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1-7 9:10am Tommy, Saints season

Jan 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to Steve Korte, former Saints offensive lineman and co-host of First Take, about the Saints season to date

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Steve -- joins us right now former saints offensive lineman goes with Todd Manassas. A first take here on WWL and we're gonna continue. Arrogance a conversation with you and with him. I'm about. As successful season for the saints and if you look at your pre season expectations may be an offseason. Expectations. -- UMB bitterly disappointed if if they don't win in Seattle and is that what it takes have a successful season. Morning Steve you Dylan. -- -- aren't good thanks to -- in a time with a semi busy. Arm didn't blow your expectations for the saints journey offseason when you watched free agency. And the draft and you knew coach Payton was -- bank. You know what is if you compare -- will be -- to compare to is that you know the past seasons so. No wonder you know we counselor with all the other stuff that happened in the past year and -- not been there politics yes he does well. Yeah -- -- we -- and until I obviously you know -- expectations as did everybody. I think it just goes to actually do organizational skills and sort of when you have a leader that is a good shot preakness. I think that really sort of lends itself and that they can look I came into the I guess it shows up. Being the -- Michael Lebanon five. You know -- felt pretty good about that but you know at the same time. You know you -- that season and hoped to get the second Peta which is the point and I think what you get there that you historical everything else now because nothing else matters at that Politico. -- -- -- -- -- Is the Leo look at it and actually get this going at the right time. With the right of the motivation and I'll be right competence. The building too coming off the worst defense ever in the history of the NFL idea rob grind them and -- hope he's the guy you know hope. Things get a chain sentencing down as a very good improvement. Well you know I think that I think a lot of times when you come in and you get a guy is able to. Take it a lot of -- -- Iraq right here. And sort of translate that and they get the rest of the guys that your personnel. To buy into that. I think he saw that we saw a couple partly I think that was really the equal to get all the guys like that they felt like. You know as far as defensively -- -- of guys that could get it on. What are the combination of reasons they want people position group played their best and that the utilize their abilities go. You know a lot of times. That's where -- best between the buy bigger though -- personnel as and then does the best he can with that personnel that put when football game. And moving up the latter Sean Payton had to pull the trigger on. Defense coordinators name escapes me now -- magnolia. And realize OK you'll even though I wasn't there it is not that guy in and pick the right guy and and you know when you talk about leadership Steve -- -- decisions like and also when it comes of that. The decisions on Iran on standard terror in ivory transfers and no disrespect to the man is is big issue mark. And and even kick their you know is as Shayne Graham lined up to -- the game winner the other nine and think -- And it's all launch on patent as if he misses it but Garrett Hartley would have made it or not everybody's gonna presume it would have been mystic. Well. Of course yeah and you call umpire could call in defense and it doesn't work -- the suspect government but that's hindsight. Right. But but we'll look at it. You know it just sort look at track record kind of workshop has gone along with particular should cut that in out. As far as personal decisions they did a great job with that and get -- the sometimes of course you are that. You know there's many other times -- seen them -- guys really sort of through obscurity the idea that these people are you figure that you want to be in developed. And they put them out there and do pretty well so it is that a testament of that. You know when you look at the safety of the saints picked up and you talk about Mickey Loomis and they a lot of times -- Forgotten factor in this at some point somebody's got to maintain a list of players that are out there and ever changing list so that. If somebody goes down you got -- -- in. Well. That's what he does best and I'm sure he has. He has a shorter or longer list than most -- so the just about about it kind of personnel decisions he can make Italy obviously you know enough people. And contact where he'd be able to really sort of Tom derived out there and who could really help the quickest and rock and then he would -- -- they -- the cap space and they do they're great. Along those lines with a 53 man roster and I presume. Some of these -- have to go to make room for him and his that. NTELOS anything about Tom. A -- again admiral Perry offered him an amendment problems mourns Steve. Oh and did little again it was her right after giving it tells any -- then. You know I certainly don't know. Who and the safety is that they picked up and is totally legal arguably pretty much that. But I think that probably feel pretty good about it -- and -- -- not -- Right that that would they're gonna have to move some people around and I think you know that spot at this point -- yet gonna be -- but you know. There's no reasonable people got -- there are gonna get picked on and make complaints sort of group reported that they belong so. I think you'll be back. Pack because -- but but again that that can be speculating that benevolent that he hasn't been -- that next man up and and looked applaud apple. Accordingly with the -- and and that. We can make and -- he's looked really good at this point. Yell you know I think as painful for everybody -- to be a football person knows painful it would happen in Sweden and -- why did he. Is that is where they would get maybe I hate to -- not expecting to play but all of a sudden -- were thrust into our. No it don't vote on the right is expecting to play -- what happens anytime that. -- your back up and -- you practiced that if you're going to be the starter when you really are going to be the starter. You know it's human nature you're gonna you're gonna -- potential that -- you're gonna be looked at more accurate Kabila Morse is saying that what you do and and obviously going to be -- more intent on how you handle that we practice and sort of steady for a moment and watch the guys are gonna go go. Yeah -- -- their work cut out for sure they do but there's no reason the world like god will Pia show you know doesn't really really good things week. Steve you're Smart guy talented player and I appreciate -- time -- really do. Our reporters on mark.