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01-04 3:10 pm - Fans First Take

Jan 4, 2014|

WWL's Todd Menesses and former Saint Steve Korte discuss the upcoming Saints vs. Eagles Wildcard playoff game with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And a welcome defense first day here on WWL we're alive that Manning's restaurant there on out you know Debbie this is a real nice setup here's the a serious sports poses a serious sports partners man credited with integrated -- where you hear the folks suddenly cheering for no reason it's not something that we said. Now the game going on behind us that are I was glued to it and we NFC SCS championship now and southeastern was trying to get there. And I. Look they knew that North Dakota State was sort of liking him the whole thing there Benet. If they haven't gotten that have been great tribute to them and that's what we've got this approach you're not on as well but the courts if you -- you get the screens everywhere you get games all over the place. You know every sport you wanna watch is here at Manning of course tonight. The big one. The Saints in the playoffs -- number sixty taking on the Philadelphia Eagles in Philly. Things have to be road Warriors. This year to make it -- -- Super Bowl. Good thing to note those the the last three Super Bowl champions have all come from this wild card round and the last three years that I want to -- it. Commercially it's. Look it's -- one week -- at this point out. And your idea -- like he -- come in this whole thing was to get to this level so no matter how you got there was at least in the playoff so look we've done that. Don't particularly like the way we sort of back into it that. But we won enough games to get into it in and obviously I think that what they need to do sort of get this. This can't win the -- thing yeah with a bit is it really doesn't make any sense you really sort of look at the teams in. And in this -- can sort of what's happening -- this there's only about 30% of the teams in this entire league. That have a decent road record okay ever -- it but it's one reason why you have home field advantage. So it's not as bad as it seems but it certainly seems like this team is not as prepared or plays as well or or is nearly. As flawless as they seem to be when they're in the dome and now -- so why. I don't know and I if I knew that I would be sitting in the view of someone else but but nevertheless. You know that's one of the things I think they have to go for back and I think it's a great way to start that other people that look rather than throwing five -- the playoffs. In this scenario but you know what road games I should say but you know what. That doesn't mean anything either I mean those are different teams in each and every year like I told you before. This is a new team it's a completely different team than it has been in the past and this year's no different. Well they say that about Tampa Bay a couple of years ago that they could win playoff games of Kruger couldn't play in the cold and I had to go to Billy Winn and ended up winning the Super Bowl that year. Well the Giants that is as of recently you know Giants -- the Ravens won on the road they weren't the Dixie but that it was on the road last year you know. Well so it can't be done it has been done. Several times -- -- However. I had. It's gotten to the point where now every one is talking about it even the team has sort of had knowledge did it and they're gonna try to change their routine as you always say. For tonight's game to try to get to yeah get that monkey off their well. Look coaches try things I think they leave no stone unturned when it comes to trying to figure out what's the -- -- -- -- every week is going to be -- and obviously. A mostly managed their team what's going on at this point. I think there's sort of having fun with it and that's okay -- -- you can use -- this series is likely to be in. And you can take it however you like to take it as either a slap in the face that you can't do it and it's a challenge. Or you can take it as day. Let's just play like -- no big deal we're just on the road okay I'm thinking that they do people make a lot of B love is this. You know. Cold weather game -- Right twenties yet if we're playing down here and that's one reason it would feel comfortable with where we live in New Orleans okay and doesn't happen that often but. That's not that Colts this is not bright Green Bay life threatening. All going to be sunshine is not right we have from what they're and I and I don't think that's really going to be a factor -- it. Field's going to be in great shape because they took good care it's so -- -- things don't jump to start off there. -- -- -- there won't be any. Yet there won't be the sunshine except for 8 o'clock and eight and relatives out there but nevertheless. Yeah it's I don't think that's going to be mentioned contraction and fast that saint that the work when -- down. 260 except the -- six exit 89087. And also Texas that he 7870. What do you think today -- the Saints get their first road victory and stake their claim. That they are road Warriors this year at the playoffs and can't make that run them a lot of teams have done it like that the last three. Super Bowl champions and that you would on the road so it is -- Well look. You know when the chips are down in this the chips are down there -- go to overtime to prove it you have about. Three and a half hours tonight -- to see if you move on next week it's it's a sudden death deal so. This would be a great time to -- through really kind of pulled together look a lot of teams do that you know the