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1-6-13 4:10pm Bobby: on Saints-Eagles

Jan 6, 2014|

Bobby and Mike take calls on the Saints' 26-24 playoff win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another addition of -- thinking yeah I feel like that you Bobby Piniella but it's almost look -- casino. The side and -- got on in Mississippi -- bond business Bob and I'll be. All of until 8 o'clock tonight so while a lot of chance tax questions about though what happens LSU and Iowa. In the Outback Bowl in this nights -- he's 614 victory in nearly. The first time ever the -- win on the road play all time. It couldn't happen at a at a better opportunity. You advance now to the divisional round the latest Seattle Seahawks on the road Saturday afternoon. Gets the -- all of Bob to be honest with you just -- in the game real quickly. Just like basically every win this season. This team has been you but at the minutes in and up until he loses. And busted. This football team had done -- more -- job. Bottling up DeSean Jackson shady McCoy. It was unbelievable to watch despite all the injuries this football team head. You book again fueled by the Mets the most shocking boarded his game go. Was you gotta get on it is a principal now a lot of credit. Of him being able to line a weak spot in schools left side -- -- predominantly right most of the game. And really -- role in the so that we hadn't seen on this team now you almost got the -- game now because in that particular game the Cowboys treatment with this so bad. But there are able to run the football. And late great -- And Shayne Graham coming through when you do. That's got this team didn't divisional round and that's all you want it was a W to move on you played Seattle and let the chips fall within me. Well you have to look at your opponent and how they were how efficient they were offensively as far as. Being dominant in the NFL. Look at the Saints defense. That they were predominantly not the Eagles offense you know they came -- became the second ranked offense. They had the league leading rushing attack in. And then you know the fifth overall limited -- the 200. I'm 56 total yards. I mean and you look at it I'm telling you that was not an easy easy accomplishment. We have evidence that you have to BC chart though because that's that -- in the pregame. That that the Eagles are part of NFL history. And you look at Bulls -- That when what you look at as far as what they did offensively. A Bulls four yard gains in a single season. The Eagles and number three all time they had 12116. Teams this year where they had what four yards against what they only had two -- 56. Against the Saints in and in that and that being three of twelve on third down when you look at those numbers and ironically. If you look at the top offenses in and having a four yard -- -- the Broncos were number one this year with fourteen. And all time in the -- or number two in NFL history 2011. But we had the greatest moment we had thirteen games. With the Eagles had twelfth they'll they'll -- I -- it will -- -- task Rob Ryan with the defense did it. The one thing Sean Payton. And the Saints. On his tenure has had the Eagles numbers they played six times and now that this Saints have won. Five out of six and and they've been able to run the ball going back. When you recalled in the you know championship game already NFC championship game -- Deuce McAllister. Movement in his first year 2003 who ran on the Eagles all of that it was different we were able to run on the Eagles again. And it was by committee that you gotta give Mark Ingram a lot of credit. That this is old school when you think about. Hi you won run the football when it stop the run we haven't a 185 yards rushing. And how many times you could say it's definitely not even one and it's probably on a couple of thinkers. You could see the -- the Saints had more rushing attempts and passing attempts racquetball 36 time the only thirty passing attempts and five point one average would you look at them three point six average of only eighty yards. We kind of flipped the script on them so to speak. We had 434 total to 56 and and I'm telling you we reminded that a turnover ratio that's why I said I thought we would win. And you know I think -- -- scored 2744. There was went well it was -- -- owns 24 but if if if we. I could believe that at halftime it's because of the turnovers if we eat on the plus side where it double digit better and Eagles can. All the points are a couple of touchdowns. Now with the -- that's a little different animal. And then we go break that down more monotony -- unbelievable but gain and now this has to happen again -- Seattle. A year old cliche everyone talks about the NFL the parity that you've -- it's always travels well and and we you can run the football. If that's were able to do and blog we haven't done well in our return game so to speak about this year. -- you know with Darren Sproles that and I think a lot of as the block because you know Darren Sproles the ability. But blog well what more -- what time did that come up who would have -- -- kick returner. You know when that this set us up on that last drive ended the horse I'll