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1-7 6:45pm Drew Brees and Bobby Hebert, QB to QB

Jan 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It was time now -- -- -- QB to QB but Bobby Adrian Drew Brees in QB QB you brought it back. Great employs oak Crosby dogs downing gallery and Al and also Joseph -- it got ago. Called Joseph drew thank you so much for the time big big victory last week on the road it's true I'm I'm sure that we you -- went -- down at half time. But it just seemed like there was a there was a sense of confidence because of the weight. But the offensive -- to me at that Tenet had established that they were controlling the line is -- Yeah you know we had almost -- -- -- Portland -- over a hundred yards and a sort of like we. You were would be able to control all our chancellor you know run and then just -- -- truck trying to passing game you know that. That first out and played pretty conservatives you know so there wouldn't have been chair pusher all on the field. So a lot of things where you know I -- or they were ever in our return we got. What you know that's the actual run really well all the cartilage -- -- great commercial art so. We felt like fairly early where you are now just a ball you're too pretty to salt cured of it and I'm double game law -- all their weapons are there at triple marched out. And now we know no better time and we're we're coming out there I think I think it. The big turn returning Porter gets where you reach around the second half defense stops and straight out of the offense when we hear about -- ought to contribute tradition should approach our. Although real -- a great start for a moment to change to the game. Yeah -- and -- have before and had occurred and and in the saying and have religious. Flipped the momentum and it's things like we're down at halftime even the world play in. The Eagles split the question that I had is how fortunate did you all feel. Only down seven to six at halftime considering your mine is too. In the turnover ratio and in really meant it like we don't shoot ourselves in the foot we're better than this team. -- yeah well. I felt we we we -- torture. Although the other. Return over the result for their truck started that was -- that they had to bring him back on our side of the field you know that the first or. Government security interest in being kidding you know -- thought -- -- -- dropped out on a vital organ departure stellar field with that. They keep -- -- try to control the ball right at the remlinger here are Ers are crossed but I'll. You know they got that parity -- territory but. We're rather. -- actually use a regular mean eastern could have hoped right you know I mean you -- You're placate the cleanest possible. And -- -- they are all so. You know you would eliminate the turnovers low cost them thirty it's a great job responding to go to that they had about. -- think the key to do your job just. He'll -- -- deep -- and just trying to tell ourselves -- be patient. There are opportunities to come and you know when they do -- Now what would you look at. I again zone. How deep it is are playing I'll have you filed as of late. That to me like their strategy almost has like okay I'm gonna try an attempt to pay a lot of attention and take away Jimmy Graham. And then also just looking in especially Carolina even Eagles likely scream please. The notice campaign into particular pitch in to Jamie and also on the screen time please. -- Actually in in different truck. Reaching down in certain situations. -- but maybe not reaching that the Eagles that it enormity they -- -- -- In -- player or. How they want -- to try and serve you know Jimmy -- And so you know. We kind of saw that early on yet another -- reviewed were correct or not you can shoot our opportunities. Get those -- the ball -- -- certainly not. So old so many -- we're going well you had the game at all on that. -- -- I mean vocal -- Very -- original -- in regards brought about over your ticket to sort of place -- here that's gonna benefit. Not all offer. Now drew up fans of actually it is and that's Obama and I threw it if you feels this way in you know much is given much is your card and obviously you're the leader of the team. The -- some times of fuel pressure. Then maybe let's say if we can't run the ball. That you maybe have to take chances. Now I'm not saying -- take a chance and that is scented DeMeco Ryans I've been -- got a blind spot. He was you can pull the ball back. But you -- and it's too late in it's that it's a -- with the ever find some times that. They may be now that -- some attempting carried a team but a Lou might be struggling running it so I have to make a play in May take chances. Like when I was younger player. The guys that have those feelings at times and that sort of learning learning the position learn how to play. You know -- that level and eccentric but Iguodala. Portraits are -- gain the more mature become an era in in the position luck on that you know that. But we don't have very good result. You know you try to put pressure on yourself try to force those types of -- now. -- since sometime in games. And -- you know it's going to be a shootout or you know Richard down by. You know you need a certain number portion in short amount of time you have a picture are you particularly aware. And then and so obviously -- -- player court those circumstances but. You know the most part especially in the beginning of the game you know you're you're trying to establish. Your game plans and you're trying to be a situation that's possible and analysts say like not make too big mistake but I mean you know obviously early on in the game. You wanna if you go to trial or -- such mistakes much spot on two you can