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WWL>Topics>>1-6 6:15am Tommy, Saints vs. Eagles

1-6 6:15am Tommy, Saints vs. Eagles

Jan 6, 2014|

Tommy talks to Mike Detillier, WWL's NFL and college football analyst, about the Saints win over the Eagles

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ready jaguar opinion poll asking you what's in the saints playoff future beat Seattle win the NFC championship. Beat Seattle lose the NFC championship or loses Seattle. Two thirds of you were saying the saints -- loses Seattle. And a third of you were -- beat Seattle when he NFC championship nobody is saying beat Seattle Louisiana FC championship. Our friend joins us now he does every Monday morning Mike to -- AR NFL and college football analyst morning Michael you do one. Tell me what you were thinking and what you saw on Saturday night. All I know is in picking his game. Played 27 when he -- was I couldn't come any closer to pick and a score as lighted it. Actually they're not be so you know the blind squirrel on the net. That particular. Saturday -- pretty close second -- idea that that would that -- critical but the bottom line up all again. Party with student this football team. All the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you just look at the numbers and we'll be able to do inaudible -- will be able to simple football. It would really slow him now. And talking about. -- you all parts. -- McCoy only 77 more questions leading rusher and handed down right. Exactly and order that would get more Ingram outlook. You know what you would not ignored the book he watches all. Sorts oval. And Eagles. Yet. More ticket. And -- -- it up until the king will opt for would be concussion. Football team it played great -- cents. Just fantastical -- -- now I can win them. I mean it was almost like social in the war. They -- -- -- -- should be eating corn what we -- -- acting in they get back into the football that was brutal to watch. But what that you know now. And that's sports when you -- Somebody. Wouldn't -- it cooled down. -- but think about it next may -- up there at the big politics and we -- ignorance out. Because it was as if he was ready -- play it would be if you think about it it depends on the -- And bottom line. That's -- all people all the injuries. Would you think about him haven't lost king Cole and nine Coleman. And picked -- well and Jonathan Vilma and will Smith and Robin. And Jabari Greer continued -- our goal would be happy belated well they did. And it all and what little was done exactly what do. But it came down a bit since you make enough plays in all the ambulance opened. We haven't seen much all evil. They have run the football as well as. Commented on what animals -- -- that is the fact that in the last seen here as a play all game. We knew or minus two in the giveaway takeaway ratio. Eight spot percent of those days. And the saints -- what that the -- percent. That one. And actually over the weekend Mike I think you hand them. Previous game Indianapolis turned it -- 14 times. And -- beaten. It was only hold all the apple bought you an advantage. Bet you heard people. Crying and screaming about all holiday and make -- a big difference would that that you brought only one -- he would win and that's exactly what happened. One whole scene one. Needs all of the world and wallet in San Francisco. In an ankle playing in web and I really accustomed to playing in. They've won. So almost out of our -- -- advantage. And how much it means they'll play all. It did means squat. And that it took an unbelievable effort. But it looked at -- the pulled it gave my kids didn't always had been evicted from that you know. Mike what we come aggregate talk about Keenan Lewis does those watching TV and nobody ever want to see anybody hurt but the thing I was thing in his please don't let it be a concussion is if it is against infinitely more complicated from here we'll talk about Drew Brees also talk about running the ball against Seattle when we come back. Mike did -- AAR guest on WWL right now time -- tramples. -- -- -- -- -- Tommy Tucker -- WL. Eight to 86 Sony's seven obviously the temperature here hard freeze warning in effect tonight through Tuesday morning. Kaiser imported get a feel like twenties right now 31 and windy Mike. To tell -- I guess seven WL NFL and college football analyst this Saturday night's game for the saints. Saturday afternoon game coming up but you can second guess today with a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and Mike it's -- -- live from silver -- casino on the beach in -- -- -- -- Mississippi. And at 630 saints coaches show on -- WL Mike you're getting cranked up over there around 4 o'clock. Yes we do and it will be I mean yes and I'm sure though. And we'll talk about how that probably Seattle and that he -- that he -- one. The last two years in the regular season. It's all while the Cologne but did the -- Is not basketball. Not baseball not -- not the best -- -- that that 71. Game. -- winner advances loses staple. Yet Carol. -- Carolina as -- -- Seattle