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Jan 6, 2014|

Dave talks about Saints/Seahawks, 12th night, and peanut butter

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition WWL first news on this and you believe the 6 o'clock January 2014. But you got reindeer with the other now follow over franchisees. Guide because you know time. It's time for immediate value. Happy -- and yes you is yours and yours through it and can you believe the Mardi Gras season as a -- almost two full months -- getting ready for the rival. Marty but -- on the -- -- -- indeed. Officially starts -- feel free to start loading up on the king -- two months of king cakes and if that's like it. Why actually the they've already been in the stories they cheated you -- off line. Yet to fall months of this here again. Let me just. I feel good today. No I'm not your life. Large. March 4 will be Marty. You know after we had that. Crazy late Thanksgiving kind of shore up Christmas season. Suddenly twelfth night is here and we're ready this start ushering in carneval. Of course it won't. Really don't until after the Super Bowl. -- -- in them and we bring home the Lombardi and we've already had that Korea and stuff right. Yeah -- here the other Super Bowl parade could be before all of the Mardi -- One of those rare wild card teams that then takes it all. Vote one way. When that in nine incher would be. And what a weird wild card week. It was saints winning on the road the 49ers winning on the road. In so that was can I guess it would the only hunting was what Indianapolis. -- huge comeback yeah narrowly squeaking by buses and -- losing -- California teams both of -- want on the road -- that means that then the action will be on the coast. League game Carolina he got a game in Seattle on the NFC's. So that's good -- in -- weather and everything else that we're looking man. -- guess in the -- get a travel you don't want ago. Two. Seattle but it now it is what is it now it is after affairs I got to know what you're doing Saturday night where it did you know any real hiding your. Looking her I don't know you know holding hands or -- or praying or -- in the game now there's no problem down OK you got down to two seconds here and he did they played well -- yet to be confident when -- got about five minutes lap you know my only concern was they would -- too fast in yeah I was the only year knowledge. That they can -- the time off as a bad. Drew Brees with a couple of big runs. And it was nice to see the running game and his own island everybody's doing well one and Shayne Graham. A watered acquisition. Right down the middle. I mean four times the -- it looks like. Einstein mad at me brilliant moves -- -- Armstead playing great ball keep in deliveries proclaim. Shayne Graham hit 44 field goals including changes that he made late in the season on -- Again -- -- that your gut telling you right now about on it yet. I'm feeling hopeful cocky ice I don't know it has yeah I got -- artist I'm this and it better to be in that out it's -- now. It's better be in the blast and have a shot that none at all. I gotta tell you about my prediction Friday but I want -- to get to the bottom. -- -- I'm feeling kind of cocky about that threw out we'll talk about that we'll check the box office of me to back union if it meant more news as well here at WWL AM and that what you got done you folks. About this game. Seattle. Saints. Divisional play now Saturday the -- about it -- sports and weather and cold. The National Weather Service that a blast of Arctic air will invade SE it was his -- can't let it invade that was that occurred that day years then I guess is not far from accurate right now the wind chill feels like seventeen. Right here in New Orleans where it's 31 winds gusting to 32. Miles an hours so that's why it feels -- -- called. Mostly cloudy in Slidell thirty degrees but those winds gusting it when he nine feels like nineteen what's an -- near future. Skies clear today that cold stays around 38 for a high with wind chills in the twenty's today in north winds up to 25 miles an hour. There we note tonight a hard freeze on the way fourteen -- north of the lake. South of the lake including New Orleans downed a -- when he wants to take full freeze precautions tonight. And tomorrow mostly sunny and still cold with highs of 39 before we do warm up a little bit on Wednesday with heights of 53. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- now. Diego couldn getting colder. That your heart's performance here saints -- as we say let them Sunday morning. And those guys to Steve yeah -- -- I'm doing fantastic have a view that man it may be cold outside but at least there's still in the playoffs. You know the looks on the faces of fans in places like Philadelphia. Green Bay and places where there out of the playoffs really makes you appreciate it still being in the -- that having a shot at the. Amazing how those warm weather teams are doing on the road in the cold Turkey yet. Very wild wild card weekend. Well good morning everyone the saints bird hunting trip continues this weekend as the black and gold head to Seattle looking to take down a -- Seahawks. Drew Brees is anxious for a little redemption after Seattle dominated the saints on Monday Night Football back in week thirteen. Having another crack down and you know obviously I'll look forward this week of preparation reported plan will put together they're great football team review our best effort to beat these guys. But Thomas there's a team to do what I believe it's us. All the wild card matchup between the 49ers and Packers and it just like the saints game. With a game winning field goal as time expired for the road team. It's a good -- and good all the tickets on its way and over ended. San Francisco 49 -- have won it. Phil Dawson drilled that 33 yard kick to give San -- 823 to twenty win in Green Bay. And niners now move on to play in Carolina on Sunday. Over in the AFC the chargers advanced by taking advantage of three Andy Dalton turnovers. While outscoring the Bengals twenty to nothing in the second half of the 27 to ten victory. At Cincinnati. San Diego will now play against the Broncos in Denver on Sunday. Well according to several reports LSU's -- Beckham junior and Jarvis -- will give up their collegiate eligibility to enter the NFL draft. The two receivers doing defensive tackle Anthony Johnson an eagle Ferguson both of whom had already announced their intentions to turn pro. The college football season concludes tonight in Pasadena where all -- in Florida State meet for the national championship. The last time a non SEC school won the crystal football was back in 2005. And Charlie Strong will be introduced as the new football coach at Texas today. He leaves a growing global program to take over a team that has gone 3021. Over the last four years including eighteen and seventeen in big twelve play. They have four it's the second -- show from the silver slipper casino followed by the saints coaches show. Hi Steve Geller in that your early morning look at sports like three minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WWL first news Dave Allen Steve -- spent some time with you on this frigid Monday morning how you feel about this national championship. Out on the West Coast with right now the underdog. The Auburn Tigers. Yeah I -- amazing sees an amazing run for the Auburn Tigers kind of funny that the only loss they have this year was against LA she was pretty impressive. For the tigers to have that at least that claim this season. But some I do feel that the SEC's -- will be coming to an end this evening Florida State the number one team in the nation. Have the Heisman Trophy winner in -- Winston a quarterback. And just a dominant defense that I think will be able to. Handle all over streets you don't think yet another last second there -- crazy. Missed field goal run back you know. Miracle play bounce it off with several players and other. Magic they got Auburn into the national championship will be there this evening Jim is Winston thinks that if that's where they can call themselves a team of destiny we know what we're capable of doing it we're just gonna go out there when I think that's Florida State is. The better team uncle who will prevail in this one an SEC is done pretty well in bowl games so far. The exception there. Sugar Bowl most notably yes Alabama lose. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it is any holes starting out there folks feels like teens right now on both sides of the way. For your Monday gradually clearing skies with a cold air filtering in during the day it's going to stay windy what -- in the thirties. And wind -- in the twenty's -- tonight a hard freeze warning for both sides of the lake down to fourteen on the North Shore and 21 south of the lake. That means both sides Italy -- take care of their pipes make sure your pets come inside. And your plants he'd be covered or brought inside as well then mostly sunny for your Tuesday and cold Temps the upper thirties. Wednesday though we DC a pitiful warmup with partly cloudy skies highs of 53. From the Eyewitness News forecast senator I'm meteorologist Clark blocked out it. Below freezing on both sides the lake with plenty of cloud cover it's 31 at the airport in -- but those winds -- out of the north 25 to 32 miles an hour -- it feels like seventeen degrees now at the airport. At the National Weather Service office in Slidell it's thirty degrees went to north at fourteen gusting to 29 so it feels like. Nineteen degrees right now. North of play nine days talent here early position that we -- well chris' text me -- 7870. If things can the thing to get you up in Seattle I'll tell you what state gets things. The saints will do coming up at the all right. It opened with Seattle's eight point favorite in -- Money is still going to the Seahawks and now the saints an eight and a half point underdog at most places it's. I'll talk about that coming up some attacks and 8787 and is this. Rollicking weather band that's a good