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Jan 5, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to WWL listeners about the Saints last minute win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- to look at the Saints radio WW LA MFM and dot com I'll indicates he can and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia New Orleans 26. And Seattle Tony for the black ago. Tonight. With an impressive performance all the way around rushing the football 485. Yards on 36 rushing attempts. Sixteen offensive plays 36 rushes and thirty passes operated jaguar -- -- At WW dot com with the -- -- big outburst Rusch in the football. Do you think they turn it caught on. And you have they'd gone this week in to Seattle about our rushing attack. Looking at those some numbers as -- Mark Ingram coming up big tonight in the entire team doing well for the black and go. Interesting looking back at halftime the Saints had their ballots as well with sixteen rushes. And eighteen passes the two interceptions at the black and open in the third quarter Drew Brees was shot. Seven of eight -- eight yards and a touchdown the Saints offense at sixteen plays a 148 yards. Fifty yards rushing -- eight yards passing and scored fourteen points -- -- script on Seattle held under oath before on third down conversions and a bit of Seattle's. Found drive of the third quarter that went seven point sixty plus dog and a one yard run. From shady -- they had six offensive plays before all -- hopeful for on third down conversions. In the second half of the ball in Seattle 134 yards of offense or twenties and in place just 45 yards rushing at eighty total. They were eighty point four yards or less than their season average of a hundred in sixty point four rushing yards per game. Much more take from the Kasey -- about being applause Doug -- -- GM Jason and Michael good to always look out and we -- from Saints quarterback Drew Brees. It's the Saints -- a -- six -- four victory over. -- Philadelphia Eagles ugly exit via this Seattle Seahawks. Next Saturday at 3:30 PM here on Saints radio and the black and gold what they Iraq at 3:30 this morning at the airport. Fans can line up are behind on veterans era. This is. The Saints -- radio WW AMF salmon dot com New Orleans 46 Philadelphia twenty boys either Kasey Kahne Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia the black and gold. Straining the Philadelphia Eagles on the ground I with a 185 yards Texas and 87878. You can follow us on Twitter at DE BTX Steve WWI Christie Garrett won -- he bout between three and at Bobby. -- three on not would have. And also coming up and just few moments where you're from Saints quarterback Drew Brees -- Well -- I think it's -- really set the tone for the game and that was the difference maker in all it was a while I was close as well mine is too. In eternal reach of a coach Reid said. If we stop the Eagles run game who we feel like we have the upper hand on this team and that is exactly would occur. If you look at the Eagles and all -- and and in the nobody eighty yards on 22 attempts. But three point six chart averaged. You would be shady McCoy. He -- led the NFL quarterback has over sixty -- -- rushing yards. But he also had a league leading 2001 -- reported -- charge from scrimmage so as a pass receiver and running back wearing the football -- get any better. In LeSean McCoy. Now the reason why I'm impressed. When Rob Ryan is that with a -- it's against big timer Ernie Banks household name running backs that we all know. When you look at this. And it hasn't been all like we just showed that on anybody tries to running it does because as at this in the pregame Doug born early in the season. Which Tampa Bay had a 100 yards on the way Chris Ivory in the Jets. It against us in -- -- Stacy. What he did with the Rams. We bundles of -- games and those were all on the road ironically but if you look at. How we contain. High caliber running backs a Matt Forte would embarrass. He only had 55 yards Frank Gore. The 49ers 48 yards the first I would play Marshawn Lynch he'd be in his he had 45 yards we stopped them. I'm Terry Russell Wilson me please but wood is a warm beating -- single coverage being Malcolm Jenkins. To step up big time this time around and he'll have another shot another opportunity. Who would you look at that we did that a top running back in the NFL. Where he had 21 attempts. Only 77 yards three point seven average. That's why I'm optimistic. That this in the -- is gonna keep us in the game. Just told turn over the ball. I tried truly believe. That B I don't know we gonna win but I think we have a fighting chance. And and it's not so much. That you know -- offense has carried us in the past right now I think we got a great chance because about defense. And that we just on the eternal the ball and could be conservative somewhat