fact that. Normally rusher Pierre Thomas is not going. Sort of rally around that we've kind of sort of rally around the fact that. -- -- -- -- Guess cancer but his locker saying you know we have enough gas to make it right which if it was kind of a slap on the set that to start that offers some. Somebody pissed him off down the -- to make you do that and then I think you look at. The fact that -- you know you look at the past and you know what's going on with playoff record you know records for the Saints in the past on the road. So I guess it before I don't think it has I think it's a role to play a lot of that stuff contention every week and each and every year so much different and in the snow is no different this time. On Friday Steve scored a top announces we're live at many restaurant by the nineteenth Fulton street of the warehouse district. Obviously tailgate did and -- courtyard with the -- And a -- screen the Saints watch party man cave upstairs to get a lot of stuff we've seen yet. And game days like it seems so far going on today here bucket of Gatorade. We'll take our break -- the right back man experts -- tell us what you think is gonna happen that night at the Saints take on the Eagles. In the wild card round of the playoffs here on WWL and welcome back transfers taking a lot of medics restaurant but ninety Fulton street in the warehouse district if you have not been out to -- them before it -- you come on out. Today would you rate data come on out here with all Villa football action going on college. And of course via NFL playoffs. It's that to -- off here with the Chiefs in the cold it just moments then later on tonight. You're the world and things that. Eagles of all be on the big screen TVs here. Well there's not a better than you know I'd go I mean it's if it's on its own here. And -- it got to look around and and boastful. Everything partners so. You'll visited your sportsman. A lot has been made about as we talked to -- playing on the road playoff -- The Philadelphia Eagles is they are the things. They haven't been very against the pass right and it's -- -- Drew Brees. Who's a veteran play in the playoffs they -- first playoff game. Do you think the Saints are going to be able to take advantage -- that eagles' secondary. Well look there's no doubt. I mean this is sort of this is gonna be one of those games and I think it's going to be scoring deal just because of that. You know that's one -- Saints do well it's put up a lot of points through the year. They're not very good right now running game have this moment Q anybody there but at the same time this is it's a secondary that can give up a lot of points now. There's sort of one caviar out of there is Trent Cole. You know and it and -- -- of the right outside linebacker that is. In the sort of one of the colonial sack leaders from them each and every year so. In the Toronto -- is gonna have a sensible you know that god -- tackle side but look I don't I don't particularly Malone. I think he's faster and better than he was a couple of weeks ago I'm sure. But look he's going to be nervous and you know playoff game against the guys look at. You know you're gonna have some there are some things are gonna happen but. Look as quick with that ball gets and Drew Brees and his crew sat back and he has -- -- them. Yeah because of that fact you know he's got tremendous pocket awareness and he gets rid of the ball he's got so we different outlets to go to so. Typically -- regional ball very quickly so I don't I see that being sort of an advantage -- at some point but. They'll try to expose our goal a little bit early August do you think if you become a field would sort of get out of position trying to go for the big play. But I also expect us chip on him and give him a little hill so that could have possibly some of the deeper routes you could develop. -- Bobby mentioned election over the were talking to you the Eagles. Linebacker they asked him if -- -- -- -- this city health and his response was that better so well in the Atlanta Braves trying to. Give the kids you know there's no question I mean that's. And that's no different than anybody that anybody ever get your -- when you play. I think you mentioned 11 guy there were some guys that we conduct their -- -- in my head you know. But there's so much media so much. -- different stuff going on now that people here so much more. To -- back then it was a new work right now. Right you know quote on somebody who you'd see some good news -- -- -- that but that was still performed between now they're flying around -- -- -- that we did right to relax record you. They're gonna get something. You know so it's it's much different from the ones now -- Every down and I remember some guys who get -- -- at some point. -- until late 7866 and eight nights early so it's go to Charleston river ridge and Charles. Thanks for -- of -- birthday. They it's funny he might take -- equipment and I. And an eagle and continued their streak of losing again. -- quarterback. But I haven't really faced any elite quarterbacks now we're the ones that have that law goes along with the loss of that lost against some teams that haven't been very good football teams and so on not convinced it's because they won the NFC east. This year and that's not a this is not a that's not a great division at this point with the ability to when you know the cowgirls yet -- Kyle Orton. Yes what 47. Put the Giants are going to be our top guys struggled so much this year I mean it just -- -- would view Washington tomorrow I mean it's. Yet you you if it was isn't enough of this thing you have on west and the awareness and