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1-7-13 1:10pm Scoot: on flu season

Jan 7, 2014|

Scoot talks about germaphobia during flu season.

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Scheduling is still. On her way back from names you lose stuck there because of the snow and frigid temperatures and all the flights have been canceled all of the country. She's traveling back today I think it was gonna be back with you on the -- on Thursday. I'm -- -- today. And tomorrow. This say it's getting ready for the playoff game in Seattle against the Seahawks who dat nation it's the sequel in Seattle and the saints. Have a shot at winning the NFC championship in Seattle we talked about this on the show yesterday talk about -- again a little bit later in the show. But I wanna remind you that our coverage starts as early as 9:8 and Sunday morning -- Bobby -- I'm sorry Saturday morning please -- on Sundays at 9 AM Saturday morning. But Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia -- appear live from Lamar -- the big story in -- What about the saints pick up whenever 15. Steve accorded top -- school followed with fans first take from noon until 130 at Wal-Mart sporting -- -- -- 130 our crew heads downtown to the French Quarter. For the countdown to kickoff with Bobby DT by you -- on Bourbon Street and can't tie in the French. -- that's a fun place. And then we kick off with the best play by play team in football and Jim Anderson -- guy -- and Christian Garrett at 10335. In the afternoon and then. After the game during the cajun cannon and the big chief for the point after lie from -- seafood. In the French Quarter so it's wall to wall -- coverage beginning at 9 AM Saturday right here in your flagship. A annual sinks every WL and they're coming up after the 2 o'clock news. -- once again talk to a guy in Seattle. I'm miles Montgomery is part of a show called the men's room and he's on our intercom sister station KI SW in Seattle. And indoor sport surely talk about a lot of different of the talk about things that -- talked about in the men's room. About Q&A guy I don't talk about it -- in the men's room I'm in output apparently they get together in the -- from every afternoon on KI SW. And they talk about sports. And they talk about anything else it's it's it's going on so I wanted to talk to miles again today. To get a sense of what what people in Seattle were saying about this rematch because you remember it was less than them well a little more than a month ago -- and the saints were embarrassed on Monday Night Football by the Seahawks. And then in 2011 it was 2010 season but in January 2011. The saints were I guess you could say embarrassed in a wild card playoff game they were the defending Super Bowl champions expected to beat Seattle and Seattle. And they were beaten by the Seahawks and eliminated from the playoffs in the year 20102000. Elevenths so. There are reasons for the saints to go and try to avenge. These. Losses to the Seahawks. As I said yesterday -- ever called saying this -- Tuesday after that Monday night game in Seattle. I think the stage is -- I think the stage is set for. The saints. To. To prove to themselves the fans and also to prove to the critics what they can do and that is win on the road. In a place like Seattle. What I've been reading from Seattle. From the newspaper for TV stations there. Is that Pete Carroll -- Seahawks coach lives in is preparing his team to not expect the same saints team. That they saw back in December -- on December 2 on -- Monday Night Football game they're preparing for a completely different. Saints team they expect the saints to be better one thing that they've noticed is that since the saints have played the CO technically only ran the ball seventeen times in that Monday night game. And I believe the saints ran the ball went for 35 times to be 36 times. Beginning as Philadelphia so now they're preparing for the saints to be a running team as well. But when you do that sometimes that opens up the opportunity for. The past. And what I've also noticed is that nationally there are a lot of people who were giving the saints a lot of credits in this game against the Seahawks Saturday afternoon. I know you may be making plans on. Being exactly we are you on where you think you should be watched this game you you can go to any. Number of places and be part of the crowd may -- you have a regular place to go when you just wanna be part of that crowd go out and enjoy it. Again our coverage begins at 9 o'clock Saturday morning. Also yeah we'll talk about the flu and because this is not a leader of the winner data released a very very cold outside and I've lived in cities all over the country and even being born here have experienced cold temperatures around the country like an Italian. It's called I mean it's such as cold for New Orleans it's cold period. The south east are under the influence of this polar vortex. Which again it's it's it's like. It's just a little bit like something that you'd expect to see in the scifi channel. The polar. Vortex