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1-7-13 2:10pm Scoot: on Saints-Seahawks

Jan 7, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and talks with Miles Montgomery of KISW Seattle about the Saints' upcoming playoff game against the Seahawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Miles Montgomery joins us once again from the men's room and our sister station in Seattle K highest W miles good afternoon. -- good I'm I'm continuing to read that from from Pete Carroll coach at the Seahawks to a lot of the media. They're not expecting the same saints team that showed up on that Monday Night Football game December 2. Now now that and if you know countries and its attitude changed in the momentum and you know there. Trying to run all of that pretty effective as your last game that's really something that they did answer -- and they and they can appeared. You know it's just I think -- -- being realistic about game and you know he's taken it -- it one game at times he used on the entire year. Great technically we are about that the saint surrogate team and you know that market not -- to -- and -- us now. Miles you don't get the sense that the Seahawks may be looking past the saints and thinking about the next game that they might play to get to the Super Bowl. I'm real adult that -- -- just don't seem to have that kind of bad it's you know that I don't think actually with the problem to problem has. It and their great football and that the defense is unbelievable that are against it they've just not been clicking last sport and age. I think the out of that Durham nineteen points -- game. 200 future Arctic -- Google's which can get in the red and in the end. So I you know. There they just don't have that movement that did not score that -- the defense is playing spectacular. That they're the number two you know so -- And is -- in -- they're not they're not -- -- and seeking a court kick some you know maybe. Return Percy architecture that we can use is pretty tactical game that he got a little treatment so so. Chemistry and extractor or if he plays well they do -- ball. If you play wide receiver you know -- the problems you know I think one letter and about century now as they -- you -- -- Right at the end here you know lost a couple guys in secondary. You know good linebacker and other -- they still got the one are members Carol as. Looked at a -- camera and there's -- comes to smack in the net. While senate what you what's your general consensus from the listeners after after yesterday's show concerning to say that I know there's going to be extremists on both ends you know those who were. Are going to be critical and those who -- just out -- -- -- gonna win no problem at all but what's your general consensus of the fans in Seattle. There is no doubt and Seattle. Think this team is going to its mobile they're vendors which in the fan's standpoint there is zero as I mean it's it's -- area. It's -- type at this year in Seattle is normally reserved for. Competition ups and books and numbers would Portland area and that the instead you've got to bear the soccer cup group of white people. And get as we're. Yeah actually it's a very unique part of the country. And for those who. Haven't spent any any time there it is you you're right there's this coffee sugar as a whole different ambiance in that city from. Down here in the French Quarter New Orleans to the coffee shops in the places in. A pioneer square overlooking Elliott bay and in in Puget Sound it's it's it's a totally different places that we mentioned on the on the air yesterday that. To me it was a surprise to see fans that were so maniacal. In such a pristine city that seems to suggest such sophistication. Yeah I they try real real art. And other damage here. You've got to remember we'll get a very tree city it's one of the city and to smile at her most people did you meet. They're not you know and Microsoft has Amazon has on the did you know you name it -- it's it's it's all here -- Microsoft. -- -- -- those Canadians trying to do it again. Sure and and in opening of the great we have -- it. Proud tradition here serial killers you were anything wrong or put away in the -- states where it looked and it. The maker -- network that. That there's you know -- that -- social element about Seattle -- of people concerned they're also strangely enough a lot of similarities. It's a fishing town. He'd just change that there's a lot of people who go out and old school parking it -- I'll -- -- It's not new Portland -- we put -- world like Portland which. Apart. On the November comes around until June. The letters to 48 and its people bars to socialize and -- it's. More European and kind of you'll hear an -- enters. A lot of others. It's like nick and may be nine new worlds because we certainly have our European field here too but I always remember in Seattle he could tell the tourists because in the visitors because they were the ones walking around with -- umbrellas. And nobody else cared. And it it and what you really don't need it the other day by ship that she got us here. It's the best -- of the vote in the -- saint from November to use to you when you're baking in the sun it's 48. And probably mentioned and that's the important. And to me it's that's kind of a but it I'm assuming the patent -- -- -- -- -- But it's not going to be like they're too cold weather city -- -- Country Israel under you know how's that -- here. For those -- for those who might hear that there's maybe a 100% chance of rain. When it rains in New Orleans it -- it it does in fifteen minutes what it takes all day to do in Seattle. So it's it's not gonna