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Jan 4, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to WWL listeners about the Saints last minute win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the point out -- on -- Saints radio network Webby New Orleans Saints are going to divisional round of the playoffs at turning 26 point four victory. Over the Philadelphia Eagles on that that the Saturday afternoon matinee at Seattle in the divisional round victory there. But the Saints in the NFC championship game as always taught by the Kate did canyon Bobby -- that. Well dig what can you say it is cut ovals -- not a typical drew reached on Peyton win. All of -- when you look at these numbers and we talk about this. Traveling on the road in the NFL and what travels well. Well while running the football. And playing style defense I mean we would truly. Unbelievable. -- we today we dedicate the Eagles line if we don't Euro ball. Minus two and that turnover ratio in 126 to 24 we would've won by two -- -- -- have been about a fourteen. -- seventeen. You know point more urgent it's for the Saints where it would -- turn it over mine is too. We were that dominant when you look at this one -- Bryant what more can we sneak. Outstanding. -- and Eagles offense to 256. Total yards -- that -- this. With the Bulls for their yard gain and a single season in NFL history. Won the Broncos did this year they had fourteen games but coming into the playoffs. Guess what the Eagles this season had twelve. Forward yard gains what they had 256. Now back in 2011 we were degrading Showalter. We did it for thirteen games so what more can you say about Rob Ryan all and a defense only allowed to defeat DC jarred. They've played at the end rob back up cornerbacks. -- according white. Rod sweeting I don't know -- going forward gonna come about but it just outstanding effort -- able to do. Net yards rushing. 185. Yards rushing to an Eagles eighty yard -- Eagles would run the ball. We stop the noble and running back -- National Football League to three point seven average is 77 yards they were average and a 150 yards a game. I guess what that they had eighty. No they've been shame on the offense -- wherever you wanna call it if we lost this contest. We came out on top and you look at our -- the football. -- 185 yards on 36 rushing attempts five point one goal on and on him. Maybe marking Aramis turned -- court Dominic in the benefited down and says he has. We cubicle mark in accommodation Mark Ingram Corey Robinson and Darren Sproles. I mean all get it done any members of five point four Robinson five point six -- seven point three. And had to be easier said than done duty of the Seahawks. I thought we would have success. Again is that eagles' defense but would shortly be committed to run the ball and he did. I mean when would you think about this while we are structured the -- and paying withdrew -- Helm. That we have more rushing attempts and passing it yeah. A likeable and I don't know how many times has happened but I guarantee is is who doubted that he got Arnold won and we had 36 rushes and only thirty pass attempts. When all was said and done. And that's why sometimes you say yeah listed jrue is more. I mean you know we're drew it and and it is frustrating because that because I was so pressured to have time. And that it's almost a mindset. Where we could run the ball than -- does it feel like he has to make all the plays to win the game and I wrote down -- we are running the ball effectively. Doesn't have to force it. He got a greater percentages you don't have to force to -- -- a clearer picture. The order in the ground. Take off and run and hook slide. Whatever to -- -- adult take chances. And they guy he totally took a couple of changes. And their first -- for -- -- you don't have to do she Ingram what more can we say I'm not in the clutch that's supposed to do is an NFL kicker. 4444. Field goals on the night. That that was them outstanding I thought. That the Eagles did exactly what I thought they would do and in -- You know mood in the doing as of just running the ball more I thought they -- gonna take away Jimmy Graham. And ultimately did Jimmy Graham -- that the reduced charges 44 yards and discreetly. I mean I heard interview with the Eagles coaches -- even Jim Kelly. Talking about that the economic Jimmy Graham kind of the Bill Belichick -- you can't let him beat you because I mean he's been outstanding this year and don't let. The Saints exploit U defense it's green plays like kind of almost cup. What the Carolina Panthers did -- trying to run -- nothing flat out of the strategy. When you look at it you know bottom line we talk about flip in this