itself so it is threatening and it's dangerously cold for a lot of people. But this time of year. Are you more vigilant. When it comes to germs. To -- it is it is the flu season. Now as it admitted -- a -- -- I face the daily battle of this war against potential germs. And germs and and have a season that to try to infect -- if you two -- -- fold your not alone. I don't mean to appear insensitive to those who are suffering from the -- Those who don't feel well. And they're forced to venture out in public places or even go to work but when you see and hear coughing in public that goes unprotected. This is this is deploying the troops of jurors into the -- war zone. I run for cover. This past Sunday at church I position myself in an area of the pews where there was no one in front of me or behind me. I probably shouldn't be dishonest about my. My personal idiosyncrasies and in public settings but I think honesty may be the first step toward really dealing with being a germ a follow. So as mass started a family sat in the pew right in front of me. And -- one of them started coughing. My first instinct was to retreat. And I did. Now maybe there were some people in church they were wondering why this guy it was moving from one -- to another. You know when and when -- the gospel was over before the homily when there was that little break in the action in -- on -- and moved to another appeal. Yeah I do get a flu shot again I guess I guess my fear of germs is a little more powerful than. The fear of a slight embarrassment that I might suffer from moving from want you to another but I do get the flu shot every season. But I don't consider that to be the ultimate weapon against the flu so as the chairman -- I admit that I'm in very careful when it comes to. Well things in everyday life. One of the problems we all hang out in the war against flu germs. Is that the enemy is in physical. The enemy can sneak up on -- they are waiting to ambush you as soon as you come into -- I see people the grocery store using those disinfecting wipes in -- position at the door when he entered the -- war. I used to when I leave the store. Touching a handle a grocery basket touching the items in the store occasionally shaking hands with somebody who might recognize me in the in the store. That inspires me to use the disinfecting of whites when I'm leaving the store now don't misunderstand me I am honored. To meet and shake hands with anybody who does -- recognized -- in a public setting and -- I do love people who listen to the show and -- by loved meeting them. But I got tidbit that I eventually have to wash my hands or or reduce the whites when I'm when I leave that public. War -- of germs. Now when I get home from the store I touch the handle of my apartment or building my apartment building the door handle their. I hit the elevator button so when I get my actual apartment I'm I'm -- eager to wash my hands. And also used the sanitation -- which also use on my keys because my hand -- -- touch these things but has also touched. The -- When I'm walking down the street and someone is walking near me. Coughs or sneezes. And I'll admit I actually hold my breath when I walk through that that zone. That did might have all these flu germs that have been launched into the atmosphere by the call for the sneeze. I admit that as a soldier in the war against flu germs this time of year. My strategy is extreme. My behavior sometimes it's even irrational. But if you -- German folk like me. These concerns and actions. Become part of your instincts to survive the flow. Now -- intelligent enough to understand. That's we must all be exposed insurance. Now allows our immune system to build up forces to defeat these enemies closures. That infiltrate the demilitarized zones that -- crossed into our allies. -- acts -- realize that but somehow the fear of germs is greater than my rational thinking. Now. If you're in the workplace. This time of year there's a lot of coughing unprotected coughing in the halls and if someone. It's not attempt to protect their their coffee you know the germs are there and if they do protect their cause they're protecting him with a hand. And then you wonder what their hand so I am a little paranoid in the workplace with no disrespect. To anybody who is on the year before me. Before I start to show I always wiped down the might the on off switch to keyboard to mouse the phone buttons and I've hit to put callers on the year. And the entire studio counter with disinfecting wipes and then with paper towels. I'm exhausted before the show we've -- against butts. My mind to cities. And I can focus on the -- But every year I see people this time of year who -- sick or getting sick. And they go to work. And and and often people who work closely with them get sick too. If you're sick I I hope you're encouraged to stay home because you -- a potential threat to others. But unfortunately a lot of bosses what you to go to work no matter what and that's -- going to be -- -- pretty jaguar pinnacle this afternoon. This year employer expects