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1-7 4:35pm Kristian, Saints Practice Report

Jan 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- sat Matagorda Christie Garrett joins us now to give yesterday's practice report a doubt taken -- big chief about it Saints announced a few roster moves waving -- -- -- cadence and adding. Safety Jordan Pugh linebacker Paris health and placed on injured reserve. When they torn pectoral muscle and they promoted linebacker Rufus Johnson from the practice squad that Soto. Assigned to the practice squad replacing Johnson Sean Payton talks about the addition of Jordan -- at safety yeah -- for the chance I don't know. We're will be this week as far as how much we can bring him up to speed it might be more special team drove. Ahead of Saturday's divisional playoff game against the Seahawks in the Seattle coach Peyton had the Seahawks logo painted on the team's practice facility. Quarterbacks -- reason it's all about preparing for the moment. That's all part of a little. The little things that we do throughout the week to prepare ourselves -- record pace. Cautious -- Knowing your elements and get ready to. You know put yourself for the moment as much you care. It's an indoor facility is well you know also. This. Enormous you're gonna see a lot of a lot of those colors you know when you step in that stadium and you know you prepared to play your best out here on the practice field and then hopefully that carries over. Brees and company looking for redemption from their week thirteen trip to Seattle 3047 embarrassing loss. On Monday Night Football that was not a very river forest it's I feel like they've played very well a lot of credit to them. But you know we just. Just know that hey listen we got to get better and and and give the roads through the playoffs in the Super Bowl looks like it's gonna go through a place so. If we want to accomplish what was set out to accomplish in this -- we better find a way to go there and win and just hoping that we have another opportunity and here are of that up to him. For those wondering about that Keenan Lewis and his availability for Saturday after leaving Eagles game. When they head injury past Lewis appears ready to go out and just. -- and Lewis also weighing in on the Seahawks logos on the practice field. -- as -- -- callable cover guy from the way they were political cut the grass than I did far fiercely. Number for -- -- and you'll see -- the -- on this hole. Can any more than just grass cutting and he's about some pain as well what lessons -- the Saints learn. From that week thirteen game against Seattle. -- turn it around him believe me that I had only things -- beyond just saying that. Lot of those guys standing there who knows how many men are finally -- And it gave me some big plays and it -- to unload the gun Henry's number 1583. Those guys come in 22. He made big plays well so it's -- well I'll fall. And at saint office alignments actually says that week thirteen matchup will not be on our minds come game time Saturday afternoon. Who know when you walk across lines when you when you get out there it's not not thinking about what happened last time I mean I think. It's it's nice again opportunity. To play a team that can -- -- like that again you know and look we got exactly -- we -- and they got a deserved you know they played better than us and we the next -- and that's what happens when you play good team on the road and then you know lesser results. Saint injury report the first -- of the week still not out will keep you posted here on WW LE 7 AM. As -- dot com when it does not Kristian -- from -- camp back to. Sports talk with Bobby Hebert in the -- I could thinking it and yeah out of a Christian now a senior was in you know the stats and and looking at. -- no waving a by Kyle Knox now look at here's he was on the practice squad now look at and the roster as of last week bit. All of a sudden he registered a win at tackle vs the Eagles. When you're outside linebacker out of Fresno state. You know look a lot of new faces that were not Primeau who it also to Von wade. Cornerback. Venus Tennessee who's active not nagged him obviously young guys that -- wide in rod sweeting. And then all of a sudden. Kind of against the Steve Gleason favored. Eric Frampton nod Peter Frampton the rock star -- -- -- the Washington State. So a lot of Mays maybe Saints fans are -- -- it. But but Kyle not -- have you seen anything about him in the locker room or anything because I hear was I look at where I'm looking -- in my notes. And and the stats and -- have actually register an attack on special teams. We have and we have an opportunity to see him night in a locker room. -- talked over the locker room yet of course you that it last week and many as you mentioned he was in on special teams stop and you know a lot of times body -- some teams. Even the playoff teams see a guy out there on a waiver wire they're costly time trying to turn over the bottom. -- -- -- 45 guys on their roster if they feel like there's a guy that you upgrade. They're gonna do that had a lot of time it's a look towards next year see if they can bring an -- They're in there offseason conditioning program on on it to mini camps and in the training camp and in the pre season the following season and you know Chris you guys. Kind of against the surprise us somewhat because he's been around he's -- -- is -- do okay -- yeah I mean he was one of their special teams know -- your better special teams player and all of a sudden you know they waive him -- not mean the playoffs and then they -- against like he said that they they make -- -- that they bring -- as someone else's -- and I think listen I think the injuries you know that this team has suffered in the secondary. And now start -- Seattle linebacker start to play a factor -- some of these rules because the comes down them you know how many snaps today and get on defense as opposed to special teams -- mean. -- they start winning a lot of that where they got to where they gonna fit in where they attribute and you know who might be a better player that particular role in a particular team. It's a lot of things factor into it especially when a team start going through an injury problems at the Saints have faced. He is Saints Al -- -- follow him on Twitter and Christie Garrett won and he is proven. He can into it in minus DG a matter -- just about mine's DJ. Which you affected degrees in the Steelers Saturday night in a Thibodeau K dog thank you so much I think what's got us.

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