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WWL>Topics>>1-6 7:15am Tommy, Saints win

1-6 7:15am Tommy, Saints win

Jan 6, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's Saints color analyst Hokie Gajan about the Saints victory over the Eagles

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker 718 their body all excited about the big play -- when the saints on Saturday night against the Eagles and I'll bet yet. A third of the saints brought jazz team that we're gonna talk to now was probably the other team members well OK guys on joins us right now. I got a WO saying color analyst former saints fullback I don't know. Good about it a little bit tiring after though the flight now. Yeah it will. He'll kind of a long week in vehicle that are currently. That -- -- -- Friday and had them. Typical -- that we landed in Philadelphia. Because -- would shall know lead. About an hour. Perhaps on the plane actually landed -- -- up -- act which got a lot of it is true we got burned about 30 in the morning and big deal. That would get delinquencies. In -- -- play well. Yeah -- is here and just series you being an outdoors guy as much as -- -- you like the cold weather related. Article. Man not only get one or oh yeah he. Got a lot of snow when you hadn't done. Not written note guys tell me about the game on. Saturday night you know your perceptions of that your take on it looking -- to Seattle for me if you can. Oh yeah that's right. Yeah I mean it didn't percolate and delighted that they were able look and on the court always that they be it. You would Vietnam be about a -- that that might lend their game and little bit but they kind of turned over right. Mark Ingram I don't know what they had. I couldn't get -- in a game plan. Because appeared on the -- and there but. Market entry without the hike in the lead they would could see -- work. There are able to take the ball spectrum that -- drive if the market down the field with their running game which would supplement quite surprising then you can. And wait they'll you know you can. It when it could play all games you know you can't throw all the records -- the only trick can trick in. You can hear what they they were a lot of the problem. Overall in the league but. When you can play you know it's a one game thing so it could. You give anybody pick up one night though -- authorities in that -- great play up and you know we ended April 8. A delightful thing. Hokey when he when you look at the injury Keenan Lewis and and the brutal nature of what happened net I guess it was -- Sweden and Corey white after that. Com. We've deleted the odds of the saints doing well -- Keenan Lewis cannot come back. Well it's going to be a lot more difficult. He's being arrogant -- light is on in your career you can pick on me he's. He played better the deal not. The level. We can't start going back in an infinitely easy being nickel ID B a unique look already. And I told. It's good years Nicole. I mean that it kind of make things a lot easier premium. Want Keenan Lewis went down that easily get through target to work it out as you'd want them. And again you know that we don't know diddly squat building can -- -- -- Wednesday -- the ball well I'll be again. Cokie let the victory period and African country -- only thing that. Hopefully he can beat back Seattle Tuesday that we need all hands on deck. You know we looked at the weather forecast for Seattle on Saturday in an ideal weather wise longtime labor -- for a 100% chance for hours. The winds of eleven miles an hour and highs of 45. You think it'll affect the game. Well a lot. That -- put -- simply. Good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- say affected a lot advantage. Seattle. Well I don't know anybody -- an advantage here. Well it could -- it. He doesn't even both. There's an even both teams out tend to be a leveling force and its -- in mind then slot where. It probably would you. Seattle -- -- Not because I don't feel anything like that if I figured decrypt is is probably better. Immediately they interpret it can't during the how hard that you know the can be like it was -- in New England are they going to be pretty Seattle and where it's gotten one yet albeit small. Arnold. And I. I'm going to try and -- in the first round lead right now. Kind of put Seattle back yard field that we Indian and our -- and only them. Is Mark -- they do you think he's turned a corner on and an easy to possibly -- know it's running back by committee but. C approaching bell cow status or did he just have a good game. Well I mean you know he's -- held steady improvement -- you all and it will gain. The main topic. It's good. It turned the corner not. In I don't know if you be good. Contains exactly and we'll be in -- getting beat the game. Last week afraid you know he's the guy Albert. I can honestly say that he -- steady improvement and -- eat in picnic out down. If he ever be the guy. Black -- on call eight like -- Jamaal Charles like a major Peter and that. -- -- He's got a -- -- -- he could be a 11112. At the end because it was not immediately treaty in I don't know anybody and drug therapy but it. He has definitely improving. Is that because -- -- little bit more great interest in this topic on and on the topic a lot better. Beat compatriot. Although all things that he's definitely taken on the role better. Cokie good to talk to easily begin reaching --

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