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Jan 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Evening and welcome to sports talk allow indicating and -- Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia six point 5 the in this evening we will have our conversation with Saints quarterback. Drew Brees it's a hub of -- amazing Tebow. What the entire trip for the New Orleans Saints do this post season as they once again embark on a divisional matchup this -- -- the Seattle Seahawks. Here at WW a Saints radio also online at WW dot com -- and all of our outlets on FaceBook. And where are -- British jaguar opinion poll since 1990. The current NFL format in the post season. NFL teams that lost by twenty or more points. In a regular season matchup. Came back. Fourteen times. To beat that opponent in the postseason. Meeting to Saints. Lost to Seattle. The New England Patriots beat the New York Jets 45 to three. A couple of regular seasons ago. And the Jets -- to screw opponent in the playoff won 28 point one we've seen it happen before will the Saints make it fifty. On Saturday is there an eight point underdog. At Seattle 2601 and 78668890. In Sammy as always joined by the cajun cannon Bobby being Bobby you know. There's seems to be. Almost I think you how you say it is what's what's what you saw Lance the differences in him to right right I don't know -- -- -- lately there's not a -- almost sometimes they get penalized and he didn't play. Right and we how Tony's teams. With that said we seen a lot of teams combat. From an earlier meeting and poverty. In the policies well the million Holyfield does big difference and that adverse conditions inclement weather what you're -- together at all cause in the play Havoc for example. I mean. We will we crushed Carolina Panthers. Are still lovingly we outplayed them in Charlotte. But he still won the game. You know so it was it is because we crush in the first time in and basically within a month and they come back in the B does. The mile look at regular Ceres type playoffs. What his Major League Baseball the NBA. That all of a -- you couldn't you know now we've each won three games who's gonna win the for the game the best out of seven to continue to play. So yeah the ebb and flow of regained and that's -- out like our chances a lot. Against Seattle. Silly because though we got that monkey off -- back so to speak from a mental standpoint. As far as a road win. Now when you look at is gonna be Cole -- if it's a 100% rain and it's in the forties as -- as if you read in his forty degrees amenable but bottom. And is your cold but you get to a point on on that -- -- think we talked about messages. Sunday morning certainly it's -- night. I would not feel. As confident. If this -- -- round meaning like if things they've played out like we thought they or. With the Saints would be too. And they were playing this week ending your first road game -- -- C championship but -- first road game. A wouldn't be as confident now because it Seattle but now the Saints have won on Giroux Bobby -- and our internal confidence that none of us know about well as they got -- -- Not only have they won on the road they've also been a part NFL history. In what I mean by that you look of twelve games in the temperature was 35 degrees or cold. You look adult teams such is the Saints. And and you look at in that situation or dome team -- on the rolled 35 degrees or cold. They've won only three of 25 games in NFL history so thing about it. Your -- team -- playing on the road in the playoffs. In only you know at 325. You've been able to be successful now and just to show you how hard it is has been really a decade in years. Since anyone has done that so the Saints were able to overcome that obstacle law in Philadelphia. So yeah is still gonna come down to. You know I haven't the breaks go your way and play in a great game. Because of Seattle Seattle's baggage. I mean you know when you look at whether Rankin and what they've finished. I mean it's not smoke and mirrors. Now. I think their defense you throw by this that events and where they're ranked. You know the proof's in the putting offensively. -- -- times you know they've been inconsistent. You look at total offense that like righted the -- -- -- like -- -- seventeen. Now Russell Wilson played outstanding had a great game against us but he's not invincible. You know he hasn't plated a Pro Bowl level also speaks is that things game he struggled. Against the Cardinals that's why I still think first things first. What were able to do the first time around -- more shot and it's in a shut him down. Is gonna take that kind of effort again. As far stopping the run but when you try to get after Russell Wilson and you and one on one coverage. If you don't if you Nagano where with the coverage you've got to get to with the pass rush as if he has time and thing about this we -- get after Russell Wilson. He -- blitzing in the exploited our coverage and I came up with some big plays it. The one thing in and this is -- numbered that. If we're not even on the plus -- got to be on the plus side truly as had a turnover differential turnover ratio. Turnover margin whatever you wanna call it. That if we minus two like we did against Philly dot who might get blown out. It and I don't -- it would be a good outing. A good show over the Saints because I