get -- -- Collison Afflalo Collison. We and Eagles territory. And that that was big time is Darren Sproles you know you don't look at it. That as him you know just blowing out the Eagles the -- that you get a sense that the ball hit the -- and what a 189 -- -- -- -- Bob what things who is. And we talked a little bit about this last week that it's a misnomer to say that home field advantage is a big advantage to play well on. Reach out and wore a weight means out of their environment Wallace San Francisco San Diego all won on the road. Had it not been one of the greatest comebacks. In play L history it would have been up. In essence -- the city. They just didn't finish the deal against Indianapolis -- -- -- on the ropes 38 -- and -- goes to show you. That that home field advantage stuff in a lot of. I'm look at it is the better team I mean call we'd both at San Francisco in this thing. Fifth and sixth -- that. I mean come on aren't citizens those that are in the Carolina in I can't think -- will surprise me if I hope the hope Carolina wins. With new people all of that against Seattle much -- back to Carolina I have to go to San Francisco. But no it it's one game but it just goes to show you and that's why I think. I don't know they can address this with the competition committee of -- you should be rewarded by -- record. I mean could you not just playing within division. You playing. You know different divisions in the AFC -- -- to play in the NFC across the board. So I'll never Cisco took care that is what they've beaten to -- off four straight times. The media blooming player available but that they want while gains that the Packers went 871. That to me that should have been green nation at the go to San Francisco and Eagles cup that you are now what does the -- -- deserve to -- -- their act. And it rolled to go -- Seattle to get. And the Carolina. Yet he had you've got to give them props because they won the games that hole. Yeah got that way it exactly this ought to have no problem that but it is going to use this special -- year. And how might we get talked about this that it's ugly we've brought this -- strange. But through the last sports -- winners have played in the Eagles mobile quarterback I think is. -- like eleven months ago and Kevin cutting. At wrote this then. And talking about I'll watch out but in San Diego Chargers at the beginning -- -- Yeah because if you look at it did you wanna get your favorite NFL team a leg up on next year's possible championship. Who beat the Philadelphia Eagles global what are this season. The last forcible winner of the ball and opponent. But when they started with the Eagles at make it financial you told -- that in July I noticed. I would look I don't and I go back and look now because you look now. San Diego got a chance to -- every don't like that they -- it -- -- and they beat up a lot of my goal at Denver on and I think it's gonna happen. We look at this the thing that I have to -- ninth season the Packers capital at the end -- attempt eleven injury last year all started. Well with the Eagles but -- biblical for the back. But when the Steelers -- after the 2008 the season the Rams -- related Eagles and -- ramp to get it done but. I tell you a pretty good -- the charges that I mean I'm not state the you do anything. But. Like to meet the pressure has that -- -- Peyton Manning and the Broncos think what they K -- -- -- -- The Mets is not what everybody has built it up to be about others that this and it argues that does it beat him sixth and seventh time in a row. I mean it's a bit to Prater Broncos at playoff novel the last three years if you minus you all more. You lose 87 was that a big gains the site wanted to 13% that want but it's -- a boy that's a legitimate veteran Eagles the Colts did it. Yep yep and and and look at -- I mean. What more could you see it now he doesn't that -- a lot of back in this game yet bill to come back like that you look at all the injuries that flight got to have luck would it be to have luck but it bowel. It was is available does -- not at all make the call now the study is starting cornerbacks and at Seattle is sweeting. In the -- why. I mean I don't have that you look at our road yeah. You don't know no excuse got to definitely get it done but hopefully Keenan Lewis. Will be available look at -- shut down DeSean Jackson the shot Jackson but not that might notes the notes he had. Three catches for 53 yards an athlete you know most wasn't on the field. Today's definitely out ready Jack or opinion poll win that suggest that the championship tonight. Florida State Auburn you cast your vote it up -- he had gotten on more with -- looking gash through rapid rate -- -- -- BS EC. Welcome back it is -- -- -- Mike it to you obviously a lot of the -- was the casino. Be excited Hancock county Mississippi was delivered bodies Russian edition of the Saints go to Childress liked radio network tonight. At 630 Cameron Jordan -- this event all role will be on at 645. Guy who did a terrific job on head up against trip -- Aaron Armstead will be on at 640 -- -- starting left offensive tackle on at 7 o'clock. Propaganda the Seattle Seahawks beat -- -- while the Seattle times. And -- out