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01-05 10:10 am - Saints Sunday

Jan 5, 2014|

WWL's Todd Menesses and Deke Bellavia discuss with WWL callers the Saints Wildcard Playoff win against the Eagles as well as the NFL playoffs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome -- Saints sun days here on WWL. Todd Manassas -- joined by the big TP Bolivia momentarily. As the Saints have won their first road playoff game. Yesterday going into Philadelphia. And taking down the Philadelphia Eagles they now advance. And move on to play the Seattle Seahawks. Next week and of course -- -- the action right here. On WWL 26018786. Exit 89087. In the Austin Texas at 8787. -- joined by the big chief. Deke Bellavia and Deke this was a game last night. That a lot of folks thought that I was winnable for the Saints but there was that the whole thing about not winning on the road. And especially -- winning on the road in the playoffs and basically just a head game that the Sean Payton addressed straightforward with the team. Don't look at it it could mean and I'll close. Openly gay or about how outpatient. I know you look at the part one thing you think about it epic. Are all in the city on the cover. Makati -- big thing you look at what they think I'm that ignorant to blow out. In the other water and topic to repeat you eat -- quarter what -- want it or. We do play well or are you. You all a bit openly 31 -- what we can't look at that should. Because ought to be rendered odd and so large. Over the course -- you can do. Without you know all. All I wouldn't change a game a lot. That category anyway Aybar could make pick while Aybar on the ball and hit it brought to our. And we -- get a couple more apparent that -- -- -- and then people that we should -- run really. Can't -- -- a bottle being know we were able being 80. I thought that are out at you are you know we would have packed. He's duque are very active in our game. Big -- -- would -- good job to do a good luck. Well interestingly enough by coach Payton said he was excited at halftime literally down by a point. Well on the road in the playoffs and also you all week we've heard from the media and you've heard from a even some Saints fans were concerned the Saints camp play outside Saints camp play in the cold Saints camp player away from the moments that are it's Federer. Coach Payton addressed that head on and before the team meeting this weekend. He had to the video guys spliced together. A bunch of clips of Drew Brees playing in frigid weather at Purdue. Also Strief played a -- northwestern different guys and in college or in in the pros where they have to be. Playing in cold weather and playing well and a city put it together and had the bing Crosby's white Christmas playing in the background. And also brought in dry ice and had the effects in the room there was smoke in miss like they were in the cold and just basically say -- -- -- -- you had guys you've done this before it's no different and obviously it's into work. -- your -- -- believe that it gives our pen is in dark or Eric you wanted to like problem that you try to dole out to -- Are not the issue -- no -- am cold can be in the current but I agree that there will be. Blanton and again. It's almost like you you try and block it out. On the -- that if you acknowledge what you had to be aware of what it could be about. Humorous I ought to wait that it would quit and he's pregame meal. It is like you know what no idea what. They do it to. The board agreed while Boller -- degree don't know about Obama well. I don't -- that good the whole approach are predicting what what what they needed to do but it was completely differently. And it ain't broke -- he's. At that game and the Patriot and we play well but we haven't played a complete our ROK. -- -- what great to expand the current or better. Editor -- Point. And has a huge walk that extra chance -- look at it should check out about eight it. -- PGA market could together. And they need to -- a pretty gain all road like well they poke ball. People balk call our event that they. A lot of Saints fans before the game. Talking with the Steven and folks calling and were concerned about the running game Tex coming in. With Pierre Thomas being out could Mark Ingram carried the load Kyra Robinson. And Darren Sproles. And obviously Mark Ingram and and I have to say this and I know -- potter shaking his head in the control Booth -- he's not a Mark Ingram fan. He stepped up in this playoff game much like Reggie Bush did. In that Cardinals playoff game here in the dome and everyone was kind of questioning Reggie Bush could he do -- needed to do. -- I've prepared or. -- -- that aren't that makes it don't mean. It gave bill making it into a golden opportunity lost all. -- yet today I got married can he teach a marketing your career compared to an opportunity take advantage of a chance like -- And ED -- A little more -- it -- -- -- well. He's good but on a ball better at protecting all the -- -- their. All all our people hate the outlook -- -- and -- A little don't GP and get into all -- -- don't tell me current. Road -- -- both probably. Don't have I what extremely weird and how it and outlaw it. Negative internal battle it out haven't seen it won it are. -- -- Got our our blog about it there I'll probably be able to comment more about. 