think even though mine is too -- -- better than the Eagles I think. Even in we knew we have a with a better game or protect the football better I think we beat the Eagles -- By ten points double digits at night and two touchdowns I think -- damage betterment is going to be a big challenge are going to Seattle. But we've been in that environment before and anything can happen in one game is its it's not like. Like my god they truly Ambien objective about this I think we've played at Seattle ten times. We would win three maybe four on a team and I'm just. It's a probably three wood immortal likes like 30% but hate. Maybe fallen at a percentage this time around businesses is the game that counts. The regular season doesn't mean -- it anything. So all of a sudden you know UN is game initially how hard it is is getting to get this suitable. You win this game he got to play the winner of Carolina's ever sisco and and I like our chances of -- gonna occur. I hope Carolina wins. Because I think -- -- -- better think you know I think we go to Carolina went -- Now I've -- Siskel that would be another challenge like going to Seattle. So that's why we do get to the Super Bowl this year we truly whatever earn it. Considering Al opponent and how good and I decide thing but how good the nation and really the NFL. A looks upon a team like the 49ers. Are the Seahawks when the NFC Ari has the ending of that good that's more smaller. All teams -- gam because sometimes so we will re explain it the way the NFL playoffs -- than some puke and it views itself. And on high school if you win a couple of games. And united home game back on the in the National Football League in -- with -- his current format in 1990. And point four division champs in 20022. While courts there are six teams in each conference Ford division champs. In two while -- of those six teams. There's only one team. Vick cannot host in game. Only one that's the six seat. The -- of the six seat and the Chargers are to succeed in life as a Giants of the years ago they the six seed pack as with the six seat because not -- Unless there was seven unless there was a there was Tiant. You cannot -- so the six seed no matter who they know where they're going to win can never ever ever ever ever ever have a host. Under this current form or jury got to be road Warriors it now five man and the likelihood of five known and well -- you do with the Saints when the 49ers win yet then singled -- at five. That's it that that would be -- this -- number six. Can not -- that's. Fly. To me and I think they can address this -- on the spring competition committee. Now was the -- got to get 2432. Owners to agree upon this and I correct. But to me it should go along the lines of the NBA playoffs. Well I think hockey playoffs the best record yeah it did because you don't just play -- -- -- divisional -- -- conference. You play AFC NFC so to be added that dials a travesty now -- both end up winning no it usually gonna be fair about what you've accomplished during the season. And and really. -- kind of reward you for what you done during the season Philly -- we should gain yards agreed they should -- went to San Francisco. When you go when you go about the reds having that be more fair we throw it's fair. And then but you know the Saints were able to pull off a win obviously on the road and so that the 49ers. But you don't go going forward. I don't know that'll happen and one day we might be where you know -- five or a team and winning your division get to holes. A twelve game but I still living -- got the better reckon that that that should have a lot of stroke. My coach about the benefits. It's. That's kind of messed up. All three. It was a thrilling games and -- the BCS Aaron to say the least how -- team they went to the first three BCS championship closed out the BCS. Well perhaps one of the best. BC has games ever as Florida State comes to behind to defeat. Auburn Tigers 34. To 31 -- -- Matta put a recap on that last night Romania calling perhaps the best. BCS title game haven't used him and of bill goes FS you have an X and -- sealed a 24/7 sports -- -- TM. What do game it was using his team this season but when that now 21 of three L what was your thought -- -- you hit. Let me and the guys -- in trouble yeah. It would hurt their allotment outcome. I don't think there are many people on either you know sport they -- Robert biter between. I had any notion that Robert B in 21 victory at halftime and and that really -- -- -- would just -- -- got scored on all activated the the defense. -- Surrendered you know they've been a big part of that than a -- on an and an actor turned by Albert and -- -- not be a bit. It'd be an update that would -- off and that giggle I think doubt the bit surprised that -- You know Tim odd to me big key in the game you look momentum changes are difference makers having. Coach Jim both Fisher are realized and that no we got to do something right now and makes something happening -- for the fake punt. And you look at that a big pine it's saint Mike -- tied kind of turned as far as. I have an issue had a chance and you know to make it to anyone that can. I think was huge and it all started with a fake -- There -- -- certainly did -- In. It cleared out when he hit a tree lined up on the thing about it that. Yeah media department and happened. But I doubt that they did