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Jan 4, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert get ready for the Saints playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to the but I can't dedicate all my life if disappear the New Orleans Saints as we -- -- -- down the black and go and the Philadelphia Eagles might make -- financial field with team UC food. In the world famous for its core let's go to the press box that was at the -- -- hope you guys on gives us the pre game. Injury report. I deaconess thanked pregame leader board is brought to you but do -- institute of sports medicine for the athlete in all of us. You inactives for the Eagles tonight will be quarterback Matt Barkley to -- Johnson Curtis -- He -- Johnson Matthew Tucker Julian Vanderbilt. And Dennis Kelly in the enacted for the sank to be Ryan Griffin Pierre Thomas Terrence Fredrick east at duque -- He's got to Dawson to Aaron Walker in nick -- in just. You can group we you can flip the owns -- -- guard marking we'll start. In place of Pierre Thomas and I think bringing in report brought you back to playing institute of sports medicine for the aptly. In all of us I hope thank you very much in now let's stick out what's gone on on the feel owed a berth that view was we handed off to -- -- -- reporter. At this seeing Garrett won Christie Garrett. Christian beauty details -- financial field looks great to be honest with the mean the temperatures are not that bad on body wearing gloves at this -- I do have a little. That of you know a beanie on that the players -- here woman up they're not decked out in a logical weathered years it's that would certainly. Bearable and listen you know. I told this story before I think you know body should be guys have heard it from others well. When the team bus comes in do centrally -- -- Lincoln Financial Field here in Philadelphia the fans usually read. The visiting busloads of a either snowballs in this case and you know some middle and it sent -- a bit of very well exactly yeah yeah well Sean Payton put. Targets on the team bus. Coming in as if to say hey. Go ahead and throw that doesn't really matter. But I don't know -- just on instinct that they're certainly up -- another sign I think -- that embraces. This road game in this road warrior mentality and tried to adopt. Well Christian you look at it shot they got that his golfing crowd yeah if you look back in his formative years in nearby -- You towns where they're still may yet. And you know if you look at instead there's billboards gratified city to win on the road. Did Philly OK get enough but people. There's golf out of the book because the birds we got to accept the challenge and if you remembered his first NFL coaching job. With the Eagles back in the ninety's yeah evident 98. And now we are remembered. What occurred. When the states last time -- went to Philadelphia. Especially here but to say that we've been on to win this global. In the bottom line the last time -- Make it financial field. We've recruited well but on the eve and you know so it made it -- try and you know it reminded -- of that and how they were able. Just to take it to the Eagles up 48 did what did you do it that was a dominant performance we just gotta weigh about one point. But I can remember avoid Darren Sharper or Stewart came up big with a big takeaways and also not just take the lead but Rory he's been. And -- you know l.s body Darren Sharper is here tonight to -- you know I think maybe it's that. And knowing that I got here on the field just yet you know just kind obviously not the best there is like that. But the if he's here. Look you know. Just watching the Saints go through. Pregame warmups in here and not at all you know. -- just this week out of all -- once that I since this is the team that was you know it was in their heads that they can't play on the road. I -- native -- they've admitted hey look we haven't played well. But they can all that -- would all go away tonight with a with a big win in a play a pretty tough place to play with these Eagles fans are gonna make life miserable and only make life harder. On on the State's office but they'll. And I heard Mike there -- talking about the matchup with Jimmy Graham in the eagles' secondary and I was also you know beaten do a little resurgent in talking to some Philadelphia Eagles fans and some of the guys that cover the team. That's the matchup that the most concerned about you look at what Jason Witten did last week my game in numbers but. He had eight GO tonight and he's an aging tight end -- -- grams in this privacy you know you gotta figure that's a match of the seeds will look to take advantage. Hey you know -- -- what do you look at report. I that we getting indicate -- this -- water while the officials are calling big gains. How much that it letting the Eagles secondary -- -- -- -- the illegal drugs. Grabbing jerseys good I think that could be incredibly crucial result -- the Patriots. Carolina as you all very aggressive -- receivers. -- -- it as it is -- that they get -- -- ability but yet earth. -- have a body talk -- it against guys that over the Eagles on a weekly basis they say that's not what the