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1-7-13 12:35pm Garland: on the education system

Jan 7, 2014|

Garland talks with Leslie Jacobs of Educate Now about why America lags behind other nations in terms of education.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Results in something called the program for international student assessment. It'd compares how well of being year old and 65 cities and country. Employment outside and readings notes -- solve real world problem. And I think it was last week for all of this was released. And the manager of the UB had a -- on Tuesday. Told the Department of Education quote three years ago I came up with a special report benchmark. The US against some of the best performing and rapidly improving educational system. Most of them ample for the -- that. Whether it's so that meant from the bottom Germany Poland and moved from adequate to go to sharing. And Singapore. The move from good great. The -- the results of performer Shanghai. Or now. -- -- have school years ago even those in Massachusetts. Itself. A leader with him Wednesday. So where -- that question that we have somebody to whom we do shows execution. We constantly hear it in particular in New Orleans that we seem to be doing or. And we hear the were doing better in the United States but when measured. Against other countries. That seems to contradict what we're here. And as always considered I think in the media the beat talk shows or. Newspaper -- do we go to the experts Leslie -- Albert but -- now. Georgia's Leslie welcomed the show happy new year. Community is currently has. -- -- -- What are your thoughts when you hear these -- Well want this thing needed the US has stagnated. And then then being passed by other countries. On these guys did that -- -- -- test. A whole island and went on FE sixty years ago and we already been passed -- an issue on the tense test. There's been a lot of ink. Spilled over these issues and if they have any real I mean the quality of education in the United States. Is not what it needs to be. If I said do you give me these. Two million a north so very complicated urgently or something. Media a couple of things that stand out in your mind. As things have better bring those down keeping them from progressed. The top he thinks the world -- we need the most important thing is when you -- students. -- scores themselves. On how they think they act. Didn't in the US -- themselves daily high. And then went performance comes and there's not acted in the total misalignment between self image and expect and an actual. Ability. So I mean not now -- and -- Well because we I mean we did not different not directed at Portland and kept -- but we're talking country. I need to -- put a lot of top sustained. Whether or not and so. If you go to other countries don't -- an expectation. Is significantly higher than what it is. It states we have pretty country that we used to think of Arab world as passing. But when you go to their schools. They don't have a football team and they don't have to -- out an -- kids aren't in school block and there is a real expectation. Liquor. And that he did not get it right there not -- And -- -- I think people cannot you know this thing in education circles as has talked about that. I can name many school that at a pretty mediocre math teacher who was. A culture pop culture -- market and not gonna get rid of that media applicant because he adamantly pitch and happening at the sports scene is probably more important to. And when we come back Milan took Harper's for a moment and a then that seems like reverend transient problem UNC. Any hope that won't change and well. Come right back -- -- think about it education Garland -- and oblivion uses double rubio. Figured souvenir item on line three. Over finger -- about a report says the American workforce just from the weakness mathematical. And problems solving skills. In the developed world. It's a survey organization for economic corporation development and global policy organization. Adults in the United States scored bar below average and better than only two. A B twelve develop comparison nations where Leslie Jacobs where -- founder of the educated now. Leslie we knew we were talking about were the break. Where you were sending a lot of these in and for a negative by got a wrong and -- -- the country's. Don't have sports. Facilities and sports program. Kids are pushed and dared to get educated and little -- where -- here we might have football basketball coach who's semi good at math but. He's not going to be going anywhere primarily because of the sports. It -- got the bright it is there any chance of that -- Well. So there's been allotments. Discussion about common corner and pushed back from. Actually from the Tea Party. I think anti party group and it actually US dictate education Arnie Duncan got -- testament of comments and -- That was the common core here that have. You know suburban moms and two while I'm at because they can -- to have a good school on the -- that -- not gonna be so. He didn't say -- well but the real issue of common core is it's significantly. It is set of expectations. What is grade level performance. So -- now the -- the -- Deanna measures grade level performance. About 70% of students in the state are performing at grade level. We go to the common core. If we can't take from the cold -- -- -- -- based upon today's result only around 30% of students that we began performing at grade level. 