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WWL>Topics>>1-6-13 6:45pm Bobby & Deke with Terron Armstead

1-6-13 6:45pm Bobby & Deke with Terron Armstead

Jan 6, 2014|

Bobby and Deke talk with Saints offensive tackle Terron Armstead about the team's playoff win over the Eagles and the upcoming matchup with the Seahawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rookie offensive left tackle to -- on stage on just now to -- congratulations on the big victory thank you so much for joining us and talk little about their big perform at this offense and especially down the stretch of the of the game you guys able to ground and pound instead of the game winning field -- -- of them on the plane going in the open up the running game and he's good in your game brought all play out so we're looking to keep Guerrero. Now -- Toronto what are the biggest challenge is obviously -- from Arkansas Pine Bluff. In playing in the National Football League he is that a case in point that. Even though you have a big game -- with that you struggle. You have to truly have once snapping clear. Because it -- of owner it's probably just as good. At the previous week -- it seems like every NFL team has dropped pass rushes and especially -- playing left tackle. That you have that challenge again against Seattle. Yeah that's that that's the thing about plan of a couple of all six senior forward and briefly about it being and many out there and that there's -- was that. Opposing things so that determines the plan on the track there's. Now look to run as far as where you Iraq right now and and as far as what comes back to you maybe what you have to get better. It's maybe my perception that you can correct me if I'm wrong or is the perception in general. Is that -- think that. That you can't come around to be. Banner the pass protective that you really can't excel at the run blocker does and a question that I have this run blocking. Uncle more inaccurate you win. In May be because of the competition that you have to work more on like being a pass protector of a run block because the actual as far as being aggressive. We were commitment comments computer up Utley and then as so that I can advance pass protection amendment. As effective as -- problems and so I'm alma continue to work every day. Apology must feel to get better buries the. Now the Toronto that you pay attention and obviously. You know I I kind of the approach and I was playing in. I was kind of naive where I don't know anything what was that locally. You kind of know with cholera national scale with in your reaction to win next wrinkles comments. About having. Then that there really you know well that -- better help out the rook could not bring it I mean is there anything that you expected to that are. Part of talented but just talk about. The approach you take. Because you giving your -- back. Obviously from the polls even if that meant considering. You know you are rookies. Ya I heard it. Actually in it into video I mean is there wasn't. There was enormous size so -- to Trent Cole or problems there and we couldn't. We couldn't -- up 101 -- the again. That was the case I would try to market anywhere really would and it's in the apartment it was it. Now to run as far as the from a psychological mental standpoint. Have you had any admit doors that you can and Leno -- in what are bringing up. You know Saints -- familiar with hall of Famer -- -- Who played at Louisiana Tech and Heath from Arkansas Pine Bluff or. Are any advice you -- that may be like him better like Willie roll four or some individual. It to help you weather the storm and now process. Things going forward obviously help the NFL career. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it definitely -- and I mean you've got. Out of pocket allotment. My logo have been -- On target the veterans -- the great street I'm in all of now that mark that they can't. To -- in this situation you development from a small college the National Football League. You face guys that were every bit as quick as you would not you're facing guys -- that has pulled the power and the speed. That adjustment technical wise as that in the huge adjustment you because you know you hear you talk to people offensive lineman. Coming from the college game that are professionals. It's all about the technique getting get down because physically a lot of guys who play in this league. But really pick ideas the technical support learning how -- you chance this set up on the body balance things. If you beat a really good athlete that adjustment is there but that's the technique spent part of the learning curve with you. There's not a not not -- process. And that's even worry about it that are six and seven. Year -- and there was not -- -- -- -- simply can't -- fundamentals. And -- that is used autumn but are alive and even did -- an -- job -- all that you are there. I also many days before you go out to use that technique but if you don't have made -- you -- He will be used for many. Saints offensive lineman. Tehran on it to Ron thank you so much losing -- -- on the saints' coach he's so good luck to you in the Saints this week it's he had an interpreter.

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