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1-7-13 3:10pm Scoot: on Saints-Seahawks

Jan 7, 2014|

Scoot takes calls on the Saints' upcoming playoff matchup against the Seahawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon welcome back -- our hero finds its way into work today and tomorrow if she continues to -- will be back to New Orleans because of all canceled -- she was not able to get back. From our vacation in Maine socially Beckham leave on Thursday argued that nation. Two wins away from the Super Bowl Saturday it's the sequel in Seattle distinct take on the Seahawks were shot. And it's moving on in the championship our coverage begins at 9 AM Saturday morning. We've obviate weird utility antibodies hear why from mark for the big story intent. Chance for you to talk about the saints and pick up your F 150. A steep courted to have an answer is we'll follow them with fans first take at noon until 130. -- reported there and it's 130 everything moved downtown to the French Quarter for our countdown to kickoff but obviously. Reply you burger. On urban country that's a fun place in principle. And that we've got the best play by play team kickoff play football for the kickoff Jim Henderson will be -- showed Christie Garrett kickoff is at 345. Then after the game two of the cajun cannon and the big chief. But the point after life of -- seafood in the French Quarter. Wall to wall -- coverage begins at 9 o'clock Saturday morning on the flagship station for your New Orleans Saints. WWL we just heard the press conference we have such coach Sean Payton Drew Brees and an obviously. There really wasn't a lot of breaking news and one of the most interesting things that I've I've I've found from this press conference was affected the saints. Have placed the Seahawks logo. On the practice field. And they've got the Seahawks -- around and their dishes I think this is brilliant. And the preparing for that situation at their garlic -- they were -- December the second to adjust a little over a month ago. And -- I still think the stage is set for the states to to beat the Seahawks however the Seahawks are great team. One of the things that Sean -- brought up what he was asked about the ear plugs are they gonna Wear the -- is again in this game and he said he's not sure. Drew Brees said the earpiece is definitely helped them quiet things one of the first things that I thought when I saw the the earpiece is a closeup of that is the game was. Was just starting was -- and it's something different in your -- something it just seemed like that would committed psychologically. And maybe even. Physically throw you off but I I certainly would trust Drew Brees and Sean take needed to know better than than me about that. But I just have founded. Found something that might be a little distracting when you think about how the saints were just so out of sync it off from the very first play of that game. I guess we were all looking for things that might. Lead to the saints being totally off. I Drew Brees was asked about the Seahawks and he said hey look you know they're number one or in the top five in every important category. -- he was asked about what was the message. Following the the Monday night to -- loss to Seattle. He -- the message was we got to get better. And he said it was obvious that the road to the Super Bowl looks like it's gonna be going through this place meaning Seattle. I've heard and I don't know that this is tour dot but I heard that -- coach Payton told the guys remember how would you feel right now. Because we're coming back here. In the playoffs. And Drew Brees and did not have a great game last week. And this past Saturday against the Eagles in Philadelphia. And I don't think Drew Brees has to has two bad games I don't think he is two bad games in a row so I'm really looking forward to -- Drew Brees is performers. It showed Payton was asked about the running game. And you know the running game which was great we talked about this yesterday in the -- the running game was great against the Eagles. It was almost as if the absence of -- Thomas. Cost everybody else to just really. I don't wanna say step up my guess that's the best way deported. You know sometimes win when when something is missing. You might feel the need to an -- and this is quite often subconsciously feel the need to work harder. It was almost as if everybody the offensive line into the running backs felt the need to work harder because Pierre Thomas. What's out alive and they definitely prove that they can run the ball. Also he was so -- asked about the the injury to Keenan Lewis he had surgery today so obviously he's out it's a torn pectoral muscle. But other than that Sean Payton said he did not wanna talk about injuries if you wanna join our show with a -- this afternoon our number is 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Late Saturday. -- number 67870 here's a Texan read stuff. -- and I'm worried about the twelfth man. I'm -- worried about the twelfth man as I am the boogie man who dat nation. And to. Scared of nothing I'm not exactly sure what that means that apparently everybody is concerned about the twelfth and they have actually retired Jersey. For the twelfth man in Seattle that's a much respected. Admiration they have four. They're proud in