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Jan 7, 2014|

Dave talks about Arctic cold, Saints/Seahawks, and a double dose of What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition at WW well for listeners on this seventh of January 2014. It's Tuesday heads and terribly cold symptoms to look -- Is definitely chilly -- -- man and in the second you walk out -- lack. And welcome to the cold but here's the good -- every breath you take out. Deal. In the year mouth or nose and down year wind pipe in there bonds and each of those cold -- is definitely one that you not you feel injury you know you're alive. Makes you wanna go up to Alaska. I think that it's not. It's very very party out there this morning yet in you know it this far fewer people out there. Is not normally big crowds of people out and -- clock in the morning now but I'll play on my way and it was brought about half as much traffic as -- normally season. And I in -- anybody out pumping gas I didn't see anybody go on in the out of any of the stores convenience stores or anything. -- nobody. Now I think people -- taken pretty seriously and just decided you know what state in yup I'm just gonna do is bundle up. And just stay nice and warm and -- good news if there is an -- in all the scold his. When yesterday -- those winds twenty to thirty. And -- settle down their calm and many of our reporting stations and ten miles an hour at the airport. And that helps to me -- -- that wind is what usually just urge -- what does this call. Now on downtown and it gave fifteen on our way emblem on all of -- you go walk into the building -- there are some places Africa it is still kicking our boundaries and a elect its north at ten at the airport up to eighteen. And it the lake like months ago yet but the nor sure where it's crazy cold nineteen degrees out. The Windsor com -- in nineteen degrees home wins. So you may find frost north of lake as a man wins line Dan I know frost here in no I didn't either. In this day and name again in Metairie is one of frost because the winds -- You at home 23 right now in theory. And -- Angel Felix -- keen at the airport. It and that's prompt. I just don't were called doing these Temps likeness -- -- this happens every three to five out now. Not in the city now this farce now members Galbraith told us 22 and we we have some of those and then before that I do is out of -- I'm a big question today we won't get that thirties. Tomorrow all -- in the fifty's hey look at that. All it could be worse we could be -- is -- or the would've just ridiculous stuff out there and steals sixty below was the line yesterday freeze your eyeballs. Someplace where if you went outside and less than two minute your -- with the relief. Well Nadal is the Arctic war tax is actually colder. In parts of the continental U last that it was at the North Pole we. Not us -- yeah. Game many text messages from Pete Tuesday at where's that global warming -- that -- yeah. Exactly man did you watch that BCS and our instead of that -- some -- -- look like Auburn was -- run away with that. Very comfortable -- The first two quarters right at the end of the first have. Florida State seminal. Scored right there and then in the second half while we change definitely changed his command that -- that whoever had the ball last with any significant time on the clock was gonna win and that's what -- to states for it. Less than twenty seconds left them. Auburn can do anything and not enough freshman quarterback over Florida State big star. Both those were when I did the economic. About that was the sports the saints returned to practice to. First time since way that the wild card playoff gamma and Philadelphia's that you referred him to Seattle Seattle. You like those Saturday. Yeah I don't know why it just it made the whole weekend. Batters somehow and I -- it was then yeah I'm still trying to figure about yeah. So you could savor the win and you have all of Sunday -- just kind of you know I don't know into work and remember as partners seventy degrees dale. And now for -- if there. Think Seattle this again a Saturday game at the summit to be at 335. War. When these things that the dogs off. It again last MI and look the thing for an -- half. Point. It was a money -- that. It was sports Steve and your complete forecast. Let me know what it's like where Europe and if you decided you know what I'm just not going out today. Schools are open folks the only place we've heard where their Justin's school schedules and banners were there delaying school by a couple hours starting place everywhere else. Really no reason not to go to school right what what would be the reason not to have kids in schools schools or warm. Or. 514. Your frigid Tuesday June 2 failure of heating equipment will Roger elementary who arise from middle and -- her huh. All students and employees at those three schools should not report this morning so we do have those three schools in southeast Louisiana that are closed. Because -- heating equipment failure as far as we know all the rest of the schools across the region are open today. And warm and toasty inside that it's not warm and toasty outside by any means. Eight cold -- start to this Tuesday weren't that teens and 20s this morning. And only warming up to about 39 this afternoon even with some sunshine and tonight mainly clear skies and cold -- nineteen again on the or short 28 out of the lake. Expect to see some freezes again tonight then tomorrow we start to rebound a little bit 53 and cool Temps with Thursday. Up to 63 and few clouds mixing back again. From the Eyewitness News forecast senator I'm meteorologist Laura -- tell. -- the we've got people texting -- -- 7870 from Franklin -- -- -- and -- Omar where it's between