Eagles didn't do that's not their identity. I mean so it in the -- to feel like if that's what they're gonna try to do tonight -- you know this -- well as anybody you're trying to change your identity this late in the season. You might backfire on you big time so that's that's of the date they typically do they know they technically a lot of soft coverage and and we'll see we'll see how they play the Saints abilities on the -- done. Christie Garrett thanks sound board an acoustic -- one on -- we will continue with a -- like countdown to kick off on the New Orleans Saints radio network. -- got to take a look at today's opponent hits in six Philadelphia Eagles forward for at home at the lake and they all the NFC east champions. Color analyst for the Eagles network might put you on this now Mike the president had you on the program and it. This is a matchup on paper it looks like up pretty -- tonight what does what does the biggest concern you think. He -- there we're looking at this thing. Do you really have asked me. Don't they still have Bob Hebert on that side. They tell us that yeah right and our rights that they'll let dad dad threw it right isn't it did it they -- As long as they've -- -- yeah -- that's that is the problem with the Philadelphia Eagles no question about it you know. Coming into this football game I I think that. You have to be concerned of course about. Jimmy Graham -- on the outside and and running out of backfield. But I think the biggest concern is the things that. Drew Brees is able to do and get all these different weapons involved in the Dolphins. -- out by what you look at. I guess that the stress that their defense but what what would it be what would it be their -- backing corps when you look you can't streaks. DeMeco Ryans did they come out -- fallen. And always been a kind of Marlin -- -- arise when they arrived at Texas. You know to say that -- is against them in a training camp. And I know they got Demeco and -- trade that they sign convert free agency at they've been pleased that there. A progression Demeco arrived kind of reminds me with -- faith gut not a typical for the Jets and how he's become like their quarterback of the defense. Well he's certainly he runs the defense that's for sure you make -- and everybody's in places he's a guy with the with the microphone and a helmet that's he makes all the calls. And you know he's really like having a coach on the field but this defense really begins with the young guys that they have up front. Fletcher Cox. -- Logan field these guys I think to a really nice job of keeping a lot of the offensive -- all of those linebackers so they can run and make plays and they're really begins with those guys I think the linebackers of course they do a really good job. I think Michael Hendricks. Has done an outstanding job moving from outside linebacker to inside. And he's just a phenomenal athlete to ask him to do a lot of different things -- he was primarily the linebacker that they wanted to use in coverage. But now they -- he's able to do so many different things so they'll blitz him -- time they'll drop in coverage. And even run -- he's the sound tackler. Very good cover linebacker and just I think an emerging star in this league. Now might go what you look at their weapons they have offensively and I try to tell fans that if Kelly. Even at Oregon you look -- your average it over 300 yards rushing game. That it it's a balanced attack this break you out relief to run the ball it and they go from there. Who would you look at obviously what they've done. At a Pro -- without all pro level that being LeSean McCoy. And as DeSean Jackson so. You can't get it to them if you look at the single matchups I think that's where that you think it and it may be at the saint. Defense that being Brent Celek. Where Curtis Lofton at times -- struggling coverage. And then also all Riley Cooper. You know you need all hands on deck -- have -- -- that they. Moved to two bright -- their top scorer their most consistent corner that obviously can -- Carl. -- -- Natalie all rookie team that was at a global level in edges you have big challenge four Cory white -- -- always trying to attack. A that we -- -- who -- wiping the Saints cornerback and then also -- are great coverage I'm sure who Chip Kelly is aware of that. Big I hope they know all the information that you know because you I think that's where they're gonna try and attack if you go to single out a guy I think. That's where you're -- and I you know I know you lost the rookie safety and interest this replacement I think they'll also try and isolate him. From time to time and try and get the football down the field against your safeties if they they have the time the problem with. This defense that the Eagles are going to be facing his. Those two -- Russians I think are two of the best in the business right now and I don't know if the Eagles are going to be stout enough up front. To keep them off of Dick -- you know they gave up five sacks last week to the Dallas Cowboys I think the Dallas Cowboys can. I don't think to Dallas Cowboys with a four man front can get the type of pressure that the Saints can with a four and five impression -- Now Mike though when you look at. I guess when you look victory cold and what he's gonna do off the edge and indeed going to gets. You know Toronto arms -- rookie offensive tackle. I mean he basically said that. You know that. That the tackle better have -- if you -- if you think he's gonna block me in and out well though the success that that Harding had. Greg Hardy had a gets him in the Carolina game the -- what is your take. When you look at that Eagles pass rush and the question that I have like the Rams handled the Rams -- there's. Seahawks even they can get after the state just rushing -- you think the Eagles can rush just four against the Drew Brees are they'll have. The bullet to truly disrupt his rhythm. You know I heard -- triples there and it's just -- And not anybody can I can talk you know he's got to lace them up when he's got to face that kids and you know. I don't know if this team is if they're good enough up front to get there with four. And that's the limit that they have if they're able to get there with four and I think they're doing a pretty nice job with its its offense but. If they're gonna have to bring five and then some time six and Billy Davis will do that he would like to do it often but. There are times when he will try and and goes zero. And just bring everybody in block of men the men and they've been burned several times by doing that. But from time to time they will try it I don't think they're able to get to. Drew Brees with disappointment for -- Mike quick color analyst for the Eagles network ai thank you so much have a great call this -- -- things are all right Mike. All right it is about like count down to pick -- can't get down to the Saints and the Eagles on down the sound bit sick and took enormous Saints radio network. And welcome back the Saints. Radio network studio food delivered directed -- pizzeria we can -- and take out all call for delivery. The reds and balance the two -- before during all after the game is about like countdown to kickoff here on the Saints. Radio network where one key will be the Saints offensive line and how they can trying to protect and move the ball on the ground. But it Drew Brees and rushing the football Saints have a report Christie Garrett sent now with the growth of the -- take on the Eagles. Given the way these offenses are both -- and yes this season Eagles dealt to score a lot of points could. Is this I guess one of those games and offers a line. -- kind of relishes because a cold weather potentially car runs the ball. Well yeah you're either cold weather definitely. Influences around but you can't neglect the past either so you know what we don't wanna be one side has you know whatever please. Yeah just tall order and execute and that's our ability. Do we make too much video the cold weather you know the benefactor you guys in college played. And a number of different areas and from home we all over the country so you guys -- -- two thirds of his roster has played in cold game is colder than there was going to be. On Saturday. You know I. Playing in cold games I mean -- nor do I think in this -- -- you know I really think about it rather than it was but honestly when it when I'm on the field. Yeah yeah yeah I don't think about it but you know domicile I may be is another story but even the do you have heaters. I'm married years until and Gaza -- to use an asylum because it is to. So. I think brilliant -- can prepare you see this kind of hole. To me is Dumars has taught -- this in my says if you if you think just told there is going to be a rough -- pollution going -- there -- listened. And all your energy your own you know execute the plays that are called. The you don't make yourself. You make that -- a little better. You play right next to Toronto -- send me in his third start now first career -- season started. Because showboat playing next to him and his growth the last couple weeks. Because it's been just been good in those the first game was was -- Carolina. Is in you know despite well a lot of people say he had a lot of great place. So you know that that was upsides to that -- And you know each week he's gotten better last week he has. Really good again Q and now he's made some great blocks and you see that his athletic ability is it was almost six and -- -- seen a guy that can move that fast I don't know who. So round. You know -- it's our vendors know he's definitely. More confident he has two games underneath as well. And found just a flow of practice has been gone a lot better so you know I'm definitely confident that he's going to -- you do not take that into the game. Thanks ever since I would -- guard. -- -- And about it that -- the Saints offensive linemen being pro football what a game going on right now wants now 32 at 28 points now and Bruno called a fumble scoops it up. It does at the end zone and they are an extra point away from making -- -- three point game in the Indianapolis Colts have comes off and back against the can't -- -- The Chiefs defense you know those Jamaal Charles got knocked -- Anthony -- the concussion. But -- -- -- -- yeah the you look at Andrew Luck misses -- for the ages they keep the Colts and come back from