question ought to constantly bad. During the news you -- WW. 37 minutes after five. AM at the early edition at WWL for listeners on the sixth of January 2000 and -- teeing it is my. -- Berry and it is twelve guy. And we are marching towards marked. That he's stated here and you can't let him timed the second line our -- there. And ruined diets are more along the way I dance that was being made New Year's resolution to lose weight well here come McCain. Just a little more talent read the as -- me. Speaking of challenges a set going into the news. It saying they're now eight and a half point underdogs now. Seattle. Eight NN opened at eight point favorites for the dogs who have lost one game and all of the last play. Saints have lost two there over that stretch now one in the playoffs one in the regular season patently -- badly. Articles and I give thanks at least a little bit of reason to be. Confident because it's so rare that a team loses that badly that many times in the same -- it's about yeah absolutely if nothing else you've got a point right there. So you told us earlier you're actually doing a little cocky about this game despite the saints being eight and a half point underdog you actually light. The saints' chances in Seattle and likened house Saturday afternoon at 335 and the reason for that is tonight I will have to go back to the the audio and doubled Shaq but one I was asked Friday for my prediction on the Philly game as I say it is going to be Euro off hard fought. Battled very close. I set up the saints taken -- by two points -- and said you got to give us the score and I said 2826. Our news he got so close our rights you very accurately predicted the outcome of the wild card game but why does that make you cocky about the saints' chances and yet well just because I did so well on that one. I gotta feel real good about this national guys but I ain't gonna give it to you to writer a wow what I would not X nine dollar -- now. You thought maybe I was just gonna unleash some of those not on -- -- distance -- and just Diana was awful -- -- -- you'd think that the saints being an -- at 100 no -- accurate now. No I don't think it is at all and I I I just think this grand on the road. It's like why not. Get the job done. So what at Seattle what did you predict would be number one of the box off. On Friday that's a different story but but but I was close IE. Monica gave me a hard time I think it was on the album and she said. Gave me the list and it was like a bunch oldies in reaction. I want with the paranormal what you were close paranormal activity brought an eighteen point two million dollars but on a weekend where the nation with -- into the deep. Froze in some apple people that it's really cold outside let's go see a movie about. Really coal Disney's. Animated film which has been popular for weeks now -- the top spot at the box office bringing in twenty point seven million dollars. Surpassing paranormal activity the mark once and now it is hard brought in more than 600 million dollars worldwide. Second highest grossing Disney animation ever behind the Lion King. And couldn't pass the line while talk about staying power of budget singers you've gone on yet. Hate to hear about these Brothers up -- de Moines Iowa. One of -- made three peanut butter jelly sandwiches and -- known in the living room anyway and Mac to make fourth peanut butter and jelly sandwich and that all his brother could take Nomar. Yes he said he was angry because his brother was eating too many peanut butter and jelly -- is that he was being selfish any fat. And lazy. And let the pulling out a knife -- aren't threatening to stab his brother in the top seven to be called on the domestic abuse charges and all of this over. Peanut butter. And jail. This year. We -- him but until relatively light yet. And these two Brothers -- Well the one -- angry at their fifties. Solitary channel now at least by -- Now I Avery could it was a fight ever use the last of the peanut butter and I can't have a PB and and may -- at a stand it. But it was just the ticket is lazy and 72 -- and gate over eating nation and done. Okay all right has they pick out that. Happy new year he had. And the that that was what they were fighting over way too many of them and I can't use your cars together and no I'm not mama smoother. In his. And any current events move that lab but the data it is to make -- which -- -- the aka. Like each to a zone thank you David talked about tournaments more efforts. Yeah it was hot yesterday I was wearing shorts. And a T shirt outside yesterday and -- meteorologist Laura but now. And loving every minute out -- And today you wouldn't catch me outside in shorts and a teacher frank. And nobody needs to be sort of tease her today having a difference. But if you have that ski -- in the back -- -- that -- used in 1985 Penske wants over Breckenridge -- to pull out of for this morning because it is very cold. And it's really just the temperatures torture cold and of themselves down to about 3031. Here