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1-6-13 7:35pm Bobby and Mike: on LSU recruiting

Jan 6, 2014|

Bobby and Mike talk with Mike Scarborough of Tigerbait.com about LSU's 2014 recruiting class.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We gonna go to Mike's golf broke from tiger picked up now Mike thanks so much opening an all witnessed -- Violence or not talked about this so many times -- if it's not really shocking to me just wants -- news EPA rules got put in the late. That it basically. It -- one. -- took away all that signing bonus that most of the guys if you were not in it would've gotten you're getting anymore. But what are the -- it's wrong that money and of veterans but also opened up the door now. That there's not a lot of difference between me and a second round pick. And a seventh round pick. What it's more like the NFL did. Is they actually saving money is not paying unproven guys. But they. Opened the door it's like you know what not gonna make a difference come out early but it dry out and it you're Ellison. South Carolina. Florida you see -- losses -- Carolina's loss for Florida's loss or. You see a market that already lost three -- it happened at LSU. This is not a shock. Because of the use BBA rules it's opened it up -- it got to see you know what we can win the lottery now if we make an NFL team. -- four years we -- you know close to possibly win in the Bob ball. Yeah it's I mean that we don't know Richard bell was like -- until she could definitely use it would be a big money and talk about the -- who knows you lost last week. But when you got redshirt sophomores because there -- -- years into the program eligible to -- row. Money you've really got to ramp up yours would you do currently staff wise. To convince these -- and the turn pro because like that. They see Williams make money not going to be good this year. But they're only a few years now from give -- money that they want. And what you know and how much more of a proved themselves. Or improve their stock is big comeback that was huge for another year and. And potentially getting hurt and I talked a college coach and he told me like this is our approach to it now. In basketball there are some schools like you're not in other places one in -- In in college football. Rehab to get adjusted to period goal. Because that is going to be the norm it isn't gonna stomp them out of the ordinary. That three and gone. That's that's -- to stay forever now the cup that the new rules that that's what place with this team yet. I immediately it humorous in -- Completely -- And certainly in the you would. People complain about an accurate Q it. And this year and do you think he's played. In two annual. And and but it's up and it I have to address but. You also internally that nature. That you keep your players educated. In that they really have. That the knowledge to you know what does it mean for the in the Compaq. And you can't people you know maybe count on -- -- and information. Factory. Now. Mike you look at obviously in the trenches that first thing's first got to be stopped in the middle. And be able to stop the run -- look at Anthony Johnson -- declare for the draft. I think as of Thursday night if I'm correct that that that you look eagle Ferguson. Another -- that as a starter you on the way out now my question is you know. Year conflicting stories that he did play an Outback Bowl because. Maybe what LSU officials said an Elvis but I thought may be great I mean who knows what it toward the illegal contact with -- -- I mean it's amazing news stories that you hear. But up who's waiting in the way that all of a sudden. I think eagle for a -- I can understand him going out. But at the giant Johnson to me that's a lot of hype. That I think he could serve himself welcome back. It and may be dominated Ellis you have that opportunity but who's waiting in the wings if you don't have furthest in and out Johnson. As far as what would LSU in the trenches. Well you know in in the whole deal mean certainly he he got beside about walk to work. But the Saints. You know you've got to happen. God is set -- this year redshirt freshman. Could be -- yet there's no more fair. You know whether pain. O line or deal. You know all those guys now. They've all got to be producers next year deal putter needs to step up and continued to improve. But. You know you you can't have that you know. You -- you know these guys just don't pan out and then like now talking to somebody. You know because of what we're looking that -- you know he's got flavor to -- and then a few years ago on. If Belichick doesn't finish up this recruiting class. With two -- -- even alignment. You could very well we look at it in a couple of years where. Big guys that are redshirt freshman now if they're good -- go on and two years and you're looking back at the 2014. Classes and what do the class the only guy kill. Who's coming off a knee injury. And then you know missed on these guys late and so. You know I think they're gonna finish strong a couple of kids to -- -- conference wars -- defense that. Tackle that was committed to Miami -- committed over the week in. Three would speak from Jackson Mississippi that they'll -- last week. And then two or three others they'll bring in. On the seventeenth. For business the 24. The -- is something different right now