to have them you know he's divisional chances. That's almost like we're doing and they sort of back and in this field you know strictly from the fact that they really never -- competition it is so. This would be one of those teams thought you were talking about earlier you know about him -- you get a -- thinking about receding. You know they're like they're that the storyline a lot of people like up that question a lot this week -- the -- traveling. To be Eagles that we have a better record same thing with San Francisco traveling to Green Bay this week with a better record got and -- the typically the wild the wild card round the division leader hopes the game that was the reward for winning your division. But the NFL is looking at at least they have article about it talking. That they're looking at maybe rethinking that for the future and maybe possibly going strictly with record as to who gets the host the game because. That way you gonna get the better teams eventually making it to the next round. So there could be you know a couple of teams to. You know to this journey the three teams committed to his right as you look at it that way. To me I think it makes more sense I mean that. -- -- sort of your season is where you sort of build up your track record to get to the next level and if in fact. Well enough to have a pretty good record. Soon teams it's because they have to be the difference is there. A a evident nine inning game and you're thinking how -- look at a team did in with a losing record and it happens. That's what sort of shots you take too well so. And it also shows that the NFL recognizes that there is a home field advantage. Especially when you see. Two years ago with the Saints in the sea Hawks a seven and I team at home with the game you know -- and that's what they're talking about it the next week. You don't really have the two best teams playing in the that is now. So I guess it cuts both ways and you have to sort of the figured out because it's all about money if they figure they can make more money. At least TV wise by attracting bigger markets and teams and obviously your play pretty well. That's sort of what to do you know that. Make -- a question about. Well I didn't I didn't say they would lose money on guys -- point. That's wonderfully three games in -- -- next year let's go to look Greg culminate break your own man experts take a you do. Hey guys happy new year. I think BP do nice gains on that it gets cold like -- -- and you know but also our safety play with the Carroll out. I think that's gonna play big and they're -- in game. And then lastly how they can matchup. And roll up and Sproles could have a very big game. Well -- you know I agree with -- I think it what's gonna have to happen is that all of our backs you know including Robinson are gonna have to really step up and now. You know he would become a veteran today knowing it was his rookie year but he's gonna have to play like a veteran there in certain circumstances so. Mark Ingram has got to be through you know obviously his baby steps of what he's taken to get to where he is at this point and I've seen him get better over the past few weeks. So this would be great time for him to sort of breakout on this deal and see if you can do but yeah I I fully expect them to utilize goals probably a lot more. Just for the fact that you know appears not there so yeah I I look at as far as the defensive side -- when we lost a car that. And her job and that's he was -- to -- going to be you know that's rookie year you know my -- so. The right line has even said look if we give him more responsibilities a -- that ever give anybody else so optimistically about. That you guys that would have been kind of fighting for that defensive rookie of the year both went out with injuries -- Well you know the fact we lost you know two or a little earlier to hear. You know -- helped so what either on the court side but. But look they'll they'll pick it up but at the same time I think if you look at a little bit deeper. You know I look at Philadelphia's offensive line and really how athletic and that's what they do with Peters and and they -- citizens. They've they've got some good players know that really can you sort of get to the second level and they really get on backers with him and obviously you know backers are. The guys typically those formations that are designed to make it so. They do that better really than any offensive line really FC this year do that so. You know when I kind of look at that their offensive line to be I'm thinking guys in the middle like Mike hicks. Like Bunkley I think if those guys that really kind of control. You know your guards in your -- that point and not let him get up on the second level I think that will help us play a real solid. I guess disciplined gap defense which I think is what you have to do get some -- -- hasn't been that thing -- -- -- read. You know. The offense that they do. To me that that kind of draw read that there always -- off on the looking at the end there's -- You know that to be Ben that back a lot when he does he catches teams that are to over -- him when he does that he can hurt you that. One of the things this year going on the road -- the state of they. -- here now. To copy of the order -- -- through it and you sure I would personally I say my. You prediction first county might as soon as you pull off the side opposite I'm just trying to make sure here. But it looks like we ordered them just about things that. And lost but for the qualities that the the food down. Looking ahead it what what is going on we talked about the office. They're -- their offense