in New Orleans. But wind chills in the teens here in New Orleans this morning so. We've really went -- seventies. Yesterday afternoon. To feel like teens this morning in Atlanta enters below freezing on balls that get you know how that the national median everyone's been talking about this Arctic polar plunge for the week well. You're at it with that others the National Weather Service in Slidell actually that Arctic air will invade yeah southeast Louisiana -- a -- that it. It in -- a lot Katie there's no you know said he got some kind of deflection. -- common men and these winds really are gusting near thirty miles and now. Yet still gusty day around the fill up to forty miles an hour so that's why it feels so much colder yeah we actually had temperatures right around 3031. Before that not that you know at that -- it's not that crazy for this morning but the wind chills that are so that actually the wind chill advisory in place. I don't know that theme that that -- that. Worked here New Orleans we've had a -- advisor. I mean. Hey you know chill advisory until new units because that's -- -- are going to be in the teens and -- -- -- -- we're just not used -- that down here in Louisiana and at this time tomorrow actual temperatures in the -- actual temperature -- in the eighteen it's north of the -- and the low twenties on this -- a hard freeze everywhere tonight. OK so if you have not taken precautions are now sure yeah. Everything needs to be. -- at night I think I got as you know we -- at times take care your plants that sort of thing you know you may have forgotten cover up a couple of times like. -- -- Okay telling you to night is eight killing freeze that you have a special. -- at that you just lover you don't wanna go back in have to -- at a bunt to stop and -- expensive. I'm telling you -- things tonight because it is going to be much colder than we normally get. And especially north Italy and the unity and -- that's gonna kill you know a lot of tropical stops that you have something new light. Bring it incited the potted plant are covered up for instant harper you know blanket seats would every -- for wins continuing throughout update today and again tonight yup they're -- -- start to subside tomorrow is still bit breezy tomorrow again it's gonna be pretty pretty windy today and even into tonight. People of Texas community mutiny asking if we need issues hurdler if you're wearing -- snarled. You got got more problems -- -- and it is you got tights on under knee I would even suggest that now and it's looking -- whether. I don't know my daughter is a nice moment wears journalists -- -- more that's true choice there tweeted you wanna Wear pants resident. On this Wear tight which. Super cold at our school we were allowed we we can Wear sweat pants and earth are you tonight. Purple yeah you're wearing a skirt without something underneath the covers up everything anyway. -- that in the but I don't think we -- -- -- just great yeah. You're it's just. -- what's that music. Whom. No -- on that alone but I'm not. He had the right to drive. Tell me about okay well I am I'm not a contestant which would be super super cool but it is that worked for CBS you know they can't be contested but. I am and now seen a really cool trip to new Portland that you'll hold video they have in the French Quarter. And announcing a price packets New Orleans and send it back to your theories though. The -- yeah don't face on the right that's right that's right here in sunny California when a ticket trip -- frigid water I'll I guess unexpected trip won't be a I hope not. We help people coming this spring and fall right there. And normally it what are your OK but yeah yep today that an AM right here in -- I prefer to be contestant that -- yeah you get to make a cameo appearance -- regulation. I think I would smoke that showcase -- I am I get it figured that out how he thinks like he connected composed without going over I really do. Yeah that alas they will not let you -- -- it but. I do it to announce surprise today that keep an eye out for me well congratulations we'll be watching. CBS channel four up. Well you know the cold outside today maybe just stay inside and watch TV good book hot cup of coffee might they had come on man. -- I do I think I stay out. Something that is something about your trip to UNT. He true he boasted that. That from our. We're looking forward to it thank you Laura Havoc -- -- now live and direct Eyewitness News forecast. Superstar it's he'd be at each. It is right. -- -- -- it was sports. So before the new estimates estimated 7870 S into this rollicking whether. One person responded it needs it needs a -- way too cold for fraud in this is coddling another what does an elvis' smuggling went. -- like whether it and correct snuggle. Yes it's if it's good winter for snuggling. Not much for smuggling. -- time that would go into other sports here on WWL. Hot and cold whatever's on his film playoffs that's all that matters and the saints are still in that number will be to