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1-4 5pm Countdown to Kickoff

Jan 4, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert get ready for the Saints playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Anything you look a bit above -- count -- to kick off on the saints' radio network where we are in the second season it's the post season. And the three seed Philadelphia Eagles entertain -- succeed while Claude. New Orleans Saints I didn't Lincoln Financial Field in the city of brotherly love it but it expects to be. In the mid to lower twenties and I'm Duke is -- -- kind of dropped out that they -- here a little later. But -- at the -- seafood in the world famous French Quarter bringing it up but -- countdown to kickoff ninety again in the post season. Has become. Yeah out of both it has begun and oh boy -- but the guys don't that they outlawed the -- the cards and go to Tokyo a road team like this thing that the tees up put it on. The Colts almost at halftime a minute left 31 that can't fill. Obviously you could look at the teams to the Chiefs have for real and Andy Reid has made a difference. Would be you can argue all think that now eleven to five. Will face off with the Philadelphia Eagles who are -- six Utley get financial field and a wild card playoff primetime matchup. In the last appearance at Lincoln Financial Field you all of defeated the Eagles that September but there's no bull run of -- 948. To 22. That was their first win in Philly since 1991. The state closed out the regular season playing their best column that are footballer franchise history. That will hopefully carry them into the post season. All is the only ballclub. -- to be erected atop Bible -- it deep instantly finishing fourth in both categories in the league. The Eagles. -- the first year head coach Chip Kelly at quarterback Nick -- in his first year as the teams starter they've lived through April 4 twelve. That netted sixty -- to the NFC east title this year Chip Kelly became the first rookie head coach in Eagles history to win the division. In his first year on the job it just the second head coaches that -- -- seventy AFL NFL merger to win the division title. It is unique history between you say to the Eagles they first met in November of 1967. We all -- the 31 to 24 victory at Tulane stadium. I've visited this particular game because that was the first win. In the Saints franchise history. -- met 28 times with -- holding a sixteen to twelve advantage but since 2006. Sean Payton era the -- to afford one. Against the Eagles. It'll be able to defeat the chess match between Chip Kelly. And the number two Eagles off Pittsburgh as the -- That the that according to Rob Ryan left to them before deep pit. Philadelphia has an all -- attack -- running back shady McCoy. Leading the NFL in rushing at 1000 -- seven yard quarterback Naples having a passer rating of 119 point which makes them. The first -- league history to lead the league in rushing yards. A QB rating -- passer rating. Nick -- completed 27 touchdowns to just two interceptions. But first the experts -- about the detained the Eagles rushing attack. Which leads the NFL the -- sixteen yards per game. On the flip side can't Phillies felt the State's passing game with the Eagles past the pin dead last in the league. Given up -- ninety yards per contest. At the saint Pat's block -- he he give quarterback Drew Brees protection. I believe will start the Eagles secondary who dat nation when he eternal about on the role will be crucial. With Philly beat plus twelve turnover ratio. You all it has to be plus -- or even the -- model at all because actually believe we are better keep an Eagles but we're gonna have to protect the football. And out like that bottom ballot that we could have been at the last time they've met. In November of 2002 well. But the Saints cruised to a twenty to thirteen victory and we had we had a balanced rushing attack. Let Bob basically a three headed monster they Chris Ivory Pierre Thomas embarking on that day and a 136 yards underground. And I hope we could have done that kind of production running the ball so -- -- yards. And haven't opera when he attempts that they gotta compliment. Reid is gonna do affinity the secondary in our -- easier on the plus side and the Saints went. Open -- judo throw next time Jake is a two hour with two outs to pick up between the Saints. And the Eagles it's the playoffs on the New Orleans Saints radio network. They go school. And welcome back it about like I got a kick off from DC two in the world famous for its quota. And al-Qaeda camp Bobby -- I have the ability after the game it's a point at the here on the saints' radio network that the -- -- -- they. On the Saints in the equals with a round to the playoffs and also we'll talk about they want or right now at halftime and it's all Kansas City. The -- 31 in the Indianapolis Colts. -- -- -- -- One reason that Philadelphia is optimistic they -- -- four at home with the length but they've won them Lance forward down expansion down the stretch this season. Including led by their offensive juggernaut and -- big running back. Let's shop McCoy he won the rushing out of his season by -- would even close you have 1607. Yards the next nearest competitor Matt Forte thirteen 139. -- Yet he's he's truly -- media he's cool he's pull the -- Or a number of NFL defenders. And you look -- league leading 2146. Starts from scrimmage. So he's not just a runner he has a pass receiving running back with first things first a look at the Eagles and a more rushing attack. And then about a 160 and a half yards and Sean Payton describe shady McCoy said he's a strong runner he's quick he's fast he's an actual guys. He's hard to take down. Malcolm Jake -- -- -- body blocking got to tackle him. He can make you miss he can do a lot that's a dangerous guy and that's something we've got to really watch sport during the game on the the -- of -- obviously in. It pay basically -- said that we stop the run game we feel like we have. The upper hand on this team a sport they can't go fast pace and make them one dimensional and make -- Naples make all the plays now. If you look at McCoy with the Saints have done. He throws 400 or more yards seven times this season. Remember everyone remembers the highlights of this -- game he rushed for two hours seventeen yards against the line but you look at the saint. And the success and failure as they've had as fours stop and a top running backs they've allowed 3100 yard rushes this season. Doug -- early in the year with Tampa Bay. Obviously Chris Ivory junior beast mode with New York Jets he got off but then as of late -- Stacy. The Rams now all of those performances. We're all on the road up against the Saints within you look they've also contain high caliber running backs. That you're more familiar win its fourth name recognition Matt Forte is held him with the Bears won't give -- five yards Frank Gore of 49ers 48 yards. It'd peaceable Marshawn Lynch. Only 45 yards so they have -- -- kind of a mixed bag. That the top high profile names they have stopped them. And so while LeSean McCoy if you can keep him all purpose yards at receiver and rusher somewhere around a hundred. And not necessarily. About 180 to 200 yards I think got to be a big way at the same thing. And like coach Bates and I think we'll have the upper hand as far as dealing with their offense well taken a look at the Philadelphia. Equal as they are hit coached by Chip Kelly came -- from the University of Oregon they won in AFC east this season with a tendency record. They started -- forward home -- financial field seats just and a a 68 -- just -- was 6500 fans. And they won their last four at home they tied the NFL record for best -- off with several of the teams at six and two. They offense ranks second with 418 yards a game that defense not as good point nine for the national. Football league Eagles got off to a slow start the season but as we sit down the stretch. One forward -- they have the -- second best rushing offense probably put out for eighteen -- the game. And a 160 point four rushing yards. Per contest in shape accord he talked about five point one yards per carry on the flip side in impressive -- but not now with some of the greats. But he had been number one quarterback rating in the NFL this year when he -- a touchdown pass -- to an assistant. Nick -- completing two -- three passes at 317. Attempts 2800. In 91 yards in his favorite target. Is DeSean Jackson thirteen 132 yard receiving this year all 82 passes and knives course he averages of -- over 83 yards receiving. Provoking and he's also dangerous and the special team. The well DeSean Jackson it is a flat out. If he gets its base he's -- win a lot of the times. Now all of which interest in and -- -- Another challenges are just DeSean Jackson can make plays as a pass receiver. That they also have we talked about McCoy in the passing game but they also have a Cooper. And the QB if you look at what he's done and we gonna have to be aware of him -- he can. You know stretched to feel it and make big plays. He's interest in because he was the 18 remember. Got to trouble over the summer -- used in the N word but that's of -- Wesley concert it could be the big flavor easier for them. And that being Riley who when they get him every opportunity. And if you look at this year that this season. You look at. They NFL's receiving average leaders and now having at least a thirty receptions. Kenny stills has noble one. 20 yard average 32 receptions. Of Riley Cooper. Has 47 receptions -- he's averaging eighteen yards. So that he's the guy they can make big plays in. And there are trying to utilize them obviously when he has the single match -- that so that's Rockets are at right now. Is when. You know also trying to fool with it stops you McCoy and we have defenders on island. Candy actually step up and that being. You know the likes of these ink covers like a Roman Harper. Are even Malcolm Jenkins the more I think Corey white. Keenan Lewis I think he's gonna get a lot of this Simon. You -- you you'd think with DeSean Jackson. Soviet incident at the Steve had -- I think you have to make all bulls' big Bulls beat in the passing game and not necessarily. Let them be you want them one dimensional bottom line not necessarily can mix it up. You know running the football which they want to do. In and