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1-7-13 2:55pm Drew Brees press conference

Jan 7, 2014|

Saints quarterback Drew Brees speaks to the media following practice as the team prepares to face the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs.

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-- I mean there. You look out and every statistical category there you know if not number one there certainly. He has completed defense hazard is at every position so front four -- back. Or and -- -- in the secondary. Element of what it does yeah yeah yeah I mean you look at the covers they've played even in their zone coverages out outside in like cases. So that's the style of defense that they play him in trouble what was the first. -- -- Well I mean I still was not that it matters for forest. Elected play very well lot of credit to them. But you know we just. Just know that hey let's we got to get better and and and the other road through the playoffs in the Super Bowl looks like it's gonna go through that place so. If we want to accomplish what we sit out the compass in issue we that are by the way to go there and win. And just hoping that we have another opportunity here or have you're confused where you practice and and hit a half. Eligibility Arctic chill and I roaring yes. You know that's. That's all part of the little little things that we do throughout the week to prepare ourselves. Cautious but just. Knowing your elements and get ready to. You know put yourself at the moment as much you care. It's in the indoor facility -- well you know also. This. Overture to see a lot of lot of those colors you know when you step in that stadium and you know you prepared to play your best out here on the practice field and hopefully it carries over. And it's. I mean. I was there are a lot of things about the game that we awkward for him to say and that was not us you know. But instead we're we're we've got to give a lot of credit to them because. Forces to be that way blood. That if there's a lot of things that we know that we can correct that we can get better and I feel like we have and I just said we are just hoping for another opportunity to go through there and and -- -- was it like illnesses like trust I was here on WO Hasselbeck deliveries. -- -- Yeah if you -- score for us. If you make -- scoreboard she did you you get enough for the lead because they -- -- -- cases were. -- us on and Seattle did did you. Your pieces yeah I mean they definitely quiet things you know I think there's definitely something to rebound -- -- fuels your own game. I feel like were or run the football better now than we -- I feel like we're. We obviously experience a lot since that you know that was what. Played six games since then. So there have been our best performances you know we've we. That kind of started our road skid you know we we lost that Saint Louis -- that Carolina after that -- I feel like at times we played some really good football in between. And obviously you know last week on the road. First round of playoffs and get that that -- win that way in which we did. Man just a complete team win I think that certainly helped us gain. Confidence and hopefully we continued. Your growth there as we move forward. And see the whole experience. Yeah I think that's I think that's important I mean just you know what to expect so as you visualize it as you as you call with your plan. You know ultimately. Junior -- to succeed here on the road that's kind of the pressure off that -- underdogs Miller kind of feed off Baghdad they're the ones you bit of pressure on them they got to get a hold their home field advantage. I mean I guess. There's always going to be pressure on both sides to perform well. You know we have high expectations -- -- or -- we are. So I don't I don't look too much into that other than I just know we gotta come up with a great plan and we got a -- an excuse. You know there's always pressure to win and play well. And it. Or do a lot of things well they rush the passer well they they covered well. You know didn't feel like it in his days and and we we have -- rhythm and feel like we had many opportunities yeah so. You know all of that is just obviously managing. Circumstances you know managing the crowd noise man you know stuff. Finding ways to create you know rhythm within your game plan. You know being good on first. Gave yourself a certain manageable positions where they can't just hitters that can come after you. You know obviously is -- as you can be the better you know. Yeah hopefully it on some you know big plays take advantage of opportunities. That's one thing you know man coverage -- -- -- dusty does do is if you can. You get the ball in your guys' hands and make somebody -- -- -- potential opportunities there. -- it's. Yeah. Why. I actually did I do feel like we made adjustments you know we we are just down 3047. Him at third quarter. So. I should write him a slip from third Corso all of our drives after that we're we're gonna go for a fourth down and out particularly those -- you we -- down we had out of the rest red zone. You know two times -- in the fourth quarter and and didn't make it on fourth down you know we had some. We had some errors I think on our sport is in regards to you know get lined up in and and run the plays as we -- Game plan forward practice and so so that stuff was on us but. No I mean I feel like -- I feel like we've we've always been pretty good at that and well we will continue in the -- you listen to live for us over here on -- if you well enough and dock -- Saints quarterback drew groups. And it's. -- Being able to bounce back and those turnovers. In the scheme built and being -- you have a resilient team having a team that. He does have a panic button. -- just knowing that -- we we we can overcome because. Defensively. You know we're built that way offensively. You know we're built that way -- -- Discordant and fields scored quickly and you know also be able to possess the ball. That kind of thing so I think all that breeds confidence and just knowing that no matter what happens we we we always got a chance. It was an early turnovers and things like that point and big numbers. Well. No I mean. How -- hashed through Q each one of them would mean just for example this last game. You know -- holes a shot lady -- in which it look like he was on top of the corner. And was was kind of leaving him in and so I go to watch the ball rises coming out my hand he's got a slam on the brakes they -- maybe overly short form and so that's just. One of those miscommunication and how many balls he -- he -- down it was Kenny that he goes over yet so that's just one out of the five that we throw for touchdowns this year that just. Kind of -- it didn't work out that way. The other one you know honestly I just in Syria. And and could put bought a better place for Lance put distancing him. In general the turnovers and have not been upon time of possession has been -- in some ways do you think this offense. It is a little different this year and a little better in his play calling when. I'd bet I do. And order or top five offense in regards to taking care of the football. We were a top -- offense in regards to yards and points. -- top I mean we I'd say we stuck with the wrong this year better than. I've ever you know seen you know we we we were top five rushing him back -- on the Super Bowl. And and and I believe we've made significant improvements does your opponent in that regard but I know one thing even. Even on days where they -- a little bit tougher sledding. It was stuck with it and we continue to pound away and you know ward on the defense that helped open up opportunities that passing game I think it's served us well so yeah maybe just an overall dismal example. -- feel like we are the better office this year than we have there. --