injuries but. That that got loose globe and you know experts and part of that the in the -- that. Really think that operatives in the vehicle and the ball is sort of state just like that it. It in the little I think that's going to be different for them and they thought it would be national champs should not -- He's -- -- answer tentative from a Auburn angle from top -- -- it about Auburn undercover. Dot com. Bryant Matthews senior arrived Bryant thank you so much how the folks value on Twitter. -- appreciate it and you know so -- -- without that Oakland republic com and at seven that -- -- -- now. I look Oakland opening California with the -- you neighborhood of recruiting football force were averaging. Around twelve stories that they -- -- -- -- a bit here's a -- on the -- -- but right now -- put -- government up over the next. Three guys. Brad thank you so much in jaw of the game but did not. But some pressure. I want -- -- in this contest today of obviously is the quarterback Blaine Boggs is a phenomenal touchdown to interception ratio 27 to to come out and he -- and a national fools not only think quarterback -- prize at quarterback nick fold he's coach Sean Payton on. The Eagles cyclical. When you start seeing the big plays they've had the play action passing game this spring game then there's that -- that every player involved in the progression believes -- -- ball on this play and I think he's got a great job of. Delivered. Nick -- bombings have been going well if I -- don't listen to but the question is is. He has not been any game of this -- that we need you know. Grabow cant be that have been to get after the quarterback we need. Obviously -- Atlantic camp -- to be disruptive. This is the kind of gains. Judy -- and you wanna get paid and be rewarded we'll have an outstanding game all of a sudden. You that you impact the game his -- forcing turnovers. And the you look at nick -- and and -- -- this how hard. You know and quarterbacks would get this the touchdown interception ratio. And actually -- you look at a guy like Alex -- really protect the football with the Chiefs. That if he had just give an example he had 27 touchdowns he probably would have. Like seven or eight picks. So that ratio to a 27. Touchdowns to two interceptions. In the history of NFL. That that that that that Bulls liberalism like Johnny nine is Joseph Montana. Peyton Manning Tom Brady whoever you'd think that no one. Has had that you know -- touchdown interception ratio that you throw in here. That this is something that the Eagles offense also those leading if -- ever happen in NFL history. When you look at shady McCoy. Over 600 yards rushing and nick -- haven't a passer rating of 119 point two. Makes them the first -- in league history. The lead the league in rushing yards and passer rating while only -- about quarterback efficiency and then you gotta top runner. But the best in the NFL and that's always a quarterback's best friend and if you can run the ball that ever happen in NFL on the Eagles have that with polls shady McCoy. Is coach Sean Payton talk about the ground game tonight against the Eagles. Each week you know there -- some weeks where. Which -- seen defense -- make it more challenging other weeks where. You know you you have real good opportunities Dallas as an example so you. You know you never want to become one dimensional I think that's important especially when you're on the road it's. You know it's. It's a bit of a challenge so. Dubious mark though and and having that balance and understand the conditions and all those things. Right of the football obviously the Saints have not been able to do consistently these these yet that's I'm not as confident. That you know we can. -- win every road game in. I'm not as covered with a word that wasn't or nine in 2011 and Utley that I thought. That was the time to repeat that to that was 2011 because I thought we were better. You know that season in the year we won this who -- and and then it's kind of state the saint. You know always look at uh oh what are you averaging per attempt. Offensively would he do it defensively and right now. It's kind of been this way the -- it was a one point we were given up five point two yards a carry right now we given up four point 604 and a half. -- we only getting. Three point eight yards you're trying to hit that four yard market has been that way to holds season where you look on the flip side. The Eagles are averaging five point one yards a run and they only given up three point eight you don't think those -- like huge numbers but are they in the big picture. When you attempted to run the ball up those numbers make a difference -- it you could see the Eagles. Average of five point one yards a carry. Why they average -- a 160 yards a game rushing. -- about these guys that did it go to booking tee to show you at summit abetted those but when you put a ball if you allow them up sat height weight. Squat now claim expressed they're probably pretty much. Supposed to be even yeah I had I grew but I really haven't they allowed to have him running the football is and it too is an attitude. Well I think