there at the Saints go to show at -- thirty tonight. Bob and I will come back on the second guess -- and we're going to be talking about Ellis use race in particular -- corporal from tiger big dot com. We talking about recruiting and also. As usual and get used to have a -- -- junior losses or Ellis shoot. But getting back to the Saints football game I'll knock you traveled to Seattle. More than likely -- you offered -- -- in this football game. A guy who went to help the -- like -- -- -- -- he's one of the top guys in the business that's the slot receiver return man. And he brings another element at a table you didn't see one of the things is telling -- half. It's early turnovers to get to cry out into the game. If that happens you get chances to win in Seattle diminish. Sharply you gotta be able to get all the past I'll ask you got up and take the crowd out of it because that twelfth man is gonna -- big advantage to put him. If Seattle gets all the hot start and before we knew it was seventeen not that. You know all of them Monday night game that you had no shot you couldn't run up football at that -- you have to throw it. And it gets that the Mets -- all that pressure. And -- secondary people and it just audit you become one dimensional. Well we got to hold the ball bounces our way are truly believe that in maybe we hit Russell Wilson the ball pops up in the -- we get our first -- to score this season could look at easy touchdown and he hit when he fumbled. Then they get the ball the how the ball well does that does. Come into play well talk about that when you win a championship we got to have luck and outbreak school you wait that you could make you all luck. But sometimes the ball -- about oh wait now. We said this over and over on the Sean Payton since 2006. -- you talk about getting off to a great start whatever they got a great start date kind of discouraged -- pull through history. This on Peyton. Era if you look up Rockets are about that a. -- water. There are winning that it went over 80% of the time so we beating Seattle into our school water. Are kind of like those odds then it will be leading at halftime. That we go with a lead at halftime. Against the Seahawks. Start paying. There -- 64 and six. -- that that's unbelievable 64 went only six losses witness NATO winning at halftime when it's on -- so. And look at -- quality got to get out the great start and Anita crowds that have been in the game. But get off to a great start it not going to be as well that is that the reason. What you look at the Seahawks. Talent has -- beyond -- we all brought about glory he meant to be able or given up ninety points a game. And you look at all of a playoff team. You look Carolinas -- 49ers the number three gets doubled one. The Seahawks given up fourteen half points to -- -- utility bit. We're all excited that we report ranked -- look at what Seattle the noble want you bet that you look at like. Pat the pits -- -- here and we at the Carroll. In all hands on that you could see we economic team that -- bit and written -- -- -- and -- -- -- you can Atlantic can't jarred. We get double won the Seahawks if that's even that's why I think we got to help boxing breeze and run the ball on the I think we gonna gash Seattle. Who we have yet to -- the -- against him I can't tell you. I don't think Seattle bridge is now we could run against the Cardinals -- Seattle could root against the Cardinals you look at their deepest this accurate. I think the 49ers. And Carolina. Are better of brought it to run. Did the Seahawks so I'll say which take -- -- get a eagle with the -- are better it will be hard to guard against them. Of what we're all -- it done. I'm not they've got to run -- -- -- passed but you need to have an opera when it of that thirty attempts to help breeze out. Because you -- to get the double one pass the net that you look at what they've been able to do. It at -- over this is unbelievable the Seahawks by far noble one in the turnover ratio plus one. I think I applause. Applause well. Plus 18 you know as probable cause that yeah I'd add that absolutely I think we -- help a -- and I think. If getting hurt them -- answer it. And I actually got to keep him back I think is the panicky got to build -- -- -- -- -- yeah -- -- modest target the Eagles though I don't think you beat Theo. One of things to me -- in game one you can get -- pass rush. On Russell Wilson was -- -- throwing darts or on this football runs Wilson was outstanding at their best player -- and really got. They've played at that level since the Saints game I think he like picks if the Cardinals went -- off at home. Saw Al hopefully now -- will -- a little while Andrews on them and all those things going to play what you winner moves that is I've seen. In this game from recess to be the best player and great deal you gotta generate good you've got to be great lob or you on the second guess shall write up this news break quit. Colin welcome back it's like you guys feel like that you Bobby -- -- almost look at Athena. Excited it got down in Mississippi with a go to Bryant that you won't mind in Ottawa got -- might. -- Think for a minute there I -- and Brian. Madson and I figured that