grip. And and that's who were able to do and now. -- got to fight right here when you look at. And what we're able to do in this season and compared to. You know what actually occurred in the game and dog that right here. This has -- this is critical this is what I call flipped his grip. And you compare what this season what happened in and and a playoff game we only averaging three point eight yards a carry. And forgiven of four point six charts. That is just for the whole sixteen games. The whole season -- guess what. We've flipped the script. On the Eagles because the Eagles were the one that had a high average and are -- does hold them on the four yards. While when all's said and done we averaged five point one yards a carry three point six that's not telling you. If we're even on the plus side we beat the Eagles but to judge doubt. That the Eagles were fortunate. To be in the game and movement out when I look at this now on a short Peyton. And Drew Brees of since 2006. Sean Payton -- Dinara. The state that had the Eagles number we are now since 2006. With 501. Thing about that. Now that there's still ahead overall sixteen to thirteen but whatever department lately. Since 2006 and figs. Contest the Saints have one of five now and Eagles level 11. Now it's on to Seattle. I mean I don't know -- gonna happen. You know I'm look at it -- the situation where we Abbott with a cornerback a position right now and them. Cory -- rod sweeting in a cornerback. Mean -- throw my game picked on. Now Keenan without a concussion. -- mean they came at him back in the game and holds true they'd get -- surveillance on the three back out there. But they're not gonna take those chances and I did you mean yes and I'm gonna do that no more -- That it did not gonna throw you out there and -- keep the other game begin -- helmet. Where you can't go back in the game so hopefully -- Keenan Lewis awoke to a against Seattle because. To say that Makiko. Recording one -- we -- the cornerback position. That that's not good I mean it would be like a major upset. To beat Seattle we had those guys are starting in a cornerback but. The ego outstanding win the bottom line you go on the road a UN in the playoffs you know you might be saying the Saints are 0150 look what they wore. On the Shawn Green and Drew -- they were -- three we never accused -- anymore now they come up would have big a road playoff win as the Saints come out on top. 26 and 24. It would I'll look at it way -- it wasn't even that close. I'm telling you in -- frustrating withdrew because. In their first half. That should have been like at the end zero. Tied game 140 somewhere. But we hung in there tough and I just say kudos. Kudos to coach Ryan's defense he never given -- a game ball outstanding week at 430 fours that are 256. Mean again rob rides Stevens pulled the pole and it 300 yards third down offense and defense outstanding. They're only three of 1225%. We were seven at thirteen 54%. And -- to already broke down that net yards rushing in an LQ about that what did camps. And now combination of I'll running backs and plus hole in the top running back. That now he's used to average in. And really bottom line ages shut them down even though we were minus two in a turnover ratio. Just outstanding football by New Orleans Saints and coming out on top. The bottom line is Clement out on top and and that's what it takes and you know Darren Sproles. We need to keep him -- Keogh -- big return. Hopefully that'll be the case in the playoffs. Whether it's kick apart return. We can -- if you position battle -- those orders could that it is gonna take them twelve final. I don't know almost 46 and Philadelphia its forty full we will continue with the point out donors Saints radio network. New Orleans 46 Philadelphia Tony for Texas and 87887 email as the big chief at WW dot com. Followers on Twitter on and Deke BT he's -- Bobby number three. New Orleans is victorious body and the defense holding the Eagles three of twelve on third down conversion kick in there all of a full line. In the second half of the ball and they they convert on third down -- we really turned things in our favor. In the third quarter -- today it final drive by working in Lewis went down when he went senate race a variety on this court. They had fully all out on six plays in the third quarter. Begin. That's why I said if you look at this year in NFL history. You know -- the Eagles offense this year on the Chip Kelly had twelve games. Over 400 yards is third best in NFL history well not so fast as the Saints. Did you shut him down. I mean you cane sugar coated Jim Kelly. I mean they flat out got shut down only two -- -- -- in charge. And know when you look