this. Does that -- -- in the conversation in the greatest comeback ever in FL history now they gonna be down 41 to 38. With ten minutes and thirty seconds left basically in the fourth quarter but the -- we have you and they growth and you look at the -- talk with the line. Mean bottom line as we go to a playoff. As the saint Thomas of like ghosts of as a quarterback Drew Brees. And if you look at it if they protect drew few weeks polite is especially I think this eagles' secondary. You'd have a big gains Kyle Orton at the Cowboys think they exploited. That eagles' secondary and I looked a breeze this season. A career high he's been sacked at 37 times. And I'm telling you most of those sacks option now that -- 100%. But it's not because he's -- -- to the ball up the big plays because we begin beat but you look at Brees. Now there's -- lot of -- and then you have to look at who you going to get an opponent. And as far as the youth and talent but Brees was sacked ten times. Against the St. Louis Rams in the Carolina Panthers and you look at those games. He had a passer rating of eighty or less and you -- we used to moving around a hundred. The data -- QB great passer rating of radio last of those gains and he threw four total interceptions. So I think the protect drew and who doesn't force it. That's going to be critical -- you look at the Eagles and how they get after the quarterback. And at the saving about middle of the pack our average this season. In pressure on the passer there there were twentieth at 37 sacks but they also had big -- even build. Some -- on that than anything but I think gains they had big -- where. It real goals. They had. Who what where they sacked the quarterback five times. -- very opportunistic defense. And I think you'll agree to -- those that a by the Eagles defense that at the turn -- that I need to be kept to a minimum. As the winning formula obviously in. And at this withdrew -- go to the role of Philadelphia and I think is going on the road in general in the NFL. And if you could start out that first drive just get some kind of momentum. And it -- -- said this before Elena -- to winning after the first quarter they went well over 80% of the time their party won in nine through 2006. -- -- say that that was -- there's something with momentum. About momentum on the road especially when you are hostile environment. Don't give them a reason to get excited don't give their fans to meet in this Stan Utley gate crazy. Now we all know what happened at Seattle we gave her reason. The really have that home field advantage. That's why we need to kind of have a start. In his Eagles game kind of like we get to the Bears it's Chicago early in the season. And I think that's why you keep the crowd out the game and it helps our communication but what we try to do offensively they're four you have success offensively it all starts. From the -- go -- the came -- -- -- ban the ability is about like count down a kick out we will continue here eating seafood on the saints' radio network. -- Chip Kelly how different is this offense within. Leading in obviously -- as a play caller hey coach but how different is it from week to week what you guys typically see. Well I think it starts with the running game you know the some of the wrong books aren't necessarily ones you would see every week we're seeing more of it. The -- great job with their screen game their play action pass off a bit. You know that they're team that leads the league with. Big plays both in the running game men in the passing game so. Making sure we stay on top of the receivers. And fit -- our gaps the correct way in. Didn't numbers to the ball carrier. You know he's. McCoy is that the very elusive explosive he's someone that can bounce -- ball covered up put his foot in the ground. So you know populated and football's going to be important in the end you know keeping the big plays to mineral. Guys have said this week could you change and almost everything up just in terms of the room play on the road the routine at -- is that. Saying it is that in jest Tarzan. Not a serious. No I look it's it's this is this is post season the playoffs are focused. From a team standpoint been outstanding our meeting our preparation. So every little detail we value then we look at closely. You know I think players understand the significance of the game they understand that the conditions and it you know I would say. Should two thirds of this this team's played in. A lot colder weather we're gonna get on Saturday night and yet we've got to -- handle those elements is the cold it's. I guess less troubling and maybe win for an offense we wind is maybe than the more than bigger endurance you I think win would be good. Good that the the biggest challenge always offensively not so much the actual temperature. You know sometimes when it's raining or you have precipitation. It it's not a big factor if the balls are kept drive it but it's more a factor it's windy Carolina a few weeks back. You know we had that third quarter monsoon if you will for a little bit and so you know finding. The balls that have been century later you know -- too heavy but. I think. There will be prepared