their treatment with the Bulls. Play in the rookie. In his first game he's played well this year -- fact statistically. He leads the NFL quarterback a quarterback statistical ratings. Do you thing. Then he can. Handle the pressure. Of a playoff game that being the rookie of mean we've we've talked about -- arms that -- this game but their quarterback is. Technically it will be at Lincoln you know you're right. Obviously. We're find out I think he's been playing that position long enough I think he's comfortable enough with this regional and what are their view they wanna call -- this offense. But I think it's a tribute to Chip Kelly I mean this guy came in and really sort of figured out -- what his personnel was. And then. Sort of rubber stamp the same confidence that he ran and were in a few years ago. I was the first day I didn't think it was good work and I still -- -- -- you know. Fully bought in the idea that it's gonna work long term but nevertheless. He's made it work better than anybody I just don't think it's because. He realized the personality as he takes advantage of that I think a lot of that because they have had such a good run game has taken a huge amount of pressure off holes. Easily thrown two picks the whole year which is in front of me and then you guys so -- -- now. At the same time you see him make some mistakes and takes -- a lot of sacks up but at the same time sometimes take him sacked. That's not that big of a mistake Bryant who was forced to throw it to somebody else. We're abuse of the student with a football tournament play so. Don't look I think he's going to be fine I think this is just one more home game for the disappointment about the keys. And he's not so new at this point. The Saints to run seeds have been good this year. I cant topple on Frank Gore on the Marshawn Lynch out actually help him in -- even though we lost the game well. Is that it is that through the advantage it will let that put more pressure on the. Bolton. Well we'll see from the standpoint as I think that. -- hopeful at this point utilizes all the way. If you look at -- Kuwait he's among most complete -- -- -- and those guys that are great runners and those guys that are you know our great receivers this guy can really do. He would do all he really is he's he's. He's a threat. So I think he'll probably throw the ball. To McCoy a lot more I think that's what he's gonna have to do. In order to take advantage of who we get -- I think they're gonna play this pretty good cat and mouse game I think Rob Ryan is sort of I think he's got this thing figured out now whether or not give these guys executed correctly. -- too jacked up and -- stuff which connects where begins to chip. But. Look I think you know. You can get this kid is like anybody else with some pressure on and -- take -- -- And if we get turned over this game we get a turnover yeah we went again. And obviously the Saints are. Undefeated when they don't turn the ball over and we've seen that happen on the road. Especially Seattle. We've seen it happen Saint Louis. And once that starts to happen then they get that. You kind of get the feel that the team has that oh no here we go get it. Well what's happened early enough each of those games noticed and a lot of times they've put themselves right back in position to win a football game you know doing it comes to mind. Carolina. You know if -- Monica tomorrow -- -- those games. They played well enough to sort win and that really was on the defense. You know and look I'm not -- on the defense like stretch before they come from where they are now. That that's unbelievable so. Was it more on the defense or the office on first down upon them below yet know they only lose you -- -- that's that's one and at the same I'll tell you this. But -- is what was your quarterback is as good as your quarterback is. That's -- your defense. Look at you like. Smoking crack or something. On the same a lot of times the weight that your quarterback plays. Dominant years. Is really your best defense. -- defense sees that. Obviously they see what's happening with it like that makes it look we feel like if we could go you'd get these guys off the field on third down. -- you know these Eagles on the ball it's -- that you and so technical thing I hope I can help very much we get off on third down that goes that long ago. If you could pick up the field on third down and speed to get the ball back side so I don't know what you would file was. You know opposing guys there I would be really jacked up about that number I'd say that Wallace. You know if they go quickly to three and out of that matters -- -- out about how -- -- you went to it. I 260 what it's 786 exit eight -- early that we are ready jaguar beat people. Fortunate that we have we'll cut off. List as follows what your prediction for the Saints Eagles playoff game tonight. Think when by less than seven Eagles -- violence seventh -- by them or Eagles by seven or more right now. You walk on at WW dot com -- vote you've missed call you've effectively 7870. It's pretty much. Did even 39% they sink -- by less than 738%. They went or that. Residence on truthful it's -- -- -- it's always you know that at worst. They'll call me bill by the science. Not that excited about that at all. Let's go to Mike in battery mate Mike you're on that -- -- up. Yeah more. I thought about. That you people made a couple of minutes ago. I don't think you -- that -- -- let -- suppose it's like totally. There -- limited in the playoffs as a rock solid team so we don't have that much to be. But it really I think get it guy and I did not you've got to play this. To my mind did