at it was impressive can jarred. I mean can jar and just keeps getting better and better and ended up with four tackles and a sack and a half. And then also a team hicks who accredited. Would have sacked. So you gotta give cam Jordan a lot of credit. Big there was those sophomore slump he looked first year being in -- one draft pick -- second year in and now to this year. How he seeks Allen. And right now you know count in the playoffs. He's now it up fourteen sacks. You know -- that's impressive in the regular season with twelve and a half sacks in the if I can recall remember this you know seen Jiri canal. He only had four sacks he was noted as an every down the incident that more as a run stopper. And I camp jar and just playing an unbelievable high level now I dig you look at one area I know Sean Payton is gonna address. And it wasn't quite. Where he's going to be a bitch and Adam in the meeting room when he had seven penalties. I 85 yards you know you don't be anywhere near a hundred yards. Haven't you know nine or ten penalties. But I but I notice. You know and Eagles had four for 38. But then there was in the third quarter. They called three holding penalties against this and now you know I don't know love. What are their judgment if it was obvious. -- whatever but that's on the when you play on the road. You know that can make or break -- you win a close game. So and Oakland screens and that via address those penalties to the phones and nobody let's go to Christian in Mansfield Christian thank you for calling WW ago. Greatly midnight you know it's good to finally be the offensive line and just take over the -- you know. And my dad's been saying you know why candidate and the quarterback sneak on third and short and sure enough they did what 45 times tonight. Right now right grass. -- -- the -- -- -- -- have been you know I'm trying to tell fans so you know they don't like while we -- to moral and you have to also look at who you going again. And and and the deep into a -- Eagles a 29 ranked defense now. You look where they -- -- defense -- given up 104 and a half yards a game. But I'm just felony knowledge be impressed ago when you do in those short yardage type plays this there against the Carolina. The Jets. Knew he had to also look at the opponent and I am not surprised. That we had this much success were any against the Eagles what I -- surprise. In kudos goes out to him as Sean -- Was this much a committed to the run. And now we actually ran the ball -- more that we passed it well but but I really thought. That that we have that kind of success. Even -- his by committee against this Eagles defense. And you know Sean Payton. Woo -- an afternoon and he stuck to his guns and with 36 at camps and now we got it done and now it's almost would be -- had these kind of games a few times are are back to back I don't know if it is in Seattle. Then as I like Drew Brees feels like. That he asked when the game because to me who run the ball if -- -- like I said. Then as a quarterback you don't feel like make all the plays and you got to force it because you know bottom line. You look at interceptions that drew threw. That Tebow come on the receiver has to make a play on the ball that doesn't bother me but don't want to DeMeco Ryans. The linebacker. If you don't have a clear shot -- changes. For city and -- and when you ran the ball this well. That maybe drew would be more conservative. -- attitude -- -- that and hopefully pick besides some demons that we can go. Are you taking down one by and -- get another one. I -- that our guys and I go. We appreciate impacted at all they'll Marrero for Ron Ron thank you for calling WW yeah. -- -- Run run fair run in. Run and run a hobby and at the end thank you for calling Debbie did you little -- -- and -- -- -- -- thank you pay off would you guys. First -- happy new year that you guys -- -- -- thank all of you guys that thing to do you know you are pretty. Good things. You know Bobby Uga that you brought out something about that Eackles. They had any hole that penalty. At all in his tape that that you wanted. Paul was bad there he seemed to have a and I team will be there wasn't one play at it so that supplies. We're not open right -- what -- question yesterday. Doc I agree what you I don't know. The Eagles against especially. Junior gallant and camp jarred -- -- -- and it. That they would have at least one holding call against him considering. You know now the Saints their only team in the NFL. That have two individuals. More twelve sacks or more so you'd think that kind of pressure you have at least one. Holding call. You know against the Modano and dabbling in the Saints and at third quarter we had 3 AM