you to come in or stay home. When you're -- It is your opinion by going to our web -- WWL dot com in general we really should all have more respect. For each other. When I was in Japan I saw people walking around with surgical masks. And my first thought is a journal follow boys. How they're afraid of catching something. But that's not the reason that most people where the surgical masks. In Japan. And maybe it's something that we should think about. In general in this country. If you could join us for the comedy if you're a German folk like -- maybe there's something that you could mentioned to somebody about germs. That they're not thinking about that might actually prevent them from getting the flu this flu season. Are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. Text numbers except the except I've -- -- for -- we'll be right back on -- WL. It's cold it's the flea season -- my name is due to. And I'm mature before. -- blog today -- title flu season wartime for -- a photo I I I'm sure I'm not alone. In this this vigilant battle against those invisible enemy germs especially this time of year a you can read the blog about flu season and about to be the -- fold. It's on our website at WWL dot com you can read and share with other -- -- -- if you're sick or if you know somebody who is it might interest you to read this and if you haven't gotten the flu yet maybe you'll pick up some ideas on. How to best protect you and your family. In Japan and I saw people walking around with surgical masks. And my first thought is a germ awful -- while they're afraid of catching something from other people. Because in in Tokyo it's very very Crocker I mean it's it's crowded here but it on the subways in downtown areas of west of Tokyo and and people -- just. Stacked on top with each other very very -- I thought they were afraid of catching something from somebody else. But what I discovered is in this is that the Japanese eastern mentality. Many of them were actually sick themselves. And they were wearing the surgical mask out of consideration of others. So they wouldn't infect other people. Now there really is no excuse for the human overwhelming lack of respect we have for others especially during the flu season are really at any any time of year. Now I've realized that my battles against germs during the flu season report any time. Might be just a little bit irrational at times. But we really should all be more considerate. Of each other in general and I don't sometimes when it comes to work it's tough because they need you. But this year employer expect you to come -- and or stay home when your -- -- WW a pretty -- opinion poll. Right now 67%. Say their boss expects them to come -- But that could impact with the people. 33% say their boss encourages them to stay home from -- -- -- WW well good afternoon. -- -- I -- -- that should. I'm saying in which I don't yeah -- the script you can -- and I am sure people are good through. Try to legacy as well at that time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- I I think about that to mark because the other day I was picking up a prescription. And the woman in front of me was was obviously sick and she was coughing and then there were -- that that moment when I had to view of signed the thing at there at the register with the common ten issues like everybody is well no I wouldn't touch it until they gave me a disinfectant wife told to wipe it down and then I'll then I'll sign. I mean give. Them a little bit -- true. On that bench I carry the -- germ actually -- out of pocket. -- all the time out and publicly about an airplane group that works that we need to change and touch. And that page aren't that you didn't -- -- group you would yeah -- actually video department. Mark again and I'm I'm I'm glad that somebody else sponsor with me over this says no I'm not the only weird -- I'm going to call the show. Sometimes I feel like walking around in life with one of those those city yellow. Outfits that they Wear when they deal with toxic material. Now from New Orleans merrier into the WL. Hi dude I like it did to it cracked and yeah. Apoplectic that cut it right back and that they -- -- sure I think it's part I am not sure -- it take it. When the bell and do you wipe out nobody -- backpack -- plan. Well. I haven't gotten -- I tell you this marry that it. If you care if I'm on a date with somebody and I'm careful about what by touch and she's not careful about what she touches. -- I'm I'm animal I'm aware of that. Yeah OK well anyway. Well I would. -- -- -- -- Papelbon couldn't get I could think -- -- popping. And not in that weight -- -- -- and -- a way to -- -- to let it -- and it gave. I think it's very that people and companies and I'll do two things. Too quick and -- now hush up. You can't get through normal -- many quote in there and second elected. Have you do you go to neck issue down special com. Bottom up consultant. To iron out to different things you can take -- immune to the built. No but I would recommend that for everybody I I generally don't