ironically -- number of snaps. They're 5050. As -- as runs it passes that you can't get more balanced than that. But that that you know one thing I guess said we gonna have to take care of the football. And if you look at the Eagles right now that they're tied for third. -- in the NFL with 31 takeaways. So you bottom -- you have to protect the football and also -- -- drive and it. Now on the field they've been very successful red zone defense. Their third in the NFL with five takeaways in the red zone. Behind the Rams you know I'll the Rams play defensively and this Seahawks. The Rams have -- eight the Seahawks have had seven takeaways the eagles' wives so. Stout. -- they'll be it's almost kind of like -- -- but don't break where you know you got to get points -- -- -- one touchdowns -- cannot afford. In this type game down there you got to get at least point to not have. -- and you know also talked about those -- a call to Bobby of so many interesting things to point out about it. Obviously he is up first -- dissect it in the when he comes to. 791. Downs probably he picked up this season and in this situation did it in games in France Aaliyah. When you come into third down situations and I will be there alone or whatever. Don't know if Kevin Campbell the group on a -- -- -- gone down field. Third a third and even their moment and -- it -- -- -- on the talent because you know he can -- a lot of things happen after the -- you yeah and -- yards after the -- that's exactly and you know we got a we said this then a couple of shows now. That when you break down the Eagles you got to truly. Make them earn their points on me about that having long sustained drives. Double the -- 101112 -- drive than if they earned it we got to give credit but they'll give up the 34 play drives with. If you look in the NFL. But a big play team shot please. That the Eagles are the best. Look first in rushing yards and we've talked about that over five yards an attempt first two plays over twenty plus yards in the NFL. First in passing plays to twenty plus yards. Person touchdowns of twenty polish aren't they have a 21 total there and this. Passing yards replace what they push in the ball. Down the field and applauded -- -- Anderson and it looked to be very entertaining if you're a football fan. The Bulls forward yard gains and a single season. By team. And if you look at it. The Broncos this year had fourteen games afford -- yards. A game in a single season. Well we're number two in NFL history who we did it thirteen times at the 2011. Guess what this year the Eagles did it twelve times. So they got it isn't like they can get their yardage and that that. UW we've held opponents under 300 yards I don't think guys have that we do that against the Eagles you don't turn it over. I think we -- we win but it just shows I suppose that the Eagles are. That's the case he can embodied in big elevates above my -- down to kick off from these seafood on the New Orleans Saints radio network. And today's game is being delivered by the satellites and called a satellites and the official transmission provider to the Saints radio network it 504466. Days. The broadcaster or a sports network is about like count them kick off. On the saints' radio network TV seafood in the world thing was front court ten at six Philadelphia Eagles -- now the flip side I would take a look at their defense of their defense through and that's the standout numbers this year point ninth in total defense allowed just. Under 395 yards per outing they give a 289 passing yards a game which is the last that he and other local four on the ground which is -- -- this. However as. I can sit unimpressive -- -- defense -- they have the player in the league it is time for second in most innocent in six including a game saving interception. Last week that I young play at university of jawed in Brandon bought -- he had his sixth interception what type of three of the players the second in the National Football League in the regular season -- key one on the draft a cowboys' final drive that game that sealed the Eagles 24 point two victory. Over Dallas they are opportunistic defense -- -- they create turnovers and -- do have simply make. Yeah I did speak without a doubt to me it's all about turnovers that you made a football. That's and only be tied for third in the NFL with 31 takeaways. And and and that's what they we have not done as a safety net to take it a ball. If you look at these numbers. Is also its week nine and apparently Eagles in this thing. Since week nine the Saints have only forced. Four turnovers that's dead last in the league. I'm 32 out of 32 teams were on the flip side. But the Eagles protecting the football knowledge -- be -- for the Saints to take -- -- they only have five turnovers. Since week nine which is noble one in -- -- we've -- of -- pars the last so it's -- argument that the equitable while a lot easier. Said than done. Because though with the Eagles have done and that's one reason why how to protect the football they get it away. That their play as well they would be noble one. I think you make full -- -- played earlier because. Policies seven titles in receptions but was from Michael makes