you not hear the last three Super Bowl winners both teams from this round that nearly back into it as wild cards but I have. Well I know that you get quality people that the other people. We don't have a deal flat out I think you can play. I like about it during. My -- -- -- from Metairie or Philly where you column from. And actually in -- but you people just don't you people. Felt like that you people might I think Mike is -- -- -- husband from Atlanta. And it needs to be let the slaughter exactly. That that that might be -- -- -- -- it. I think I'm not not that much negativity at one now can happen. All right he's they've -- -- -- this is we're live advantage restaurant 590 Fulton street the warehouse district coming out of -- lots of things going on every game you wanna see is on the big -- up here. That Marty got the the chief of the Colts game that his big golf you won't miss a moment of that as you get set for the big game tonight the Saints. And the Eagles. In the playoffs will be right back WWL. And welcome back we're live at mex restaurant -- ninety Fulton street in the warehouse district there's -- watch party at the bank gave going on upstairs. Also. -- the big screen on the patio out there. The TV if -- another another big TV with the thoughts on it. Football that's ago. Was to come era -- sports lover at the F can't the city Indianapolis playoff game the AFC wild card. Game today authorities started it under way of the year Willis if the city as the -- -- -- gonna get -- 87870. -- talking about. -- Golden moment ago that Mike is the recruiter for the Falcons so he obviously knows talent. Someone else that -- like at the Carolina fan. Another Texan 8787 -- Dallas was able to get pressure and -- pulled -- four linemen our defensive line should have a big day. The guy a I got to agree with that -- I mean I think it's really gonna come down to I think. -- -- -- -- Too often to teams that have a lot of you know. Firepower and that is going to be all these points in essence what turned out to -- you know fourteen to seven you know or something like that so. We've never -- that was they know or an effort but I can tell you that this is. This game may have more to do with our defense that it really made fewer profits at -- we're gonna score enough points I just think that. I just think it's going to be more coming up on our defense -- to sort of hope we -- shut down somebody like. But -- but I think we certainly hold him check right and you -- Payton can run all he wants to between the twenties you know it's that it's about what to try to get -- so I think that. You know if we can sort of match up well against -- Celek you know what I did that they have and -- hurts. But you know was. DeSean Jackson is sort of a big play breaker kind of guy you got to be obviously aware of him some of the things he does that. With its way all the way that he wrote to him. And when they don't they spell with Bryce brown and then obviously they do things with the tight end but. For car headed nation to do with that I think that's what sort of missed that part of it but. If we get pressure on I think that's going to be the biggest key because a lot of times right now he hasn't had a lot of that and as rookies gotten the ball pretty well. Another tech today 7870. What they all say we can't win on the road all the NFL is doing all the offices. Waking up a sleeping giant. Holding got nothing to do whether we're gonna win and why I've yet to develop that is whether it's gonna have. If they can do that it's it's that bad if you -- that you'd like it to -- half. And I don't think it's one of those things you know -- you know. Don't worry about. You know get -- -- the sidelines spokesman it's not it's not like that speaking of cold and a lot of been made about the Super Bowl possibly be. Snowed in our personal -- here it is. The Netherlands. -- -- enough we brought this up before the coldest start to a Super Bowl ever was here at New Orleans with -- politically stadium now. That was a kick off I think it was. Thirty something in her forties now but somewhere around there but. It didn't warm up as if they went on but now. Is the NFL I mean this is gonna be either. The biggest. I I can't see a mediocre we're going -- it's either going to be a huge success -- the biggest city of the country. Or it's going to be a huge flop -- able to face for the for the you know. They -- -- -- you are going okay. Well I can just tell you that it's. It is typically. Really difficult to get around there now -- -- rise hitting to aren't known for him when the weather's nice right so I don't understand really. The -- attraction by bringing one of the largest sporting event in the world at that point. And putting it in the middle of this. Gridlock. Processed area. And then somehow throw in the elements that can happen on February 2 in winner. I don't know I just need to sort of set yourself up for disaster if we do that enough ingredients are there to make it. And for a possible relief when that situation so -- the NFL and rocket they'll they control the weather they'll pull everything. They might roll you know if they think they certainly might for all we know. Are 260 -- 87866. And 890870. Some more -- community 7870. Somebody tells -- things to turn he rob loose and I've had a lot of fans ask me about that. With the year Thomas being out. Can't -- -- carried the road load will be Harry Robinson is the thing -- think that the like Moore who was really carry the load for us. It's been a combination -- here. It's been sort of really it's been a committee created Adam has been and and it's longer Sean Payton there I think it