WWL>Topics>>1-7-13 11:35am Garland: on nasty comments on websites

1-7-13 11:35am Garland: on nasty comments on websites

Jan 7, 2014|

Garland talks with Ashley Nelson of Tulane University about whether cruelty should be allowed in the comments sections of websites.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back you're more particular about mixed bleak and bigotry. Reports bill and and -- all counts. Topple all with a violent threaten the area have been erupting as the recipe. For the worse of on line and common scourge of the Internet. Some big that is fascinated me prolonged time. Did twenty years in television news and I can guarantee -- If we have put a big notes on or -- and it -- rural plot or at anything on the air. Bad. Echoed the bile. And hatred that we see in the -- comments actions. Of newspapers -- web sites all over the Internet. There audobin but it repercussions. Of notably big new -- it would have been talked about prolonged. Because it would have been -- usual. But no it just seems to be a common thing. In the article that a different probes called Bob -- files. Web sites try to mix nasty comment so things seem to be changing. Article goes on saying you can blame anonymity -- politicians blamed human nature. -- growing number web sites are breathing in the wild west of on and commentary. Companies. Like Google hovering approached. Trying everything for an deploying out of breakers. Forcing people to use -- real name. In order to restore Sobel this court. Some sites such as popular some notes and many others quite rightly or -- comments altogether. Got better understanding this. It's ironic anything read. In the press or -- and reviewed journal watch on television news today. I wonder if that -- Have to wonder if it's correct you have to wonder if it's hyperbole. To keep -- keep watching keep -- reading. We try to go to the experts get better runs and it's actually Nelson joins -- Professor of practice in the deeper and -- the business who in university. Specializing in social media. Actually welcomed the show -- Is that true or are we moving -- where you from this hatred a little bit. I don't know if we're really moving away from hatred. Think there are they're like -- mention it was different. Outlets trying to change a conversations. To kind of you know and -- toward a more positive outlook. But I think as long people can hide behind technology. Hi hide behind a computer. -- -- Then they can have your freedom to say they want and she'll treat. It's a little bit difficult to control unless you do -- and cartridge of some of the companies that you mention having people register. They're responsive. And activity cannot. Worried let me pardon me -- quick break Cabrera picked -- Clark whom come back. Let's talk about some reports of vote increasing alternates from businesses that are. Attack. A lawsuit from people who were named in the -- comment. And see if if that's really going to be incumbent problem or is there. Second Amendment right first amendment rights overruling. Any chance of showing. So -- attack errors come right back -- -- -- BO brigades celebrity area mortified to we have. We're thinking about it bureau one of the coward cult murders on the unit you might be looking over your shoulder I'm looking at the reader print stories right now. Talking about Osama web sites. Put due largely liberal web -- her or trying to mix. -- FC comments. Well we're we're talking about this overall with nationally -- soon propose your practice. It be -- school of business doing university specializes in social media actually a film three. Recruits whose last night with just one Google. Of companies that are suing people like -- who trip advisor. And Conde Nast. About people that are critical of the businesses. And I've seen at least one occasion where individual is being -- and it actually went to court. -- is is this something where there's a group potential blocks looters that rare. -- on the air. Only get tired -- an -- that people will -- -- free speech they're giving their opinion. And elk has that problem for quite some time -- -- came on line the way people can hear years and beyond and then. Different restaurant or hotel or different venues are rather flat because people were saying that it's on -- And a lot of time it was targeted pack two. The competition or any thing about each other fellow. He track how to kick somebody that you -- on in your ears and all but. Camera on sample and we had a -- -- locally that were able to figure out Hillary. Can be intimidation kept me from Asia there erroneously and we're stopping it. I'd get out as pristine in the courts and all -- a media and that in the court system is new territory each and -- our -- And look at -- that went out. And I would assume the problem would be even the -- suits not successful. You could soon -- get a -- an eternity and you're gonna go through some heavy sprints. You Arctic air through a rather large expense but in the apartheid. And they chaos later I didn't he's tiger publicity. That if you are trying to defend your and your image. But here if it's just individuals naming individuals with a B of politics and -- the -- somebody famous where the B a sports figure. Dave -- would still have the capability of suing even though they knew