as far as being on the plus side. Because I'd think the ball -- -- -- week creed -- -- that a turning it over that eagle on the road and upsets yet. Saints' plane team plane landing -- at 3:30 AM crowds are asked to gather up all veterans behind me ample we will continue what the point out here on Saints radio WW. And welcome -- -- almost 46 and Philadelphia -- full and that's the black and gold. They won't play at Seattle and that is coming up. Saturday. And that will be at 330 again the black and gold a Saints team playing one landing Canada at the airport at 3:30 AM crowds -- together. On veterans boulevard behind. The airport now back to the phone to go Bobby and let's go to Jason Jason thank you for calling Saints radio WWL. Yes hello Jason thank you for calling WW it. Hey Bob we'd be. Yeah. So -- And -- although. -- Drew Brees into an early. -- -- apparently an -- invited by the way. But it was in an ordinary whoever is telling you than America -- little crack in time for years away -- -- out -- that would say that you know he'd be here than you think that would that might have. You know inducted -- about. Who -- day. I am to be would you watch and oh yeah any time again. They would you want to say it is. Winning game as well as -- like -- these -- -- could total. That because David Terry Jason if you look right now. We're drew is an obvious I was gonna hold his feet to the far the few putters and hole in the first half. But all I know is where where jewelry will -- as the team. Where where we -- as a lot because Sean Payton -- now -- -- today. Drew Brees that he ended the 2013. Regular season -- 5000 yards again. His fourth career 5000 yard season and third in a row. Brees is the only player in NFL history. Would tool more 5000 yard seasons -- he didn't do that five years ago he suggested that like last week. Before or the Eagles -- gate and you look at 350 yard passing games. He now has forty of those that's the most in NFL history in ages did that last week and then that five years ago. As far as spreading the ball around. And you look at -- You'd look at Lance Moore in and now Robert Meachem and spreading the well cant look at it as Jimmy Graham Marcus Colston Pierre Thomas Darren Sproles. All finished the season. With seven of work catches. That's the first time in NFL history that four teammates have finished Fidelity's seven grabs so when all you fans they have families sitting around. And see Drew Brees has -- that it. -- you got Italian Italian family that they don't know what the hell they talking about that it might have a three or four years on the road. But it ain't right now he is human he's gonna make mistakes I'm telling you what can help drew more even extend his career. Is if we can run the ball like we did consistently. A week in week out like we did tonight so he doesn't feel sometimes. That Ellis has to make the plays and force the ball goes look at the interception that sake of one. He forced it in there. Bid their what are you trying to you think you see some of the and you have a blind spot. And then all of a sudden what's of these hand it is too late but right now Drew Brees. As I did have 32 starting quarterbacks there Drew Brees is easily in the top five -- this season he's in the conversation. That ties him being on the AB MVP. Now you look at Peyton Manning Rodgers. Tom Brady Drew Brees is in that conversation so with -- says Obama. Getting all he's a little bit all of his mark. Does that that that -- he -- -- At the beginning. Yeah he was all by you are credited to all that's a touchdown. That element to tell you that comes into play. And I said this. That sometimes the way we structured. Junior drew has to play great -- good. But he'd be even better. If we get more team effort like unbelievable. It's a performance like when Rob Ryan is done and we build upon that and we can run the ball. So drew at times it may be below all in that we could still wind. Well but India doesn't think Bob is that you opted today I really. You know they got it if it ever happens to own shot be an immediate goal differential between shortly have to make decisions that it and it -- ago. Ordered an idiot could accommodate everybody that no matter how great -- Joseph Montana led the 49ers but it achieves I don't know what's gonna happen. But maybe you'll hit the lottery. As far as the next guy is going to be unbelievable pressure. Whatever quarterback Drew Brees -- plays well look what occurred. And now we can't baby -- a -- Ron Amadon pagan over Joseph Montana. Ever Roger's taken over Brett Favre a look Andrew Luck today. They get over Peyton Manning. A look at other situation the Colts green did look. A Peyton Manning still at a high level the Broncos within. Of the cold kinda -- a good chance on a young guy and everything played in the NFL and look what I drew blood did a bring in the cold