they'd probably be somewhere. You know what plus 1819 to wearing in that range. -- you look at the Saints it is baffling. -- bags Drew Brees Sean Payton. That. If you look what they've done on the road as -- scoring offense. And in that this hasn't been this way in the past. When you looked at 2006 the Saints are right up there. With the Patriots and the Packers actually since 2006. And their averages 28 point a game where if you look at this year. Derek when he six. And because that number's been brought down because of the with they've been on the rolled. The saint of lost five of their past six road games averaging eighteen point -- Away from the superdome with that you can you talent. Also when you look at it as fours that the offensive whatever department lately. That's why they a lot of people they go around the nation and state together trouble. It's a struggle -- should -- be able to score 36 points combined. In his past three games away from home. That you look at conversely with the saint. Done at home. This -- we all remember this last week whatever department lately scored 42 point in their week seventeen matchup against Tampa being at home. And so therefore you look at their average at home. 344 points per game and their eight home games. And right now eighteen on the road. I think you tweaking it anywhere -- that a minute or even high -- -- -- -- thirties. That -- we should lose out because it has to do their job. In and bomb thing in you know it's like but we get 27 points -- 31 points and outscored keep it has been outstanding. You look at this year with that's what they Rob Ryan. Right now we are -- definitely -- only given up nineteen points to gain. Obviously that has to continue. With the it's amazing when you look at and coaches bring this stuff. That turned that turnover differential leaders and now you look at it. Did that surprise you that there are all in the playoffs well basically winning their division. The Seahawks plus twenty they wanted their vision the Chiefs who right now I think that the vehicles they replies to eighteen the Colts. But what was thirteen Eagles was well 49ers was twelve Carolina plant Panthers plus eleven so you could see why that constantly -- Brought up a conversation that you -- ratio who that a parity in the league. And especially. If that even just kind of been but don't break in very opportunistic. -- -- the different we all go back to 2009. We won this global 39 takeaways. That that that was like unbelievable now what's been frustrating battle and I think in the all the way. But not necessarily help and now all that is fours. Our even our special teams as far as getting point. Right now we have you returned those special teams our -- defense. For the whole season would only NFL team that at that done that we haven't seen the school put scores up pick sixes. Though like kick off return nothing. And if you look at at special season in 2009. You know we had seven. Say that and will we just what one or two with Darren Sharper talked to me in. And it is that you said it does come in bunches why not start tonight those budget it's ours. You know getting some takeaways. And hopefully get -- a hot streak come January and acclimate -- different. That you you -- on the road that you and its -- about. Talk to the Eagles often at the Eagles beat him to come back what impact was special teams and look at money kicking and her parents missed those breaking down the big matchup between the Saints and Eagles it's above I -- that kick off -- secret difference -- All the New Orleans Saints radio network. And welcome back to vote like count -- ago but my official -- of the Saints -- -- seafood in the world famous for its quota with a bunt like countdown to kickoff. When his son had to take a look at what's happening at the stadium for that we would bring in almost -- and Saints programs -- guys I hope he could even. How they're getting out -- ago. Everything's real good day care you'll have to bear with me for a little while can lose in my voice a little bit but. Yeah we talked about that the weather and really it's. Up here in the press box anyway it's quite pleasant there are a lot of the players down there on the field that are warm enough weren't stocking cap and you know they're black sweats and what have you but you know it's really not that bad. Temperature kicked off supposed to be about 25. If Richard about 1130 and -- still be point five so you're not gonna get. A big drop in temperature between the start of the game in the into the ball game it's clear and if virtually no win you can look at the flags that are on the top of the stadium. And it just kind of movement like you know light breeze with a little trailer it's a little flags that are on the the goalposts are just -- -- lamp so. Wind is not the issue field conditions and not an issue increasing it down there I know the TARP which covered. Earlier. They exceptional on top of it from what we -- we came in the of day but all that's clear in his post notes that missed a little. That are up against a stance so. Whether the temperature. Feel conditions that we in any actors that should not be an issue in tonight's football game. Now OK you look scoring offensive scoring defense in and obviously proper line. Has done an -- it would if you look at. The thing -- if we're giving up ninety points that's sport that's in the league and and the Eagles overall it given 44 points. -- -- you look at a scoring offense which you know the state -- used them all that the best that event that's built up in the 46. But with the Eagles. Our report this and outright under 28 points -- the reason why bring that up but I'm a little concerned about look at it this. At the most gains that. In a healthy but it does help opponents. 