against right. Right well and what my next question about left tackles. It looks like he just doesn't quick enough feet and take one point. -- -- and it won't -- plays like he had a peaceful remarkably. He pitted came in not we have. Well I'll you know I'll go into the would this guy inside to a -- but he just doesn't seem like you know the quick feet for a for a a left tackle and right tackle. Well you know Bobby if they -- came from Arkansas Pine Bluff and and his measurable this atlantis' them what you did at Columbine is off the chart. The Raiders in NFL history. So -- -- field or with going against better competition. And old is he so brawl and edges coach jamaat. That he will get better at pass block in his fourth in his hand placement and it didn't work in but I know coach Peyton. Even going back to. You know that the Carolina gained in his players even Tampa Bay. And no when he's run blocking and he waived veteran Charles Brown he if he's ever run blocker that helps us in that regard so. He does need to the -- -- idiocy because -- -- -- the -- the rest this year but going forward in the future. In offseason OTAs mini camp -- training camp. To see his progression. That if you -- to keep him -- left tackle. William will will be inside guard to right tackle position but I think as well as he runs blogs. And again in the past -- better. That no he's a keeper. Right thank you about young era but I -- -- -- back to the phone -- -- And thank you for calling the Saints radio network opponent. They. Say they -- You know let's say at soldiers out remarked that that surely had to -- that you need to Q and that we were gonna win yeah. And that look at average of these guys and outward dialogue label it. I've got to train train thank you so much for colony we appreciate. -- about it producing those two not imitate a case going all the way our bodies optimistic we've found along a road game -- But it may be realistic which. Oh that nation by one not one you might not want me here and what is the real deal. I'm telling you right now. I think. We go to Seattle. And he can't have manages one games that the best out of seven you know the world CDs nor the NBA has got to win one game. In the ball bounces our way I think we can beat Seattle but. Images. And we -- Tuesday no way it would be shocked. If we know we win it it would be almost. I'm I'm telling you I thought and -- -- it is before. I said -- why you pagan is safe because we're better than Eagles we are better than Eagles although I thought we had a chance to move his game we turn it over. Now -- Seattle. I think I might have to be a plus one plus two and his Briggs claw away. Because we get asked of said the Seahawks. I I think. The Seahawks are that good and now but needing an avenue one game. So style like oh we -- -- in the Seattle. And a revered engine because I don't bud willow. And know that that that's not even. Coming into the mix but the one thing what I like. Is that we've been in that in Byron before. And -- much rather. Think about this I'm so glad we with a six seed is that -- fifth seed having to go play in Philadelphia vs Green Bay. In there and that inclement weather and legally got to be kidding me -- Seattle even over its cold. It it will never be the Green Bay -- if you are talking about. Or even like in the midwest Cincinnati. You know you look to Chicago. It's -- solo. I think it's a good scenario for us. I'm going forward as far as the conditions. That it will be so ridiculous. You know inclement weather that me -- pass the football you can't pass it so I think that -- -- -- -- I'm going to Seattle -- I think with the 49ers could be dealing with a Green Bay but I being. The foreign niners can handle it because that Frank Gore. Situation with -- Iran how they run the ball merit. Of as a David -- I think the economy. Made to hang with -- agreeing David people given the Tigers a chance obviously. Because Aaron Rodgers went. A bought his worked out well Bennett the one to beat a number two seed. To be -- succeeding go to Philadelphia. Because even though they won the NFC east Tennessee he saw that in a season is terrible. And anyone who we we do is better than Eagles and the game came out like he should have. New Orleans 26 of the -- Tony puts the point out on the saints' radio network. And welcome back he is the Kasey Kahne about. He -- -- -- came Bobby -- I'm -- going to be it's the New Orleans Saints radio network to point out the with a -- ago. Put it on the Philadelphia Eagles 26 to -- full of -- Saturday afternoon matinee. As they take on the Seattle Seahawks. The saints' plane lands at 3:30 AM out at the airport crowds are asked to gather on veterans behind the airport in