260 on 878668890. Late seventies big Bellamy on top Manassas. What do you think get as we look ahead to Seattle. How you feel as the Saints continue on. On the road. In the playoffs. I'm -- Manassas that Saints Sunday will be right back you're listening to WWL. And welcome back to 60187866889087. Along with Dick Bellamy atop -- as the Saints Sunday. Saints' big victory yesterday over the Philadelphia Eagles they continue to move on in the playoffs. They now head to Seattle for another matchup with the Seattle Seahawks. In Seattle who looked invincible. At home until the Arizona Cardinals came into the regular season late in the season. And did get a victory over the Seahawks. At home so does that give the Saints a little bit of hope. For this game -- In the drink again and do it how you're. An arena -- think people -- the Saints were. All we can get -- -- -- -- -- being tired like -- it is going to be a good cause any. You look at. -- game -- to be -- -- and what you are the issue. It's -- and -- -- Euro game to compete at all but what are what are our outlook. Would you want or streak into all. They want it out and ball security. -- -- that we are you have to look at where you know what you are right now. The mystery and a bit. What did you. Are they coveted all pay people out there. You're a point. To be good when you. Yeah your old. You know that Ortiz joke or. -- -- do you take -- a little -- here. Who do you do there could be IR. LP GDP at all. -- -- -- -- -- Out of a bit especially what are big questions about an area that we are more for the week. About. But don't eat and your commitment and -- get by -- Is it to hopefuls for Saints fans that Keenan Lewis wanted to get back into the game obviously he couldn't because the doctors wouldn't. Clear and they never did say if it was concussion it was just a head injury. But they're more the NFL -- more cautious about that now and that's why they probably didn't let him back in even though he may have been fine and may have cleared whatever. First. Checked checked they did on him for a concussion they still wanted to wait and keep him out because they wanna be safe about that protect that so. Is it they haven't ruled that it's concussion yet could we possibly I guess see him this coming week. What particular campaign -- he was he would. There are a bit harder -- -- to say. A vocal could be even pretend he wanted to give back but. You'd think that it. Typically. Go out and now. But on the trip that -- In a courtroom -- Obama is the ultimate like go out and take a deterrent to the air acute if you can't -- you don't play country. It occurred at all he was a program out and don't go in street clothes out. What what it is that it is it is but if you can't do all of our players eager all. Tears until late 786 exit 890878. Texas at 878 -- -- -- Tex coming in already. Saying I told -- mark would step up who -- talking about Mark Ingram. Someone else says who -- love last night to win against Seattle we will need drew to not turn it over. And running game and a running game to run like you did last night in Keenan Lewis to anchor. Our secondary. You know so you know that that is a good point because so once -- Lewis went out and rod sweeting came in. You saw nick foals and Chip Kelly they targeted everybody that you know whoever sweeting was who was guarding their for the first couple of marks and were able to move down the field. All -- all. De LA -- -- -- -- actually went zero pitches and he really all they took quite a lot of pretty pretty great impact. -- group and he he -- -- -- at Coca-Cola. RDC and prospective. To a -- developing. It's not going to be -- good on big Jabari Greer you know it -- back adult board. -- movement all work or two guys that are all maybe that we. A lot but the bit cold probably -- in a very long. Problem of our -- a bit with the bat. You know I think I did that. The ball it looked at all. All the all want court pick Kurt Warner. Thanked. That there are very straight and harder and out or an eight -- -- told a reporter well XP eight plate. It was a good picture -- -- -- OT on. Don't know I thought to a new one out. Eagle ranch and all kinds -- great that there are for a or you all and -- 00 boy all -- -- -- went -- -- -- -- your -- I want your -- because of the -- or eight. The parity you can compare. About you can -- I would -- go to the player. That's scored it would -- -- -- over. And hit pay dirt -- -- -- we knew Toronto would have been a Turkoglu. And all. They all are ordered. To pay a bird bird -- -- balk at it -- and play well. But you'd. Have heard and he. Apollo back all game opportunity that -- and they -- good at what age you. Another -- coming in and and I did notice this in court and I were talking about this last night. It's -- -- Brees needs to step up his game he -- perform poorly the last four games seem like his mind is somewhere else other than the game. Last night looking at the game the only one that seemed to be struggling. On the road or out in the elements once Drew Brees early on in that game and that has seemed to be the problem. With the last couple of those road losses that we had is drew does not get out to a good start the rest of the team seems to be doing okay. But drew doesn't seem to be where he needs to be or as sharp as he is here in the dome have you noticed that as well. All -- outdated question about that are they they were brought some number outlet I had about -- -- what do -- bring it. On the night and day -- at number -- a better teacher ratio at all road. You know we would like to see but I thought it. Like it would give polite what did you hear about it in the bell. But it but it. Would be treated equal to struggle. A