necessarily be heavy rain could it could be happy based on the Pacific fronts that the economy car but are you not expecting any heavy -- are going to be more. Now -- stricter really considering that it does not actually be able to the the saint should be able to XQ are -- -- that can be answered that at the well. The twelfth man its soul left. If you know I expect -- far or entering the practice has been -- any are real credible that he does well. -- have to continue to look at look like big man has you know. Is keeping it is answerable for that no one in the inning just going to be arms waving its accused. He's -- play and bury it and an elderly and the chocolate. And that the superdome is very noisy too we haven't set the record like you guys having one of the reasons we can't set the record even for an indoor stadium. -- because the -- was built to be acoustic -- pleasing for concerts as well as for football game so here are acoustic tiles. And and panels in the at the superdome that. That absorb some of the some of the -- so we'll never set the record. But the saints know exactly what it's like to intimidate another team they're just getting the other side of it when they go to Seattle. A question when I was so. Bill and February it blows what I mean it one and it it was I was shocked a -- anything to. We're almost there if they had to your age. You'll vote on that side. What to speak to all the crowd got an alternate technologies and century field work you know they got huge Jumbotron that. The sound system on the -- church and they've got to. -- And it just reached that -- -- in the super super beautiful facility on an antiquated we could be at the fact that. You should have a couple bigger screen. Goes blank -- walls and into a matter of the Texas Stadium the -- and but but you know that that -- -- that. All part of this whole -- you'll see on TV. It's not a lot. There's there's there's a lot of talk about these small megaphones that we've seen fans have finished you know the NFL doesn't allow artificial. A type noise makers what what about these little megaphones that we see here these are these handmade at the at the seniority. And what do these megaphones that people have in the stance. You know I don't know that's that's I honestly don't know I got so much for sure that I'm not sure that I know that. I have season tickets for a couple years. It would you -- lead that just came from Iraq I mean it's -- your theory at least our. And it's an amendment strict and promote promote an athletic conceded that concert that. You know people -- your -- And it's because it just keeps so I actually -- that one of the things the national media is really the game. It is just that aspect of all right and I know that can't make it much of -- -- in Seattle do. Hope you'll know the whole people record this is -- -- and and -- -- -- so -- Look at the look at the Cecil field record in the Mercedes-Benz superdome where it's it's it's it's impeccable this season and and it and part of that is because of the noise and that the comfort of of of being there that that just in instills this or did she would say ignites this intangible confidence in it in an entire team. Sure you got it can be absolutely tired a bit of -- -- running at all I can outlet and but it is time elapsed time. He talks played at saint saint we've shut down Marshall. And all of these are running out its people but that it kind of they get on a train -- -- to run. You -- but he hasn't had. Great game. And didn't play the same and running game. -- Senate. You can Belichick approach to currency which. You or guys that Goldman a lot of entry. Scroll or two and rumors are gonna be -- that and that rotating thing that the Arctic Ocean water or not. You know so. He's got a giggle and Russell Wilson has got to go uncle said. Russell Wilson. It's a quarterback. Has taken control he looks the it by the same way it is vital reasons and he take this community he. Just shall see he goes to Children's Hospital every Tuesday he's involved apparently. He -- basic currency and he's done and in a lot of times people look -- people and -- changed a lot of that due to. No we're good here Russell Wilson -- out what do you. And and that's what do we think about Drew Brees and and it's it's it's really great when players content. Of ten. A while the team to actually evolves into being. Linked with the community. How -- that he's done I mean that. This is his team and more importantly does does the city he blows and unit apartment Alexia -- really exactly what's good -- to Portland but a lot of people don't break anything. Sparked an -- going to be here. Embraced -- people and others like there's a lot of people come through here. -- at high hopes her taking the team giving championship where another. I think that's different in the -- The planning -- to the -- -- -- number of secrecy and bad debts. You know that little bit of this -- that's what that's what New Orleans did after that -- my feet because things did they picked up about. That the attitude of the city after Katrina and then I think. The Boston Red Sox felt that sense of destiny of all of the whole city being behind them cleaner World Series shifted the Boston after the you know about climate across America. And I -- are ethnically and you know from from Washington State and that's story -- you know. And others -- those those people hear. You know been -- person than their. Miles Montgomery for the men's room and our sister station in Seattle okay I instantly going to conversation of the great game we'll talk again soon corporate -- so much. I'm still differential will be right back and VW oil.