the Saints plainly -- At 3:30. Tomorrow morning back to the phones we go and it's -- to a hobby for Tyrone thank you for calling the point out on the saints' radio network. They gotta -- one if the two things real quick you bunker the first woman is is about TV. And I just one new guy is a -- question a concussion all -- dependable. You know that's that's the levels. OK with -- the real active you know he would only and they believe in the right and Bobby pointed. If you don't want to see me it would be available -- -- to think. Well I thought they I don't know I don't expect him -- ominous speculate. When you looked adamant in any game in the trainers talking to in the -- Ramon TB. That. -- being the case when they get into -- reevaluated tomorrow. They evaluate him away as the and I think truly now I'm trying to maybe be optimists. Bob is that arriving Friday night optimist and yet -- that they getting given the go ahead and and -- Randy. The play against Seattle now -- they get from a selfish standpoint. We need he knows. We don't have Youkilis I'm telling you all fifth the end did you go play and the Miami advanced out of the but the NFL I know so what areas to do I'm I'm just hope and pray and that he can pass. The continent it's as it may give them throughout the week it is mostly on Friday. You know going into the game against Seattle. Because I'm telling you legal according right white in a rod sweeting. And he did just look with the Eagles would do it and in. I mean they do is going right that those guys. And -- you know speaking of going right that. And uncle one I think Roman Harper has done great things at times this team he's also been some bad things in pass coverage blow. He definitely had a bad pass coverage coverage and our deal and his game. You -- -- it was third and nine and in what pulls it Cooper a -- who when that ten yard touchdown mean Roman -- right there. They just falls -- Who will win Big Three to zero. Do you remember all of a sudden Eagles since weighs 44 yards after drew. That through to pick to DeMeco Ryans and and and I was so Matta drew because we need drew to play great. If we you know when those gains -- -- Roman Harper right there ages falls down the and a touchdown. And they took the seven to three lead so. Right now we're really hurting in the secondary. You know ideally you -- you ask me about it -- -- and you know have a Q David Carroll is. -- it to the tenth 2010 playoffs we -- now -- on. Yet we don't we don't we just don't have anybody big now I got a rim and is some wanna -- the was it 1991. And 92 it was either you Kia when I was late in 1991. A two starting cornerbacks on the team all pro. But it is starting cornerbacks. -- like -- broke his arm. So all of us in wanna say I'm more -- battery came in there and really really been around the team. And and a bid book. And broke like a vertebra when this is an excellent out of -- top corners out. It was just a 1009 went well and we had always been the Falcons so all of us on the dome patrol were not the same. Because of the cornerbacks haven't played bad Mark -- and -- Mac bill mag is starting off a corner I do remember that follows Dolan. Assemble like a curl route to Michael needs -- Eagles eighty yard that the exit that a house. Where even with -- could give his vote that wasn't gonna happen you know knowing about angles and all that it's -- But you have to have -- injuries. -- -- time when you winning in right now. We kind of snake bit in that area when you consider. One Jabari Greer. Look at the level he was playing Geneva -- -- odd odd view him as a -- or -- all rookie. And now Keenan Lewis leading the team it is suited for. So on and off I'm just try to be optimistic and looking at the last baffled that he will be available. To play in those son of sat Saturday right Saturday afternoon. Sandy 300. All right let's go to -- brand Brandt thank you for calling upon out there on the Saints radio network. No Brandt thank you to call. Yet -- Is writing. But they gonna call. Is that and he bit so it took three man line. They would get trot -- they were political order. We will wondering and I expect that -- went to that -- we'll be bitten on the goal line 123. Man go on there. And wondered what was lost in. Well because they spread you out if you -- -- Eagles are structured than I do that to tied into three time is like the tradition draw into Amman on adrenaline being called a time out. And if he's got to talking about a goal line too and how the Eagles there even though they might have the ball Milan a two yard line that is doable shot again -- we've seen college. And I get out of this -- And yeah like they aren't gonna make the first down but. The go