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1-7 7:15am Tommy, guns in schools?

Jan 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to Paul Timm, President of Reta Security (he specializes in school safety/security), about the proposal to arm teachers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I 717 Tommy Tucker now when we're gonna. Add to the conversation. That we were having about unemployment benefits. Discussion about guns in schools and also. The work place and and basically we're asking you would you feel more comfortable. If somebody at your workplace or -- kids school. Or even your school here in college was armed and ready to defend any potential threats a state senator in Colorado. The side of the most recent school shooting. Says that he no -- is placing ads be sitting ducks his own son was on the debate team. With the eighteen year old student who started shooting on December the thirteenth joining us -- to talk about it called Tim he's the president of freed up. RE TA securities schools' safety security expert morning. All how -- -- -- are going to be -- -- morning thanks taking the time and a senior in Chicago. Where we're not gonna see the upside -- -- here. Well we are complaining about 2.5 degrees like essence Bonnie compared to earlier gone through. Tell me about -- -- this Colorado in his state senator and his his idea we've had this discussion before. -- I wouldn't have a problem with somebody being trained in the use of a firearm in May -- Some kind of -- -- naturalization BMI child's school. Well I don't have a problem with it. As long as we know that we can. We can really have a -- comment training and so right now the only. Personnel that really grip on -- training our. Law enforcement officers and so. You know it's like crude I would -- -- police boxer agrees school building I would do that beyond. Either I really have a difficult time with certificates. It's waited too much wild card. How long would it take to get somebody. School teacher whom you presume would not be. A dumb person or maybe. One -- you know they get these panels I guess that they train people to use in case of -- heart attack tournament trying to. Did to make a comparison between the two or get some money -- work place trained up where they would. -- it come close at least or approach to what a police officer knows when it comes in the city to these situations. What's great question first of all the the -- -- the -- the literature talking about let's split used to clear on that poser. Lifesaving devices and they have audio instructions they talk Q -- through how to actually use them. -- -- Utah you're so we regional force is so a whole different thing in and really the only model we have as local law enforcement they're required every certain number of weeks to. You have training there are their regularly put in situations that are stressful so and so that we can be a little bit -- that they're going to. Operating correctly -- and even then were not sure because people are people but once she starts saying. You know just let any teacher four or how about teachers that have training once every three months or. And and okay so we have one of those teachers -- their -- on that -- but the weapon is in the building or wait a minute we bring in a substitute teacher who carries a gut it just becomes sole. Difficult to. And legislature really the wrong word control the wrong word but become so different called. I just I've picture mayhem. So let's -- answer other than the off duty or train police officers and when you mentioned. -- three months to police officers get retrained re recertified every three months. You know I'm not sure exactly what the schedule was I just know that there are regularly required to -- who have better training and remember notches. You know of firing. Of weapons but being put in situations that are stressful. But but I'd I'd just. Thought I would say that. It you know this is a difficult situation and what we don't want to do is make emotional decisions. And in first schools I think what we can do is -- whatever reduces our risk the most so let's have good access control let's have groups visitor management procedures let's run. A campus where you can just walked in a side door where it's. You know let's. Let's make sure that were tightening things up as much as possible to reduce risk. But to say. While distance. Really what what amounts to an anomaly and I know we -- region name order defense like this but it happened but they're still are so very rare. To say what we got it just opened up to gun cabinets and let everybody Kerry and that'll be the solution I think it's an emotional response. Inning we're not talking just to be clear about everybody carrying ruby talking about somebody that. That would be given some training both in terms of accuracy with a firearm and in terms of neutralizing. A threat against one final question for you Paul and and I think it's a fair one is. Is something could go wrong if you have teacher that's been trained Dora. Up as a fellow employee that's been trained in newness but you know something's gonna go wrong if some money comes in shooting and and do you agree at all you with that is scenario would with what the Colorado State senators said that people would -- -- ducks. Although I do not agree with at all by I would be -- my own for kids to school will fight club that they were just sitting ducks. And in the problem is an emotional statement like that where are we not sitting ducks you know I mean do we do you have to ever -- on your -- wherever you are to say I'm not a sitting dark I just I can't possibly agree with that. And so I just and while -- while lies say that I would certainly could be. Amenable to listening to proposals of how we would be training people -- but I've never once seen one Mets try to that's clear. I just really only seen these emotional responses and they generally don't corner and I don't believe it's because the politics. I believe it's because we've we think more rationally and Wednesday. When possible what we did actually take what would actually mean hold on let's let's rely on local law enforcement. First call I appreciate your time I really do stay warm in Chicago that's even possible. And we talk to you again very --

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