121 points this season Carolina with -- one. They did a fourteen time it's the ultimate team thirteen to tie for third. Where the Saints and Eagles they've done it twelve times. With that scoring defense in you know they got an explosive offense but I'll look we haven't been -- on the road at the office of unity and I'll look at is that we've only scored. 361. Point combined. Is in its past three games away from home. Only 32 points we've -- act kind of like you know it one game and explosive game but the fact that towards me -- do you fake. That. If the faith -- that I like game. And there's going in the high heat to low point beat you -- that -- -- game when you think it's getting more often. Watched -- Bobby -- feel a little bit better now in that had an opportunity Mike quick came up here and visited with me for. Back 1520 minutes I think he's going to be unity guest here in just a little bit. But. I asked him busted my. Is the Eagles secondary is bad if you think -- he's ours we would think. He needs it hokey I'm 52 years old. And I can out -- anybody in our secondary they take cover me up so he he don't think that they're very good and he began to kind of break it down and you he said. The only. Chance to date yet -- and they've got one corner that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- got to be physical -- the line of scrimmage but. They can cover slow receivers Mangini by just getting the speed. I say especially small quick guys that just gives him absolute -- they can't run anybody down they have to play a soft. Zone defense and they really only got one threat as a pass structure and that cold so our job I feel a little bit better about. What we might think about the same topic -- the difficulty that there have been on the road earning up right does that bad secondary. Plays right into the Saints during which is their passing game in. You know. Here's another thing everybody talked about the you know the best way to help control the Saints offense is to keep Drew Brees on the sidelines but. The Eagles have the lowest average time of possession of anybody in in the NFL. They only hold the ball for 26 minutes and 24 seconds per game so they score quick. But yet that give Drew Brees a lot more time to be out your own people operate and so. A lot of these things. If we're worried about our road woes and in how our offense doesn't play up -- -- like it does in the superdome. At least a couple of things that the visited with Mike quick and look at it is that it. Our team -- gonna score fast so what does that mean it means Drew Brees and company are right back don't feel so it it. It's got -- the makings at least of the Saints have enough better operative -- tonight than they have in past ballgame providing mistakes and all that. There are a little right you don't turn it over yet you don't turn over and a -- what is your take and I would take is that of any team. -- pretty much considering you know we have the 25 best rushing attack if you look last November. Last season we had a 136 yards rushing against the Eagles defense accommodation ivory. Pierre Thomas -- Mark Ingram. Probably take that now for sure like Al chances obviously. You know you protect the football would you look at Mark Ingram. It worries that obviously probably gonna get the bulk of the carries. With you know what Pierre Thomas being out knowledge you look what every department lately. Way nervous averages six and half yards per carry in the same class three games. Now a lot of teams that vigilant as the Cowboys -- had a partner 45 yards. But he -- Carolina out because I thought he ran -- the ball well. Would 83 yard -- what is your take -- -- -- Look at it Ingram out given the benefit of the doubt that the -- He's come on strong at that late then I think you might be capable maybe given to them that the balance of running the football along. -- at Robertson and Darren Sproles. Yeah and you gotta be encouraged -- that the progress that. That that -- resonate throughout the year and you know we know that nobody really gonna get a steady -- of the carries on my long you know. Ingram right negated that Dallas game but I think you could've thrown anybody out there any one of the things back in they would had success but tonight. Should be his night to Shell out. Is excited is he been after some of these you know twelve and fifteen yard run that he's had he's hit enough we spent in a ball and he gets all excited. -- wanting another well tonight is an opportunity for him to showcase that because I want to you want. He's going to be playing against accounting opposites on the field