always will be because right now we don't have. A dominant running back now we have all of a sudden that's attitude or you know -- but two blocks -- would you got what you that. That I think you got an issue where play. Now you got somebody that you could really use but at this point you don't have any of that so I think you wouldn't go about about a committee. That's what they do anyway there can throw the ball anyway and I think you know. Here's the second leading receiver on the team enough so why I think again I don't see that be an issue although Mark Ingram says the can't hit the ball well and all looked as though and I can't can't do those no doubt that he can't you know but I think you know. -- he could get enough opportunities to do it -- I think at this point. I think it's appropriate to throw it fifty times -- but. He's the court -- announces that all right that's what do you think it's your show man birthday wanna get your take. On tonight's game against the Eagles the Saints have made it to the playoffs. There the first game and I -- the road and Billy will we make it further. Do we get our first. Victory in the playoffs on the road tonight what is your gut tell you 26018786. Exit 890870. He also Texas and 87870. Will take a break be right back -- live Manning's restaurant. 519 Fulton street in the warehouse district come on out the guess here on WW well and welcome back transfers -- -- advantage restaurant 590 faulted at a warehouse district the big screen behind us now the Colts. And the Chiefs game the chief of leading seven nothing gets ball first and -- down the field. Playing in Indy we have some of Colts fans in the in the area glued to the the TV watching the right here. They're basically saying ducked down so we could see them run -- -- right behind the sorry. It could be -- -- I got a tech city 78 said he. There's Mark Ingram has a lot to prove tonight I think you come up big yet the perfect motivation. Say I can't and I will. So another person -- will step up tonight boys in the Saints will win it 31 the seventeenth so. A lot of fans. Think the market will step up this obviously is his opportunity with your Thomas out however. He is still have a lot of friends that got Texas -- thing that we should rely on Harry Robinson not marking for every Robertson Sproles it now. Look I don't think they're gonna rely on any of them and yet I think the -- all right so this is just case -- point. How this offense isn't the sort was. Sean Payton does the personality that he has you know a complicated these guys -- Started running back pipes for the use of my own different formations different personnel groups and that's. That will always be that way when he's here -- -- at some point we. You know get some sort of were running back that ultimately realized that and we got the best quarterback in the league or something and then things were changing obviously though you would that -- but. We don't. Good -- Tony walker he Tony you're on the first day. You run. I doubt that they want it enough outbreak that streak you know one off road. Hopefully the -- -- shows up it up or. One thing if people bobbled it and get up but obviously that would -- Got a lot easier it is or football though I don't care as long as somebody that stuff but. But about it all the earlier they have almost got what every night that won't break the bank but a bag -- Remember -- you -- that it doesn't make you any better part that the you don't against whatever we're bored though. Not -- -- -- -- mentally as well you know Tony all day. And after the four I got a friend who just loves to pull against the states grew up here born and raised here in his if it does because is it higher I am. -- -- -- And he's the youngest he had a -- -- his thirties and all his life so he finally changed his allegiance he's Patriots man. Marquee go to we have them in Russia to. And so he's he's got an idea given him a hard time when things went well that are just what he does now but -- gotta have opponents OK I mean -- daughter but you -- for for the team right so that's all right. I don't care. Utility -- thanks element. -- -- -- 260 -- 8786 exit eight the other cases it's it's a little. You know little brother simply rival real field runners trying to make it yet -- picked up another. One of the things. Of course that -- community 7870. Hated Ingram earlier on this year now I love it. Now you'll love we've ever hated on him now -- -- talk about the fans saying they hated it earlier on them and -- Let's see you. Game time starts tonight at 710 the court to hear it all right Europe that we -- well coming up. At 5 o'clock QB but like countdown to kickoff with -- appeared to be chief Deke Bellavia. And that game time is set for 710. That night and that's when Wilson that over to it just a little bit before that to -- Anderson hokey guy John Christie Garrett your lucrative got a big gold jacket to be on the sidelines. For the game offensively tonight but they're gonna have to call the game tonight the AFC and the Eagles and of course you hear it all right here on WB well and after the game. It is the point after with McKee and -- you hear one sure. Well not hold back if if if it we don't realize you never know but -- we tried allies. On the tried once and it lasted all of that that you said it was a we're sixty seconds of the life go back. He's not gonna do that didn't aren't that so they know we did that we would give the -- and so that is our coverage continues on through the night we've got one more hour here at many restaurant. 519 Bolton street the warehouse district come out see if the court -- fans first day here on WWL.