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1-7-13 2:45pm Sean Payton Press Conference

Jan 7, 2014|

Saints coach Sean Payton speaks to the media following practice as the team prepares for their playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It was kind of a normal Wednesday June. With regards our schedule. -- we were gonna lose a face first and second down any questions. Guys made some transactions it's. -- yeah get a two year old. We -- and Jordan Pugh. Number 37 anyway he's a cool it is. Injured reserve. That we brought up -- Practice squad. -- -- old so we saw -- ball to the practice squad take Rufus is thought to be in Jersey 56. Well. Where else. Pretty traditional. Right through it. So it closer. Yeah he's got a torn -- In fact I think the surgery. It was done today. And making the safeties -- -- like about who they. Yeah you know what a chance I don't know where will be this week as far as I'm which we can bring him up to speed might be more special teams role. It will just like I said look I'm looking to talk about injuries. -- -- Well listen it's been significant for us as a team. You know start back in the spring. And try and do. -- You know created an atmosphere and you rebound to some degree of last season we've we've had some. New faces -- we -- some injuries we've we've dealt with that. But I think more than anything his fashion. For teaching in the rest step on defense and it's been a big part of why we're here right now yeah. -- On Mondays. Yeah he's he's he's been. He's been running real well. Like like this ball security the other night you know and those were always easy yards. I'm pleased with I was I think there. You know he's he's had a handful of games now. Towards the latter part of the season's over. Been exceptional. That was the message and we're just trying to grade the second environment. -- -- crowd noise field everything as best we can. You. Talk about. Does it well. It it's deafening you know if they do a great job there -- educated they understand you know -- to be real loud and went to. Quiet down. But the way the stadium's structure you know it just. The noise stays in and it. It's. You know what we've experienced at a handful of times knowing him do you just try to simulate as best you can and turn the speakers up real loud and -- And go about trying to communicate and make sure you're still getting off from the bowl and all those things. Say take coach Dante early and either way left and we'll see we felt like. Look I don't know how much were well. The last time so. You know what I think that it helps with regards to the constant noise. But we'll see how we approach this. Well look this is a that is forced a fairly young team I think that atmosphere. But more than any of that you know. It's. It's -- played real good football team were playing a team that's won a bunch of games. -- very balanced in offense and the number one defense in the well and you pick -- category. And take away is number one you know pass defense number one. Scoring. It just goes down the lines and that's that's the the biggest show. Well they've got outstanding personnel. And they also are well coached with with a very good scheme and they they know exactly. Where to be they run very well they're physical up front you know they've. They've got. You know -- mobile players back there in it all fits together you know they've got. Great talent great scheme and communicate very well very intelligent. Well listen I think there are numbers things we've got to do better and you know just. You know handle the early portion of the game and there's. Certain things in playoff football. Or for that matter just playing on the road that you gotta give ourselves an opportunity. And I think that. -- we'll work hard this week to do that yeah. I think. To be fair to that question I think it was more when we had our work. You know couple months ago. It was more about how the kickers looked -- them work out. Certainly experience. It was helpful but. It was really you know how we how we -- those players at that time you're comfortable. So it's a good shopping here on WWL and let them and dot com your life for us -- Well I think. You know it's always been a game -- momentum swings and I think. Mentally handle in those momentum swings on the road. Becomes sometimes more challenging than at home I think you know the turnovers play a big part but. It's easy to say well we can't turn the ball over we got to look at art what. What causes those things in in this pressure and that's. Ball security with receivers running backs whoever handles the football so I think. That combination of the momentum and handling that in in. You know what happened last week. You know there is part of that game or late in the third fourth were. You know Philadelphia came back and answered and it was important that we were able to do the same thing so. That's gonna really happen in it if you took any road win this year. You go to Chicago and there was. The momentum swing certainly in Atlanta that we had earlier first first series we were out they scored a touchdown. We had to overcome that. The same thing would would be the case with. You know any of those tough games we play in that you'd you'd get a look back and forth if you will get a real well. Gas cans what and the other things. Get some other ideas for the sweep them but -- that'll. Well. Listen I think we're a point in the season where. This. This is obviously important game. You'll see as the week goes on and I think mostly just focus on getting rated player removable. And. -- that you need coaching counts. How many times that you've been here that you got recently. You that way he did he debate whether it's -- -- -- -- -- -- it's -- No there's not mean listen it it is what it is I think that. You know you look closely at that film they look closely at. He had enough time we look at all the games you got a ton of film to watch. And -- -- -- you know correct the errors and boat and get ready there. He played the team that's you know going to be rested and a team that's had an outstanding season you know an amazing season. -- -- Well listen you I think. I don't know that it's chip on the shoulder I think it's. You know you want to go out and play your best football. And you know there's a lot at stake I think. I think that's what's important. -- Well listen there's there's. You know there's always those. Decisions are or risk that you take when you make changes is the same way it left tackle and I think that. You know he's he's committing and obviously kicked very well the other night there was significant -- -- the special team game balls. You know and in the not only did kick well but it you know each each it was so it was here in there and that was great to see and in it in a critical situation even even the one at the end it. You know you still have to hit it you know and and so. That was. Real encouraging and there's certainly something for him that was significant. Things. And it. -- Well look I think it's it's a great teams or and it it's its personnel its players it's acquiring good players. In this putting in this scheme fits what they do. Being flexible. I think obviously. It's significant. And -- the good teams at the culmination. Of all things. -- affected guideline. Says that a result of the opponent that sound to you more comfortable with people. But -- a lot of it just depend on depend on the game situation. It. The series is done well. You know he's he's someone that is very athletic. He's confident and you know each week he's gonna draw a tough matchup. That's horrible things about that position so I think. You know certainly there's a learning curve but. I've been really pleased with how competitive it is and doing. And an -- period out. -- until I trust -- here on saint trailer that coach Sean Payton under read it below. I don't know that we felt more. Or less I think. Once you're in the post season. You know you. You -- on your locker room the better players and do you find out about the younger players certainly -- it appears that owns the speed of the game intensifies but. You know each play. Each penalty each call potential turnover they all. Become very important. It. I think each week. Throughout the course of the season you know we're. We get to see a lot of young players and rolls. Because of injuries sometimes sometimes they're. You know the they've been in -- from the start of the season so. It's a it's a process and you know they've they've handled that transition very well and you. Probably always consider Julio for another two or three years and. Thank you finished.

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