get the flu or get a cold but I'm I mean I'm not invincible and even though -- get the flu shot an even though I'm as careful as AM. That does it mean that I'm still not gonna occasionally gets sick but -- I'll like to think of myself as being. Very healthy I try to take care of myself fight I've eat oranges. Every day I'm sure that that that helps. I don't go overboard on the vitamins I just ready right -- I I do take vitamins I I would have to say that I'm I'm -- healthy person but again I'm I'm not invincible and that's not to say that I might not get sick. But to get that thing for you and that in two -- You know -- could talk to expect on that -- they. And I would I would recommend that. -- -- says so far I am. Until brand -- and to be WL. -- they dispute -- -- A great great show. I would just -- You make a strong case. For universal health care. Because if we. Take care of every one. Then we go. Being in the chances ruining our own health by people who are sick and are currently. In Tom and home today because. Don't want taxes have a little cold. I'd just wanna make it a little cold on the big cold and. So you take you carry yourself but you're also protecting people who work closely with you. Well that's right and you know good you know on the serious side I mean I think the health care. Is somewhat of a different. Consumer -- In net. If you don't take care of your health you can affect -- -- yourself. But your loved ones and everyone else in society so. I just I really appreciate your -- passion thing about it and dig out those man. And hit her cleaning up. After Katrina because. That -- great idea. I'm rooting out. I'm glad you -- the -- got to get through news break and I I hope you feel better take curious don't drink lots of liquid and take a lot of rest don't arrest but -- -- got a number of -- to get to hearsay -- -- it says so how do you feel about someone sneezing in their elbow. As long as I don't to touch there elbow I don't have a problem that. If you join our show with a comet we're talking about the flu season and how vigilant are you against germs this time of year. I admit I'm a German fault and his desire to this is wartime for me. Our numbers 2601870. -- free 86688. Ninths nearly seventy. At a text number -- states have needs of -- institute for Angela who is still on her way back from -- hopefully she'll be back with you on Thursday. And we'll be right back with more -- -- WWL news updates with Chris Miller. It is cold throughout the south and east and much of the country is dealing with extremely. Cold weather the coldest weather in decades. It's also the flu season and is and admitted germ filled by have a difficult time this time of year whether I'm at the grocery store or. At church. -- remind you that we're gonna have the year of the saints press conference with the coach Sean Payton and Drew Brees who live here on sinks radio WW held a press conference is scheduled for 235. This afternoon about one hour from now. And we'll carry that for your life and also coming up after the news at 2 o'clock will -- get an update on on what they're talking about in Seattle about this rematch between the saints and the Seahawks in this playoff game Saturday. And we'll also talk about. What -- who dat nation and those who don't like the saints are saying about the saints in this game against Seattle their Lotta people who were very quick to dismiss the saints. I don't think they should be so quick to dismiss. The saints in this game we'll talk about that coming up after -- to caught. I'm -- in -- Angela here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll to your employer expects you to -- or stay home when you're sick. 53% say Colombian and 47% say stay home -- Georgia on WWL. I screwed out ultimately vote myself a -- in the medical field that question order. How do you almost sure -- -- that they would vote against her well. Now are you are you suggesting that I'm a tree hugging liberal. Well. Look pretty much -- rhetorical -- shall. One you are you're -- And -- covered in there. Well if nobody's hugging that tree before me I'm OK with that. But patriot got -- counters and and I'm sure I'm -- -- of dirt type germ -- afraid of human jurors. Definitely -- our electrical bill that you are not journal spoke before you start you definitely are nearly. God -- I can't I can't imagine working in that field George. It would be difficult to be a germ a folder and be in the medical field. I'm only exported by my hand look like about eighty or wash my hands so much but -- did -- bet a lot miners. -- I I can imagine I'm I'm not far behind you Georgia political shows -- soliciting. Out of Florida BJ year and every WL. Yet how well. I. Think you were church and black here at this time it was called atlas V and our pre made an announcement picture. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And when he came to one other ticket actor can't AT and that saint Guinea. To try to protect everybody in the church and that made me feel good because people expect -- and you get sick. They tell you will cheat sheet at -- and a very. Delicate and it made right here that they -- realize. It's an epidemic. A lot of people -- I felt the impact you so much better. I know I BJ you know when you win sometimes when you hear the the the gospel of the homily this a message in there about. You know Christ touching the lepers in and not worrying about things like this and so sometimes I do I do feel guilty and in church not extending my hand but. I also like to think that's. God gave me the ability to be. Intelligent and sometimes that might mean avoiding germs you know I go to communion but I'm not interested in the wind at all because again this is a spiral phobia. I just don't think that little cloth side does an effective job of wiping everybody else's germs off the lip of the chalice. Well and -- -- and a benefit to get them collecting that I elect during the lines. Don't count -- out to let me out I am I can't take it to the people that -- But it. People Spain beat the living here -- A particular. Body -- to the church. What makes you feel better picture here you know is right on -- state. It would make it back. And Vijay I enjoyed our conversation -- and I don't want anybody to get the wrong idea if if I don't shake your hand in charge please just. Please just understand that I'm an irrational -- muffled and it's it's not you wouldn't. You know I'm from a generation where the peace sign was a really cool things again and I do see some people doing that in church and I'm cool with that when it comes time to share the peace but yet still OP side. Now you don't even know. What goes through my mind if the priest coughs in the hands it's going to give me the communion. If you enjoyed this -- your comment on numbers 2601870. Till 38668890. Point seven Texas a 77. -- studio for Angela and we'll be right back on WW well. The flu season. It's war time -- with folks like me that's the title of this good bloggers. Pentagon -- -- right now WW dot com you can share with others and perhaps you you could feel my pain and you understand what goes through a special. This time of year also when you would would you get -- you feel like you getting sick -- you expected to go to work. You know we generally have but this mentality that if you're if you're sick. -- don't you know stay home I mean. I did I did told there were times it died I didn't feel well it maybe I should should stay home because they're afraid especially since. You know this this business week we all work with the same microphone distinct telephoned the same. I'm keyboard in the studio we've been the same on off Mike buttons so. You know -- hit it if somebody sick they're really. From my standpoint they're encouraged to stay home but what about -- answer to BW a pretty -- opinion poll. If your employer expects you to come in or stay home when your sex. Big switch in our poll 43% say comment but now -- majority 57% of their says their boss encourages them. To stay home from New Orleans Janet -- under the W out. I'll let you tell you do what I'm good. I could do what you want your opinion of the senate -- opponent because that night I have been trying to whisper that night but this does not. And my schedule through these holidays says it's been filling our offer has been filtering in for others and I Angela couldn't get back from the main because of the snow in the weather and cancel flights. So a believer but I will I will eventually be back on the right. Yes. Yeah. Stupid thing. -- concept of the campus. But again different and I felt recently. About it and didn't hit the last time into the country step. We. Looked at it would depend. And I got -- -- got to the woman like that you don't get -- down not once but to. Because I don't know that you you know trying to complete a jammed from the people and and definitely beautiful he -- I looked down. You -- put -- -- everything well I don't know that any clarification you know the -- to be offensive to continue to do. I have to integrate -- -- indictment. So what you do have this -- taken about B vitamins everyday. -- and excitement that you had to -- trials. -- You can't get started to do -- -- -- -- put -- into -- and then take a contract and if -- take an extra you know -- trial. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't get. Police captain at City Hall it was amendment that I think every couple years of my -- I would cut down the center. And yeah it would be followed. With a chance congestion. And -- -- I would take in the past but everything has been in the conflict that you different that my captain and -- And that was just to me triples so I'm sentiment that hasn't had to deal with that any little. Janice is probably a combination of everything they did you're doing it again nothing's gonna make you invincible now turns and instill. Attack Cuba but why not be more careful and be less careful -- on political yeah I'm thinking about another habit that I have. If I'm ever in -- at a restaurant. I wash my hands as soon as I finish -- Because I've touched the menu and this is such -- this time but