the stands at Seattle and we know they're noisy states are getting ready for that. It's cold is much of the nation including those of us in this part of the country under the influence. Of this. Homework for tax. It was it was pretty scary doesn't it is very cold out there but a warm -- is gonna begin tomorrow. Good afternoon -- studio for Angela who should be back with you on Thursday she had trouble getting back from her vacation in Maine. Because of the snow and frigid temperatures that have delayed flights all around the country. It is also the flu season and four major fold like myself this is this is really wartime. The -- blog on our website at WW build -- -- on his -- title flu season wartime for germ a folds. It's tough time a year from me and if you're German fold tough time for year tough time of year for you as well. A blog is on our website right now at WW real dot com you can read it and shared and here's an update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll. This year employer expects you to come in or stay home. When you're -- 46% say come in and 54% say. Stay home. Give a sure thing -- -- to our web -- WWL dot com and while you're there we've got the record cold temperatures sweeping across Louisiana -- got the latest on the hard freeze predicted for tonight I believe both sides of the lake. Also Deke Bellavia has an early look at the saints Seahawks match up. And it takes a close -- look at Seattle quarterback. Russell Wilson so check all of that out on our website at WWL. Dot com a tomorrow on the show will will talk about the beginning of this new year. Also seems to be a continuation of of an old debate about free speech and -- I think the debate about free speech is gonna continue. There's a retail outlet to Urban Outfitters and we have one here in downtown new worlds and then into the French Quarter. And they have been criticized for selling offensive clothing. They have a woman's T shirt that says. Depression. On it and some some shoppers have been offended saying that the shirt makes light of the disease. A very serious disease. Now one person tweeted absolutely disgusting what Urban Outfitters is selling. I don't know how that is allow. Also there's a satanic group. That has revealed the design for a seven foot statue of Satan. That it wants to place on the Oklahoma State Capitol grounds. Where where there's a monument for the ten commandments which was placed there in 2012. The statue depicts Satan is a goat headed figure with horns wings had a long beard and Satan is sitting on a thrown with a with a -- program. Accompanied by smiling children. And they say that when the Oklahoma legislature decided to allow the monument of the ten commandments to be placed -- open the door for their monument. To Satan to be placed on there. So is it -- is it better to have. Christian symbols on state government property. That opens the door for any and all religions to be represented or is it better to have no religious imagery at all. We'll talk about all of that is part of the free speech to date the continues into 2014 will talk about that on the show. Tomorrow if you wanna join us with a comment we've been reviewing some of the things that -- -- paid in troop reset at their press conference our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. -- Amber's late 77 also with -- Keenan Lewis at first it was thought to be a concussion I believe -- confirmed it is a head injury not confirmed it has a concussion. Which as you know concussion is such a such a buzz word in in the NFL right now. I think we're gonna get the injury report shortly and as soon as we do it Dave Cohen from -- -- real news is gonna bring that into Lewis who will get to an update on -- but it is press conference a few moments ago. Which we carried life and having -- -- Sean Payton did not want to really discuss. On the injuries he was asked about what is the biggest challenge. Saturday afternoon. -- recently got the number one defense is that they have outstanding personnel they're well coached and they're very intelligent. And then he was asked about some of the things that he that he did to dislike the team up for the game in Philadelphia. Sean -- apparently put gas cans in the locker room as a reminder. Of the players to remind the players do you have -- of gas. At this point in the season the end of gas left to win. Also they switched to new traveling sweat suits. They change from red Gatorade too green Gatorade and they had -- spry chicken on the plane. He was asked if they are going to be any new surprises. And he said he really didn't to talk too much about it so he he made it seem like it EEE. May have some surprises may have some some things that he's gonna do -- it's like to team up but didn't say specifically what they were. And we've heard that they have -- not only -- in loud crowd noises which they do quite often. But also they have painted a Seahawks logo. On the practice field. As Seahawks colors around to prepare them for the imagery that they will -- Saturday afternoon a to join our short numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. Text Amber's late 77 here's a tech's are you sure the torn pectoral injury is said Jean Louis -- it's Harrison. Harrison eighteen Lewis has a head injury and again we should have more. On