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1-7 5:20pm Bobby and Deke, LSU recruiting

Jan 7, 2014|

Bobby and Deke speak with Mike Scarborough, Publisher and recruiting analyst of TigerBait.com, about LSU's newest recruits.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As soon as one team -- its image of the talk about who will be the favorite who can win it. The next championship. Immediately begins welcome -- my Scarborough tiger made dot com now to WWR radio the Florida State Seminoles and knock off the Auburn tiger isn't. Micah last night it was for -- state and -- two ball clubs a lot of talent Manning -- go to show you again the the ability to recruit have the best players. -- some of the best players in the country on both of these teams he leads us to now the next biggest day in college football national signing day LSU last Thursday. Men's the men's anti in his -- so -- when he would say men's amends of what they did save the day somewhat. By gaining the lead at four net five of the top players in the state of Louisiana which -- had to be five of the top in the country. Looks like they're going elsewhere might -- does is due for recruiting. Well I think certainly that there is the only bright smile and his staff that will do -- signing -- I think. In in each of those cases there's certain circumstances. And -- that was -- don't don't don't wanna hear excuses. But you know I think in some cases. He's only thing is that an example the quarterback from Belmont. -- that we thought would be when to commit to go with you on Thursday. You know we were here leading up to it that he was concerned about two freshman quarterback starting -- issue and doing well that you have in common in. In unseating the Robinson a -- -- white were -- You know speed -- cute with his talent. You know I think that -- and -- -- -- not exactly convincing in the offense. He would be penalized more production. And certainly you know. Yeah I don't know the he could say it was probably an easy thing for them to build him. And he's also a kid that's been very you know hard to reach. You know we -- something during the season between -- and -- will. -- of -- off the field issues things during football games and after games. You know something to -- kind of point to the point to that maybe. You know maybe -- -- just because they needed changes and you can get away from now. And my -- -- is as far as it eventually it. Goes out to stand in the hope you'd you'd get a feed from from from inside in different people about these players. And my sources of coaches say well we feel strong about that guy with a strong about that got. Either one don't tell anybody how strong do you think you all on their guy -- planets he got there ought to be in the media because when he doesn't come to you. Than him making a -- don't doesn't somebody have to answer to somebody when you say well we you'd told me move on get Willis. Now you tell me who won't give brown. Now -- don't have any album you know five -- best players are leaving the -- and who answered those questions. Well -- admit it and that's the nature of recruiting you know the count on the with a Q they come I've made my decision on -- -- issue. But you know while I'm gonna keep that private number I'm not announce it until the normal game and I'll keep that mind patent. Where to keep them in the and you know but certainly not gonna make my prediction. Out. I'll use what he's told me off the record is is the basis. You know mean -- -- well I think he's gonna. On on. Thursday. None of those kids. Even an inordinate number ones and -- anybody off the record would they would go off a lot of the predictions of five point 54 point five. -- based on. You know things that we've gotten from sources and what time -- them again controllable. My what's -- mental attack debate about what people still discussing what we're discussing I don't know -- the board. I think -- legitimate gripes I mean I notice. Sometimes we get -- Mike and so far but you know when the big -- -- -- and -- gave -- you know -- -- -- -- opponent on national signing -- but. I just think the frustration is that it too many of these top tight. Top flight players. Are leaving state too often in confidence that some of the players that it seems Taylor -- Telling that this guy's this guy he's so good what they're not even touch -- feel. That's at least that's my frustration. Yeah I think -- at the end of the day and this will go down. I mean you're gonna have to go back priest played in to find a year were that was huge loss -- many cute inside the state Louisiana defense scholarship offers from LSU. Is this year. When her group Corning is one got and its top -- Yeah well and you don't like my that's browser and actually proudly would you look to frank Wilson and that's right there in his backyard. But between now and though Perry walker you look at his background. That know him a car athletes it's beating all that Terrell Willis. I mean that that's right there in his back yard Mario as Ellis you've and you almost taken for granted they were gonna go to -- shoot. Yeah. I think at the end of the day it's something I've sent a message board decision on your show multiple times tranquility can do about themselves. And that's one thing that's lacking on this coaching staff. It is you can have two or three recruiters. At -- -- assistance they did are adept at recruiting. What do I am glad they got -- frank get some people helping me. -- he's got some help. You know in. You know it's. You know that this -- is getting up there -- age certain coaches who have been around the block a few times and they get to a certain age and salary. You know debut. You know they they still have to recruit but there. None -- -- active on the road is a young thirty something Titans coach. You know we're like Corey Ramon is -- -- to back -- in Florida you know the two best of recruitment step right now Mike Wilson in Cortland. Well frank Wilson got south Louisiana. Until venture out a little bit in certain circumstances. And the record written that the state of lord. Well. I am I get and I think that's an -- University of Texas that they got to I had the effect so to speak yeah -- yeah you know instead of being more aggressive while we got this five star guy we you know and in -- who remember him from like tenth grade but what every department lately. No I don't keep bobbled the progression of a player. And Conrad just remember back when and as driving taxes in the situation -- Well you -- Look I know a lot of these coaches they had their own Twitter account that FaceBook account. And most of them. There's two camps are run by someone on the staff that actually have a Twitter. They don't actually between the thing that's that's unbiased. Counselors the league coaches actually. Are the ones it would run it would beat the -- -- do. In this day and it was social media that have been part of your job in connecting with recruits. So. To me that did. That's work with the -- relations it is his dignity and that they were not communities. He's a track record of performing. Older assistant coaches and you know you can get. You'd like Burton balances -- you know it's still. Got that the passion and the drive to get out there and compete and who -- as many mile as a very open. Football coach. But you know shoot. To me. Needs to reward those on the stat as soon as possible and let you know there isn't on the commitment -- stated that -- You know it Corey Ramon does Jamar Adams well Texas that -- who is in his recruiting territory. LSU really wasn't in on Jamal atoms into a few months ago. And that's because Corwin and went over there and I took over. The recruiting process with him. You know you play these games in Dallas and they didn't open the season -- -- next year and you know one of the -- someone -- to playing these close season -- games over there is is said to be recruiting. It in bad I don't know yet thank you so much my Scarborough -- debate that time I will be busy from here on out for a national signing day I don't I --