fourteen and seventeen degrees on their personal thermometers officially. In -- lose to the National Weather Service says it's nineteen degrees. In Hammond nineteen degrees in Slidell nineteen degrees. In the city it's 25 degrees right now that's what the rating is at the international airport as well with the wind she'll. Making it feel fifteen feels like fourteen at the Lakefront airport. That wind -- all the way down the coast port who shot where it's 28 degrees. Windchill making it feel like nine -- degrees now. What are you doing today you go out you get a stadium -- that far fewer people out move and about. At least early this morning and we typically see normally we see delivery trucks we see people pumping gas. You -- on the interstate and the I ten from Metairie in the downtown New Orleans this morning. I may be soft five other vehicles I mean there's there's nobody out there. Justice to our coal. Would you call for sports. Man they got hot in the fourth quarter you -- has died in the BCS national championship that was wild Damon. The saints got a heat things up today as they get back to practice getting ready for Seattle tells about that and everything else in the world of sports. They -- morning to the long sleeved and in this way and kind of warmer clothes kind of a guy can handle it. An element and it broke out the leather trench coat today with a leather trench Aaliyah. On Tennessee's Steve Cutler with more things -- -- morning everyone in Florida State staged a fourth quarter comeback to beat Auburn in the BCS national title game thirty board of 31. Heisman Trophy winner Jamie as Winston hoisted the crystal football on his birthday. And says that winning it all has great way to close out the season. Pollack saying now is they reach -- champions in this best arm around me my birthday until -- about -- -- And by the hasn't it I mean about Adam -- long been a big men win the December Sudanese almost him. Well the saints have added some depth of the safety position Jordan Pugh with a six round draft pick back in 2010 for the Panthers. And was most recently with the Redskins before being released in October. In four seasons he's played in 44 games and have -- as 41 career tackles one sack two interceptions and eight forced fumble. Most states will look for a little payback Saturday in the second match of the season against the Seahawks. Defense having Cameron Jordan on a big reason why Seattle was able to dominate them the first time out. Possible to have great -- in the pocket and just you are getting those playing the game let's allow -- -- great -- integrity and that is a lot more time core players who happen. Tampa Bay has not made the NFL post season in six seasons Lovie Smith is confident he can change that as his Britain is ready to. Record some optimism back in Tampa Bay excited about being here excited about taking the next step and just improve and our ball club. To eventually. Get back to where we belong Smith takes over a Buccaneers new head coaching position -- and wants to return the team. Two prominent C coach -- for nine seasons from 2004. To 2012 winning 81 games. Three division championships to NFC title game appearances and won Super Bowl berth. And the Cleveland Cavaliers have managed to unload disgruntled center Andrew Bynum. Before having to guarantee his contract. The cavs have shipped Bynum and three future draft picks to the bulls pull all star forward we will day. To -- comes just days after Bynum was suspended by the cavaliers. Today a -- sports talk QB to QB with Drew Brees. At 630 you have a choice switch over to the big 870 AM to continue listening to sports talk. Or catch the pelicans at the Miami Heat are 1053 WWL let them. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning -- export. When he three minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WWL first news poll Tuesday morning and and I enjoyed that national championship game. It was fun to watch the back and forth to see Florida State comeback that he. Auburn then get the lead again and then you know -- to squadron houses thing got land and it would definitely it was not a boring game. Yet the deathly Jim is Winston struggled in the first half and really turn things around after halftime sort of the audience -- Florida State team. And Auburn if you got a little too cute for their own good. Most malls on play calling. Two too much trickery I've felt in his in his job but they had a great season. Florida state of the top team in the nation. All year long it retains that title now and is now the national champs in DC has run is over at seven straight years. For the SEC. I -- as seven out of eight the SEC one. The BCS national championship they'll never do it again because there is no more BCS national championship now we go to college football playoffs. So that will be a fun transition. To watch and at least we'll have a couple of playoff games now. Leading up to the national championship in future years one of those left him spirit here in north. It just think about this State's fair and the -- weather outside right now is basically what the saints were playing in Philadelphia. No wind field though the win. Yeah now -- I thought it was more witness that it wasn't too bad this morning from. Which is good because we're actually in the twenties. We had much more win. I was real little in the morning while you're in the building got that big -- of that hole it's cut right through me again north went ten. Eighteen -- -- right now windchill index here in the city is between fourteen and fifteen degrees. Maybe the wind picked up a little bit that you came in a few hours ago that it you know -- one. When was -- here in downtown. -- give back to practice today you and I'll talk more about