WWL>Topics>>1-6 10:35am Think Tank: 2013 in Review

1-6 10:35am Think Tank: 2013 in Review

Jan 6, 2014|

Garland talks to President and CEO of the New Orleans Tourism and Marketing Corporation Mark Romig to look back at 2013 for New Orleans and to look ahead at 2014.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right don't go changing the channel just -- were talking about a good news or -- -- -- good news itself it's. When we -- good news show Wilbert and about. Is New Orleans everything I can determined and -- -- side admit to I'm guilty. During one the negatives -- slow over the number of decades in this. Complained about just about everything you can Dinka in challenge guest when it comes to were getting better one -- from Italy has. 23 years maybe you can buy Beers just seemed like we're getting better and better and better QB and I do. -- -- terrorists -- really high marks in the business arena number six business climate. And a I don't attempted to -- real -- -- with these are all pro am. -- holds -- belt of publications. Numbers six and said he's creating the most middle class jobs. Number I answered -- with the press is growing incomes number two and USC and export growth. And the top twenty hottest part of an America we get a lot of young people. Come in here particularly from idea village. And have no intention of drawing Mingo ports corporation. Or. Worrying about the look forward to hear the pension punt. They're covered in here to start businesses of the road in their fearless when asked him. Or too worried about security fields have -- this -- and we're just suck it up and started note and that's what we're one of the hottest story. In the studio would this year there's everybody does promoted the civilian help should come one at all. Was the golden for decades more room it presents for you New Orleans tourism and marketing. Corporation mr. -- and welcome to -- was always. Good morning Carlin and happy new year and also -- -- a -- today is the first day could official day of Margaret don't tell me shouldn't the huge talking with the mayor -- -- -- first day of January 6 that's that -- Kings say well yet it is that stretch this year because Marta -- march the fourth so we have laid a money drop which means we have that many more days the king cake. Or would you have -- between now and march sport note that. The great season really kicks off couple weeks prior to that march 4 date. But you have an extended period of carnival balls obviously parties and the opportunity king cake I think its list of great. Way to start the region in particular. In the tourist. -- motor girl. We really get them from all of the current crew all over the world people -- your throat and that is guys you see New Orleans. The New Orleans brand is is. Has -- greatly. But Mardi Gras becomes an element that. Everyone associates with more with New Orleans at least in North America obviously Brazil and Rio and South America. Dennis has and at the the Italian cities have a decent carnival celebration but. -- right beckons people from around the world you can start with a drive market we get lots of people driving in from the coast. Nationally you have people coming in particular is it's -- later Mardi Gras this year you may get more people who seat warm weather and at enticing them here. And that there are numbers that will say on Mardi Gras day you could see throughout the metropolitan area close to million people. Going to various parades and picnics and parties -- talking about metropolitan area. It's it's a brand New Orleans says. You you go to. Conventions and and search of like people -- -- virtually all the people would -- tourism. Yes deal that would get him asking you. Because I -- number of them have point pride -- language shootings we have lights we have all kind of problem. -- people handle a million plus people. With the minimum of violence and and. I mean. Just problems and neighbor well made -- look we we know that. The city certainly not. Perfect week we have our our issues but I think we have a culture that. Is very. Open to working with -- each other I think you've got the world's police department that has taught this sort of crowd control and special event. Science around the country in fact I know that they've -- around the world. There's just a sense about this being an important. Celebration. Across the board for all races and creeds and I think you get people understanding that. It's a very respectful. Celebration and it starts internally it starts with you and me as telling members treating each other through with respect and going from there and I think. New Orleans has that history almost 300 years of all of a city that knows not to to do these. What are incumbency and a pundit remarkable it is gone right back we got more broadly with the ports could look good news talking about. What's happening with tourism we're going to be talking about the Super Bowl. Basketball to run. Opening up plus world championship wrestling that in more coming up -- -- -- some of good news in this city in 2013. And to business and tourism and came to trumped. -- look at some of the saying is occurring this year up more parliament president. -- you -- New Orleans tourism marketing corporation mark Gibson either puts them. -- girl we start the year obviously. Off well with the Allstate Sugar Bowl we had great crowds in town for the Oklahoma Alabama march. And then we move into January obviously it's a king cake season. February sees the NBA all star game here mid February and then we march right into Mardi Gras. Fallen money -- we have what we call them the festival season begins but part of that will be -- Tennessee Williams festival and I suggest essence and French Quarter fest we have the world wrestling. -- here at Debbie Debbie extra cameras and people lose well they're telling us that we should expect. Of people from every state of the union plus 3233. Countries from around the world. And they will fill the superdome that that knew this and sort through the superdome. With Debbie Debbie and and it's going to be a weeklong. A scheduled events that you have an opportunity as a fan and to go to the convention center and experience there the fan fest and they'll have a hall of fame here so it's it's a huge event and it's their thirtieth anniversary and in which is very fortunate to have it here that. And I've read this a number to have to do it through its records. The people who publicize it. I had no idea period believability. Believability quotient. Wrestling mega popular. But moving much faster in popular achieved in wrestling or boxing and cage fighting to we ever have -- I have that's seen I've seen on TV obviously and I know a lot of people are drawn to it within a couple here. Yeah I believe in the arena has hosted summon -- -- maybe Lakefront arena but. Again it has a fan base and you pull events like that in two into the city people going to be drawn to it to you and ski well I figure if I wouldn't want to hurt you Garland and you know. I insurance issues and so forth -- Roy address public -- -- sumo -- So it's it's -- but you know