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1-6-13 6:30pm Bobby & Deke with Cam Jordan

Jan 6, 2014|

Bobby and Deke talk with Saints defensive end Cam Jordan about the team's playoff win over the Eagles and the upcoming matchup with the Seahawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Where it's -- is not the welcoming saints' pass rush thanks specialist cam Jordan to the Saints coaches show camp thank you so much of the time. Congratulations. In that cam you've -- had a chance to break down the tape. Does that -- some of the things you saw they came out well it's -- things looking forward to looking at Seattle. Yeah I've -- at -- open and I am. Better position you're in Atlanta. And. Now I can't look at -- -- what you're able to do in the game in can be disruptive. That open up our tackles a -- gonna happen. And now you have fourteenth of the season. -- -- -- I think got to take -- at that ability and expect aren't. -- anything -- -- in Seattle and Holdman. And you know previously would -- there. But what are the challenges that statement. That you -- uncle at all and going against Seattle -- at the line to get it the Russell Wilson. -- -- They're hotline get it in time. Let's hope it is great and it came in the pocket. Funny blocking those. Those things that you allow this pretty well in effort and that -- a lot more time we were. Play -- happen. Now you know can't what you look at though what you're able to do this season and you've gotten better. Each season there was -- sophomore slump people aren't here -- second now you're third year. I haven't fourteenth sacks when you came out of cal even though what you -- -- like draft day you would noted at all around the it's the pin. But I believe you can correct me if I'm wrong but he's a year you had about sports acts who would -- be -- -- me you are in your production. As for not only being a great run stopper or run stopper. Would also get that it upholds the quarterback at the pass rusher and maybe didn't have that reputation coming out of cal. When you played them. He. American. My assessment is -- but -- the exact I don't know. I'm glad I mean I came out on the of them there at the end of law and that in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was. You know. Or -- -- appear to double team human -- I mean that in. Come to you got talent across the whole board. So you know there's not so much that aspect that's gonna happen so you know we are three or. I mean you're going to be that he knows how affluent a team partner and so much. At least a little and so would have partnered to grant them an old hat to hat he shot tackling increase pressure. Visiting with Saints defend cam Jordan cam the Saints fresh off their big victory over Philadelphia 26 point four now -- the -- around Saturday afternoon. And Seattle Campbell with the defense the three in twelve. What Seattle -- with Philadelphia converted on third down including all 44. In the second half they had to be -- got you guys fired up to shut them down third down defense has been a strength of his team throughout the season. Yeah I mean. Lot of it is not an -- -- coaching staff two players so. It's only -- the political Italian. That we it will with leadership under you know an extradition from. Think -- you know Malcolm and it rolled into. A lot of actors careers mean their community -- we in the background. In really help guy and I mean he kind of -- art department knows about them and -- a line for three years so. It's just been better in in leadership stepped from that position that's really helped this eastern to become years. Now cam. What is the rhyme or reason behind this that maybe you could -- that a -- Then all of a sudden you shut down the best of events. You appreciate him a call I only only ended up -- 177 yards rushing. -- you look all purpose yards. Well over 2000. And then all of a sixty yard rusher with double wanted to NFL. We look at this season. And maybe you can explain this that fans -- look -- obviously it Doug Martin with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers we all know it's an outstanding running back in. We all know by Chris Ivory when he did it with the Jets and it's acts these with the Rams. Had -- yards that you put a lot of also of a household name that fans are familiar with Matt Forte you'll win the 55. Frank Gore 48 yards -- the last time you played -- lead you'll have the -- five yards but what is the key again. That you were able Lockett -- you know march -- -- it. Is that all about it is gap responsibility. Barges break that down what you gonna get the job back. I mean yeah of course is all about Butler injures to remind yourself to people -- stopping the run which can happen that we manufacturers it. -- you know that the -- that's what about that because being a decent line up you have to really battle. Is to you know stay focused on played Brooklyn and there are -- run and allow yourself to register what it is pass and getting back there to create pressure after used that was appeared Nolan. We -- a great backs you have to be able to shut it -- again shut -- Dillon. Now I can't let that -- lead me into my next question is is that maybe a case in point. Because he's going to he would running back like march it. That maybe just eight years back itself which -- -- -- at the -- the world then. Because first of all that you gotta keep the fortunately it report does -- -- rough the world. Rockford -- so is gonna come in and let you know let -- days of -- -- really had an outstanding game and he completed. Being number of those completions. Against us. And a lot of them where you know you get your pocket scramble around and not pressing to you know not present routed the line of scrimmage but. Allowing you to where you could open in and make plays. And then of course you -- who scrambled for -- number yards and that something that we've got the better part. Saints -- -- -- defender camps on as our special guests -- of the Saints at Seattle Saturday afternoon in the divisional round the winner moves on to the NFC championship game. In a couple of weeks camera would it be fair to say you guys took will come loose last week if you took an approach that. A we switched things up a little bit seem like this team who was -- loosen and relax in the preparation not -- that you guys that took anything lightly. But it it was that approached it eight. We did we don't have anything to do with the other five the -- on the road this about the issue with focused in on his playoff game this week. Yeah -- -- -- of that first volley and now that we did have we elected -- The public that really quite serious it would and oh stood so. This sport is record for the very focused on Seattle and I think we are Beilein looked out of it and got Lisa is starting to feel. What we are know Seattle has just to do on the court reaching gains so that it will be in two and been to tour. Now I'd like to try to create pressure. And drag it out there Russell. Now can't look at overreact on this season and now. It what you accomplished -- among the top five when you look right now areas four's total tackles but we meant -- you fourteen sacks but. Well what I've also been impressed. Impressed with you look at passes. The pin that you almost up there when I'm looking at all the numbers. Along with the -- it's -- back and look at it five passes defended. Just talk about that that approach obviously we have an opportunity to force the ball -- a couple of bills and also being around the ball and recovered it and I'm looking at those. Hasn't that been that is that. A time at night against does that feel far when. You gotta get that big Paula that I'm not gonna get them and maybe I can disrupt the throw because -- look at it you know over a five. Past the pin and that's up their like with the people at the back. You know something similar blood that you pressure you -- you realize that it. You know -- chuckle about up -- and object to try -- but at lake. Equally noticeable. Of course at an error on that. He need to get -- an -- This is making errors that -- completely I mean that best case scenario of course but it blows you know. -- it can't hurt right. Yet -- it is an endeavor can hurt because -- tell -- what I can remember this weekend you appreciate this. You know Utley when -- that was playing you know the great the aren't but what Ed Too Tall Jones. It looks like started through it through the the far as I mean he he all of a sudden at times I don't think he wanted to rush. Andy just put those big balls that we try to throw a slant route. So well I think it definitely has skills that day comes. The passes that bitten by the depth of linemen and and you've done that at a high level I think it's kind of like and think JJ watt. Because it's anything like if you -- That's something that you also got to appreciate. Because when you look at -- -- patsy Everett over at pinnacle it might pop over there and all of that you have a chance that there are over. You know I mean I don't know about Q did you want level let your league but about -- like -- ball. -- has been playing number. Let. I mean I think you know I I've been pretty efficient at doing what I'm supposed to -- up and that was it to go to work you work hard every day. Leaving it -- every time you know. Well can't we appreciate you joining us we -- you in the black gold nothing but success this week at Seattle. --