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1-6 8:15am Tommy talks to Mayor Mitch Landrieu

Jan 6, 2014|

Tommy talks to New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu about his bet with Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter over the Saints/Eagles game

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Friday in case you were still on vacation didn't hear we have mayor Mitch Landrieu and mayor Michael Nutter I think it is in Philadelphia they made a bet on the game Saturday night. And I don't remember exactly what was but I think. Now -- Philadelphia lost we get the liberty bell which could be another nice tourist attraction mayor Mitch Landrieu joins us right now it to -- is I would yell. I'm -- laugh out loud the app bad -- -- -- -- you know they had -- frankly that the founding fathers and we have very noble and it's not really a fair trade and everybody would -- Gary -- right. -- -- Benjamin Franklin and an Eagles Jersey City. At that -- about a lot. My goodness gracious reluctantly got personal everybody's paying attention today the first recordable this morning at 10 o'clock we get a kick it off. Well we have all the -- into the official kickoff of portable so everybody is excited about that with a into 1999 absolutely indicate weighs eight pounds for. Sees it to get it's it's a good job of it that much in my -- that was the Seattle man going to be about king -- but last week -- may call. We had a -- Philadelphia my good buddy Mike not a and you know they promised -- -- of Philly cheese steaks. And a couple of things and make one public concert dollar contribution to a normal polite. You know violence reduction effort in -- and that was a good sport we talked you know we tweeted throughout the game. And that it was a great game one about it. Absolutely great game -- ages. Mail got a running game Drew Brees got his confidence. You got to feel pretty got about he had. Well you know they look Seattle total opened on us last comment I think it but everybody agrees that it was -- -- like. If it was that happened that was the best on behalf of the team the way they've played this week -- gave me a lot of confidence that they can figure out. What Seattle is -- -- you know this weekend and after a really good about it I'm so proud of on the -- job. I need to building I would ideas would king cake is so good woody you I don't know that initiative as anything in return to can't take maybe Anderson can grab something like yeah and I don't know phenomena talked to -- -- -- keen interest it. In that middle of the genome and has been great for into the city and he was he was a class act and also. Wanna thank him for Oprah getting into just a little bit of fun to increase competition that -- But you and I would like to do was like what you. On Friday morning to make the bed again on die you'll be allowed to acting governor reach out to Myanmar is his name is these -- numeric Seattle. And he just took over just a couple of months ago and I'm gonna reach out in this week to see if he really want that risk you know -- and -- open and haven't given however -- appointment. On a serious note in in terms of teams and team building going on when it comes and LP -- evident then governor know. Question about it you know it's really important was hired a 115 to police officers we have a major recruitment effort and so we're looking for a lot of good men and women who wanna serve you know PD in this Saturday. We have to be -- central city school which is a 25143. Street. I'll between twelve and -- so you know people talk about creating jobs and and you know help with public safety to anybody -- they want to be -- and a PD can be part of the new program would love to have you. A lot of reach out -- it's really important that we make the city say it was -- make sure the ranks of NO PD. Where they are I don't know if you saw the other day. We unveiled a hundred new police cars that we now have on the street we have a hundred more common. All of police officers in a body camera's own and so it's important that the men and women have been a PD at the tools that they need. You know to provide safety on the street which is our number one priority it's really important. Idol thing streets and unlucky aren't the mayor of Seattle once sleep late until 7 o'clock. -- time difference issue or do we can do it at 9 o'clock yet but that among that aggregated -- well. Thank jeopardy I got what should army unit.

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