that. -- city. Obviously. As they say punches of above its weight class you know for city our size. Being able to attract. The attention -- special events. The visitors. -- it's very important because at the end of the day and you've heard me say this before it's about the spending and it's about the dollars. Coming into our city being spent on retail restaurants hotels and supporting this job base that we have. Within the match called an area 78000 people depend on hospitality as there. Bread and butter so it's important for us to. To keep he the visitation alive. We -- -- we go -- that. Super Bowl. -- -- Creates tens of millions for the city. And and everybody government to citizen Kim wears a moment ago -- is there any real price. -- of that. Well date. The studies are done by the experts the universe in -- hospitality research center has worked on this L issue has. A research department to that looks into it as close to -- and other. Universe is nature and what they'll do is track the dollar as it comes in so if someone is buying a special event at a restaurant or hotel. That money goes into. That operation it -- then comes out in the form of salaries and form of taxes. In form of goods being purchased and so there's a ripple effect to these dollars being expensive that's how this economic impact gets into the hundreds of millions of dollars because. That when -- touched by several people. And and without it you know we would have that few dollars into the general fund into the state fund and we would have fewer jobs so. It is these are difficult numbers to kind of put your hands around but when you see the jobs that are being created that are sustained in the jobs can be. I enhanced. It makes makes sense to have this any city. Would give I tooth for some of the special events we have here and management's well as we do. Win over have fuel -- -- like. We we talked about the good -- third and or going brokerage and unbearably you know. Techs were numbered taxes to the negative excellent. Article in and born of arm local -- It's opinion pieces of bugs by assembly both credentials and and read a sentence -- who -- to say. To this -- businesses often what I hear when it when we start talking about the good news. Quote we're near the bottom in economic opportunity. Here and where words were among the words Romans every category of child well being. If you were simply a matter American songs -- right decision promotes a road young people would be to hit the world. -- your thoughts do you. See that now I used to see you now I think and it and again. Let's does not paint the past and too rosy picture because we've all been through. Some pretty tough times here but I think that trends are very Dennis Michael -- missing earlier yeah you got a brain gain happening in the community -- got entrepreneurship. Kicking in a way that's being recognized -- the country what we know that there are dissatisfied -- Our research tells us there are things that we need to get fixed if we're gonna have a better city. The tourism industry when it pulled together -- hospitality master plan back in 20092010. On today and lieutenant governor Mitch lantern. It listed a number of things that have to get fixed or -- -- can go anywhere you know him do you -- to satisfy our such as the airport. To satisfy such as crime the -- are such a sanitation. That signage customer service to me there are things that we all have to work on airports punitive. Fixer -- and airport gun rights can fix a plus plans to an have been announced for the new airport. The streets we know little by little were finding the streets being improved UNC -- projects in the French Quarter that have. Shown how it can be done the right way if Google street if you haven't driven on lately it's it's really much better. Obviously we need to still work on sanitation there plants in the worked. The assessment that we hope to get into place this year the optional assessment will peel up to two million dollars plus. A year to the French Quarter to help with infrastructure improvements and signage and security and sanitation. So we know that when that hiding anything we know that there are problems and we're going to be facing -- him -- working on those. But at least we're working on and there are a lot of cities that just kind of ignore it and let it go away and we know that we wanna be batters each and everyday so. We've got people who commit it to making it better. You -- for improving -- I would -- we see your view of the budget to tell the world about it. No but we don't but. Because we have special events like the NBA all star game. The saints which have been fantastic for the New Orleans brand you got sports announcers talking about the city and how it's come back. -- when you have a suitable here with 5000 members of the news media from around the world. Were able to tell our story and and bridge that fact that we don't have that kind of advertising dollars Orlando or Las Vegas or Chicago or New York. Am so would like to have more but would it. You know boards period of the big tax -- -- the other there dedicating more dollars to advertising that lieutenant governor Darden will tell you you know how much money like India and spend -- the story Louisiana but the money's being used and in other ways and you know that's an argument that can be made there. But we just -- a lot with a little and that we could use a little bit more and so we're working on getting. What excites you most about would -- -- coming in 2000 point two. I would say. The fact that we are gonna put some serious planning round tries to field we have an opportunity as a city. Very few cities. That. That is this to celebrate 300 years. And every neighborhood every culture will have an opportunity -- to start. The process of being part of this exciting moment for our city. And it's a way for us to look forward beyond 300 years so that I think you'll start seeing kicking in. In 2014. I think you'll see. Some improvements made with French Quarter once we get this assessment underway. With all worked very hard the French Quarter citizens deserve a very great environment to live in as well as working and and the hospitality industry wants to support that. Are forcing them auditors but I've been hampered 209. -- -- deserves the -- war and. That we're gonna work on that too that that that -- to Garland and it's important. It is it's going to be a wonderful celebration but in -- before them we hopefully will hear some good news and day about the Super Bowl coming back here into when he eighteen. We've got stiff competition in a Minneapolis and Indianapolis both of putting together I'm sure. Greats the coach Leo are today it's cold today it. But that we keep working at it I know we have some more final fours -- would like to see happen here. We've got a track record of -- the bulls coming up with playoffs for the college football and for the next twelve years with the with good match ups on January 1 so. Mark -- is kind of the best of the best keep doing what you're doing and we shouldn't -- more than 4500 times -- it's a pleasure being with goods in action happening here.