much of that sort during the idle you know this this game built a ordered it way out. There'd -- and not make any doubt that they did out -- and activated it when you're down. You know abide by street touchdown from -- -- -- it's gonna take more than one play. To get back into it until about Sunday. -- change the way and the little bit I think the deep at certain harper trying to gain ground. Now -- I've known coach Fisher jumble of about a decade you know the news at L issue and stuff and the ball I -- -- sign album two showing how much I think he truly appreciated. A winning a championship showing a lot of emotion almost like -- remedial. You know getting choked up about how many truly appreciated. All the hard work what it takes in and to be a champion. Yeah -- -- clear you know in the of the guy he's -- accurate and only -- like a lot of art that is neat and -- wonder. If it even -- would take time to enjoy what they're doing their -- You know on an excellent on the next on. And and yet know for any any amount of people on this year what -- and what but he ATP computer and promote on that. -- -- I think a lot. -- yeah I think that that Maggette. A good thing keeper Brcko and -- that -- it if they are human beings they're not just football playing you know -- that being dome I seen. At Pitt at their opinion there and I think about that have and it was a pretty pretty neat to be. Tim how can folks -- with you on Twitter. I beat army my my where it'll be all under sports family in 040 at. CE OL a under scored and that maybe maybe not. Report on my part what started that the area. Tim a lot of Balco was the Florida State University athletic program the OC almost the last 24 sevenths sports in the what -- time it is to be in the old Tim thank you so much for the time we appreciate it. It correctly and I'll come back grenade. Medina and -- in Harvey. Plus on fourteen occasions since the NFL's current playoff format the started in nineteen nanny. Teams that lost forty or more points in the regular season blowout losses came back to Robin's in laws in the playoffs on fourteen times. Would that happen in the saints' case on Saturday afternoon you can vote online at WW -- -- -- -- today's practice report. With Saints out Ira -- Christie -- operate jaguar opinion poll since ninety -- NFL teams that lost about twenty or more points in a regular season matchup came back fourteen times. To be dead very same opponent in the playoffs with the Saints make it fifteen. Voted WW dot com Keith and Harvey thank you for calling WW ago. Yet thank you -- are considering that you are big games to college games now that we got the RB CS championship. Games coming up next year. Think that peavy should have the say the top four teams that apply in. Thought simultaneously. So that we won't have read Pete -- -- happen in years past. All teams by -- at the Super Bowl this year Alabama and Oklahoma. It's a lesbian people complain that Alabama -- didn't show like you know they. I don't think it would mean yeah yeah yeah what -- -- to call it the same time right -- no -- everything that they've done that -- and all this down time because -- TV the if it's a playoff game like the final four. Those guys are going to be the same time solid discrepancy in the network the issue for the first time you've never seen it where it's been awhile since you've seen -- BC is ball. Up against another major ball there was lots -- years fine tuning -- did you write it they did discontent with -- each other because you had on the ball. And combo vote good viewing at the same time time. Alabama not show on that key got a I don't know that there may be -- ball material they can beat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They played hard -- just got -- well that you big AJ McCarron has that turn over the ball like Bryan Miami Oklahoma force the run right about what I'm saying this like Collison he's enigmatic seventh -- yes like you shocked a little it and we got bigbie were shot -- it because they were shot because Alabama didn't may need and at age of a candidate tails off -- just got beat. And then AJ McCarron as a mom I think was also shocked that she has -- wasn't in national championship game. You know when she's talking about one the -- -- we will -- -- tweeting for. -- -- -- you -- union immune and I okayed it treating went she's commenting on on you know he gains -- an annual the quarterback all about by disease speak in English kind of thing. I Damon in the polls gaining a -- that man Jamie is Winston in the postgame press conference. About as even like speaking English. I mean -- smile momma did that cement when the world you do it right callable mommy should even be involved and here's a I mean whether it I mean what I mean achy just had a. Before Florida State and -- I didn't think was speaking with our basketball you don't think they got -- -- Big -- is like that on a budget different team yes -- somebody else it's. As I -- week but why is his mommy and like to hear that Lucy you got c'mon somebody are are you just bitter because AJ is not a national championship game and maybe there was no -- you have some very. -- -- say did not that publicly between c'mon I'm I'm a Saints sat -- Christie Garrett joins us now to give yesterday's practice report -- taken -- Big chief about it Saints announced a few roster moves waving CT set duel -- -- And a adding safety Jordan Pugh linebacker Paris health and placed on injured reserve. When they had torn pectoral muscle and and they promoted linebacker Rufus Johnson from the practice squad that Soto. Assigned to the practice squad replacing Johnson Sean Payton talks about the addition of Jordan Pugh at safety yeah it'll blow the chance I don't know. We're will be this week as far as how much we can bring him up to speed might be more special team drove. Ahead of Saturday's divisional playoff game against the Seahawks in the Seattle coach Peyton had the Seahawks logo painted on the team's practice facility. Quarterback to reason it's all about preparing for the moment. That's all part of the little the little things that we do throughout the week to prepare ourselves objective basis -- it. Cautious but just. Knowing your elements and get ready to. You know put yourself for the moment as much you care. It's an indoor facility is well you know also. This. -- to see a lot of a lot of those colors you know when you step in that stadium and you know you prepared to play your best out here on the practice field and then hopefully that carries over. Brees and company looking for redemption from their week thirteen trip to Seattle 3047 embarrassing loss. On Monday Night Football. That was not a very river forest it's I felt like they play very well a lot of credit to them. But you know we just. Just know that hey listen we got to get better and and and the other road through the playoffs in the Super Bowl looks like it's gonna go through a place so. If we want to accomplish what was set out to accomplish in this -- -- we better find a way to go there and win and just hoping that we have another opportunity and here are have that opportunity. For those wondering about that Keenan Lewis and his availability for Saturday after leaving Eagles game. When they head injury past Lewis appears ready to go out and just to -- and Lewis also weighing in on the Seahawks logos on the practice field. May as -- -- -- cover guy from the way they imploded cost cutting grass than I did far -- Number for -- on the you'll see Miller sealed on this hole. -- any more than just grass cutting and he's about some pain as well what lessons did the Saints learn. From that week thirteen game against Seattle. -- turn it around him believe me and I had only things -- beyond just saying that. -- those guys step and then who knows how many men are finally out. And it gave me some big plays and continuing -- -- again I'd like reasonable 1583. Those guys come in 22. They made big plays well so it's no I'll follow. And at saint office alignments actually says that week thirteen matchup will not be on our minds come game time Saturday afternoon. Who know when you walk across lines when you when you get out there it's not not thinking about what happened last time I mean I think. It's it's nice to get an opportunity. To play a team that then -- like that again you know and look we got exactly -- we deserve and they don't deserve to know they've played better than us and we the next -- and that's what happens when you play good team on the road and then you know lesser results. Saint injury report the first -- of the week still not out will keep you posted here on the BW LE 7 AM. As -- dot com when it does not Kristian -- from -- camp back to. Sports talk with Bobby -- Andy -- I could thinking it and -- out of our Christian now a senior was in you know the stats and and look at that. -- no waving a -- Howell knocks now look at here's he was on the practice squad elegant and the roster as of last week bit. All of a sudden he registered a win at tackle vs the Eagles. When you're outside linebacker out of Fresno state. You know look a lot of new faces that were not for him do it also Javon wade. Cornerback. -- is Tennessee who's active not nagged him. I'm obviously young guys in court wide in rod sweeting. And then all of a sudden. Kind of against the Steve Gleason favored. Eric Frampton nod Peter Frampton the rock star bring our friends at Washington State. So a lot of -- maybe Saints fans are familiar with. But but Kyle not -- have you seen anything about him in the locker room or anything because I hear was I'll look at where -- -- -- in my notes. And and the stats and -- have actually register a tackle on special teams. -- -- we have an opportunity to see him night in a locker room. -- talked over the locker room yet of course you that it last week and many as you mentioned he was in on a special teams stop and you know a lot of times body -- some teams. Even the playoff teams see a guy out there on a waiver wire they're costly time trying to turn over the bottom. You know -- 45 guys on their roster if they feel like there's a guy that you upgrade. They're gonna do that had a lot of time it's a look towards next years if they can bring it in. They're in there offseason conditioning program on -- on it to mini camps and an attorney camp and in the pre season the following season. And you know Chris and that's kind of against the surprise us somewhat because he's been around -- to -- -- -- do okay -- yeah I mean he was one of their special teams know -- your better special teams -- -- all of a sudden you know they waive him -- -- the playoffs and then they -- against like -- said -- they they make an abrasive they bring in -- someone else's -- and I think listen I think the injuries you know that this team has suffered in the secondary. And now start to see at linebacker start to play a factor some of these roles because. That comes down them you know how many snaps early and get on defense as opposed to special teams -- mean. You know they start winning a lot of that where they got to where they gonna fit in winning -- -- and you know might be a better player that particular role in a particular team. So lot of things factor into it especially when a team start going through the injury problems at the Saints have faced. He is Saints and report a follow him on Twitter at Christie Garrett won and he is proven. He can into it in the -- did you I'm -- -- about mine's DJ. When -- affected degrees in these dealers -- tonight in a Thibodeau K dog thank you so much I think once guys out -- will continue our specials forestall divisional playoff. Addition will be allowed to Rouse the supermarket uptown fortify our -- -- -- Louis some four to 8 PM. There on Friday Qaeda -- myself will be it arouses in me see if 400. Knock out and Hamilton avenue the new Rouse is there -- been an element of forward to a to celebrate the black and go in the divisional playoffs the founding father of the -- nation. Bobby -- and Saints radio WW RAM and fanned. And dot com studio while ago and now let's go to some Regina and by the -- thank you for calling WW. I don't opening here to -- But the thought -- didn't -- him. It I -- well -- but the common about but nick Satan. Both qualified. Probably -- I think is not bad that the game would -- and keep it there. But me Bobbitt right and that you. Are. Little quiet. And I bet on it read welcome agent -- offer and talked brown. Well I don't have a much that -- that may be they have got recruit young Gatt who Il be really out of -- I don't think we'll ever. Not for the situation today. Well. I think Roman. I think considering where -- -- I'd be surprised if he's back in the fold I think Malcolm Jenkins. They still optimistic about where Malcolm is that. In the Charles Brown still being because of his experience. That he's still going to be fighting for a job -- -- and left tackle largest. Be a backup as eleven right tackle I don't know QB a starter but I think you out of those three. I think in the future would be more -- -- Roman Harper not being around I think Malcolm Jenkins and Charles Brown well. Of the just to play both sides of the fence and to go along your line as far as what you've accomplished -- a year at. If you look at and now I think Malcolm Jenkins. I was playing well on the rob Bryant system that I'd have to say that that he struggled his physique I'd beaded Cincinnati and that's it's and he gets at Seattle. He struggled obviously port tackling if you look at that Rams game in. -- -- the techniques a lot of people have been on about who we need Malcolm but the play great also Roman Harper went on having Geneva Cairo available. But on those last year you look at Roman Harper but I worries and his career he had a -- and hundred tackles. As a role was real active when you combine Roman Harper and Malcolm Jenkins and I think that's why the -- drafted. I'm -- of Cairo in their first round that if you look at. Their grades. As far as a plus minus system and Lotta people look it is pro football focus. In the and they look at every snap then a Roman Harper and Malcolm Jenkins. -- rated as the two were safeties in the NFL. Analysis out of 88 a potential safeties. -- now having novelty has gotten better in the rob Bryan this is all last season. But I still think his tackling. He misses -- committee tackles. And then and still a lot of times a liability coverage -- Roman Harper. Was in the you know on that touchdown that. You know group we gave up Roman Harper was right there and just fell battle. The ego rules they'll -- the receiver I'm trying to think of with a long hair -- who do Riley Cooper hosting his Lastings Raleigh -- Kobe is right there but he just fell down but. To now to be positive. -- -- Roman Harper's been able to do and his NFL career and these are just facts that since 2000. And six. He has we look I'm eighteen and a half sacks as the most by NFL Davidson back. And he's one of two players that is impressive one of two players along with 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis. -- was seventeen or more sacks of fourteen or more forced fumbles. And net and seven or more interceptions so he's good Patrick Willis as far as sacks and force of fumbles as pretty impressive so. Hopefully -- marvel how do something significant as far as. Green it turn over may be hitting Russell Wilson and the ball problem of force a fumble and no helpless when. Coming up next now law. We'll continue talking about the Saints and the Seattle Seahawks and -- Mike Scarborough tied a big dot com -- as -- lifted a mop and away from national signing it's a record year in the state of Louisiana at the position players. Ranked number one of their position -- our scouting services in recruiting services and also the number one player in the country. Have a right now five of the State's best players would have been beat five of the nation's best players saying -- gonna screw elsewhere. Why is that what's up with the big dog in Louisiana plus we'll talk about Seattle Danny O'Neil of ESPN radio at Seattle on the next hour on WW.