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1-6-13 7:05pm Bobby and Deke: on Saints-Seahawks

Jan 6, 2014|

Bobby and Deke talk with Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times about the Saints' upcoming playoff game against the Seahawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rob -- got a writer for the Seattle times joins us now -- thank you so much a little bit over a month ago these teams met on Monday Night Football with the number one seed on the line. Seattle -- today exceed the Saints got the six seed. May be jealous -- what has changed about the Seattle Seahawks Bob since these teams last -- Yeah I utility it is well offensively since -- at all that was the Internet. Obviously played well and the number of games this year you get there could pick out the best think it was -- I lock bar and you know it could get a ball. At some great drives and some -- -- -- plays early offensively and eat actually quite well. They've really not been quite as efficient offensively so that's -- numbers start to struggle. And a couple of innings and lost to them you know a lot to separate just go to Moscow in Arizona it was preached presidential. You know the defense just played played really well throughout but offensively I think at victors there's. An area of concern for people in Seattle talk that's all. Yep Bob -- just talked to think fans particularly. On the opposite side of the ball -- -- Russell was outstanding. Against the Saints then I mean if you please -- they just think that it can't. But if you look at them late like he sits at the Saints gain. -- the paper and and particularly breakdown. -- that the Cardinals game. What happened in the Cardinals gained an Arab League would go to Seattle and come up with that that and win on the road. And a half -- At that particular it was a Russell does that mean it is actually got on the front accurately it was much much more about what it's about Europe where. You're -- your collection in the back that. You're -- -- like the old game you know that it was sacked four times but I use it a lot more that. Arizona probably what was going quite well in the year he -- you really watch them the last. After the years there and vote and you see in the -- and -- better team there that there approach summit in particular just. Really got after you know better park and on the hill and run the ball much just couldn't get open you know there's got some good. Could corner Patrick Peterson early this you know to call it once and -- So. A lot of that -- that Russell was you know he kind of cut and make some plays and wasn't able to make -- and they just never got anything or not that's -- night game at Arizona they've put together one drive -- in the game and -- half. For a touchdown to win so you know that was kind of the story a little bit they played some really good chances at the end of the year. The Saint Louis game that the final game of the year leading the pack on the second half I think it still bitter about that because they were able. It's and moved the ball consistently enough that game. They put that one way but. You know up until and I really don't you know on the street and half games prior to that this -- struggle -- Now Bob -- you know you bring up the Cardinals that we played them early in this season but I guess they did you think it feels good run against them I know we -- run against them. It like we had a hand below minus yards as far as the rushing attempts though. You could say in theory you want to control the line of scrimmage but it definitely. A -- opponent like I thought the -- dominated that the Eagles up front. I think it's a challenge I against the Eagles a mean hit the Seahawks. But even not as much maybe I think at the Cardinals but. But it begs question and a half quarry is that. You look at the X-Factor who could be that difference maker. Well what is the status on Percy Hartman. And his impact on my understanding that he will be available. Because I think he's like the Seahawks version of what Darren Sproles does though with the Saints that he can do that for this deal -- be available. Eighty years or utilities -- available. Struggle quite that far yet that eighty you know he practiced on Thursday and Friday. He would not play it one game here in nineteen snaps at the viking or seventeenth. Hadn't practiced present itself. Yeah I know what -- you have you know the one catch in my catches a touchdown effort Turkey are now so. I'm not he can really make a big difference is available that certainly there they're really optimistic -- will be. You know but we don't mind game that everybody it was but in the European rate him and I are Terrell you are now later and it was sort of didn't drop dead date produce up to him yet it worked out on the Monday and they decided to. It to -- to try to make -- go -- -- and so we that it will practice both Thursday and Friday it was it was really important is it to everything except for except for the legal matter -- apparently you do everything else so. I think our league is about so you know Pete Carroll said -- there's no reason to think people peeled away. -- you know these kind of got to get to we practice he just and so Little League that spoke to nineteenth after all he's played in football since. It's November 2012. You know I think they'll honesty and yet another practice or -- who shall it it makes street is having setbacks that. Assuming that happened yet he'll be up there and then no doubt about it I would I would be moved them Narnia. Didn't think that on the receiving -- earlier that it -- the -- against the ran around the area between work out you know what they've ended their -- they tore it up or receivers and two of those guys you know surgery person that. Should be back for the Saints in so that Beckett -- -- quite a bit. You know -- overall we're product the Saints defense that went Rob Ryan is done you know -- Really the only team in NFL have a top five offense and defense in. You look at this -- to Rob Ryan be booming double or looking at Seattle a little more defense and I think coach me -- to top off with -- -- is it -- that is. Seattle have a number one scoring defense basically given up. You know two touchdowns the team Roddick fourteen point. -- to me was going to be critical. And like the Saints might have a chance on the road. And you look at figures have enough money to have point underdog it's been rescinded the call that number might -- but. To -- is it that this is a winning formula the turnover differential. Seattle was -- want me. The Saints were even when the season was done now we're minus two after the Eagles. The reason why we're able to beat the Eagles though because -- which is better than them but you cannot obviously you afford to be in the minors. Category it's Seattle with a question and I have that to mean I think is critical areas that even though you moving the ball against Seattle. Would you do in the red zone. You look correct don't takeaways. At the Seahawks are number two in the league with seven takeaways. That you gotta get at least point -- not a field goal you ultimately want touchdowns. But that's what I'm impressed with second in the league in takeaways in the red -- And then also we are proud of follow up pass defense. That being number two in the league now we've had a number of injuries we can even correlate Jabari -- not knowing the status of Keenan Lewis. But also Seattle being double wanted to pass defense and what they use the liar liar approaches. If the Saints have to -- to have them that the balance. And run the ball not saying right at the level you did against the Eagles. I have to be somewhere in that regard -- that -- -- held through resolved because if he does get a passing you that's out the pitch you're not gonna have success. And the proof's in the putting simply because what they've accomplished as the. I would agree totally. You know plateau on that that -- -- was gonna be you know perhaps the best all going to be over there. You know errors or did you do that you're back and let the numbers -- incredibly impressed it would be the ability to do a lot to be committed to detect that some. The sort of consistent 34 yard -- to keep the ball you to change movement -- keeps you know off the field and Seattle had some really -- depending -- and -- -- in -- -- -- in paying change. Up. -- up a couple of games -- were that were close there. You know is because it's. Meant decent not really sort that the -- -- out of the -- or games other than that there's only game. A little bit and now you know -- traded -- -- thirteen yards rushing nine point five. Sort of but there are much more consistent right now but that's only been on people who pitched on to get the run so yeah I told reporters in my life. -- -- But but that's you know the Saints it's not the degree that matchup coming here -- -- that -- limping -- that but one -- that she -- Are really -- stopping -- actually you get up to be balanced against them. You know Bob that was my next question I'll let you know green explained that the fans. Because so when I'll look at top of the dances. And leave me out I guess at this early the state couldn't run against the Cardinals. They could run against the -- That -- -- Carolina in their front seven and even the 49ers and -- that -- as -- -- it is the Hawks are definitely. At that I think you can't run it gets them just explain. What they've had to break down to Tampa Bay. That's it says they had missed about maybe the gains that it's all born baby as successful. Against stopping the run because the knee. If you stout against the run. Bring that week in and week out it is just not a role look both average now at the end. But I talk about maybe why you might yell to have success. Against the Seahawks rushing. Because the Saints were able to Connecticut the Eagles and I think -- this thing. You have any kind of success. Are running it that's the Hawks that they can't keep them off balance but it's not about -- delighted the ultimate struggled at -- maybe stop the run. Yet some -- it was was just their back court which it was a little bit watched the first two months of the season. Armed service was suspended for the first organs and it brought back. I know he came back up the suspense and even in the start talks at linebacker spot that -- things around and -- -- in the back it was her for a while there that he did play. In the in the -- to those games coming off now they use another percent so. -- personnel wise that was our problem biggest thing. You know players -- -- talked a lot about since then that. You know it is kind of got that out of whack there for a little while. You know guys not follow their assignment correctly on that kind of -- and and I think maybe went and actually the successor in the year you know you'd use it all there where it was -- are now moving around and everything. You know I think it's -- in particular. Think he's just not that in the NB a lot easier turnout could be so you know -- -- that -- opportunity and that. Wagner has played great -- he's been helping and you know maybe they're past. Analyst at about Saturday. -- -- -- as a person services Earl Thomas but really played well. The last month and this -- he can't chancellors who despite two but it is career. The last four games as well so. You know I think guys like that guy that -- being -- that we're committed to. To defend and it that much better I think I think there was a few games sort of call to. You know in generalize -- you leave it outside that players on it did come in here and did its key -- the key times that. Pretty vital to you know to keep the ball and keep an improvement and potential. Keeneland on -- game against the Eagles you know -- hundred yards a lot when it you know ultimately. Look -- -- under a public got it and compliment their passing game just an option I think that would that would opposite. Bob -- got a writer for the Seattle times' Bob thank you so much we appreciate you here.