kind of get you were. You know how the games -- But you also won the momentum especially like he would he would comment on this and I think this is so true like at Philadelphia maybe even at Seattle. Boy if you get off to a great start. Abandoning the crowd and -- B chair just to be chair in an episode you don't get many think and and that drew does his once that and a the that you -- Sean Payton and Drew Brees -- -- 2006 when you're winning after the first quarter but I yelled one over 80% of the games. So it just shows a great start kind of percentages were in your favor because that a momentum. Yeah well that -- right there are some and I think a little while -- stamps or in a mentioned especially on the road. Like you said you can take the crowd out of -- you know don't give memories and cheer. Then they'll that always works there. Now drew. Look at that and explain. To the fans also but throwing the football like you don't shot plays this say it we calling it 25 yards or more really trying to. Stretch the defense and I try to tell fans. That conditions are different you'd think in theory they shouldn't be you just throwing the ball. About like listening to don't look at the big plays we had in the superdome bridges as a blade against a Tampa Bay. And and I was looking and and goes right at beginning of the game is -- second in -- and you trying to he would strolls down the sideline. And may be ended through about a half a yard or yard and I'm saying. You know that type of play how it is a game of inches pelvis and that could be a touchdown -- -- dome but I just because of the conditions in the way do you dealing with it. Yeah I mean. On that play in particular universe no no excuses they're trying to -- here yeah. He Turkey and yet -- are not steps on the order that you talked about our plate today reached an idea of lost it in the light each. In -- didn't sheet and so it was right on Saturday that he would've been able to adjust back to it. And make the play at a later start on deep balls and we're not you about it there's. You know I trust my receivers to be a goal to make plays and in -- chasers. They are a lot better while still in the structure back that there ought to get result. I can say that a 100% of the ball that I over stroke we are not gonna catch. There's a good. There's some good things can happen if I leave a little bit short especially if they have -- -- Number one what you future attached number two golf -- Boehner you're -- at PI reap the ball at the spot. You know and -- and number three an incompletion and it was this year they come out by. You know like I trust my gosh you know in a lot of -- so. I now know resourceful or matured and I'm sure he does well polite -- otherwise I would just back to at least -- catch but. I would I would -- tradition plate. Any factor in in that game and -- -- surely you know by. But there ought to -- and and you know is actually pretty pleasant day by which are standard -- about -- now that's now occasionally. Because Seattle under percent chance terrain eagle will seek out that's still what you don't see it that aspects you know it'd be game planned you know obviously. When we play at Carolina Burt and aren't certain tradition there -- fortunate that per quarter so you know you're out there. The play calling accordingly so you know there's there's times on the road you know those types elements where you know you have to adjust but that's -- Drew is bigger than that and Sunday's early game he kind bad cold and rainy as a layer Marino went in the Bowman -- feel sandals on that. The broadcast and they kind of pose the question Jim Nance did okay what you'll quarterback was more difficult. Was it wind. All the rain ought a combination of both and it is there one -- it's more susceptible for you to -- the ball -- and then others it doesn't matter. Well I say really at all about your grip on the ball you know so. I -- that you know all you can grip so all you can work great tradition back Patrick you know whatever -- wet especially when you're soaking wet. That's when it becomes a bit more difficult you know you got a few more calculated -- you know the charge Roger on the party an -- -- but. I mean I think. If you ask most quarterbacks that's what they say it's a really at all about grip and I get a grip on the ball and August it's a tryout -- -- you -- get you each rep. Now drew looking at Seattle. Obviously a second time around. And now they're not invincible as of late and you watch this film. And maybe you can explain to fans with the the Cardinals do. To beat Seattle in the latter part of the season. And I know Russell Wilson had a great game against Sosa maybe he hasn't played as well was since then that that the one thing in the question I have. Is that you look at -- oh we've had an outstanding pass defense now we are dealing with injuries with the Seahawks double on an in pass defense. And when you look at how they play how crucial or critical it is to get a feel how the officials. Is gonna call the game as far as what they lead and what they what they letting the secondary. Get -- would as far as you know illegal jogs and grabbing the Jersey being physical is that something easy to have the flow of the game in. And how you might trying to attack Seattle depending. On how the -- is called. Our circuit you you are you trying to you know that there are older and grab an accurate in their other style and you know. This -- your W opened its our job get the ball and hopefully it's called along the way that he's got a great city. Saints quarterback Drew Brees QB to QBs brought him ride the great employees of Crosby -- -- and no Angel set. Gotta go called -- drew thank you so much for the time we appreciate our all right drew.