Deborah monkey off our back Saturday night and admit that -- -- -- the -- -- the proud -- -- -- like street -- need in the ground in the street. A couple of questions couple observations. And I'm getting the about it that they are responses. -- I was. Wildly impressed with two on arms dad's performance the other night. Question number one while you were had success running the football was primarily away from that night not much. Do you JBJ am solidify an outline the problems at the running game. Part the other running question. -- -- that Mark Ingram haters. Finally got that little bit as mark finally arrive. -- and that -- topic here today. Question. About games being successful at that that year the does that they're peaking. At the right side. I have to run on you got to play stellar defense and postseason. Which need to teach at the right I'm. Thinking about. You know then the pregame on against. Miami. And Arizona. October. I want -- It we even had a -- this year whether we might be peaking right now -- hang up the blitz and he gets feedback. 88 era I. Well that say -- we get week I mean I think we kind of evolved because it 2011. -- all that was a weakness at the sixth best rushing attack. We became that you created shall enter. I think average in like I think 34 and a half point to me that's a ridiculous numbers so. You can kind of ball -- it depends what you -- that Americans make I mean as far as our economic front court Peyton. We're basically he said he did a nice job a roadblock in and without even having to elaborate more on that to me that is felony reading between the lines. That idea throughout the way to go at times. Being a pass protect the skills that. The most athletic like a -- is the all the faculty are at it and media -- and history. So. Honor trust that you know you -- will be doing is mark running the football and and Mark Ingram he's putting a lot of passion. You know he's been dealing with that toe injury and and oh yeah if you told her that you can't run and it definitely affects you but. You know what -- -- department lately looked strong showings against the Cowboys and reported five yards and get this -- Carolina defense. What he had 83 yards at least in my around there you look at 97 yards. We'll look at average -- yeah. And a five point four yards that's flat out getting it and -- they might be working well as a running back group. You know a close group when they get that meeting room -- -- picture of it. This is that you went out Pierre Thomas riveting you look at what cover Robertson. Was able to do it in -- mean how he trusts us that it's all about that trust factor replica in the game. The particular get it done and not really well you know turn over the ball ball ball. Well we look at Robinson five point six yards and Ingram five point bored or that's the good one to one. But as far as Wear down at the bit to keep in those guys for a so a lot -- I think that's forth our running game. I'm encourage as of late where were at. Now I think that even helped. Brees and the passing game will we've seen in the last -- with the game against Tampa Bay. We get kind of football we think that's gonna happen every game. Were almost that we have the shot plays where we have three three go for big plays over 25 yards. And it doesn't have and how we're not question a ball on the field what went -- -- getting duel and I'll likable. Is truly evaluate the team. And you look at the opponent and then you also have to look at. The opponent and what you accomplished. Running the football. You look at NFC east team we catch the Cowboys and Eagles within of these is terrible. I mean the Redskins -- it is terrible that night that me it's all Bulls up by default the Eagles got even at that a playoffs but you have to keep it real. And be objective and that's why I don't care we're playing at Philadelphia we were better than Eagles I actually thought that in. We had talked south talent Tony you know but yet again. You know wait Rob Ryan and I think the -- they seemed all bets like the Eagles I think I like chip Kelly's got a break to the table. Well -- object -- easy -- today. Because of Chip Kelly got a ways to go. Before you get a -- the NFL great mind that would Rob Ryan and even if the scheme. Pat the Chip Kelly and I gotta do is look at the numbers I mean knew what he was able to do. And now we need we need all -- I'm telling you there's not that it's the all star. To have that kind of outing in performance. Against the Seahawks. Not going to get there's like one who won a complete just stop shady McCoy did a -- right back in NFL without getting it easier and I got it goes. -- these bowl Marshawn Lynch and we did do that. In the first game but it with Russell Wilson. Wouldn't you yeah want to win this several yeah line went like an amount of tickets whoever you cover a little one -- -- that you gotta win. Because the view that it's not march on -- that we didn't. You know we got to he's got to cover that I think we -- with that holiday I'm not a competent. That then I think we executed the column I'll. Now I think we bounced back in and match up. Would you look at what Rob Ryan has done. It'd be kind of a mixed bag beat you look -- -- players that success running the ball in is that the beginning. Doug -- with Tampa Bay. We are never Chris Ivory in that Jets game -- -- -- -- -- with the Rams would you look at four's name running backs -- -- line. And this -- have shut him down a little bit of Morton. Yeah I'm like I said Doug Martin the first game that we look at the Yankees and name -- household name but Matt Forte 55 yards. Frank Gore. 48 yards the party united -- silent. 