that about 25 minutes to -- your sport what should the saints -- doing in practice this week to get ready. To go up to Seattle should it be wary and worrying about ear -- like last time anyone out there should they were wearing my hand signals to communicate amid the noise. That is we worry about playing saints football what's what should they focus on in practice this week pluses and new saints safety. Talk about him Elliott Steve back in -- -- -- -- meant more sports and WW well AM FM and taken a look at -- very cold -- Right after. -- decades decades into that I beat and it's free get free -- I don't think that's a meteorological term but I'm Stan field. Mostly sunny skies this Tuesday but staying cold Temps this morning and -- teens and twenty's an afternoon highs. Only in the upper thirties and tonight. Under clear skies and light winds we may see those Temps dip again downton nineteen on the North Shore and 28 south of the lake. Then partly cloudy skies for your Wednesday and a bit milder highs of 53 and by Thursday we're back into the low sixties with clouds beginning to move back again. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist Clark -- -- -- -- taxed the understatement of the morning it's cold and home. Yes it is it's 23 degrees in home right now north when -- -- making it feel about 21 feels like fifteen at the airport scanner where it's 25 degrees like Al nineteenth. Degrees with calm winds so very little. Windshield shortly. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on the seventh of January 2014. Its users it is indeed one person texts me at 8787. He says all you have to do it is where under armor. That's a tip for keeping a person says tip for people more politic work. Stay inside. Right in the and I'd do it under the covers -- often don't even get out of bed at -- -- -- coal the bathroom was to call form now a lot of people clearly are not getting out of the normal time this morning and very little traffic out there I've seen very few people out and about. The coldest keep on keep the south Texas total more rumors are the past. Very Cold War to young man seen too many of those -- yeah I speak at a these sporting and it's growing and have -- you know as a packet to break and then you can put him in your -- your socks and they stay warm for a couple of hours I. When I was a kid I had some battery operated Sox put on nine adult man. And they stayed just a little bit warmer or -- Chicago. Well yeah you have some side you have some of those 1:20 below things pan am number twenty below Christmas and then you know presents as I'm a -- to keep warm use my oxygen acetylene torch may be able to warm up another present this -- don't go outside. And as the weather is perfect time. Frosty -- snowman. And another person does at least I'll have to do is block between your -- your office I'm gonna do aerial. REE. That I was really like to be built in the ego few tips for keeping warm -- comment you -- yeah dominates 7870 as I opened up the people I Wal-Mart already is I mean is there yours start off with a bang the ball -- fire department. Down nine. Coma I responded to a structure fire over the weekend in there words senator circle. Two senators circle apartment is engulfed in flames. As -- as their attempting to. Put out the fire. The residents of 234 senators circle Heidi Lynn Davis. Multiple times. Would approach the fire person now and ask if you go back into her apartment. Why would she want to do that -- are raging fire -- what they were wondering the same thing I try to explain or ma'am it's not under control does not be burning building you do not wanna go win. That she comes back at this naymick hit really have to use the -- you go into the apartment and use the bathroom taker here now the apartment that is. On Fieger and take the kids and for the bathroom and missed a pretty serious fire to this wasn't just like you know a few hot -- -- raging fire. So the fire department tells the police department this woman really wants to go back at that. So finally after they get the fire out they go in and find. Marijuana which heidrick showdown began drug paraphernalia. Here and other. Things that Weller illegal inside the apartment. Man. Arrested them wanted to give her -- and pot. Got to have that -- like the raging flames a little bit of a giveaway when you keep asking over and over again to go into the burning apartment. Initiative burning need to gators rug out especially when music kids or -- that over the top -- -- it's got to go to the Batman if we go into the apartment that's completely engulfed in flames. If people. So I guess attempt to those of you who do drugs if your house it is on fire either take them with few. Board to. Act all cool and got a kept. -- burning apart. Thank you David with -- about yeah -- -- -- Chris Ellis got the wonderful time of being outside talking to cold people hollow so it will be hearing from him. In WW golfers news Pomona for the top of the. Side much colder than nice actually right now as we go have been directed the Eyewitness News forecast that aren't they do -- morning. Mr. meteorologist wore a -- to opulent back for Chris Miller this morning well it is what it is now. You know we always do that we you know usually makes me outside -- -- what you know it's it's not a not just tell people called we have to. Show them and proof that it's a mean talk to people yes we eating out -- from the polls. Yes it -- severe cold but as I guess you know during -- hurricane analyst in and out the right well right yet. Could you need on why can't tell exactly what bring you into. Whether that's right well a lot of people are staying out of listening very few people out. Now this morning path to you know it's not worth it advocates and get to work edu and and the vast majority of schools are open we use that are clean and while they that was coming up an amendment. That's majority of schools are open and I'm kind of baffled why people keep on asking the -- gonna close. Most of what's called yesterday about that it was even warmer it's kind. Think you know it is you're hearing all about noble -- zero attempts and northward and kind of jump on that train in your head kind of -- I might -- this like a severe outbreak you know you don't realize that cold here but at night you know -- you can still go outside it but you can. Still went nowhere and about frost right right Eric Espinoza is where I -- when I -- that shorts and T shirt. All but as long as we have appropriate you know attire he got a jacket and the gloves may be -- scarves and you'll be fine out there this morning although it is called how it. Is we're in the teens north at the lake officially nineteen in Slidell nineteen in hand and apple were coming and with the mid teens that Bryant can't let a call coming in about fifteen degrees mayor Franklin and has been down for teens so. There's definitely some mid teen is on the -- source alpha Philly 25 officially in New Orleans. But even if the spots -- outside of the city in the lower twenties. It feels like he's like my -- he had he had not let's have a went on the North -- that's helpful but south of the lake. Little breeze around ten miles an hour so it feels like fifteen degrees in Portland. Right and went back in a warm up much today you know you know what time we finally hit freeze -- in Portland what time will that happen news. It's day below 32 up until the year ago that that's pretty cold front aggregate the highs in the mid thirties to upper -- that after won't even hit forty to not look like adamant tonight much of the area free. It looks like again and other heart freeze warning pretty much for the same areas that we have one more cold night at at me it may not be quite as cold but -- still be at heart -- criteria that go ahead and keep your your pipes you know copper raptor -- keep your plants -- And don't cover that until tomorrow afternoon we finally start to warm back up into the fifties low ball -- fifty tomorrow. I got the sort of the net and pool party time damn about. And the rest of the week Afghanistan and that you know a little gradual warmup 63 on Thursday 67 on Friday and I yet that's happened -- sixties find out. That sounds good to -- people are texting -- tips for keeping warm welcome. Let's get a bottle of wine while not gonna be out I don't not a good idea what they're gonna need to sell your line to keep your wind sold four days ago. Another person says I double dog dare you -- your tongue on a flag -- no don't do that. A naked Australian had to be pulled from washing machine. With olive oil to get -- -- open it with alcohol or CUS apparently that was the the trick at twenty year old man identified only as Lawrence. Told Australia's. Fairfax radio that he was not as way to take a shower on Saturday when he decided be funny decline into the top load washing machine. And have a bit of fun. Yet another -- on like that. Although the -- quickly evaporated when he realized. He was document he was gonna scare. The deeper in his home. When they open the washing machine and he would an -- out and pop's death scary nothing and yet nothing scarier than a naked man popping out of your washing machine Betty went awry -- Rescuers tried to pull him from the machine they couldn't do that he was seriously stock. They've found a bottle of olive oil in the home. And moved him up guarded and they were -- slide in China. Definitely -- -- after that Andy was complaining afterward that he used his olive oil and a year. We've disguised them well maybe -- Few polyps -- well well but but but whatever and I'll -- threatening olive oil container. The interest is wrong with people what makes it into like an -- washing machine get that. -- now scare her eye popping out of the washing machine make it. And get scared you can. Blige knew it and that fire department. -- out olive oil not quite as cool again. Thank you Laura have a good thing they were -- yes indeed Laura but now live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecast and by the way you know it's cold outside. When it's warmer in the eyewitnesses forecasts and that is outside. Egypt. 546 will check your current conditions some of your text messages at 87870. And sports with Steve Geller. Saints getting ready they returned the practice field today. Yeah I sort of army I was nice deep snow in the early VW golfers as one -- -- -- to keeping warm. Keep a small dog in your jacket with. And now that's early practical for most people workers school but I can see where it would help the ego is one. Tip for keeping warm days and says but not a Rottweiler now that would be a bad. They average more remote start on the truck that is that advice and insight in this format to make it. I don't have -- -- -- get that and here's -- -- know I've this morning no real quick turn the car on went back inside had them record demand. Pentagon as. Got a warm up for a good time Alia for sure definitely at least 510 minutes those nice toasty -- -- and that of having their hands on the reusing theory we. I did that I went that started out of course if you currently. Heat or that if frost are on right away. And you're just getting frigid air blowing out of it makes it even worse items so there I -- shivering as the revenue on the road with my payment clubs. That help you that remote start is likely a God's gift to. Who has it -- in the cold weather at least you don't need him much around here again then. In the summer of happiness at the air conditioning on me in the that's true and I said it -- -- state we have a national champion Steve goes in with your morning's. Yes they're good morning everyone Auburn jumped on Florida State early in the BCS national title game but this seminal stormed back to win 304031. FSU quarterback -- as -- on the game winning touchdown pass to Kelvin Benjamin which just thirteen seconds left to play. In the game I'm -- -- gets us down Sylvester built -- line of scrimmage. And it's are you see KB won't want them in this dream come true the way to adapt please. -- Jordan pews and -- via Twitter that he has joined the saints the safety was drafted in the sixth round back in 2010 by Carolina and most recently played for Washington. She was seen action in 44 career games it is total 51 tackles one sack one forced fumble and two interceptions. -- rookie left tackle Toronto are instead looking forward to the challenge of taking down the top seed Seahawks on Saturday. He said that he's worked hard to get into the starting lineup and doesn't plan on ever looking back. And I thought process is working and is strictly -- burglary if fundamentals this planet they've offered you have to diagnose some of these days before you can go out to use its dictate but. If you don't have a big gate you won't be useful for many look. The Buccaneers formally introduced Lovie Smith as their new head coach one think Smithfield is vital. Is to restore the home field advantage Tampa Bay once head Raymond James Stadium. It's hard for opponents to come in. And win. We have got away from that a little bit and it -- time as we go to the future. Thus become irrelevant team again. Smith was 81 and 63 in nine seasons with the bears he was three and three during the post season including a loss to the colts in Super Bowl 41. And the Cleveland Cavaliers have traded away Andrew Bynum and three future draft picks to the bulls for all star forward well today. Just days after suspending -- the cavs were able to unload the senator before having to guarantee its contract. Today have four on sports talk QB to QB Drew Brees but at 630 you have a choice switch over to the big 87 the AM to continue listening to us. Or stalked or catch the pelicans at Miami Heat -- 1053. WWL let them. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning on the export side 53 Dave -- Steve Geller with -- a chilly morning on your radio the saints now opening heat things up. As we get back to practice today along with safety Jordan here this guy's been pretty much out of football for the bulk of this year. But at some decent numbers the last few years yet last played in October with the Redskins and interestingly enough was part of their team. Last year during their wild card matchup against the Seattle Seahawks Washington did lose the game but he does have. Some game experience against the Seattle ballclub at least now that we don't know how the saints are making room on the roster for him but. I don't VW outs and sideline reporter Chris and Garrett says he doesn't think this has anything to do with Keenan Lewis and the head injury he suffered. So looks like Lewis may be able to play Saturday. He just don't know who won't be -- wait for word from the saints' official yet and I'm worried that it might be linebacker Parys Harrelson who went down in the Philadelphia Eagles game will find that the extent of his injury. But it just it might be him something with a chest depict oral issue. He might be done for the season by prime not a bad idea to get an extra defensive back on the roster for the saints rice than what we -- Philadelphia considering what happened which you Louis they do have the game they could definitely use the health Corey white. And struggled as did. Got to get the member's name right now I'm sorry that the touchdown impact or whoever you're thinking about was getting remember and thank you stable remembered get back even more towards. In fifteen minutes here on WWL am FM and that commonality forecast. It's cold outside that -- this. First runs leading the offensive backfield trying to think if there. You think about it how cold it is outside. Starting off this morning and it teens and twenties north and south of a -- to a cold snap definitely here and not warming up much this afternoon high of 39 today with sunshine. Tonight mostly clear by dropping again nineteen north of the lake and 28 here in the city. Before we seal of the have a warmup on Wednesday 53 and partly cloudy then by Thursday mostly cloudy and a high -- low sixties. From the Eyewitness News forecast senator I'm meteorologist Clark of -- It's 45 at the airport and it feels like fifteen which can win nor shall we Clinton's -- fourteen right now nineteen officially in the stands. -- -- -- -- -- Now like almost. Yeah. As and that's what happened that it is it is bloody cold enough yet. Any tips to keeping warm this morning for people have to get outside energy talking about. People not go to the QB it's Stewart and -- a lot less traffic on the highway swell guy is not yet. Added maybe just like go to work because it was cold -- Israeli policy calling it coal. While they can do that and what do we do what we have to talk about unemployment as a matter fact perhaps if you call it -- to join the ranks the Senate's gonna have a test vote today about. Extending unemployment benefits and the question is is there a reason for anybody not to find a job within six months -- to talk about. Guns in schools -- something like Colorado senators that. Science teacher lost almost forty pounds by eating McDonald's only. But the teacher eat. That healthier stuff to talk about unconventional weight loss and little bit about the battle in Seattle part two right it's cold outside -- off.

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