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1-4 10:30pm Sean Payton

Jan 4, 2014|

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton talks to the media after a Saints last minute win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Obviously. The big win for us to our guys played hard tonight. You know couple those turnovers kind of kept me in the game. When you look at some of these numbers total yards 256 for thirty. Rushing yards 8280. But we controlled the line of scrimmage. And really controlled the for the most part. Third down six of twelve verse three of twelve and that's good football team we felt going in we were gonna have to play really well I thought we. Eliminated on defense for the most part. The big plays they hit a few. -- very talented. But I thought. With our guys responded real well you know -- back and forth at halftime it was 76 -- should we just felt like we've. Offensively really. Kind of their own foot. Short yardage situations. Ended up being significant obviously Shane played well special teams I thought the and play very well we needed. To cover kick we did that we needed to return at the end and there and you brought Celtic midfield with penalty that was significant so good win. And we get ready now for next week any questions. -- As a team. But I don't I don't know what I would be willing to say were probably a younger team based on the roster. I think we have some. Key guys step up and leadership positions but. We at six undrafted free agents on this roster from this year's class so. I think though there was a little bit result I think our players felt coming in here tonight that there was no way we're literally without we're in this game -- -- you say but I think that. The work week preparation the way these guys handled traveling and kind of a short week as we play on a Saturday after Sunday game so you're you're skipping a day but. You know to their credit. It did a great job of a fight like you said when all of sudden the momentum kind of swung it and it does often so. Obviously we think a lot of the team we play. We study a lot of film and should there. That had fantastic season so we got a lot of respect for them is. There we just ended up being the better team and it. It was it was fun. That's question. Just paid attention to line of scrimmage I thought our guys up front got off ball. Thought the backs did well. Sure we have 32 rushes for five point five so obviously we blocked them you know on the backs ran with. Good pad level. It was all we need. Well we wanted to have balance I thought the weather ended up being. Pretty good considering I mean there was really no wind at all hardly. So. With no precipitation. No wind. You know I know some guys were taken some some players off pregame until the footing was good we were the right shoes. Look -- once we felt like we were pushing and we just we wanted to be consistent with that in set up some big plays we hit the big play action to. Robert. We had one to -- Number of big plays that were were important. Whether. Well it's it'd be your week is going. We made -- a few things that it would really is gonna matters a result. You know. And in that and that's natural as truth so. As far as the history of the organization like that told those players you know you carry your history you know you don't. So. I get it that we understand that and then that's that that stereotypes sometimes it comes with a team that. That. Plays inside and we can't change that you know. We collect the environment we play and then we travel pretty well tonight. I thought it was obviously was exceptional. Mean if it was fantastic. In in a big spot. You know every every -- he hit was clean. And obviously the playoff football game you know of those things matter. Saw the -- I think our message. Defense -- was -- going to do a great job offensively it was say we've we've we've just shot ourselves in the foot -- -- that's not take -- wick I think we're from Philadelphia but. You know we had a penalty and short yardage situation -- couple turnovers. We felt really good about. You'll be -- it 76. Considering. The first set so. Your guys I think felt. A lot of resolve that kept them. Well it it was. To retrieve messages you know we kind of went through the office the defense special teams that -- -- statistically. The numbers they get excited about that talked about the contribution the kicking game late in and how much that played part of or win. We talked about really reflecting on. This past week and you know handle in the noise. In the distractions a ball that. And indeed know put that in perspective I thought they did a good job of that. We obviously a big challenge ahead of us this upcoming week talked about the schedule talk about mister Benson. You know given him a game ball. And there's no better place to win a road game this is one of the this is more than the real good places to win road games to them. Absolutely were -- it we're we're enjoying this one tonight now drive out of ignorance. Who's a lot of first for him if he. I was proud of how we finished the thought the ball security was never in doubt it was stroll. He's powerful. For a guy that goes. That are tryout camp basically and then even after having him we almost didn't bring him back to training camp. Obviously. He's progressed and done a great job. -- a big night for him. Actually coming down the -- Yeah. And it. Timeouts were helpful Ingram had not you don't 99 rushing. -- -- Six for 36. Just a lot of great efforts individually and then obviously up front -- we felt like we pushed Purdue pretty good. We didn't get a lot of pressure. We got a lot down safety looks defensively we didn't get a lot of blitz looks. They did pretty good job and handling Jimmy Graham in the passing game that obviously had a pretty good player in the plates in pre -- we got. Probably earlier in the game quite a bit of three man rush. So they're a good player for taking away some of the things that. We'd like to do and you know I thought our guys adapted pretty well. Though. There's no such thing as just the doctors. And that's the right thing. It. Well we finished and look we got some tough losses one of the things we talked about was our record. During the season in strict schedule who we play during the year. With eleven wins. In the division we've played in and then this really the non divisional games we played and we've played some real good football teams and San Francisco and Carolina twice in Seattle. Keep going. We felt that that. Was something that was significant there and well we've we've that's wins maybe that we could easily lost at -- on the road but what the other way obviously new England's tough. Tough game that could -- either way and it didn't. But just bouncing back from those things were important. I listen I think it's one of the it's it's. -- some point when you get to win a game like that it it. It's got a broken down to the essence of the line of scrimmage of football and then you know your will to keep pushing and get the first down to me. Those guys fought hard and then again we played good good team and that line of scrimmage. Was was the difference I think. Consider. Well it. Means you get to keep playing. You know you keep playing and put off all the things that. Whatever we're asked to do so you can play and get another itinerary. From what up we can be a little different. Then you got to go into the next one. But. But listen it's its. Stuff like it. Looked like -- It. I thought listen I thought -- I thought with -- each game that you gain experience. And you know with the injuries we've had. Which -- -- we've got a number of them you know for us we all the other stuff. You know including last year. You were sitting here twelve wins and I'm extremely proud.