I'd be good consisted of a three man line. Yeah and and it just be 'cause they try to spread you out and you not going to be all bunched in. It is just trying to match to what the office is doing. So if you look at a number of teams that have played the Eagles tie style of -- is they do it varies a little rob reminded even doing. Obviously there's not a traditional too tight and -- three Giants set our. Hopefuls vina in this and like UC -- -- in this thing. But they're good so the little model and goal line they have all three guys tomorrow what would look like because you're running -- little -- Becker's ability gonna get the ball to shady McCoy and the -- you like almost eight a ticket. -- chance. -- even though it is you know it is -- ten yard line goal to goal. That day realistically they wanna get the ball to shady McCoy. In him the runner is on verses of polls throwing it so -- I could see a logic there -- like -- no we need to be stacked obligates McCoy. Verses of let them stretches out. A because there are spread out. And maybe put out the pin is more an island but definitely pulled some -- -- like especially inside the ten yard line. All right metric for John John thank you took on the -- act on Saints radio WW. I -- bombing. Just. One comment and a question. My comment is that just wanted to say. How big this when was the Saints. Now that people can't say well it can't win on the road anymore and all that kind of stuff so. Progressed to the Saints -- my question is. The Saints defense. We've been able he -- -- the running back like real old. Say -- McCoy. You know under -- hundred yards and stuff. Next we point play I mean I know we're gonna. Didn't lately mark Simons -- How big will would be for the Saints to try to contain. Russell will also like to run no. He can run easily to pick up yards like back. All right how big will be -- to try to keep over in the pocket. Well the thing is I think we kept him in the pocket overall in the first athletes Natalie Burnitz what is arm. I mean them out -- has got Burke. Remember when they -- as single coverage. He had a very -- game in coverage and and that's what you have to avoid. You responsibilities are you gonna win those one on one battles because that's the league -- -- -- you -- make plays. Are are they -- make plays against shoot. And that is not so much. Like. I mean Russell Wilson Randall overs -- media picks and chooses when he's gonna run. But you know and I got a fine in my nose but. But we actually more -- and do anything again it's his but no we turn over the ball and and we've pretty much contained him animal look with the saint Stephens has done. Overall his big name running backs is truly -- -- Amazing. That this season like Vegas Frank Gore. Against. You know Marshawn Lynch. But I mama look at and -- this is exactly. Because. You know did he blitzes and Rob Ryan as god -- ready to play. Again it's big time running backs and a thousand that a case tonight going against the best running back. In the NFL and and his. Flat out just shutting them down I mean -- UK. Sugarcoat it if you're the Eagles and say well this happened that. Nolan no one can be. Played the Eagles better. They do we they would when all's said and done and you know them the bottom line that's critical. And a big old habits that outlook towards the -- and tools. That was. That was amazing all of this is just to yeah Meredith. Do you know the Saints against the Eagles it was the lowest yardage for the Eagles all season all season. Now anyway except for when Matt Barkley was in the game and then count as the game is on -- when they were trying to win. And Ozal -- should artist Eagles -- a team the whole season and like I said earlier. You know they had been part of NFL marked the third best in history when -- twelve -- 04 yards so. -- You might wait for something bad happened it'd be fair it's. But and I do it with smoke and mirrors robber line. And as deep as they believe in the system and his scheme in individual players. Believe rob Bryant put him into position to succeed but. The only thing -- it's -- next man up but I'm using next man up. If -- Corey white in rod sweeting. In coverage and that that. I don't think -- in it that you get it done. That that all of it -- to be licking their chops and saying as -- Perry's we have to exploit not so much. You know on and their front seven. Interesting stat that was an opponent scream about it that night. Proud tonight road teams in the National Football League with sixteen. Wins a hundred and Manning found losses when in the negative stat of the journal about that is now seventeen. And won many file with the Saints a victorious. UPS and being one man if he is measure