week where we're kind of wanted to do well but don't object to keep it can be heard anyone know where. To -- occurs to me. -- -- -- to people oh did you go to. Follow. No it but it also beat Georgia to they had to be got a card -- can continue to work about what BP yeah. We think about it. Would be. Is hard to put it back. Week it was what I. -- or lower or else while they have. All. Oh and pretty unusual -- -- -- -- our game moral people want or but at the holiday what it will all you could argue. Oh yeah. The evident but as your your partner will tell you in mind when I do the first state Steve portals former players you only remember. The bad plays they never remember the good plays if you ask anyone -- -- don't remember really remember the go without a beer may be different. But according to court according to Hokies they don't remember when they did good they remember when they mess up and it's sticks with them so it's hard for them to get over it. Now all. Important you think about in the -- at night. -- one more back to back championships well the auto pretense a championship or else I do it appeared that need Lowell but a lot of people any maybe. And greater curry yeah. You know -- don't think about it land. What happened -- to a -- and in the opener of golf or post up or -- just write your -- hours how it would be appalled -- they -- Welcome him being in order to duplicate. I agree today. IDs Dick Bellamy on top Manassas it's Saints Sunday 26018786. Exit 890870. Leading up to be at today's playoff games you'll talk about. Those matchups and Saints fans texting him. Asking who should we pull for. In the 49ers Green Bay game Levin answer when we come back. Right now let's head over to our newsroom would -- -- standing by with news headlines here on WWL and welcome back Saints Sunday here on WW LT 6018786. Exit eight nines or -- have you heard the numbers got a line -- for you talk about the Saints big victory last night against the Philadelphia Eagles in the first round wild card round of the playoffs. First saints' road playoff victory in history because I know you guys were were moving around on court -- were on yesterday and I kinda. Took -- some Saints fans the task in trying to explain to him as they kept texting and and talking about that. Saints won a Super Bowl on -- road no that's not a role play off victory and win Saints fans say that you sound silly. -- the difference is on that when you playoff player on the road you're playing in the opponent's home stadium. That's why it's a road victory that's why it's tougher. The Super Bowls played at a neutral site. It's not is going to be fully corporate folks and equal amount of fans it's not going to be. As hostile environment to go and win. Yet you know we don't make -- the -- -- it was. Game. Batted away a couple games at home you know it's the same thing you know people just. You know and stay affiliated JP in that they're trying to welcome and he's not -- -- be pain in the. They're trying to trying to be confident and trying to help the team but that this the team doesn't look at it that way either as well. Now looking at today's games and I've got a lot of -- people asking who should we pull for. With Green Bay and San Francisco. Obviously the winner of that game will have to play the Carolina Panthers next week. What do you think. You know both these teams met earlier in the season in San Francisco. Same friend did beat them at home. And in fact embarrassed Aaron Rodgers and and the crew and but you know they they had that downfall of their -- -- mountain break in the collar -- and coming back. And winning that game Chicago to get into the playoffs and win the division. Do you see Aaron Rodgers. And Green Bay moving on playing at home in the on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field and he. You know -- -- did they do. -- -- -- -- component and play and couldn't run the football very well on -- good on defense but what Hambrecht and at that little nagging you think they. They have a good shot in your ball and -- -- -- of opportunity to piggyback on the -- on championship game until right. Politically green to work. I think it would be able cold air because of a huge tree what they did a year ago on the road this exceed. And -- and went there -- -- I don't know what an echo. Coming -- -- body. I think what it would agree they do make it ought to be in the Coule more -- been -- that have been -- back and -- -- -- -- -- -- Mean nobody -- target. I don't know that kinda old Buick in the crowd would be like. Seen in these parts about it no more than -- struggled for about how. It can be it don't matter who you pull all of course -- Would you really in it secretly want campaign you don't like banned from their go to Seattle -- beat you would. -- -- -- And and I think in this new NFL. Dynamic and I and I know people are concerned about it the cold teams in the in the teams in the south and teams cold dome -- and so -- Even those teams that play in the cold like Green Bay as you say. When it's freezing out and it's -- they don't practice outside a lot they have indoor facilities as well correct. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I don't see teams and not enough companies become one between practice -- -- trying to get into the visible but. -- why why would you practice. In that call I think if you are. You know get sick of like this year and -- earned a total or cold and it is New York your involvement in the open his elbow below shows on the part to even out and do. And because also it's. Better chance that you getting injured outside of its cold and it's slippery on the field and snow and I if you wanna you want to guys get injured just in practice. Just when it twist an ankle. -- -- being content and being Smart and accurate incompetent. I'm not prepared. You know it just like AP call up and bite you when you -- what -- -- -- -- and the result. Get. Out there and if so -- days a week. You know I agree will be used to tell you how do you can't do that. Well interestingly enough the Saints will be able to practice outdoors he year. This week because we're getting that Arctic blast of cold -- so it's you're gonna kind of simulate. Conditions that may be in Seattle next week. Here in New Orleans which you know would be very interesting. What about. Is that the likelihood. Of -- kind of what we. Of this past week is not real hard because you kind of look at it you know. -- frigid cold and damp and windy in Indy this year has spent about it is obviously a mechanic. Win this war in the range of two from from difficulties and are credited it windy and rainy it is for a typical -- that -- knee. -- in advance because if you're playing in windy in there were about all of what they'll probably in their probably most likely -- anybody. And didn't have made that. Yeah on as the court has told me he would rather play. Rain more than or snow more than rain cold more than rain and a sloppy muddy field -- -- that an article play. Did most of the thing about more but the focus on you know how -- -- quarterback in the come out. -- the ball being a Whitcomb we have the quarterback quarterback and accuracy with -- well aware where -- -- want our country will wind because between. I 260187866889087. We will take a break when we come back targets more detects and it got to line opened for you as well. Saint Sunday moment Deke Bellavia top Manassas. It was a call let us know what you think about the Saints are you looking forward to today's playoff games which your picks in today's games and the Saints next week. Against Seattle which year. Feeling tell you now -- gut tell yet. On an early look. At that game will be right back Saints Sunday here on WWL and welcome back to -- Sunday -- Manassas along with a big chief Deke Bellavia Saints victorious last night against the Philadelphia Eagles. And of course the Colts in the game before the Saints the AFC wild card game came back in dramatic fashion. To beat the Kansas City Chiefs by one point first time deacon NFL history. That both games played were decided by less than three. Points. Boy those guys in Vegas that those sound -- -- Atlanta two and a half of the game you know -- out there were 33 before game time what two and a half alliance -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Green -- the only game that's a little more match. Cincinnati is a seven point favorite over San Diego today I'm sure that -- -- of the Duke with the weather because you know it's -- real cold over in San Diego's come on the other side but you know I -- you look at all -- it's I mean I know in the AFC. The emperor and non knowing that look you know stout and probably wants the -- that in -- divot that was ahead of bundling although the Patriots beat him in the head the issue of same -- -- -- in Seattle. But man. -- -- If San Diego to win today you know don't -- -- in San Diego in you know coming to -- -- you'd you'd have a lot of -- and a team twice you know -- -- -- -- -- three times and the likelihood of Seattle. They have a -- which will be agreements in the following week possibly play in I would think you know maybe somebody like San Francisco or. On Carolina didn't and that's another rematch -- -- via you know third time they would face San Francisco so this thing now legacy at that you can have found a fourth inning by the -- waddle. And as a Saints fans are looking ahead and trying to figure out who to pull for San Fran or Green Bay the question is where do you want to play because. -- your thinking is OK if we beat Seattle we still have to play on the road where the six -- there's no way we host a game. Even if number five wins makes it all the way through which will be the forty niners we would then play the 49ers for the NFC championship in San Fran. Would you rather play in Green Bay San Francisco or Carolina those of the three choices if you knock out Seattle that's how you figured out. Auto thing -- -- do. That at bat and we've -- we -- we dominated Carolina honeymoon over and we all thought. We don't -- -- they went three for three not on their first drive against the Saints in the superdome and we beat them 31 at thirteen -- were three for three -- to drop. On third down conversions at -- that they would three point one. The rest of the way. We got we we dominated them -- -- your third down conversion in its second game when opening and we lost them seventeen to thirteen so. And we met so well count on him and the weather would be event would. Go to -- Glenn and applause say Glen you're on saint Sunday. I had -- to Tokyo. I'm just wondering currently. In the door -- -- tonight. What I keep these football. These are coming in Guam and pliable or. They. Part and so looked like ice. A -- -- try to keep and dry it. What are you doing -- work this -- Well I don't know if they have a warmer to keep these things warmed do they -- on the sidelines. For the oldest son I think there's -- that they do but you know as soon as you. It because they want them into -- to play in fact he always that always -- series it's like if somebody gave you a -- room temperature did you opening in the and in Lambeau through today and into it is is the referral. Yeah it is gonna -- an -- football unite and admit they're not gonna switch the ball in and out every -- -- -- all that work that way. So yeah -- Wimbledon you know. Could definitely be. A ticket -- fast and Drew Brees to throw it last night actually put. Or what or it won't -- all of -- know what it was cold and dry slick yeah. But but would it be a little bit heavier I think I know I know what you're saying it'd been any conversation on it kind of get a little heavier and -- these guys planet. You know I think is there handily Glenn and I've never played. Football in. Cold temperatures and we have played here a New Orleans and it's never really been. That cold one and played football. To say it and Deke maybe you have the save the ball gets heavier or harder to throw or what not. I know it if it's cold and he's prone to having your hands are cold. When you get -- when you handle and at the we saw what was it. Was of the Carolina game when the rain came when -- had to put the gloves on because he needed to get better grip on -- he actually did fairly well -- those gloves on. You'll see some quarterbacks put on gloves some don't like the glove. To get a better grip they rather have the handle on it and you know it all comes down to the quarterbacks preference and when he holds that ball. He can tell if he's got a good grip on it and what the condition that ball is what they'll do. To make it work better now. I did note which was great all the running plays we did it certainly looked like Mark Ingram Kyra Robinson. And Darren Sproles were really protecting that ball and they were run and they were holding on to a very tight. Did it. That's going to be -- I don't. Let him move forward this -- talk about will -- about last night I mean that with. There's 44 point five degrees it is cold but it is it's going to be eighteen degree and -- Tuesday via. Yeah me -- not tickled to maybe we should go out there and -- meet -- see what it's like they're it's very -- -- -- ignore and it coach they want credit -- -- program while I can't write to him on top. I have polluted or that we got you know as right six allotted 78 exit -- -- throw it seventy is big to -- -- via Todd -- it's late Sunday. We'll take a break be right back of the WL and a lot about the Saints Sunday -- the big chief Deke Bellavia Todd Manassas near the numbers 26018786. Exit 89087. You can also -- -- 7870 some of the text coming indeed. Dick and Todd drew did a good job yesterday on the quarterback -- -- we do more. Should -- try and run more -- ball down to he's not a running quarterback gets royalties the limo driver. I think the most -- actually. The offensive line did a good job and Jed Collins pushing him forward and getting him to that yard that the knee would you take -- I've always been in favor of the quarterback sneak the -- -- you just got a quarterback that's like it's. In mobile we're just can't just throw all order in this league. Which is generally more of a -- quarterback Michael talk about some of my democracy Ross -- old -- -- and it was 66 exemplary of the Seahawks San Diego State. But to me out how we've been a -- to -- -- here you are you're on the line indiscretions so you're at the point where the ball -- its most closest to Wednesdays ago. And you'll turn around and hand the ball -- equal minus. Four yards from running back to try again it's about that you might aspire to get Warren. Did you look at it 66. I've always had no hot out of this week I hope they continue to do it because I think it gives you it you raise your percentages -- a lot better. And a lot of times when he see that sneak coaches it just pushed forward a little bit but last night I mean they were bought the the alt auto pilot and bush and those guys out of the way. They were okay and do it the front lines in -- by that time he was argument is served in the -- got Collins company in -- -- -- extra off the -- all the short yardage sneaks last night they needed a yard so lot of in. It almost two to paint and look more like -- rugby scrum than anything -- of movement for a strike and strike. Another Texan coming in the Saints are gonna beat DC -- just like Oklahoma beat them up. Someone -- San Francisco won't PO only three points ahead and really won't ever let wide receivers get deep in that game today. Was a review we'll see the O line charge in on those straight ahead third downs and a dominant winning fashion yes -- at playing like that. That's the Saints. Let's see another Tex. Well. Seems like -- the camera zooms in on Payton calling plays and into -- defense the defense knows what they're going to do their lip readers interpreting the play may -- why would Els with a coach told. Hold the play cart over the amount. I don't think anybody some of the side is trying to read the lips of the coach DUD. I'll I don't know time out I Biloxi and ask them before on -- college seen and what they did. Look why Sean Payton why -- -- discovered -- now. Now because their breath is bad I mean nobody -- their front -- they covered him out because they think somebody just speaks to deal with this the united. Believe it's out as the that I thought they were doing it so the sound bounces back and there might make it here with their collar but anyway I don't know what ensued was -- be my -- some tactic that I will be right bags have zero.

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