LeSean McCoy. Who yes led the NFL in rushing this year he led the league in all in yards from scrimmage so. I mean he's a dynamite runner in you know that's why. That's what Philadelphia is -- do they don't try and run the ball and you know. Johnny and arrested just look in here through chip Chile's -- when he was at Oregon in 2012 before he came to the NFL. -- things that at Oregon averaged 350 yards a game rushing. So you know you think about this fast pace topic -- think more so. Throw the football and anything else right now there run part. They are run first team so. You know with the conditions tonight being in but nine so to speak other than the temperature being -- -- and what sites are -- in the plane in. I hope they can establish the run game and I stick with that Mark Ingram could be that guy. That is -- guys now we'll continue to vote like countdown to kick off of these seafood on it wants a history of network. And welcome back it is that well -- countdown to kickoff here at eight BBC who. In the world famous for its -- candy out to the Saints and the Eagles took down the sound bit sick it sort of the New Orleans Saints. Radio network well right now I highs on affairs bomb on him Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis. The Colts don't want them 38 to. In and -- -- thirty to seventeen and they are driving and thinking about the points -- game here and they do so it's going to be 3044. At Indianapolis -- an opportunity. Who have come from behind it really make this thing. Close well once he is -- talked about we found out yesterday is that. One of the most versatile and veteran backs especially comes out one at saint Pierre Thomas open is blocking ability durability and also when he goes on the screen play. Is that not going to be intact this week is he's been ruled out leaving his shoulder the load on the hand tiger Roberts and Mark Ingram. And also. The parents broke Saints out out of Puerto Christie Garrett Carlo -- -- at it is take on facing the Philadelphia he. They would. Potentially you know cold weather etc. its kind of -- -- via -- ground game written all over it he just talk about that eagles' defense which -- seen from them in terms of their abilities. Al Thornton after letting Manny. -- they all -- tomorrow. Turner will coach so no I knew a good job and -- we're had this you know I -- I don't play -- -- Has this team -- and media for us against the world kind of mentality approach because. He has no that in order make Sorensen Williams -- doing all borrowed from SA had to feel good -- it is as all of us you know who's gonna Rosales. And where we've played in the host city he -- against us so. You know he's your folks and our game plan China you know. Get our game plan together if there's -- right. You know. Her so never again Pierre Thomas may or may not really don't know for sure when you compared to. Esteban may be in the passing game and -- Ramirez doing saying you know I've been ready. Since Lester appeared arms McCain there. Not paralyzed numb you know take all the reps there and we got pregnant so -- that they talked -- oh Phillies like to play enemy with indecent. Also visited other credit the fans are you know very passionate about their team in. No more than afford to go out there playing and thanks appreciate him. Balking about they what they and a great opportunity tonight to really establish himself as and really become you know. There's two things that to me come that the rule of thumb. You know you can be labeled what anybody -- -- of course what the coaches what the players -- -- -- and apparently we. The Werth and the value of mocking them is it more -- although he knows more about shown they can within his team that it was gonna magic visit him all the time now with the right head. Regardless of what you do from week one the week seventeen in the playoffs if you do whether the playoffs Bobbitt. I could put up I think you put a couple extra stall is next in -- because a lot of time many opportunities. He had the opportunity in the do you take advantage of that opportunity I can tell you live without Derrick Thomas that. That the accommodation and -- Mark Ingram Kory Robertson. And Darren Sproles that if we can achieve like I said early what we did last season we played them in November that being the Eagles. We get about a 136 yards I think that's a big plus the big win. Far on all the things but. You know as ironic when you look at the running game in the balance and -- -- trying to attack a defense of autos and Justin read this quote about a Robert Meachem. And and in and -- read a quote also from Ingram thank Corey Robinson but Meachem said. UK yet you came to exploit anything that means attack at the -- he came to exploit anything if you're not ballots. Our running game has to be there we have to be able to move the ball we have to keep out the pits off the field obviously we going to gets. A big time often it's like the Eagles an explosive and -- went on to say any time you run the football efficiently. And efficiently it it it it does nothing but open up the entire offense from high school all the way through April do you hear about that. Run the football utilize play action high