for all those conditions. And finally -- 2009 you guys played there he talked about in your book how difficult it was -- a place to play here -- do you have to. I -- do little actual preparing the team mentally about what they're gonna face. Well you can we we. -- big times a year ten times in the pre season but deep regular season games you going to different environments. All of whom have other community unique challenges. This is a passionate fan base -- -- -- so the noise. You know get prepared for. Really. Pulling together as a team in in focus and only the task at hand. That there'll be great atmosphere especially being a playoff game shot thanks appreciate Angela thank you. I Bobby you gain closing it to ten and I'll talk game day crew Robert Caro Kristian -- hope you guys on the -- the -- team Anderson. What's it going to take to make and I have date for the Saints I hop over the top and beyond that it's. -- -- I'm not even looking at -- or five road record in franchise history in the post season I'll look at it what they've done additional Payton Drew Brees era. And now they 35 on the road this season. -- three more on the road in the playoffs. So you'd definitely when -- get that monkey. Off your back that you look at the Eagles. They haven't necessarily dominated home at 2013. Their Ford four and we are undefeated at home but you look. Whatever department lately they are hotter as of late they've won their past four -- home games and seven of eight. Overall. Which has been the -- that you wore. You look at the safe right now you all of does the only ball club. To be it ranked in the top five in the NFL blow off that it defensively. Finishing fourth in both categories. And the bottom line as Sean Payton. -- that success against the Eagles since 2006 in the Sean Payton era the Saints are Ford one. Against the Eagles and that's all positives and out. But that's the bottom line is is we controlled the line of scrimmage and now you know big and have different momentum swings. But we have to be even. And that's where we were with the season in the turnover ratio be even on the plus side. And I think that's enough winning formula. That that they'll -- -- he is so little that the Eagles have used the turnover battle. -- because bottom -- I just think we're better. If Philadelphia I'm not saying. Inaudible mom out of coverages can Ayodele when he things almost like a two touchdown victory -- -- kind of like a field goal game. Men that we that we talked like this in the block -- Anderson. Me in my it to you pick the things Gorham with the Saints 27. The Eagles 24 but the bottom line it just went to gain that in all the Seattle and hopefully that's the case. All right one final. Pro Bowl offensive lineman Tarik at the. Clinching few innings from opening -- to play a playoff game and he played there before but played a playoff game of their -- It's going to be fun exercise and so. Continue to play you know it's a reality. And got a lot of friends don't come into the game when you know sonic game when I remember if you win in this game plan isn't a secret about those fans of jamming. Dan -- looking guys off to throw wasting. You know. -- profanity is as a player does that do to -- global. I mean I. Think you know I guess it does feel that I you know -- Good -- and they just come into the scene you know everybody you know how excited they. You know you -- -- try to get to a few games when you're gonna feel you know routes and all that stuff we don't listen to. Much Stockton and just try to play. We make it too much of the 05 franchise record on the road in the playoffs. I mean it is what it is I mean you know if that's what it is that's what this. Our job is that -- is to change that around on the you know. I think so -- but he says you can. Catch and surpass the only thing you can do is going to play hard and normally changes easily. I mean I just feel like. And it might be the record it. History. Is gonna break get some play you know I think I mean America's it meant to be broken so me. We've we've we've got a good week of practice to go with a -- I mean guys are excited. And you know obviously got to play in this eagles' secondary. They're last in the NFL in passing yards allowed but a lot of teams that played from behind. Yeah because he knows they may they may be less in that category but divorced and they that they didn't as the team's defense is forced a lot of turnovers in. -- -- corners have a lot of deception that code -- And you know they just haven't they forced a lot of fumbles and I think does this series and I think there are where they are right now since. How frequently they get the ball out and that's something that we got to do is detectable. -- -- I don't know maybe -- series may be joking this week about. Change a sweatshirt the sweat suits. PG -- there and everything about the of the workweek is and realize I just can't. It is drill when you know in this game you hosting a -- How did you get an edge on -- things and and everything you talked about this something that you know has been said around here that we're gonna change and do. You know -- -- today you know you still have got to play and guys are focused you