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1-6 9:10am Tommy, Saints vs. Eagles & Seahawks

Jan 6, 2014|

Tommy talks to Barry Wilner, an NFL writer for the Associated Press, about the Saints win over Philly and the upcoming game against Seattle

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Probably for Mike utility guy who says that this is a whole different season. And I don't think. You can look at it any other way secondary will right now NFL writer for the Associated Press randomized mourn and bury. Roaring. Good where you join in this from. On we do bought in honestly. But I was that day came on Saturday night and -- adamant about it to the when the game. Digit good for you what was it that made you think. We'll look back will we looking at what was it that need to think they were to beat this -- -- again at a myself what makes it parody Beatles. Our experience. I felt that. They have been in this situation enough times and had an up experience and leadership. That it would make some big plays and out -- -- and patterns in the years. I would not all that -- have a lot of eight in the illegal. About that eagle responder okay. Yeah in nineteen. But that game is certainly not a surprise to me. On did you see any thing -- from the saints that did surprise you in terms are running game offensive strategy defense anything. -- running game was very productive and a you know appeared on the scene around I'm not letting them play quite a lot of -- up and find it very well. But -- guy at the played better this week against Seattle but the mark or imposing. Opponent and then look so got to look at out. That they never checked on the run the Pope Benedict is Spain Spain. And make. Get a little more one dimensional that would go on without seeing and and yet. There were talking about Keenan Lewis and and you know we Brees Sean Peyton plays very close of the best when it comes injuries and we're not denotes a later on a week with the deal is but. You know it's -- -- that concussion policy in the NFL and if he doesn't have a concussion and and people are telling me unanswered grammys posting that he's gonna play but if he's you know he -- a game you want to play on Saturday night and they -- letting. So would know what is the protocol for concussions in the NFL now. The very strict that they should be. Little bit you know. Clearly listed in the -- away it was one of those -- It was at a pretty close to. And that -- Actually you get that he checked in yet independent it's a lot -- we'll come back the practice. You must be able to combat the fact that the Korean War play. I'm going to be pretty Dicey I would think and hopefully this thing to err on the side of caution in the config in the. You think this saints can beat Seattle without him FDCO. -- you saw what happened with Sweden and had to lesser extent Cory away. I wanted to point that people in the Big Easy too much and I don't think that they will be. The -- let them. Really tell me telling you see that game shape and -- and we checked the weather a 100% chance for showers as it stands now maybe some wind. It uses the weather factor -- -- all highs of 45 or do you think it's all about the twelfth manner about matchups between Seattle in the saints. Kind of more of that I think in the -- an issue what issues the saint. And it would be for -- he talked about on the will be the issue. I I think that he had beaten it just so good. I think that he benefited from losing that game on Arizona and a lot of people say well there air and the ability -- I think what they got in the wake up call. And they know outright and strongly in the play at all. I'm I'm actually they. -- are. That being in the NFL. -- out of -- and I really believe that there on him Drew Brees and and machinery and the running game. I really that but I don't will be around certainly won't need to meet there were seven again. But I think it is you know out. This is good that the Vietnam. And I hope the -- quote batting but I really intently but you know. -- you look and -- had another were down in the elite eight if you want Colin and the NFL lot easier predicting Super Bowl teams obviously I think. Nearly and towards Seattle in the NFC you about the AFC. I -- decline. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know. To me it slide open Ortiz he. At the laws. -- at the cult of mine lately it. In Kansas City and not going to come back instead of it. Concerns about. The Broncos guys. One lips -- and that in Baltimore out so. The charges on a great run -- what is going. Out to eat. In the Ali. Brett who it is yet but it uses much in itself. -- -- -- When he -- And after the -- -- picture of the week if he is like the lancet they keep winning. A lot chuck -- in each lined and simple. When jockey of the saints beat Seattle would. Really let it surprise -- that. I'm like I expect at the end all and it elect title game between the 49ers. Gary appreciate -- time I really do stay warm. I keep it.

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