45 yard. The stadium because I mean don't look at it JD lookalike to stop him he was shot. Have only 78 of a dark because I think he thought he was gonna have a big game against the Saints. And -- I -- -- Ernie -- game interviews that because. He was like all like go like he was like how. I'm like all looked like we got out go to got out late -- it would -- that it does succeed in NL bad chip -- not. Thousand excuses. But bottom line is. Hewitt I would each a Condo in the if we'd have bet before the game Mark Ingram. I have more rushing yardage that made him a call like but I never thought it would -- how money is set out double -- on you all Donald Joseph you. How good -- lines the riches down but that's been the story. Well this season that much talk about Shawn coming back and he's -- such -- back to influence on this organization. -- brings structure -- brings a special temperament that's an offensive play caller but this season. Is -- about the defense and Rob Ryan in what he's been able to do with all the -- everything that's happened. In this football team terrorist caught it that way and every win it -- fuel. Fueled by how good that they played on the. -- solid defense they play at Seattle -- played against the Eagles. And we all of the journal about a week less water so that like out of the house and not know I I thought we got a good shot. Now that's easier said than done now we gotta do it. And not just get after Russell Wilson and up put a pathway out technical that we need to plug -- you delay camp -- get all this game like that -- off that they couldn't. Well a lot more you know in the second guessed right -- it -- break here all in the big 87 welcome back to second guess you know who dat nation with just two wins away. From a Super Bowl Saturday the sequel in Seattle the -- battle with the golf course shot. At the NFC championship are covered here on the big 870 starts at 9 AM joined Bobby gate he relevant yeah. Bob Hebert a lot from the mock boards the picks -- better than the court and not -- Estes will follow. With the first state knew until 130 at Lamar -- in better at 130 our heads the French water propel down the golf. Where Bobby and pick -- I -- you burger on urban. I can't not interpret what a kick off with the best play by play team in football Jim Henderson hope god -- and Kristian garic. 3:35 PM it after the game join Nick Cannon ball that point after alive from the NEC boom. In a hurry that's why all lost its coverage starting 9 AM Saturday on the flagship station up the wallet sites. Evidently felt more with the second Daschle right -- his break unity. Back to second guess on WWL. -- news talk and sports leader live from the silver -- on the beach in Hancock county Mississippi to talk Saints and NFL football golf 504260187. Or 8668890870. Welcome back to -- I guess you'll like that that you Bobby bell bottoms of the casino. He decided Hancock county Mississippi gonna go to brought in Slidell -- you know huddle with Bob and Mike. It might Bobby. You know I am one guy who put the plane that Dolan to. Philadelphia pull -- -- win unless the offense when America. With the new wrinkle. And that new wrinkles change every time it was third one that volley started doing. The quarterback sneak and now I've never -- I'm always confident when the monitored one that's what they're always gonna do would you. Well no I could say that and who do you blame whose ability and attack that quarterbacks that it's the Cardinals. Against Carolina and I know that you like and you might get off like New York. They'll let it -- Has given the Eagles the credit. We were better. Did the Eagles and I think the push by you make it very. That was dealt the run it we got -- state I'll put our our our six inches -- to go. You think with when you're wet block a quarterback's knee and don't look but I thought spot. That a couple of -- Avant. If you think what we painted its not that the pro bowler at that all pro guy. Don't think it spoke got to push a little -- bright yellow went to eight I think you have to look at it -- it. Erratic quarterback sneaks getting three yards -- -- that no one yard on it out -- play. I think right now I think it gets that the -- A quarterback who worked because I did not Hugh got -- yeah it would be like OK now that you looked at the pin. -- well I think the 49ers. Carolina. Maybe not aid the Jets. That you don't quarterback against the Jets speak about it and about -- what are the yards you have to look at that he should. What you -- those type plays a coach making it funny you like the bit about that. It's because the match up and we're not only acceptable or Dominique you get three or their quarterback sneak that saw them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --