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1-7 6:45am Tommy, aging workforce

Jan 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to Abby Marquand, the Associate Director of Policy Research for the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute, about the growing number of older direct-care workers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Marquand joins us right now she's with an organization. A little bit about this on the -- Wall Street Journal report yesterday -- -- WL. She's the associate director of the policy research for the power professional healthcare institute apparently. If you're over fifty. They're the ones you're looking for good morning -- More. Caring thanks for taking the time tell me when it comes to hiring what's the philosophy that you'll have. Well actually pew research on that on the work for provide -- Care for people are receiving long term care. Where where -- -- an island. Basically we are looking at. Trend across the country for -- worked for and what we're seeing and what -- -- striking in that a lot of people that are providing direct care and -- I think they are. Our older themselves. And that's an angry in trance itself. -- -- -- eighteen are projecting that one point two million direct care workers will be agents are high. Shall hear that you're there in -- and more and seeing that happening. More -- workers their retirement security in the aren't looking -- ways to reentry or stores. They're entering -- and it paid caregivers. Determined that it. And the united is very important because they're actually a lot of man. That work forests. Actually nationally. Did demand art director worker -- most of their occupations in each. In Louisiana and it wasn't quite all other jobs. Hillary. Carried it -- -- -- care workers to approach so really their demand bare their. Their job that -- and humor and their older workers are are looking -- their jobs. Is there is -- just natural selection and what I mean by that because people find themselves in a situation in -- -- go to work and an industry or is it because. It may be because that the workers are older and they're dealing with older people in some instances that they make forming -- more compassionate or dependable employee. You know am I -- at saint. You know dependable. And quite common our you know our age that there. Are people who perhaps may be provided. Unpaid care giving an airline may be on elderly. Handling members there on elderly parents or Jack and really enjoyed it. Providing childcare to parent children and -- find them out drawn to that type of war. And then definitely be emotional maturity comes I think -- age early. Bird -- Care for people and more homes or and came utility based -- Candidates skilled positions. Will be absolutely require large scale there they're buried. Physically taxing it. Wow and I mean in terms of being -- owners can. I am in if you work and unfortunately he your stocks -- partner and complete. Gate -- great training course and testing program prepared are you were training standards. For her home care workers. -- really. I'm in Louisiana. And sixteen aren't training them to become a personal carry -- However -- where it is very taxing and director prior lot else so -- our organization -- act. The workers really should be receiving -- proper training and -- required by by state now. It is typical work physically taxing work and it requires a lot and compassion and -- -- and understanding about. I'm -- critical need and I'm how to perform personal care tasks safely appropriately. -- I appreciate your time -- -- -- and -- today thank you take care.

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