that definitely goes into it and every game kind of takes on a life of its you know as. As you get deeper into the story lines start to -- and then. That 2011 year tells you all departed team where. You know we it was definitely -- to being with us we knew we came into the game we wanted to be like. Almost waves upon the rocks slowly eroding it defense just demoralizing them. By the fourth quarter those runs ever maybe didn't you were three or four yards in the beginning. Are now popping up for 789 that eventually 2030 yard touchdown run at just how the running game worked like body blows you you have taken down. Bit by bit and win you can assert yourself. And really establish. That dominant rushing attack it it it's a shot at them or at the morale of the defense -- BC about eight minutes of Bobby -- they were talking about the Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles the black and gaudy two and a half point underdogs on the road tonight. Is -- coach Tom Peyton talk about being on the road and that -- -- five road record the Saints have all time. We play. In all different environment a road record since 06 is pretty good I think our road record since so mine's pretty good but I think it would have been better had be we've been awareness what -- you. And there will be ready. You know and hold back the Saints were able to kind of alleviate everything. Never won a big big championship game beat -- -- now lost three games in no -- have been able to do to get this Super Bowl they got the Super Bowl they want it. You realize about it with our run here this morning one game one game would get the monkey off your back you want you anymore but you wouldn't make a deep run. All of that will be put their wrists in one postseason although the season and they'll just be put straight to -- you'd never have been here to -- if you -- owner. And I'm. And I feel good. About the Saints chances go and and his game slightly since statistically. Even if it's got to happen eventually right it'll lose. So many times on the road and with how we've seen. This black gold team played this year we know on any given night they can beat any. Did that dominate games that they put out there this season at around -- -- -- on the road. They can compete with any team this week they can beat him so he's got to take it sixty minutes at a time one play. At a time once that clear just go get the job -- Yep four quarters take victory go to next week. Well I did that thing is and and this -- we have a franchise quarterback. Look what he's accomplished his 2006. Thing like this wire even people given the Packers a chance is the 49ers. Even though the Packers at home with their largest lead ever Iraq is probable still broken yet that that -- did they tell you that that there's no way -- even. -- Matt Flynn whatever that is the way they gonna be the far and -- that's why they think. Packers at home have a chance. To beat the 49ers on the far niners have beaten them three games in a row now. Not this -- to change and hopefully will. We talk about the turnover ratio and -- by creating turnovers are protected the ball. Are taking it away. If you look at the Saints out there isn't that good and maybe -- come in -- the Saints have only forced four turnovers. Since week nine that's dead last in the league. That that number 32. And so that that's that a cart -- and you look that's part protected the ball. And what -- polls has done and not laid it on the ground when the running back or whatever the Eagles. That did -- they've allowed. Does that week and nine which is first in the league they've only had five turnovers. So that only had given up the ball five times. And we've taken away only four. And and their level on in the league in we're dead last so it just look at that they give away take we've protected the ball was taken away if you go by since week nine. You could see why maybe people are picked in the Eagles -- was there also. Fourth in the league overall this season plus twelve the Eagles yeah yet that that that well that Carolina. Look at look at that -- if you if you look you have all the way up to number one Seahawks number two of the chiefs' number three the Colts. A report Eagles. Five 49ers and Carolina it's the winner and a play on behalf so I mean person but it does that died it was I always talk about that -- -- -- the audit and that's what the coaches along about that where when you win or lose -- the Saints look to get turnovers -- -- -- -- -- -- -- cam Jordan junior. Let forceful yet and hit that you hit -- that -- this opportunity if they try to have a shot late downfield to DeSean Jackson -- Riley Cooper. No busted their camp Chargers -- -- You know and and and not only sacked the quarterback reports a fumble it's like are forced a bad pass where the whole bloody that the backs OK actually it's an event that the -- -- it's like Robert Quinn he's got knocked it up there and you get this -- and the forced fumble that that is that that trifecta that Rocco had it throughout my knee during a guy like cam Jordan. To have a Greg Hardy a robbery -- kind of game yeah Robert Mathis with the