you go minus two on the right hand as I guess just being negative that's not mine is too. And some of the probably the worst in that ninth through. That's why I'm telling you I thought that we would push or win this game and oddity reminders to assemble would you be even a plus one. Why because we're better than Eagles a talented team we beat the Eagles by two touchdowns. To give drew doesn't -- -- in the first half. We were that much better that Philadelphia now Seattle bill I think we got -- set. Seattle but he can happen in one game as importantly why it was somewhat relax have a few planes yes yeah it is always complain yards it. You know it is and no matter what happened last game -- It's uh oh. Enemy -- on the debts and in these all pros but we seem to have an awful that's the biggest thing Seattle's facing. Because the game one close. They dominated at the Michael -- got a scoop and score it was all over -- -- -- Crimea until. Mean he's gotta give his team to focus and that I'd I'd isn't what I believe is just my -- But when you off a road team in the playoffs when he will be the number two seed -- visit to Boehner wrote a whatever. I think there is some advantage. The plane owner wrote a plane that first game. In the -- about that when you win your owner road. It's much to me will be much more difficult for the saint too. Being a given situation in -- two -- went home in game -- road at Seattle without having a middle road in the playoffs they wanna game. I'm right -- -- were at a better advantage just from our standpoint having won a game owner wrote in going to Seattle -- -- -- went out and out and. And Andy yeah let me tell you. Things change. Now this is not necessarily good because in golf academy Tampa that he did an opponent -- -- -- -- -- we haven't in the secondary. All on that I'm I'm cool on the Agassi then mattered that that happened Noah does matter and I'm Katie McCarron Jabari greater because there outstanding. But a lot knows I can reflect back in 1991. Will we beat the Falcons twice in a regular season loss in the playoffs. Because we were a different team did that matters when you play -- team. And now I think that David is playing a lot of coverage right now. Jews don't give the Seahawks see you score easy scores you remember now we give -- of this a script. Maybe we had Russell Wilson in the ball pops up. And we've finally get it deep it's a two edged out they were to first time I knew that was going to be it drew the ball pops. They get a touchdown pass that and make -- if that's kind of like a star Doug and that we chase employs the crowd's going crazy. So maybe who knows the ball bounce our way and goes to have a plays. A benefit us. And in all of us that it's a total different ball game. Back out to the fall to go Bobby and let's go to write any any thank you for calling WW mail. I don't like Danny and Matt. The first I -- -- -- that -- about the corners. Is. How it got the first the first event in all make -- golfers now the ball. It is being in the morning and all the sudden and do them they have the ball. Right right yet dog in the first half was very. -- all of that on you know they killed them and got lucky on the ball -- that that got first down. Incomplete pass and now they're down on the ball I mean. Then also that Donald goal you got he got it don't matter. That -- done. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No way to let it run the ball and -- can't they stop the middle of the bat game but they have this thing might not get the big play now. The first couple at that goes wrong that life. A golden -- them. Their total body is the only shot yeah I don't -- shot you might like the ball like what. Well there was one play I know you probably remember Andy on the first drive it was a second hand. And Brees is charting its roles on the sideline and ended it by yard T that played a superdome. That that that's a touchdown. I mean you know. I don't know the elements -- it really came into play but I know drew would rush it right there because we've seen him make that throw and that would have been a touchdown but. Yet -- if you look what occurred in the first half. Well we had 94 yards on a sixteen attempts base in this thing chart averaged I'm over loses seven to six. That's why I'm telling you if the more we can run the better we can run in -- that it draws the running game in -- -- feel like he enemy all the throws it to eight. Chances in the because UKQ -- off balance of the Ron. Had to see out -- -- -- -- into wanna stick around fumble New Orleans Tony six Philadelphia 24 about BA bad big Bellamy and this is in the -- in saint radio network.

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