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WWL>Topics>>1-7 8:15am Tommy, weight loss

1-7 8:15am Tommy, weight loss

Jan 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Stefany Primeaux, an Assistant Professor of Endocrinology at LSUHSC, about an unconventional way a man lost weight

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What we've been one to talk about weight loss because. Here we are beginning in the new year a lot of people especially after the holidays say you know what. That's -- I'm gonna drop some pounds each and then we saw this story about a teacher. That lost 37 pounds by eating nothing but McDonald's and we wondered. Public could be in and worked out okay for the guy is when he owner found out what he was doing when he decided to give -- as food for free. Doctor Stephanie -- joins us right now. And she is a -- detail means pre and I can't see the sheet away here -- like and it sort of this clumsy introduction. She is an assistant professor of endocrinology at the L issue Health Sciences Center and she researches diet. Metabolism and diabetes and I apologize for my lack of preparedness. Tell me about. Eating fast food about losing weight high you can lose 37 pounds if he'd McDonald's. What are we need to stock up on pain -- picket line you had not been watching his salary before. He had not been exercising. At all and he -- -- currently aren't. And they're basically what seagate late fifties album that calorie burners on from -- He made Smart actually think that McDonnell. It carried it out there today which is normal for me and and he started exercising. And prosperity and. Is it you know I seas study after study after study for years and years and years and doesn't always come down. Doctor Stephanie to yea gotta burn off more than you take in. For the immense part in. Everybody burn calories at different rates. Every line in different but in general -- eat more and learn your game. If you exercise. Does that mean that you'd likely to have less of an appetite or less of an appetite for. The wrong kinds of food. We're usually intended to exercise are going to be more conscience elect me you. That they named mark. Let's -- get added doctor seven elegant and as dominant that pays for this. In terms of exercise so let's skip the candy bar. From what about the -- advantages of exercise when it comes to. I guess some synergy where a if you if you walk X amount of time if you lift weights X amount of time although that's not necessarily the way to. To lose later if you -- whatever that. There's going to be some residual effect an incident -- study metabolism does it raise it beyond that the time you're exercising. Yes and on the start training steadily acting out is actually gonna build muscle and muscle can burn more calories. Banged at. Obviously that one month and get better here and -- your catalyst -- will be and that ability to burn fat. And it if you exercise for thirty minutes is your metabolism state revved up the on February get a little additional benefit. Old game. So if you've gone out to the ideas that one you know Tom Fitzmorris our our food guy once asked him. Many should be like a thousand pounds though leading you do but he says first he does is cuts apportion enhance and sometimes. If he thinks is nine -- control himself he'll dump half assaults ignorant so he can eat it. That it had actually. You know what and get out and eat a lot of time. Eight feet at -- much more that actually me. Air and ground teams should be eating about 2000 calories and me can be -- -- typically. -- -- it going to be like 14115100. -- in your opinion on how active you are album but we need me. -- -- -- -- -- -- When he comes to. I guess self discipline when it comes to crazy diets and we mentioned. Cabbage soup diet that was popular though awhile back in a -- now and and it it rears its ugly head again. Are there any gimmicks it really worker when it comes to you know you had no disrespect to anybody but you hear. Commercials you see him on TV sand is new revolutionary weight loss plan he is much easier way than. As -- is much you want rather lose weight. -- I always look at it as they they got Merck and Glaxo in the bigger pharmaceutical companies working on this so. Is they really had some kind of pill or tablet that committed to achieve this you'd know about it wooden. -- -- that -- there is no magic pill probably all -- it can't bomb termite. It really comes down to a change your lifestyle. Did you warned he would continue to he's at least late in Courtney -- hello apparently didn't need to change and I valued -- eat better. You're getting exercise and you're gonna have to beleaguered. Got doctors apnea appreciate you to primarily -- again as much do you -- Dealing in the -- which Hewlett. Yeah 110. Now a little more but not 115 so we -- how much you think that way. 358. Pounds Indian yet. And four foot eight tall man analyst a lot of weights. Just didn't thank you -- appreciate you time. Crop on.

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