back against the Chiefs -- I don't know the next quarterback is going to be a public a lot of times you really get appreciate what Drew Brees accomplished. -- when he's along with the quarterback and I just hope. That the next quarterback and play at a high level because as the -- A lot of pressure on him. -- Saints quarterback Drew Brees. And you know big when you look at drew in very in a breeze like so to speak in. It just shows you against who rallying as a team in. And and most of the time honestly would drew has to play great for the team to win. And you have to say very average. According to his standards. I'm always able to do you know twenty of thirty passes for 250 yards a touchdown passed for two interceptions. You know we used him having a passer rating. Around a hundred his passer rating was 75. Point seven. So if you look he also had a key has second quarter rush. 44 yard gain on third one. And then he probably ran the ball morning he has. In a Saints uniform when you look at is it camps. And you know it sometimes obviously was by design when you look at the quarterbacks means but. The I don't know never seen that you look at the stats five rushes. For thirteen yards. And maybe it is Saints uniform that might be a high. For drew with. That's why we get to the point. Where on the back in of his career. That. You know. Well we are running the ball effectively and and stick with it and keep -- is all balance that he doesn't feel. That he has to force it and make all the -- And you know their 40 -- percentages. In nine in you know minus one minus two in the turnover ratio. And in there for. Increasing your chances two win. And like I say when I when I look at -- You know being minus two and winning 2624. That if we truly. Protect the football would have been losing and and to have seven to six and I truly believe. It would have been a double digit of the -- by the saint. All right 260187866889087. He will come back get to all -- Collison Wallace when he six Philadelphia -- -- the point after on Saints radio WW. They welcome back to New Orleans 46 Tony floor. To the fall of legal here on Saints radio WWL Florida for Doug thank you for calling WW ago. -- -- a lot of problems and do it -- an occupation. Acting like calling by coach. And -- call about coaches should. Was not mentioned it hasn't been mentioned much by any of the guys in sports media it was into the traditions. And it's good. There apologizing for the way you play candidate to act the Saints have a one road -- are capable of winning. And when it saying it. It is it was a -- And. At the -- he does it I was like share of Calais you bring in that the spread option you know his version. -- attack in the NFL the advances from Oregon in -- and really they had a great success. You know at the rob the year and I kind of brought it out they're part of -- about history when you look at it they had twelve out of sixteen games they had 400. More yards. But not so bad. Against Rob Ryan and the Saints defense where they only had 256. Yards which is outstanding. With the game plan now about rob brought. Back to the phone to go -- -- thank you for calling WW ago. Beat Bobby great Cheryl I really appreciate the yeoman work all damn day you guys are also. A lot that he had it has been a long -- and it's all worth it when they went. The men and it. Is it can -- coming -- -- in this shop in the uh oh we have Koreans Mike -- totaled. He admits he's -- like -- media I tell you that it was kind of a coming out party are solidifying. Also Mark Ingram and what have you done form lately category along we -- -- Robinson and we all know -- and in and gains to close it out against. A Tampa Bay in this season avenue he was running and he was still gaining yardage kind of like. Well we did and then as who will -- Mike Bell on the obligated starting it's at timber. But I think it was kind of coming out party just overall. -- great production and you know would be getting involved it's -- blind when you look at Mark Ingram. Inning of -- 97 yards five point four averaged a K rob 45 yards five point six energy which rolled it. Seven point three. Averages 29 yards. -- that that's flat out getting it done. 36 attempts a 185 yards five point one average. Outrageous I have a four point one average against Seattle went on to have a five point one protect the football have five point of four point one average. A debut -- -- football get the Seahawks come Saturday it's ideal for GM Jim thank you for calling WW -- Yep indeed come on mom talks a lot of pictures are right now and -- really want to say. That aren't there yet trust when you can get -- -- you get a running back to warm scrimmage. That you know -- back against -- that they didn't do. And the other thing is that that we have a lot of trucks that couples we'd shoot have a lot of trust -- Sean Payton -- he'd make