coming off of of the off week yet the saints seemingly with some momentum out of Soledad factory and and also. You know Keenan Lewis gone back to what I said before the break if it's a concussion. Does it depend on the severity of it as to whether or not he can play this week here's the automatically outer cordon of the new NFL rules. Well if he's not automatically out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some people their reaction to sound and light and everything else will effectively. -- that crosses. About letting people. Now it went in like I know we can look our -- In -- -- with its second can question. We've seen that's the first one that I can move on. In -- we all got a little bit later in the week how he reacts. So I'll need to keep touching legions. What was it quickly. Formed on these people. Won't. Put the ball in the Obama got -- in the long if you want there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you can look probable in union in that op -- checked it. -- -- -- And yet what -- you don't have to watch tape. To see where to throw light it is one game on TV design an alliance. And little -- -- saint second there anyway because that object outlook column there a bit of Beijing. Lot can happen on the stretch. The pregnancy -- that. -- -- -- what was he like. In Seattle in the. Song it won't all you face your worst fears that a user and what you've based your worst -- it's come true so when you got to be afraid of. You're playing well -- it won't be expecting you to win. They spoke in Seattle. And according to what we need a little bit. In the open the questions -- yeah. But. It's well. -- -- We'll play well on that we -- consider that. But want offshore and. And talk about this option. The lot on the Internet -- -- wouldn't want them admitted -- -- -- Thought it would gambit of game -- -- the -- Why should you Wii game simple just gut. Lot. Of people didn't get it will be at all. Might have a couple more minutes of good news sort quote come back on talk about the running game and also about Drew Brees as I notice something just as the fans Saturday night that surprised me that I don't think usually happens -- -- again guest. If you wanna jump in the conversation to six 1872038668890. -- -- any right now though time for -- WL first news. They'll go to David yeah. Thank you David back to our friend Mike did tell DA WWL NFL and college football on analysts and quickly DePaul in the West Bank got a question hey Paula good morning on -- WL. Value. -- -- -- very -- a couple of courses. My major concern but he. All -- -- -- in the second Jeremy ordinary. And what appears no one chain of mood and it looked like sure on yet and Tokyo. Bureau -- -- At that moment on me. Ecstatic that cheated out compelled me -- -- Richard would Rondo I mean Richard Burton an Obama couldn't go out -- pollution. And and and problem -- locate a book. So with the way you do -- bit concerned enough about it slightly -- well. Outline a -- all equipment and -- it. Matt -- with with due out because they're open iron problem with the first we've -- them. -- -- They're at that that the good point about a week in the trenches. And you didn't do that first time. Well would you watch the game and watching it again. One thing is saying -- very well one of football to wipe. They won't like to see all of predominantly. Running the football against the -- so and so on and on -- On the left side they took advantage of you remember game. Against Seattle in the regular season. They've got no actual actual rookie Wilson zilch. -- -- -- yet rolling -- In that game you got the oppression of the best player on the deal. Target Saturday. If that player of the people could be Drew Brees. It cannot be Russell Wilson sold protection to -- In one thing that she's seen -- -- they -- you can tunnel waits. It all out war god they have six itself that they and a so pass protection scheme but one thing -- -- pass rush you won the global. You saw all I know what it cold and that now that you courts now want to -- homestead and everything else. Basically. He was not a huge -- that football game at all. That pressure. Actor in a game it was -- the view on the ball. And you can't to a lot of haven't lost O'Connell. Haven't lost though Jabari -- you've got what you got. And operate there and it would pain in the air. Does it feel that that -- so you've got albeit one who can come back. The -- that it changed to you in this football game of in the lineup that's been able to take on the with Malcolm Jenkins and all the technical that. Because the data link it Keenan in the line. Mark you. And yet. -- Well we had a run -- quick. -- -- expert now -- move. And and it it there. And it hit till we get to get there. I'm sorry are you. Who. Don't. You DuPont -- call and then. Mike gets it does Megan those kicks as the big hike kicks right and the senator the up rights though you got to feel good about seeing Graham we'll we will welcome back we will. Talk about it on the likelihood of winning without and you addressed it already. Keenan Lewis and is there any