Colts yeah -- beat that dominant then that's how you gonna get recognized nationally. All right that's my BAB a deep that they do come back and ramped up I think it's that handoff to tap in essence the court -- at Manning's old Fulton street. Was tight coverage here at WW yeah and welcome back lagging down here. Our three our conversation about the Saints and Eagles. Coming up next Thomas and Steve court or take you to. 5 o'clock and -- Manning's 590 -- street. Talking about the Saints and Eagles with fans first take and it will be at. BBC food and the French Quarter for the -- like count on kickoffs from five. And seventy to go with the Saints and Eagles thought about a point after. With Bobby a bit heroic Saints radio WW LA MFM and dot com. That's go to Memphis but Deion on line one -- thank you for calling WW well. Oh yeah I have a question. Because I know it's important but all -- to get off to a good start while I'd be utilizing the no huddle offense might be the only Super -- Well you know they kind of script. I don't know it's I know for sure at the shore and those twelve plays that might be mean fifteen to one day. And that that that might be something that -- -- very good surprises. And that that all of -- not an over the QB for this particular game. But you might see a hole and no huddle scenario not necessarily just. Right before have kind of a two minute offense setting. But they they do practice that. So you could see that. You know I got -- I could do it. Every. Game you know game any game moderate I should save it. A team that kind of made that famous. As far as a fast break offenses. Jim Kelly and the Buffalo Bills if you go way back Roloson that might have been struggling in. And they -- not sustaining a drive in. And all of a sudden Jim Kelly just took it over and they went no huddle and they had success. They'd. They do have that now I don't know when -- utilize it. But obviously if you would start the game with that. You want it to work but it also on the flip side. In the way to Eagles are structured and explosive offense. Is that they haven't been on the two off that you might wanna keep. The ball away from them yeah so maybe not goes up temple as Philadelphia but who knows. You know you you might see that against. You which it against the Eagles let's -- UN bid also an easy to get the Seahawks so that they -- practice that. I I don't know a window utilizing. Yeah and a good -- -- good game opened recur sometime all of this comes out. Biblical elect a lot there and I just thought maybe that might do given the energy to the players. Right and jumped. It into the game. Yet -- that they might like I said that they have it they practice it. You could see that they want to be temple the only thing is going no huddle. On the rolled birth at home. You got about the communicate with the players. So you all have to be on the same page so is that type of disallow. That you wanna be untenable what you can't go out to have to go up to evolve because of you got to make sure all eleven guys that know where you're doing well at home you can be more up tempo because the crowd not a factor tenure favor that something to watch. They too with that silent count. How does the Saints O line handled the Eagles. It well protection zags are related -- three got to -- to get out as actually got beat in the sea dogs game on the fumble you know when his head -- to look at the ball you can't see. He gets beat up Andy Reid gets hit they get the ball score so I don't really bandits Wear less than half a step to make all the only a lot of sorrow that crowd noise comes in the factor heavily in that past and it steadily -- junior go let -- get -- the -- yeah -- ghetto sound. I will come back and ramped up -- up to Todd and Steve -- about that etiquette because in less than two out we'll be back. Always he would -- like countdown to kick off winding down -- pregame pregame they -- showed up but to break here and they're like yeah yeah. Our guys coming up next continuing the Saints and Eagles rebuke cupboards 519 Fulton street -- fans first take with Thomas since the court if they're -- their take. On the Saints and the for the -- the Eagles want to thank -- up best. And -- and all of -- fans out here at the State Farm Insurance agency 3536 holiday drive. In reality is they've made us loose ball took good ploy -- handle stuff. Yeah I got fit better as well I follow all insurance the does state farm just come here because they would the hospitality. Sort of transfers that their business in that we've had a great time the weather's been. Also I'm great food great fun all that yes and he is going to be a lot more fun down late when the Saints went eight. Actually of course that the we take them off coming out here on site engineer put back in the studio got -- on the news and of course -- product. I beat -- via the -- Bob ain't bad obligate coming up I would be back with -- at the but like countdown to kick off -- -- -- seafood in the world famous for its quota. Right at five and up next it's Bob Estes and Steve -- -- he is the cajun cannon Bobby a bit. At the red headed into I do dead.