two moves. Almost. And Graham. -- this season and it just shows you that we just have to actual mean guys. And just you know of course Drew Brees there's no doubt about it but that -- there yeah I think it's extremely well. What bugs have a I think of side. Two broad arms that is more than Charles Brown I think that's why. Sean Payton when he made the statement I've seen enough and he Sharia a great position of being -- term now. Well Armstead I still think he has a ways to go to Baylor attack and a pass protect. But run blocking he's been real impressive. You look at the last two outings what he did against Tampa Bay. And then. You know now in the playoffs against the Eagles. And -- and if you confident that you know he's a stout run block that it -- you do you run behind him. And and so. You know be innocent -- C. How is gonna handle the environment in Seattle because he wasn't playing as he did play against the Seahawks so this will be his first outing. In how he deals and -- did you gain hear anything. -- -- normally I'm sure they're real quick. Like. You know he had a game do you think -- run those multiple people you know and not sure they'll. Yeah I had bigoted tone that down they Dallas kind of an experiment. Did the regular try and obviously. Do the right thing I don't know as far substitution but it's all about communication. And out you know -- you tell you one thing I don't know if you observer in the game gym and -- all the fans out there. But he is way. Manny you ain't nowhere new year -- -- -- that nasty environment that I think as a player which you haven't Seattle. As far as a crop participation. -- in Philadelphia thank you for calling WWL. Are. Out just a -- -- yeah well. Out in Philadelphia right background to bite out. Straight -- coaching. They are urged. Well OK all I'm saying it. Is not is allowed just not as well it's not a not a and a local. So much. That's all I'm talking about is how I Lawler talk about how loud it is I'm mad dog and about -- the fans are nasty and it dog 'cause he -- If you go back the way you probably noticed because obviously you today you can probably attest this morning we could. Other day when Michael Bay did to scoop and score Seattle beat us so bad they mean I have to give -- That's true then they -- But I -- you go out -- we care that they were approached. A big part -- I have achieved that seeing that they are like they they gave it. The Eagles can they go to the Eagles game hole the Seahawks job eagles' well Arnie in this league Eagles are not that good at the listen if you look at that division you wanted to about a hurry in this division NFC east's. The Cowboys. Redskins Giants Eagles fell in pain did admit that. They hit their bad that that that's why okay Lewis won -- -- -- -- yes I don't know I wanted to I mean when you look at just the competition. So would you say oh we've got our purpose that we got to want it. As as much as we wanted to tonight against blackout week yeah I got a good flat -- you got -- I know it's about who you are going to get the competition. No we could indeed breaks to go our way and we need to play great. We need Jimmy Graham Drew Brees. I'll line Malcolm Jenkins Roman Harper and that you gotta have that they're McCain haven't all game put it that but want. But one of victory will be motivated now do you want. The victory. -- -- I mean just from a TV perspective. And being there I mean that'd -- Like in you get talkative players don't tell you is it the communication practice person all of its a player it is not it was not as loud and now it. Philadelphia Seattle and it will be. Anyway Ugoh no matter how -- -- -- new news for the sole purpose of one thing and one thing only when you control lines. Yes about 88 of leaky -- -- and run the ball yeah got a big he'd take the crowd noise out of it will come back and rapid fire visit WW yeah. Rapids -- -- almost 46. Philadelphia Tony for all of Bobby Bears take. I recap of tonight's matchup between Seattle and -- in the new law went into the DL visit WW dot com and very look. But it has taken its Seattle -- -- numbers -- the Seahawks would go to break it down Floyd and -- it up. Go to WW dot com follow us on Twitter at the big chief and Christie Garrett want. And it's the gala WWL and Bobby. A bit three. -- you bought thank you for calling WW opens on let's go to we have book makes Bobby wanna go to Barney. That's go to Barney on -- at five point thank you for calling WW yeah. Nobody thank you for calling WW it. And I don't know if -- a decent. This sort of public comment about. Missed a -- Well I really. Respecting low but he made -- comment by still building get a hold juncture approach Seattle. And I does that we had a really -- us that. You talk about McCoy news or the best. Well individual players but not a team -- they had they were dead last have passed the visitors