school college of roles but that goes hand in hand I look at curry Robinson. Now he was healthy and even when he was healthy was inactive for seven games this season he has to -- four carries for 224 yards. A touchdown -- average of four point one thought think he also be in the mix you've been ought to see every day. Is an opportunity whether Pierre is down -- whether he's not. But I but I've certainly got to be prepared. -- -- now. He's prepared for this so you have an opportunity contribute along with Mark Ingram and Darren Sproles that the Corey Robinson. In his quote coming from hall of fame on Marshall Faulk it's huge for his career. This is an opportunity with Pierre Thomas out of the game. To step up also fault talking all the Saints running back Mark Ingram he's Bobby -- I'd -- ability is that -- -- -- -- to kick -- We -- seafood in the world famous for its quota in the AFC wild card game at. -- on the Colts they are down now despite whose goal is 38 point four. With a seven minutes at some change left in the third quarter where -- out to -- wallet in Philadelphia. Right here on the New Orleans Saints radio network. All right. If Diana's might Didier mighty TA dot com and Mike to AA on Toyota. I just sank to slight underdog on the road give -- -- -- most interesting keys that you -- paying it needed to in this wildcard match. The open to the plate you get the global Jim Graham who if you watch the Eagles play. Yeah had difficulties matching up down you'll any particular. With tight ends Jason Witten last week twelve catches. -- -- Norman we all have happened football team do what you do best -- the football do you big receivers and in particular. Jimmy Graham although he -- decide the football we can talk about turnovers. On the cool score quickly but I think the key easier and slowing down Eagles. It is all about shaking my caller. All the talk about nick told me that it great -- -- 27 touchdowns just to perhaps an acceptance. -- fuel -- sensibly. But the one being in receiving initiated my call. When you get support our line actually picture and then there at fourteen. It is like -- -- swing -- -- isolation play it itself and all that interior and at that point that York. Not able to use his game. Intentional or you go you're -- now you'll in particular Jimmy Graham. -- on defense. You're not gonna stop -- McCoy. Would slow them down. In making them earn every inch of yardage and again. Now Mike would you look at -- talk about shady McCoy you look at the top receiving totals by NFL running backs. And -- only this season but since 2011. Darren Sproles -- one. Pierre who's out to meet them before LeSean McCoy is -- five. Along the lights on them to Ray Rice that Matt Forte is the Bears. -- -- him a call way is that why it has to be a frustrating. And not only as a runner. But at the pass was even running back in you know -- -- -- -- utilizes Sproles and Pierre Thomas now what -- in the screen game in the passing game in general. And I heard an interview and know what your opinion on this would Chip Kelly said. At that one thing they'll look at the success. That you know stop but the Saints screenplay. And and like Carolina was able to do out there linebackers -- that evolved. And and he kind of said. -- look at theater and I constantly. Committed. To stop with Jimmy Graham with the double team and then also old. Not letting the Saints get off and in this greens game that that that he basically was saying if they have success that this greens. And Jimmy Graham that visible wealth as defense. Well I agree the problem is he doesn't have promised Davidson -- I mean yeah. It is written by an -- coach you can draw. But you know on Ron Rivera. And brought up much better because I don't want a complete Heatley and -- -- he did the job done. Now look at the eagles' linebackers. I bet not dictate in the -- but what the big game. Thought that deeply of one party while yet uncle -- and it -- when you take a drop back into the past which part of the game. And their match up against a running back -- tight -- It's been difficult you think you -- design. It is you know. Our best in theory you could sit next man up but it out you know the next -- -- -- -- union -- -- got. I think last week you've got a little bit of -- glimpse of not having Jimmy Powell. In Tampa and -- all the tight end. Watched today the Eagles don't try to exploit it area not a problem Jenkins Bowman -- -- -- -- well out there didn't nearly as good. In the -- part of the game. Lot of the tight end sets. Sort of speak we have Brent Celek would backward and also James K we've also been times in the pre season with the -- and and my body like that area it would only cheap credible line but it's accurate if you -- we need come playoff time. It gets magnified won't hold and I think that in that spot not happened Jabari. -- skinny book about -- -- You can talk a little. Bit the next man is that you guys all. Mike -- to predict. Yeah I think a great victory in and night out felt all along sites 27. Eagles 24. Bank went on the road. NFL analyst Mike that Didier Mike TA that comment on Twitter at Mike Matsui will continue that but like -- that the kick off on the saints' radio network.