he -- this is all the time. -- touching the menu that everybody else is touched and sometimes they've may be. -- -- Brand or something it has staff and -- -- -- touching of them so I have this just. Absolute have a two of them going to the -- I mean I might look if have to Los Angeles are probably look like some kind of a Coke addict. It against a -- orders and and he goes of the math sounded to do is Coke no I'm going to the bathroom to wash my hands. From New Orleans Roberts here -- -- WL. -- -- -- Elected its record. And I'm sure this morning. Electronic convention while the new gadgets come out and -- Are things that caught my attention was just to fight that should cause germ so the body in the world. Which -- -- political and starting. In June 20% of germs from the chart that -- -- from shell. Are -- unit which device in the little container that they've made it short visit. -- micro waves. And -- well. But I guess the cellphone would have a lot of germs not because anybody else is using that are touching it because your cancer touching so many other things are constantly touching yourself. As they say when he you talk sometimes. When I'll be track. The government. It won't be on the marketplace selling -- is about them to a large but it -- it caught my original culture ultimately screw with a -- I'm gonna have to look for that -- Robert of the saints gonna beat the Seahawks. Of course and we didn't shop and play but now -- -- simply what you would want shall hand he's a poker player. And these. Which showed that I like what -- apparently told the team right after the game in Seattle. Remember how you feel right now because we're going to be back here in the playoffs right. In New England back. Our credit card and you know what what the market Seattle -- the suitable he would resort. Robert I'm going to go to -- more about that coming up in the next hour and students for -- today and she's traveling back from -- she was stuck there because -- all the canceled flight because of this polar vortex. That is influencing the country doesn't -- very science fiction like. The polar vortex. Is attacks and says so ironically nurses are expected to go to work when they're sick. I don't wanna -- there is working on -- although I guess somebody's sick which is why in the air but not put a few different Czech deputy got sick from the nurse. We'll be right back with more of your comments on the WL. The results are going in the air in Seattle radio station KI SW one of our intercom system stations in Seattle. Miles Montgomery and he was it was gonna go earlier yesterday afternoon it's -- -- we talking before you show. We'll talk to him coming up after the -- at 2 o'clock a what I hear what his listeners were saying about. This rematch between the saints and the Seahawks in the playoff game on Saturday also the saints have a scheduled press conference with coach -- And Drew Brees and find out about injuries and everything else Christie -- will be on location at the saints' training camp. We're gonna bring that press conference to you live it's scheduled for about 235. Might start a little early points a little late. But we'll bring it to you live here on the VW well I'm screwed -- -- Angela today and from New Orleans Gary welcome to the show. During. A year on the damaged. An amateur still. I. Don't like. Or a week. -- -- -- I don't. I'm not at eighty dollars. So you have and what about. There's -- An audience that you know and I'm. You do. -- good -- them. Well congratulations. To carries a -- so I and so stupid compared to you I'm an amateur. I'm not even a real German -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah Howard is somebody coughs on the street even though I know it's out in the open if somebody calls on the street. I'll hold my breath when I go through that zone where the Germans may have just been launched into the year. Exactly you got it. Well Gary you continued deterioration irony that you got there. You can actually paying real quick and -- -- you would be quite pneumonia from -- Well we can we can learn from you is well on how to avoid germs. I just pitch if you're there. I call the other. Don't know -- -- to carry yourself and I'm glad you called. Right here's an update on our -- WL pretty jaguar opinion poll this year employer expects you to come in or stay home when your -- 42% say the employer expects them to come in and 50% say. Stay home. I'd love to talk to any in employers. Who would actually encouraged employees to stay about the get the unfortunate thing about this is there are going to be those employees that take advantage of a boss that wants them to stay home to take care of themselves. And they're gonna like pretend to be sick because maybe they have a will to fund the night before. And that's you know which are just calling a -- sick and they won't want to come in because I might affect everybody else. So don't take advantage of the system for those who really need to stay home when they're sick. I'm -- differential and it's cold outside and we'll be right back on Demi WL.