who. There wouldn't be anything to hurt him would incur cost owner of their suing -- Correct. And they -- there were actually in a purse and could it happen like you read and and it doesn't matter -- use it. In an application. You know he can't. And all. You know malicious intent that the but again I think people just all you pay you know it's my right so -- -- You know there -- -- particular -- we go to court and back in the agreement. You agree that you will not it was about her. Or -- in cart. And I get back during the Christmas holidays. And order carefully and re election if you've -- here it could cost twenty dollars. Well -- do you see that expand the. Not that that not a large scale again. It's which router and do not agree that -- contentious debate and also I wanted to get our Britain. It doesn't -- rainy and your ability to say what you want. I think it shouldn't prevent you from bursting. The issue -- me and you can't legitimate information. On ticket Larry. -- allowed you to your statement that aren't -- space. Over worth thinking and talking about more more indications that lovable or portals and human term medium sized. Blogs or restricting the column and through eliminating them all the other. But the absence from one of the reports. Describes the question -- It's. Via efforts. To me to restrain. These hate comments. These very -- so it's in the delicate position because the longer visitors stayed to read the post and the more they come back. The more solid and charged for advertised. And I've had minimum Princeton in the media tell me that today. They're told by others so I'm ministers are told by central it's. That. -- -- story. You better have a headline. That make somebody want to click on it but -- where you're gonna make money and -- government money. If your number one do you think pitch through a number two group it is. Does that not negate any big push to eliminate the comments. Well I think their that they are here to eliminate some of the negative comments or even control. How people. Can get on line and make -- comment. I think as long as they're being executed for tree speech policy member socially. And the whole point of social media and web site in blocked it to interact with the public. And shares your -- other positive or negative way as -- a trial. Some companies or something about laying. On a backlash later we can't make comment could not comment for negative. I'll click on that story that maybe controversial. They -- to count ally to see them on. And what I think interesting. And that is what happens people are making comments about an article. There making comments to one another and in their call each other -- Rather stupid thing. -- where I think that with the. A broad question looking crucible yours special lose and social media. Where do you see this going news isn't. Gonna become a bigger three parole or is again yet regulated are we gonna have. Countries movement and -- -- they can no longer be the the main holder of domain and what EC -- Well then a couple of courses can can can be -- here. Where we are you in the nineties we started using it in Kabul locked out west situation lightly Egypt. People are right up top and then there became some reform and education. And they start it'll hide it in a bit what -- fashion. And speed social media site to -- them in that same UP situation. Where. There's etiquette and all the litigation. Should not -- but it can be kind of the -- overtime. Do you think back. Some of these. Outlets are trying which is that we keep trying to reduce or eliminate cyber bullying hate speech and also some of the fake identity. I think a lot of time she actually in the political. People -- your -- fake identity to make comment. Against one person or IKEA. And so. In. She -- remember. Your honor because. Every click every turn -- comment and make -- make room march ultra ultra right he. -- even a person hiding behind it. Between. In pursuing. Do you -- Seed. In the -- in the big changes. In the in the web sites. Well Lou let's put it that way so the companies to read about have sent to the major portals. We're -- -- do business with you keep the comments. You have that kind of pressure -- will minimize what we've been saying. Well you know it a couple of that are larger player arguing back and neck and practically. Even yet TN recently went on to that point there. There were quarry -- comment period you're -- retired and active. -- email account. -- a lot. Different law -- -- aren't aren't we -- -- enable you know they're they're reader -- And I think a the thing here is that you know. Some of -- -- checks along the way because that pressure on protect for the players and then people up all along. And February. It happened in her lap. Twenty or seen the -- site during the come up to counter that I -- day. Come on you've done right we built now on you don't captive there I think you are you and we got -- And one and it is -- can you along it's something called on Lee and they have something I'll -- you -- and he supports. Have actually I apologize. Allison too intently -- -- look at the clock. Thank you so much loved to call Saturday this is in -- itself but it is the future thank it. Actually Nelson professor of practice at the UB three and school business to. Be.