way you protect the other two guys southern. Put in different jerseys on for awhile I don't know what else you do and Drew -- seem to do something Saturday night that I've not seen him do a lot before as well Sean Payton will talk when we come back 643. Seventeen before seven Mike to tell EA I guess Dan would return on WW. Put together a team victory like this on the road hostile environment. The weather conditions whatever and the fact -- since playoffs you know. We came a lot of confidence like this I would agree with the preparation. We knew we had to do come in here get a victory. It was not free of errors or mistakes we we made our fair share but -- they get into at the end of the day we we just wanna put ourselves in the position when. Which we did and we we did that. It's Drew -- 648 well before seven Tommy Tucker with Mike did tell EA and like one thing I notice Saturday night look and just a fan but it seems like there's some of those nights where drew is dead on. Accurate where he can hit a fly off club bull's rear end game ending on other nights where you ninety struggle now it seem to me. Saturday night initially illegally used to be one of those nights where he wasn't. Dead on but it seemed like he adjusted and then maybe around the second half really started. With that pinpoint accuracy. And -- normally I don't think cable deal that they. How do you explain someone. Oil. And real the -- -- threw. In a manner in which. He played -- were up against Tampa. We do what we don't regard that as. You weren't like on the moon. And it it almost like. That first he will -- little short a couple of rolls now one of the things that happened what it will look can still. All made a bad adjustment under -- at all. And any got kicked off so sometimes. When you watch a player like that. I think you've you've -- get a cup and that you always going to be -- -- get it it's a dog that doesn't happen. We saw it look at what the best quarterback in -- well played while he put crap against Kansas City. All of a sudden it got hot. Explain to me why what group were trapped on one side. And sometimes -- -- -- you know. We -- Tom Brady or Peyton Manning completion. Of certain level. And yet sometimes. You more Cuba. And you're not playing well in the second half he was. You look at one inaccurate throwing the football now you so I think Tom the a lot of times. It is that we get it while I haven't watched him that is buried back. I mean what would you like that it's sometimes it just indicates. When it comes a run and a ball you know that Mark Ingram. He seemed like he was determined on Saturday night and you know Pierre Thomas out. Sometimes I would find myself again I'm just a sand but it it would seem like okay were running the ball run a -- picking up for seven yards a carry why do we stop. Probably integrate collected need to act that to myself well -- Exactly because in the national on the ball and let it run the ball why not more. I think a lot of times op board they'll make -- comment about. On tape got the bar and and an eagle on you've got a -- that will be original art that day. A lot of the best player on the -- and in Albany that all -- running game that. Isn't. And it's working. Well -- bought -- winning. Not scoring. One while trying to -- spot Chip Kelly. About meeting the ball. And it seemed like he had his rhythm go on many offensive line was intuit Mark Ingram was intuit I don't know why you'd get away from that I really don't. -- -- I don't give him credit. While. Everything got set up with the passing the one. Concede that equals -- anymore. Eight deductible on a script to try to stop the world and yeah who would be able to get hot. Spot in the bought one goal. -- -- out though it was shocking that you -- the football well. I -- not go back to. I'm -- at that hackers sometimes a dependable uncles. In England top quarterback in what is remaining. All of Reid's own lodges. You can call it that truck you blew it by saying I'm not gonna kick the ball is paying. And -- and at all but it I'm getting all Wednesday morning. And sometimes. -- you've been involved with it -- there is it's an important. Well speaking of that makes them look at the weather forecast for Seattle's Saturday highs of 47 but a 100% chance for rain wins eleven miles an hour. How does all of that play in you know way the saints play in and Seattle plane and -- ever. Bottle like the rain poured. On the evening. Eleven now that's not. I'm not I don't think the major factor but it's all about. Also -- he had missed mortar team. In protecting the football. And those type weather conditions. Let -- -- war. Our. But I. It could play this football game he did it go beyond a sweetened. It and it should lead you to get to move back on what you. Look and change. Because you'll see that against the Eagles all the widgets and it. It -- not. Who -- the war. Keep in mind the weather forecast for Seattle five days away and it's a lifetime and whether. Thank you might have a great day we'll talk -- again Friday.

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