know guys that. No doubt guys are crossing the tees and really doing everything possible for most of suitability you know thanks I appreciate the -- drawing room. I'm about it is boosting -- with Saints offensive linemen to read a you know a big as he -- out the three game but I'm looking forward to him. Obama to line take a lot of pride in this is that last year against this Eagles defense. Some of the same players a lot of the same players. In November were able to run the football. You know that game -- won handily at 28 to thirteen. You know we we spread the wealth around Chris Ivory Pierre Thomas Mark Ingram. Vitriol all combined a 136 yards on the ground. I think if we can have somewhere where we keep this the Eagles defense off balance have. You know 27 to an eight point nine attempts. And you haven't you know run a hundred yards in the yard plus the that I think will keep their. If it's still going to be a scenario. Where I think you got to protect the football we've talked about this. You know hopefully. The Eagles keep it is not opportunistic in the Saints defense is opportunistic. In you know what better time for that to start. Maybe if you come in bunches where we can maybe take away the football. You know come playoff time that they can be -- his ball does bounce your way what do you will lose Bryant suck up -- Disney birdied four to three yards we'll settle W don't miss it here at Kansas City a six point 44 to thirty Heatley with 536 left to play here in the -- fourth quarter. So way out on a points there we haven't scored at all he'll a lot of football left to be -- and so a touchdown. Was -- that holds the lead. Bobby at the same amount of looking for me. Big win and this is this year the one thing that I think terrorist thing is that where are you now and it you know. Is he can't keep it high. I'm now gone into this when you might have played better on the road that would work with the most recent -- what's on Peru was much better than the previous two. We've talked about at Seattle and at saint well we play when he the pits on the road to Carolina nobody else and -- can't out and we talked about this Saturday but now. What does this come down again -- -- it like doing like Carolina our defense is on the field with a chance to close. On the you know wins with the you got divas QB playing outstanding -- offense got in the game they got a kneel down. You know -- format and all of a struggle but two minute offense put amendment would usually yes that when you gotta get a first down. Put it Drew Brees and much is given much is part. Make him make the plays to sustain the drive. And I and get a first down. Look at Carolina -- for nine that's -- I don't play on third down I don't blame our defense I thought that -- standing. And I get a right now but -- -- plays against the Eagles like he did against Carolina. It would be better now better when we better win it out of the it's gonna have -- Eagles all of that has more explosive. But but if that was to occur. They give might take at least. That our offense that we haven't done that as of late at the last three he's only scored a combined 36 points. That that it might take it one game. To score I think 27 but when he that at least that not even in the low thirties but to beat a team like the Eagles and and if we get that many points than -- they got beavis hasn't stepped up and ignorance and then you know so -- look the scoring all of his scoring defense. There is a lot of responsibilities. All -- both the offensive the it to shoulders. The hold up variant of the bargain what's out there on Tony opponents are they when this Eagles team has. I averages eleven positions. This goal -- Between four and five of those positions that a lot of points gap and down and and and really -- it's -- went on. And he's a big Eagles guy that we. A big part of the -- -- nation low eighties part of that Philadelphia fan base where he's he's confident he's saying well the Saints -- it has not seen. A title often is that Chip Kelly Filipino was gonna -- Adam. Now all I know his first things first yeah I think that defense will get exploited if they don't stop shady McCoy. And but I am I'm actually got to shut him down but not like you know hold the fifty yards like we help Frank Gore. Fifty or sixty yards but you can't let him go off but like as a pass receiver and rusher. That he has the bottom dollar 8200 yards I would come by and a hundred yards on though that's a big win but it the fifth and I think a big picture for the think well coming up. -- it is our game day crew out from the Lincoln Lincoln Financial Field in the city of brotherly love. Manning a -- control in the press box -- Saints radio network game day crew is the great Robert him down on the field. One of twelve NFL -- photos in the postseason Christie Garrett follow him on Twitter at Christie Garrett won in the box almost saint and Saints coach analyst -- guys on. And the boss of the New Orleans Saints Jim Henderson bring to the wild card matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles. And the New Orleans Saints right now on the New Orleans Saints radio network.

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