get his gut feeling about the eight. Half point line. It has to think that the underdog going to Seattle. It becomes all about everything else going on. In Monday morning sports including a national championship game yes and football still model. Yes indeed a -- -- Good morning everyone the saints and to the divisional round against the top -- Seahawks are hoping for better results in their previous game in Seattle this year. The blocking gold lost convincingly 34 to seven on Monday Night Football back in December defense having Cameron Jordan though looks at Seattle as just another obstacle. In the way of their ultimate goal. In our request for New York City we're really just out here trying to get better every game just like we've been to regular season the post season it was always a next up. Wolf Phil Dawson drilled a 33 yard field goal as time expired to give San Francisco a 23 to twenty win over the Packers in Green Bay. And niners will now travel to Carolina to take on the Panthers. Home field advantage backfired again in Cincinnati. And San Diego earned 47 to ten victory. Don't take -- -- its. To -- thirty right there on the sideline. To -- ten. From behind at Cincinnati turns it over once again. The chargers defense forced four turnovers on the day in advance to the next round to take on the AFC west rival Denver. Well looks like two more tigers are leaving LSU early. Receivers -- Beckham junior and Jarvis Landry will reportedly announce they will forgo their senior season to enter the NFL draft. Both Anthony Johnson and -- Ferguson already announced their intentions to turn pro. Auburn -- Florida State meet meet in the national championship tonight. The number one ranked seminoles are looking to win their first national title since 1999. Will be SEC has claimed the past seven. And LA clippers now say that Chris Paul will be out of the lineup for up to six weeks with a separated right shoulder that won't require surgery. CP three was injured Friday in Dallas when he tripped over guard Monta Ellis. Today have four on sports talk it's the second game show from the silver slipper casino that's followed by the saints coaches show. I'm Steve Geller -- early morning look it's. New Orleans at Seattle 3:35 PM central time. On Saturday. The saints an eight and a half point underdog right now opened at eight the money's going to Seattle. That makes sense -- Yeah especially the last time these two teams met there was -- carnival it was a blowout so I guess a lot of the bettors are. Looking at that way and also the Seattle home field advantage they are the top seed. The number six seed going up there and not having. That group you know not a great advantage for the saints in this one -- as they passed it and why Vegas right line there what does your gut on. As a gambler I would think the eight and a half points is a bit too steep for my liking I would take the saints in the points in that matchup. And as they -- man. I am not. Very confident in this matchup at all just because the defense of Seattle was not what the Eagles presented this this past week. They will be able to stop the run and when Drew Brees does the quarterback sneak he won't be gaining five yards isn't all of July is able to push back the the Eagles defense like that. That you're get that feel real good about this matchup but maybe now a half point. More now I don't we don't see it that big of a margin. And in the late game Saturday is Indianapolis and New England right now at New England is a touchdown favorite. And then Sunday we get San Francisco at Carolina. San Francisco -- a one point favorites. I don't know -- out of Iraq since San Diego and Denver and Denver's ten point. Yeah my question to saints fans now is okay save this -- do we beat Seattle who do you want to see if screener -- Carolina after that we -- San Francisco or out to. I'd rather go to Carolina got familiarity with the opponent and you look -- them twice then winning a third time I don't think is very likely in -- right. -- gala event was worth fifteen minutes here on them -- about them that you're cold and getting colder forecast right now. Unprecedented 87870. Contemplated the question is it rollicking. Set it is frolic in while others if you're polar bear -- it's cold out there are folks and I gonna get even cold. We will slowly start to see some sunshine today is skies clear but it's going to stay cold and windy so highs around 38 with wind chills in the twenties. Then tonight when LA hard freeze on the way for both sides of the lake. Make sure to put your freeze plan in action that means wrap your pie take care of your plants and bring your pets inside on both sides of the lake. Lows around fourteen on the North Shore at around 21 south of the lake and mostly sunny tomorrow and still cold highs only around 39. Wednesday though we do warm up a little bit with partly cloudy skies highs up to 53. From the Eyewitness News forecast Fenner I mean draw just -- tell. Think that's.

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