but it. The skid and recruiting period you know you could really go back on the road. Until January 16 and we never seen the NCAA count worked it out worked out that way with the coaches around. Not if we get out earlier in the month of January. So it is pretty odd. You know -- Or anything -- LSU fans probably if it hit it and on the arm all American game. More than anything in I think -- gonna put -- great but I want you to comment on this. When you come back. What is your take when you look at the five star recruits that. And their verbal commitments obviously that it Barnett and -- lives come at Dallas you. What is your take us media know it -- Willis and the majority brown talked about it the line and -- Willis. Now going that a Florida Gators -- that slam dunk with who break it down after -- Mike hey don't -- yet we'll have more second guessing just a moment here. On to negate that and welcome back to this -- -- -- Mike -- -- -- Bobby in the air which on with Mike Scarborough. From tiger being dot com Mike wondered things that I was telling mr. Bobby. About Terrell Willis in and I should know better on the sport. -- He got all the I think might get a story. Why he thought it was Terrell Willis adequate opportunity. Of Florida that Mike and I talked before break. We look at expect the wives or recruit. -- -- -- -- note Gerald Willis the only brown Jamal latter. It was a four out of five basically it was two out of five now. They haven't you know sign anything but -- would take out that occurred -- other -- ball well all American game. You know this is there and the thing I've received and having covered recruiting for twenty years I don't -- -- on five for five on Thursday hop on board for Bob was a possibility because -- no I just wasn't sure what he might do. He course he was the first one now at least detected in him. You know you just -- it throughout the entire recruiting process that I never could get a feel for. -- but I -- that the -- coaching staff. Was confident that that they would give him. But Gerald was one it was a big shock me in the just because that they need position throw issue it was a bit down between LSU and Florida. You look at the kind of season -- Florida -- in what they've got returning next year in their schedule next year. You know to me it's going to be a very. A tough task for Muster in the is that even be back coaching. -- Florida -- for 2013. But I think overall. You know with. Just I just. In his reasons for why he left it just seemed to me. Dead when he said it is brother landed -- help him. Make that decision. I think maybe it did that change as well being you. And maybe wanted to -- the path and get out of state and you know some kids wanna be close to home and some kids there are better optically from home and I think that's the case for him. Mike wanted to things as the action with Will Muschamp. Harder to deal with this on -- why Harrison won't sonic boom. And will and always talkative owner -- As the guy that you would get back you know -- it's just you know what John Curtis but Carol Willis is really close. -- Lauderdale and people were out at 300 athletes that sonic boom. And I think that's the -- right there -- that will must yeah. -- -- on our. Oh or Europe go and I think with that situation. He's also pocketed Carol Willis who is very close friends went on. I think that the connected -- who would you start and when that because of the vote in a coach in trouble. I that's not the smartest thing in the world do you might say well it's the leap to go out of state to play. But not I see the connection there but we've got dale it will must now. Anything connected the dots that Carroll who works out at sonic boom it is good friends with on. And you know Mike and -- it it's not like this happen lately pocket camera well on across -- great. Warrick Dunn. Qualities rate might Aaron Ellis back yard. And he's been unbelievable. It is then but he deplores the the you know the process that. That was during the years while she was so you're losing right. Minors than ray -- -- at. All those guys during that stretch in years. Is -- -- football was. All alone in in the very late eighties in. And throughout that nine. Did -- kind of get him some of that in reverse and that means they've been locked it down. Which is that what they. We need to talk an overall. -- about. You know what. The B he is is the difference maker. I'm all but you know he's he's got some things off the field that he needs to clean up I think -- Robinson -- -- west -- when when the opening day. Will be when you -- it. In your plate and with Jamal and some taxes. To me that I even close I -- Biggio I know some people having. I think an outside linebacker the next world finals the unit is safety. -- -- -- -- It peacefully if they keep anybody you over the top. 59 mile. You know -- like it in the league so. But we're -- not in Chicago that. The end product or challenged. He was one the best safeties in that scene this year. I don't like you robots you know if you look at our economic help and I really -- back at the break up frank quilted the -- from you volatile Barrett walker. The West Bank that you -- -- bankers and BP's car players leaving. I'll what you're talking about that does that -- at the -- Kamal frank Wilson. Both dispute the deal with it especially all of those putters over Dallas Q.