30% and and what in the refinance -- not about some students are performing work if that was changing the expectation. What really means that you are you are career college -- Because the fact that we said -- -- Obama and and schools and students met that -- bar. Into a fascinating book that's written. If someone in the audience -- interest in this it's called smartest kids in the world -- written by a woman named Amanda Ripley. He actually went and and and kids in the US attack. -- -- schools and other countries concerned in other countries went to from schools in the US. And one of the other countries coming to US open in talking at school I'm talking school district in the considered good tactics. Were. And how we didn't learn how the expectations were currently and I'm reading a little bit more than the and I accepted that. You know the book went up two major things in one there which is what we're talking about. And if you had. I mean content from Pennsylvania who went to study. And -- can't -- Matt -- and every one calculators. In his act and poll and they did it in. Importantly. Is that every Catholic teachers publicly announced each student reform. With one been almost by being kind and in the entire year on the and that -- then -- -- What is -- -- much in common and a grade point average -- four point com. -- -- You have. Performing students that can get so high school are and in the -- question once upon it and -- get paid what I mean by this. I'm glad I am really didn't map out real high -- -- and -- But don't take the record and national map cap and I'm pretty mediocre student and my. Agent how. It's not an alignment with my actual skill set because we we have set expectations. And -- school. The program for -- search -- student assessment notes submarine in an era. And and which globalization and information. Technology's there the whole revolution. Have emerged rather drastically. Important -- shrinking our middle plants which which. And in my lifetime has always been the high wage. Middle skill job. What you're describing can can we continued to compete. When I broke my left has said. At least would take a look at how many patents we do here in. How many great schools we have more people come from all over the world and we're still. Competing the world economy will that continue -- what you described as pervasive. Really definition it can't Garland and I think people confuse them. You have is incredibly. Entrepreneurial. And resourceful -- country. And -- We don't stifle -- based in here we promote innovation and so lots of main discovery happened in the US. The bullet hit -- burning schools to really get to the quality of our workforce. And the quality standard of living. So which we will stay in the world. Is with the advent of technology mean look at the look at what in the car. So -- any good middle class job -- -- -- trapped under. -- -- working in me -- Well the Google robot that is looking to create robots that can move things around and went out. And the driving cars eliminate many professional -- -- -- -- So what's going to. It has the jobs of the future. -- -- much more depends upon the ability to think resent. And do you think computers can't do it set I don't think the list is going to be replaced by computer you know landscaper. Because those -- -- someone have to be there and it didn't but Girardi -- apparently cool. And secretary because that'd -- in the place high technology. And he opened up with a Barbell -- the job -- going to be ball. And if -- heard that is why can't help a person born the day if they want to be in polite. In the jobs of the mine. When Mary and their forty's. Their ability to think the reason processed information is going to be absolutely critical. And or our schools moving. To produce that kind of citizen. Com. -- mean we should be a whole lot that -- Lamar. Many parents think their child is getting out because they get -- eighth when they're not. I mean let's take -- Louisiana when you go to the national sentiment educational progress and let me ask which is not that -- in some ways than. On some of these other -- Believe he can and a what 49 with improved technical forty. What it looked at very well I'd I'd say the parents you're child performing at grade level in Louisiana. I we are 45 in the nation and I hate it and in the middle of the pack in the world. Doesn't that catch up with us. Well. My optimism comes in because I think. I think we as Americans have continued defined in the date and creative. And the odd one of those responses that becoming core. You all of a sudden be standard common core. Is significantly. Regret. That you don't want them to be told -- -- child is performing and have a Korean college many apple. When in fact they're not ready for a college curriculum. -- events over the next three years and start taking blind man of communication an expectation. And I think that global response. The issue that was pointed out in Amanda -- Barack is really get in the quality teaching. In countries. You've -- the highest performing students and means that perfection. In this country for many years while performing students entered the teaching profession the average eight CT US AT scores together until college that. While much -- did get out of program -- The average grade point averages -- didn't play well. We're only beginning to change as the colleges of education are starting to news. Tighten up their pension requirement. -- that there curriculum. Efforts under way. How how well we are. I wouldn't begin to protect. Like the it is. What we failed to do in K12 we often times in part of the reason so many students come into the US as we have one of the best higher education system in the world. And we are a country that has mobility opportunity. Still think there's other ways to respond at the end of that day at K12 schools have to really -- Were out of time but give me give you will amend Ripley's book Todd. It's called the market hit in the world. And how they got that way and it's a dairy readable book. A little Jacobs always android conversation -- thank you for the time anchor and good new year. Leslie Jacobs founder of educated now. Probably have with a group called the think -- -- a year --