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WWL>Topics>>1-7 4:20pm Bobby and Deke, FSU defeats Auburn

1-7 4:20pm Bobby and Deke, FSU defeats Auburn

Jan 7, 2014|

Bobby and Deke talk with Tim Linafelt who covers FSU athletics for The Osceola / 247Sports.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What my -- about the benefits. It's. Kind of -- yeah. Home three. It was a thrilling game to -- -- to BCS Aaron to say the least how -- team they went to the first three BCS championship close out the BCS. Well perhaps one of the best. BCS games ever as Florida State comes to behind to defeat. Auburn Tigers 34. 231 dollars and how to put a recap on that last night Romania calling perhaps the best BCS title game -- is -- Who have failed goes FSU and -- about -- sealed a 24/7 sports that comment TM. What do game it was using his team this season but when that down 21 -- three L what was your thoughts going through your head. But I'll let me and the guys earned honorable. Yeah. Whether they're a lot potential outcome. I don't think very many people -- -- you know sport they Robert butter or between. I had any coach in it that Robert would be in 213. At halftime and and that really -- it would just what it's not a sport. -- activated the the defense despite. Point out. Surrendered you know they've been a big part of that than a bat on an aunt and my return by Albert an agreement and not be -- It'd be an update it paid off and -- and I think that the -- to -- up. You know Tim odd to me the key in the game you look momentum changes are difference makers having. Coach Jim both Fisher are realized and that no we got to do something right now and make something happening it was -- the fake punt. And you look at that a big pine things like that tied kind of turned as far as. I have -- you had a chance and you know to make it to anyone that can. I think was huge and it all started with a fake -- Then I made it certainly did in. He in you know if we don't need a trio lineup -- the thing about it not. Yeah media department and happened. But I doubt that they did much of that sort during the idle you know bit -- game buildup -- -- it way out. They're beat and not make any doubt that they did have an out debated between -- down. You know abide by -- -- from streak has found its gonna take more than one play to get back into it and thought out on Sunday. It change the wind a little bit I think that the defense -- and walker for trying to -- -- Now gem I've known coach Fisher jumble of about a decade you know the -- at LSU and stuff and the ball I see no sign album two showing how much I think he truly appreciated. A winning a championship showing a lot of emotion almost like -- remedial. You know getting choked up about how many truly appreciated. All the hard work what it takes in and to be a champion. Ghana -- your -- you know -- of the guy -- surgery and -- and they like a lot of bark but does he and I wonder. If it even -- would take time to enjoy what they're doing their assists. You know on the next and on the next Colin and I and yet know for -- -- at the time this year what one game but I had many Nate BP -- genuine and not -- I think they. You had the I think that that Maggette. -- A good paper -- and Utley hit bestowed it -- they are human beings we're not just football playing you know wait that being home I seen. The -- at their opinion there and I think about that -- it was pretty pretty good here. Tim how can folks -- with you on Twitter. I'd be bombing -- my my where it'll be all under court it only been out for it at. PE OL a underscored and that maybe maybe not. Brick for my part what started that the area. Tim a lot of Balco was the Florida State University athletic program the OC almost the last 24 sevenths sports in the what time it is to be in the old Tim thank you so much for the time we appreciate it. Experiment that article and I'll come back grenade. Medina and -- in Harvey. Plus on fourteen occasions since the NFL's current playoff format the started in nineteen nanny. Teams that lost twenty or more points in the regular season blowout losses came back to Robin's in laws in the playoffs on fourteen times. Would that happen in the saints' case on Saturday afternoon you can vote online at WW dot com.

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