the injury update in just few minutes and as soon as we get it will pass it on T and of course right after they show at 4 o'clock in its. Sport shock the saints divisional playoff. Tuesday. That's the name of the show with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia that's the special edition of sports talk -- divisional playoff Tuesday. Catch QB to QB. -- beer and Drew Brees at 645. This is an exciting week in New Orleans. An exciting week to talk about the saints that I know yet still have a lot of things going on in your life but it's nice to have this distraction and I feel really good about the saints and where they -- I think the stage is set for them to go to Seattle. An upset the Seahawks and his press covers your beat Kerry here and every have you eldest a few minutes ago Sean Payton said that he was very satisfied with a new place kicker. -- Shayne Graham obviously. And he was asked about the success of the run against the Eagles that he says the success of the run really depends on different games in different situations. A -- Barbara you're on WWL. Hi how -- you -- good. Ivory you get that. It sharply hit -- 8:8 PM. -- And to. And we'll -- it -- -- And nor are they treat that -- -- a lot. Open. It -- shoulder and you know amateur. -- I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ought to crack it'll be here. That is. I mean. You know that that. One of the most. Impressive things always -- when they were getting ready for -- the colder weather in in Philadelphia. I found out petition on -- had made a music video that he plays to players. Anyway to bing Crosby's winter wonderland in recent some of the players playing in cold weather and even had dry ice in the room -- to replicate a very frigid climate. -- Back and -- at 888. Green. And stopped around. -- I yeah I. I don't think -- occurrence at an early you know they did the logo and they apparently seem to have -- and obviously they're bringing in that. The senate -- John -- understand something that I've talked about quite often that is that they gain is. Is he is is beyond physical it's very -- -- emotional because it at that and that level. There's so much parity among teams and among players that it's the team that has the emotion on their side. That wins it's the team that can cycle he came out. And you know my. -- -- it. Art collection they have it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm I'm I'm -- -- -- quiet on the weekend. And Gymboree get pregnant yeah. Yeah. Well. I also too because I don't take freeze has a Tennessee to have two bad games in a -- and they -- You know why -- mark -- Seattle is look at it and now to beat -- confused and what do you. Well if they prepare too much for their running game then it will be easy to do play action pass won't be easy to. All right well. I Barbara I hope your late husband is with the real sites now. Everything. Thank pharmacological thanks solicit. I here's a -- that racecar please shut up about the saints' injuries in football in general use apps you actually knows zero about sports. Well if everybody has an opinion about sports if -- absolute. We going to of course I've I've inadvertently. Gave the wrong name of the injured player but corrected then I'm I'm a human being but. If if Fido actually -- by sports please tell me specifically. -- -- -- -- -- Another sports experts. Had to admit that but it paid attention to sports an awful lot paid attention to the states. And you know. A lot of people will respect. People like Rush Limbaugh who never played football who -- who were. You know what I'm actually listen because speculate while this analogy so hang on -- you don't have to have been a football star. To understand football. I really don't feel the need to defend myself from what's next her but I did mention going into the breakers nobody wanted me to shut up about this things because I know absolutely nothing about sports. -- there are those who will try to discredit you because they're jealous that they disagree. -- it's OK to disagree but that doesn't mean somebody's not credible. And I'm proud of observations that I made about the saints in sports playing sports is not a requisite. For understanding sports. -- there are those who are criticized the president and yet they've never been a politician. Limbaugh Hannity and many of those who opinions are totally respected. When they bash other politicians like President Obama they've never been politicians. Is a number of text and it's amazing how many people criticize you know I've been in this business a long time and I do understand that that is part of the business and actually. A kind of thrive on from uptown Brennan got type. A quick comment. -- -- -- Bird count got time from Gary finesse coming right before a comment -- and shall it favors the surgery. And I know you're cold if fact it's hurt -- shoulder their -- -- they -- that they would freeze has called liberal default see I mean yeah. Yeah I'm a fan of the show random and I'm glad you brought that up and I think it's a knee surgeries. Because I have played sports in my life that I do know that the cold weather can affect your -- we'll be back tomorrow when they die in Newman our executive producer. Elin since -- our associate producer and mark -- our studio producer. Love -- New Orleans.