look -- Seattle's rank. Of Philadelphia as part of the end of season they were garbage Seattle does not belong in total defense in the mornings. One of these news yeah won Japan the fans and I had an Adidas and Aram out dog I'm just give you the numbers 'cause I -- I just got -- to break it down. And -- and they have a little embarrassed about it but and they have the fourth best rushing attack -- afford to overlook it -- it if you know overall what they've gone turnover there I think Woody I think the ponies make it was. Overall the overall Rafa now does it -- good Russian offense total offense and as it yet. As the national respect that nobody would even at Villanova in this movie this. The level they didn't I mean you can ducked out dark you can talk TV people in the northeast. Are darts out these are whereas you don't put up -- -- -- in the category. Keep all of the whole team the whole concept. The challenge we know you did know to Seattle and the week and as they don't -- better in the Eagles where we beat them by two touchdowns. It doesn't turn a ball over. Russell Wilson is 25. And nine as a starter. He was eleven at five in the regular season last year 11 in the post season and he was thirteen 3-D C as one of the best quarterback ratings in the National Football League. In the last two years and is fourth best rushing attack. A touchdown interception ratio was 46 to nine. Those offensive numbers on the talk in. Anything to me is not enough said -- people don't lose is not enough said that we beat Philadelphia because I think we're better than at Philadelphia if we go to Seattle Saturday BC pattern that's enough sick of that being Seattle's better than us. I think if you truly objective a lot of people would agree with that. Barret and now -- thank you for calling WWL. AA gave up just honestly who ultimately in the ancient. Had an article. They've made major draw some comparisons and I think -- maybe have a look at. But when you look at achieved if you compare to what when you think about. Missed the law and -- middle linebacker. You look at it means you say he's not. You -- -- lumpectomy -- and terrible on how he's not the linebackers can't just go right. But he kind of like he's kind of like ma ma -- boy then that without you know we'd be all we all we've seen what left Mount Pleasant. But the thing that he is and the things that he brings to the table. You know you gotta respect. We have to Huntley and not when Adam. I mean he's -- a machine bought him -- David hall of foreign. I think -- being held this year they've lived up to the billing they wanted to as far as -- contribution. And rob -- put him in the visited to succeed the trust factor. It's a two way street didn't. I think David Hawthorne. And you look at Curtis Lofton has been outstanding. When Rob Ryan and with the doing defensively. They want and an up and another thing about that that they can kind of pick my Brian -- When you brought up more proper line you know they additional staff in town officials that -- game. About he had been reporting that chain two years and he would never actually got a chance to play and play -- In and also noted that NFL network wants you know that defect bucket it brought in his mouth all week alone -- All the goals all the guest appears that they had joked about. We've never won. It everywhere -- gonna -- the Eagles and all that stuff but you know. That is that I think I think that I think it's years and they get all they connect. It is saying about it all right -- -- here at Tampa Bay made the Ryan owed to Tampa Bay faced the same situation along climate team in the oval on a big game. Forty degrees all Lois and at that -- caught anybody named Ernest is that's what the national media at the moment. Don't take -- personal. They -- look if we lost today the knock on us and bandits here at the same thing is because we want to date people assume a question is tomorrow. Now it's a big one because we got this one -- away Iraqis who don't have the union in the. I would have been aired in and why not shocked the world -- no one's -- -- to -- Seattle now you know but it's one game anything can happen. And -- all you gotta do is win. It's not like the best out of 7 AM to bring in a ball -- time it's one game. Just hopefully the brakes going away and we all play great in will have a great chance to win and I. So much to Steven mark and Allison in the morning at 10 o'clock time Manassas RB LaDainian is counted down. To the divisional do while -- around in the -- on San Diego and Cincinnati and Green Bay and San Cisco here on WW of the Seahawks opened up. As an eight and a half point favorite over the New Orleans -- -- go to almost 46 Philadelphia 24 non Deke Bellavia. As always talk about that cajun cannon Bobby a bear on the way it lays. And people who.

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